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One Shot Chocolate Machine: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Probably, you’re wondering how one shot chocolate machine works, features, specifications, or production capacity.

Well, this guide will answer all your questions one shot chocolate machine.

So keep reading to learn more.

What Is One Shot Chocolate Machine?

Chocolate depositor machine

One shot Chocolate Machine.

As the name implies, a one shot chocolate machine is designed to produce chocolate-filled products in a single (‘one’) cycle.

Mostly, its usage is in the manufacture of pralines.

This machine simultaneously injects the inner layers (fillings) of the praline, at the same time forming the outer chocolate jacket.

Notably, the one shot chocolate machine has a tempering unit.

This compartment contains a recirculation pump that ensures a constant chocolate feed.

Additionally, the fillings are also continuously fed via a hopper to ensure constant production.

What Are The Features Of The Right One Shot Chocolate Machine?

When purchasing a one shot chocolate machine, getting the right equipment is vital for your production.

It would be best if you looked out for at least three of the features below to guarantee you value for your money.


Here you will consider the modifications that you can do on the one shot chocolate machine.

For instance, check whether you can modify the machine from one-phase to three-phase.

Alternatively, the modification can be in terms of the ease of installing additional equipment, for example, a stand-alone tempering unit.

Assuredly, this will significantly boost the capacity and the production of the machine.


When you go to buy furniture for your house, you choose what your house can accommodate. The same applies in this case.

You need to buy a one shot chocolate machine that your factory can accommodate.

One shot chocolate machines come in various dimensions.

All you need to do is to select one that does not crowd your factory.

Electrical Specification

It would be best if you got a one shot chocolate machine that can operate within the limits of your power source.

Commonly, the electrical specification depends on the production rate of the machine.

For example, a one shot chocolate machine with a production rate of around 120/150 moulds per hour will approximately 1 KW to operate efficiently.

Body Material

Usually, machines used in the food industry are made from stainless steel.

However, this doesn’t mean that every part of the machine should be made out of stainless steel.

At least, the contact parts of the one shot chocolate machine should be made out of stainless steel.

Reduces the risk of contamination at the same time ensuring the required sanitary standards.


Preferably, a one shot chocolate machine should have automated cleaning.

Consequently, this will prevent any contamination of the pralines by residues from previous productions.

Control Panel

The control panel should be accessible and easy to operate. Our one shot chocolate machines feature a programmable touch screen control panel for ease of operation.

Depositing Accuracy

Our one shot chocolate machines feature a servomotor system and a sensor that helps in depositing. As a result, improving the depositing accuracy provided the machine is well programmed.

Preferably, the depositing accuracy should be ≤±0.1 grams.

Detachable Conveyor

A detachable conveyor eases cleaning and replacement if need be.

Also, a conveyor aids in the fast movement of chocolate across the system.


A one shot chocolate machine can feature 1, 2 or 3D depositing. Notably, a 3D depositing design implies that the machine has all the capabilities of both the 1D and 2D, plus an additional decoration capability.

A compact design will enable you to save space when installing the equipment.

Production rate

The final key feature is the production rate. Attaining a high production rate is the goal.

We have one shot chocolate machines with an hourly filled chocolate production rate of 140kg.

Chocolate depsotor machine

Chocolate depositor machine

How Does One Shot Chocolate Machine With 2D Movement Compare To One Shot Chocolate Machine With 3D Movement?

Simply put, a chocolate depositor machine with 3D movement is an improved version of the one with 2D movement.

A 2D movement means one axis movement, while a 3D movement implies a two axis movement.

Consequently, one shot chocolate machines with 3D movement have the capability of moving in any direction.

Implying, they can even draw a picture.

Thus, they are the most preferred in the production of decorated pralines.

Conclusively, both 2D and 3D one shot chocolate machines can carry out the multi-color filling of various chocolate balls.

Only that, the 3D one shot chocolate machine has additional specialization in decoration.

What Are The Advantages Of One Shot Chocolate Machine?

One shot chocolate machines come with several advantages, including;

  • First, the capability to produce a variety of chocolate products.
    All you need to do is change the chocolate moulds and pouring plate.
  • Also, one shot chocolate machines ensure a stable and bigger filling of the praline. Notably, this is dependent on the technology the machine uses.
  • Moreover, depending on your production need, you can choose from either single depositors, double depositors, or more.
    What’s more, you can easily switch from one depositor to another.
  • The automation of most of our one shot chocolate machines reduces the labor requirement in the production of pralines.
  • Additionally, parameter modification, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of our one shot chocolate machines are easy and fast.
    This is attributed to the touch screen control feature.
  • Nonetheless, the final products of the one shot chocolate machines are ready for packing and do not require further processing.
  • Lastly, the easy modification (including removal of some parts) of the one shot chocolate-making machine makes it versatile in its applications.

Can You Connect One Shot Chocolate Depositor Machine To A Tempering Machine?

Tempering machine

Tempering machine.

One shot chocolate depositor machines usually have an inbuilt tempering compartment. However, this does not imply that you can’t connect it to a stand-alone tempering machine.

Connecting the one shot chocolate machine to a chocolate tempering machine increases the efficiency of praline production by ensuring a constant chocolate supply.

This is made possible by the increased chocolate holding capacity.

What Are The Main Parts Of One Shot Chocolate Machine?

Parts of one shot chocolate depositor machine

parts of one short chocolate machine

There are various types of one shot chocolate machines.

As a result, the parts of the different machines might slightly vary.

However, the below parts are present in all one shot chocolate machines.

  • Pistons – The crucial role of the pistons is to deposit or inject the more minor ingredients used for the filling.
    The number of pistons ranges between 24 to 48 pistons per machine.
    Alternatively, the machine can dispense the fillings by a temperature-controlled hopper if it is a compact design one shot chocolate machine.
  • Tempering unit – It feeds the machine with the needed chocolate
  • Heating unit – The chocolate needs to remain in a molten state for efficient production and machine operation.
    This unit ensures this by maintaining the chocolate at the required temperature condition.
  • Cooling unit – This unit cools down the chocolate into either molten or liquid state after the filling process.
  • Conveyor – The conveyor transports the chocolate all through the machine during the production process.
  • Servo motor system – All the machine’s moving parts, including the gear and the conveyor, are controlled by this part.
  • Filling nozzles – The filling nozzles carry out the role of filling the chocolates into the moulds.
  • PLC control systems – This part is crucial in programming and adjusting the various parameters of the machine.
  • Pneumatic system – With the aid of compressed air (about 120L/H), this system pushes the chocolate and fluids through the delivery unit.
  • Nozzles – Injects the shell coatings into the moulds.
  • Depositing head – It holds the nozzles and controls the chocolate flow through them (nozzles).
  • Mass tanks or reservoir – This is the part where the chocolate and the fillings are stored prior to feeding into the hopper.
  • Hopper – Receives and holds the chocolate in its fluid state before injection/depositing.
  • Moulds – They receive the chocolate and the fillings from the nozzles. The pralines formation occurs here.
  • Sensors – They are the machine’s safety mechanism that alerts the user in case of any malfunction

How Does One Shot Chocolate Machine Work?

The working principle of a one shot chocolate machine is centered on simultaneous injection of fillings and chocolates.

The percentages of both the chocolate and fillings are predetermined, during the injections, depending on the desired final product.

Consequently, the simultaneous injection results in the formation of filings coated with a chocolate jacket (shell).

Generally, the formation of praline or a chocolate-filled product involves three basic steps;

  • First, the nozzle casts the shell compounds as it moving upwards.
    Consequently, permiting the gradual formation of the shell
  • Next, the injection of the fillings occurs simultaneously.
  • Finally, the hell compounds entirely cover the fillings.
    In summary, for the automated one shot chocolate machine, you first need to fill the one shot chocolate machine with the required percentages of the chocolate and fillings.
    Upon powering on the machine, the parts simultaneously inject the two components. Eventually, you will have your filled chocolate product.

What Is The Hourly Production Rate Of One Shot Chocolate Machine?

The hourly production rate of one shot chocolate machines varies depending on the size and the technology employed in the machine.

However, our industrial one shot chocolate machines can produce about 140 kg pralines per hour.

Is It Possible To Produce Different Types Of Chocolate Products With A Single One Shot Chocolate Machine?

Yes, you can produce different types of chocolate using the same one shot chocolate machine. This is among the benefits the machine offers.

All you will need to do is change the molds and the pouring plate to match the specific requirement of the chocolate product.

One shot chocolate depositor machine

One shot chocolate depositor machine

What Is The Ideal Material For The One Shot Chocolate Machine Structure?

Advisably, one shot chocolate machines ought to be made from stainless steel.

The durability and high hygiene that stainless steel offers make it the ideal material.

Also, most international bodies root for stainless steel in manufacturing machines used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors.

However, the frame of the machine can also be made from anodized hardened aluminium.

Which Are The Types Of Nozzles Used In One Shot Chocolate Machine?

Types of nozzle for one shot chocolate depositor machine

Types of Nozzles Used in one shot chocolate machine.

There are several nozzles that can be used in a one shot chocolate machine.

Consequently, nozzles are among the customizable parts of a one shot dispenser.

Below are some of the common nozzles your one shot chocolate machine may be using.

  • Capillary nozzles – They provide both a drip-free dispensing and a clean cutoff. Capillary nozzles can have single or multiple tubes. Ideally, they are used for thin liquids.
  • Beveled seat nozzles – Unlike capillary nozzles, beveled seat nozzles can be used in both thick and thin liquid applications.
    They feature a bottom shut-off, with the no-drip dispensation.
    Commonly, their opening sizes range from .25 inches to 1.9 inches.
  • Diaphragm nozzles – Like capillary nozzles, they offer drip-free dispensing and are best suited for thin liquids.
    Their simple design that features a body, diaphragm, and cap; provides fast actuation.
    Also, they limit any splashing due to their laminar and soft flow.
  • Plug spout nozzles – These come in larger sizes ranging from .375 inches to 3 inches. Arguably, they are the industrial standards nozzles.
    They can include modifications such as an angled inlet to reduce product shear or have air-shot-thru pistons to facilitate clean fills.
  • Horizontal cutoff nozzles – Popularly, they are used for thick and slurry applications. Their size range is between 1 to 3 inches. Also, they offer a decent and straightforward cutoff.
  • Inverted cone nozzles – Their application scope is around cream, liquid, and sticky products.
    Commonly, the available sizes are between .375 inches to 1.875 inches.
    They limit splashing through their drip-free and soft dispensing.
  • Overflow nozzles – If the dispensation occurs from an overflow filler, this is the ideal nozzle.
    It provides a return flow if the container is full. However, it is mostly used for thinner liquid products.
  • Rotary cutoff nozzles – They are the most recommended nozzles for products that build up (such as those with sugar), or generally thick products.
    Their size range is 1 inch to 3 inches.
    Importantly, we can customize the nozzles depending on your specific need.

How Many Nozzles Does A One Shot Chocolate Machine Have?

One shot chocolate depositor with two nozzles

one shot chocolate machine with 2 nozzles

The number of nozzles will depend on the size of the one shot chocolate machines. Typically, a standard one shot chocolate machine will have either 72 or 96 models.

Notably, the more the nozzles, the higher the productivity of the machine.

What Is The Role Of Heating System In The Reservoir Of The Modern One Shot Chocolate Machine?

The reservoir is the unit where the chocolate and the fillings are stored before usage.

Thus, the heating system has the key role of maintaining the two components at the right temperature.

Consequently, the chocolate doesn’t recrystallize, preventing any loss of temper.

Also, the fillings do not become too thick.

Can You Produce Multi-Colored Products With One Shot Chocolate Machine?

It is not possible to produce multi-colored products with a one shot chocolate machine. However, you can upgrade the machine to a triple shot or quad shot.

The upgrade will enable your machine to produce products with two-colored shells or two different filings.

What Type Of Chocolate Can You Use In One Shot Chocolate Machine?

One shot chocolate machines use tempered chocolate to produce the pralines or filled products.

Tempered chocolate is in a molten state and allowing for easy conveying and dispension.

Also, tempered chocolate can be easily injected into the moulds, and will assume the shape of the moulds.

Notably, one shot chocolate machines have heating systems that help maintain the chocolate tempered until after the injection into the molds

What Types Of Fillings Work Well With One Shot Chocolate Machine?

The ideal filings to use in a one shot chocolate machine are creamy and medium viscosity fillings from fat, ganache, or condensed milk.

However, we recommend you do not use heavy liquids or liqueurs as fillings.

Which Are The Other Chocolate Production Technologies Apart From One Shot Technology?

Centrifugal technology

centrifugal technology

The other two standard technologies used in chocolate production are:

  • Centrifugal casting technology
  • Cold stamping technology
    Both of the above technologies have many steps that first start with creating the shell before the filling.
    Notably, each step will require a different machine.
    However, with the one shot technology, most steps are carried out simultaneously.
    Apart from that, other advantages that the one shot technology has over the other two technologies include:
  • Lower production costs.
  • One shot chocolate machines have a compact design that saves on space.
  • A higher production rate. Compared to other technologies, one shot technology is 100 times faster, with 3 to 5 seconds per praline production time.

What Is The One Shot Chocolate Machine Price?

The price of a one shot chocolate machine will depend on the size and sophistication of the machine.

A larger machine is characterized by many parts plus a higher production capacity, making it relatively expensive.

Typically, the price will range from $3,000 to $40,000 per set.

Also, note that industrial/commercial one shot chocolate machines are fairly costly.

Why Is One Shot Chocolate Machine With Hygienic Design The Best Option?

Hygiene is critical in the food industry.

It is recommended that the machinery used in the food industry should be easy to clean and less prone to contamination.

A one shot chocolate machine with a hygienic design allows you to clean the equipment easily.

What’s more, your clients (consumers) are guaranteed contamination-free products.

What Are The Necessary Details During Specification Of Custom One Shot Chocolate Machine?

To get the suitable one shot chocolate machine, you will need to provide your manufacturer with the correct specifications for proper customization.

Some relevant specifications you will need to provide include;

  • Type of praline you intend to produce – You will state whether or not the pralines need to decoration.
    As a result, informing whether the machine will be 1D, 2D, or 3D.
    Also, state the type of fillings you intend to use.
  • Nozzles – Since there are various nozzles, consult with your manufacturer to get the suitable nozzles for your production.
  • Production rate/capacity – You should have a rough idea of your daily praline production when venturing into praline production.
    Sharing these figures will give you manufacturer a picture of the right equipment you will need.
  • Accessories – You might need some additions in the production of chocolate-filled products.
    In such a scenario, mentioning this will guide your manufacturer in what to add to the machine.
    Alternatively, the manufacturer may leave a slot for the accessory.
  • Production scope – If you intend to produce multi-colored or multi-fillings pralines in the future, outlining this will inform the manufacturer to make a machine that is easy to upgrade to tri-shot or quad-shot.
  • Conveyor belt – Advisably, you should specify that you need a removable conveyor belt. Consequently, easinmg the cleaning process.

Which Are The Cleaning And Maintenance Guidelines For One Shot Chocolate Machine?

One shot chocolate machines, similar to any food industry machine, is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Our machines feature an automatic cleaning capability.

Hence, significantly reduces the cleaning cost and labor requirement.

Commonly, the easily removable conveyor belt is the part that may require regular cleaning.

Concerning maintenance, you should be keen to notice any alteration in the functioning of the machine.

Consequently, you will be able to catch any malfunction or damage before it worsens timely.

Also, make sure you use the machine for its intended purpose.

Ensure you use the correct chocolate and fillings.

What Are The Support Machines For One Shot Chocolate Machine?

Some important machines that you can use alongside your one shot chocolate machine include:

What Products Can You Produce Using One Shot Chocolate Machine?

Although the one shot chocolate machines are popularly associated with praline production, you can also use them to produce;

  • Eggs
  • Filled bars
  • Tablets
  • Liqueur pralines
  • Truffle balls
  • Other seasonal products

At SaintyCo, we design and manufacture a range of chocolate machines.

It depends on your unique requirements and specifications.

Of course, even our one shot chocolate machine are available in custom designs at competitive prices – for inquiry contact us now.

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