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Cartoning Machine BANNER

Cartoning Machine

Cartoning machine is suitable for cardboard case packaging of ointment medicine, glass bottle and soft package (packed condoms),Cartoning machine is suitable for cardboard case packaging of blister, bottle,vial,sachet,tube,tray.

Cartoning Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Cartoning Machine?

A cartooning machine, at times referred to as a cartoner, is one of the types of pharmaceutical packaging machines.

Its primary purpose is to make cartons.

A cartoning machine makes cartons that stand upright, are folded, closed, side-seamed, and then, finally sealed.

VC-50 Vertical Cartoner-2


 Cartoning machine

How do you Select Cartoning Machine?

You should ask yourself these three questions when it comes to selecting the right cartoning machine for your packaging needs.

The questions are critical in helping you make the right buying decision.

1. What type of Product requires Packaging?

Often, the type of product to package will directly affect you choice of cartoning machine.

For example, if the product to be packaged is granular, free flowing, the most appropriate means to pack it into the carton is from up.

In this scenario, you option of cartoner will be restricted to vertical cartonig machine only.

Nonetheless, nature of the product may permit horizontal packing into the cartons.

In this instance, your number one choice of cartoner should be horizontal cartoning machine. Obviously, understanding business needs and nature of product comes first.

2. What is your Budget?

After determining the product that needs cartoning, establishing the budget for your purchase is the second stage of your project.

Your financial abilities will directly affect the variety of cartoning machines you will be choosing from.

What is going to catch your attention when shopping for cartoning machines that most of the available cartoners are horizontal in nature.

Horizontal cartoning machines are usually more popular because they give users more freedom for a lower cost.

Nevertheless, if you intend to package products such as capsule, granules or powder, you need to naturally opt for vertical cartoning machines.

· Off-line or On-line Packaging?

As a business person, you understand that off-line and on-line packaging have differing requirements for cartoners in terms of their speed and power.

· On-line Packaging

On-line packaging means packaging of products immediately they are released from the production line.

Products should be packaged straight away, so the speed of the cartoning machine should match the speed of production.

To determine the speed of the cartoner, simply work out the maximum quantity of products manufactured every minute or hour and divide the figure by the amount of units fitting into every carton.

·cOff-line Packaging

Packaging off-line implies that you are packing products that have been manufactured before.

In this situation, you do not pay attention to the speed of production.

To establish the power and speed of cartoning machine appropriate for off-line packaging, you should factor in the following parameters.

Consider the number of products you need to ship every day, week or month.

Ensure to only work with the actual working hours of the cartoner and not simply dividing or multiplying everything by eight working hours each day.

Be extra careful when making the volume estimates, uphold utmost precision.

This procedure is very essential to the future of your business.

Overestimation of your actual needs can result in buying a more costly and powerful machine which is in essence not necessary.

What are the Advantages of Cartoning Packaging?

Continuous cartoning machine

Continuous cartoning machine

Below are some benefits of carton packaging your products:

· Protection of products and Ease of Transport

Carton ensures protection of items packed in them.

Because cartons have regular shapes, it enables bulk packaging for containers, Lorries and other transport vessels ensuring easy transportation.

· Environment Friendliness

Recyclable – Carton packaging provides the best recycling capabilities, in comparison to any other packaging material.

Renewable – With the majority of packaging designs, you cannot replace the raw material used to make the package after extracting them from nature.

Nonetheless, you can sustainably decompose wood fiber and return it back to earth.

· Tamper Proof

Besides protecting your products from interference and adulteration, carton packaging can as well act as a tamper proof for the items.

·  Presentation

Cartons give brand owners and manufacturers the ability to develop a broad array of structural molds.

Custom-made to the requirements of the items and its consumers, current carton designs put in a design touch to the entire presentation.

This consists of high resolution graphics, two-sided prints and carton shapes that amplify its use as a packet.

Other advantages of carton packaging comprise of:

  • Light weight – providing convenience in handling
  • Cost effective – Inexpensive compared to other available alternatives
  • Easily molded into any type of shape
  • Easily available

What is Cartoning Machine used for?

Packing products in cartons

 Packing products in carton

Cartoners are an instrumental component of most manufacturing assembly line.

The common uses of cartoning machines are for packaging pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, confectionery, bottled foodstuff, etc., and can differ depending on the scale of business.

How many Types of Boxes for Packaging are there?

Boxes can play an instrumental role in creating a compelling exterior for your products, and there exist thousands of numerous designs and types that you can use to package items of any shape or size.

Let’s look at some of the common types of boxes that you can choose for packaging products:

Packaging boxes

Types of packaging boxes – Photo courtesy: Shipping Boxes

· Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are the basic and among the most common types of boxes for packaging products.

The cartons are primarily used for packing consumer goods, and it comes in various shapes and sizes in addition to different graphics and colors.

The main purpose of folding cartons is to provide protection and enable marketing and transportation of retail products.

The cartons are manufactured from different source materials.

· Rigid Boxes

An upgrade from folding carton, rigid boxes are stronger and mainly used for luxury products and presentation purposes.

They provide extra protection in addition to high-end finish.

· Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes are a kind of rigid box where the lid and base do not meet, forming a middle section referred to as the shoulder.

You can use the shoulder to create a feature by applying a contrasting color to the bottom and top of the box.

· Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible box is another type of boxes that can come in handy for product marketing.

The box helps in saving on transport expenses and storage space and provides a broad array of design alternatives to make your items really stand out.

· Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Created by gluinga bent flute to a pair of liners, corrugated boxes have conventionally been utilized for exterior packaging, though are now getting growingly common within small companies.

You can create them in almost any shape and size and are comparatively cheap to form.

· Regular Slotted Containers

A standard box used in the packaging sector, where all the folds are of similar length from the groove to the edge.

Regular slotted containers are ideal for transporting small individual products.

They do not give much room for customization apart from changing the external design and print, though at times less is more.

· Half Slotted Containers

Same as regular slotted containers.

Nevertheless, this box type has one open side face making it ideal for sliding over pre-boxed goods.

· Roll End Tuck Top

An unglued box that is formed by simple folding, this type of boxes is suitable for transporting retail products.

Roll end tuck top box is simple but tells a story about the brand and is forthrightly memorable.

· Full Over Lap

These types of boxes characterize outer flaps that overlay the whole width of the box contributing to their toughness and resilience.

They are a practical option for transporting products and you can enhance them with stunning print designs.

· Telescope Type Boxes

A telescope type box comprise of two totally separate pieces; a lid and a base.

They are famous for packaging high-end products like technology, and a popular example is Apple’s iPhone packing.

· Slide Type Boxes

Another box that comprises of two distinct pieces, this type of boxes have an inner box and a sleeve.

· Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are created particularly for packaging small items.

They are designed to fit with ease in post boxes and letterboxes for easy delivery.

· Shelf Ready Boxes

Shelf ready boxes are manufactured particularly for retail shelves and exhibiting items in stores.

You can design them to display your products and make them stand out to clients.

· Custom Boxes

Packaging boxes are versatile and you can form them into almost any shape and size you want.

Making exclusive and custom boxes for your goods is a perfect way of according your clients a memorable experience.

What are the Key Components of Cartoning Machine?

Cartoning machine is a unit of devices consisting of mechanical, pneumatic, electrical as well as light components.

The parts are linked together in such a way in order to generate, transform and efficiently use the mechanical energy produced from the system to form a packaging carton.

Carton packing machine

 Carton packing machine

Here is a list of the key parts of a cartoning machine:

  • Control Panel
  • Electric Motors & Electric Panel
  • Conveyors, guide rail, rollers, and carton chute
  • Pneumatic system and carton pack tooling
  • An ink-jet printer
  • Lubrication system
  • A safety system

Which Industries use Cartoning Machine?

Conveyor system of carton packing machine

 Conveyor system of carton packing machine

The end-use industries for cartoning machines comprise of:

  • Food and beverages industry
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
  • Grain/spice industries
  • Toy industries
  • Clothing and textile industries
  • Electronics industries
  • Fruit and vegetable industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Tobacco industries
  • Sports industries

Are there Drawbacks of Cartoning Machines?

Here are some of the disadvantages of cartoning machines.

i. Setting up the entire machinery at the initial phase is costly as the cartoner is expensive to acquire.

ii. Increased cost of production due to the cost of hiring extra personnel.

iii. The machine is heavy and fragile and after you have installed it, there is no flexibility of moving it around.

Can you Integrate Cartoning Machine with other Packaging Equipment?

Absolutely, the cartoning machine blends exceptional flexibility and optimized performance in an exceedingly compact design totally tailored to your operations.

It allows for integration with upstream packaging equipment ensuring seamless manufacturing of products.

How does Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine compare to Fully Automatic Cartoning Machine?

· Semi-Automatic Cartoning Machines

With semi-automatic cartoning machines, be it horizontal or vertical, the operator inserts the products manually into the machine.

The lack of an automatic in-feed makes the operation of the machine simple, but significantly lowers the speed of production and throughput.

In addition, it also needs the presence of several operators.

· Fully Automatic Cartoning Machine

This is a more detailed equipment that does not need the participation of too much human aid in its functioning.

Fully automatic cartoner has the capability to examine the integrity of the carton to make sure that it is of the correct quality.

The machine comes together with other accessories including:

  • Folding systems
  • Ink jet printers
  • Brochure insertion system
  • Hot melt gluing systems

All the operations of the fully automatic cartoning machine rely on a digital control unit.

The computer control unit runs, controls and modulates all the operations of the cartoner with minimum human aid.

Why should you invest in SaintyCo Cartoning Machine?

SaintyCo cartoners are perfect machines for getting your products efficiently packed and ready, enhancing production and work time.

With our cartoning machines, you will be in a position to pack several products at a go.

In addition, you can as well package products in a bunch more effectively.

SaintyCo manufactures a variety of cartoning machines that you can utilize based on the needs of your operations.

A great distinction about our cartoners is that they use very limited quantity of power in comparison to heavy industrial packaging machinery.

This qualifies them as the perfect option for any low-budget manufacturer.

So, purchase a SaintyCo cartoning machine and improve your output.

How does Cartoning Machine Work?

 Cartoning machine

Cartoning machine

First, the guide rails set the carton in position before a push mechanism initiated by the push plate causes the opening up of the carton.

Thereafter, the bottom of the carton is attached to a sucker (vacuum suction) propelled by the pneumatic system.

This is done from its rear and front side to make sure that the box reaches the loading bay area at 90 degrees.

At the loading section, the products get packed into the carton by mechanical means, though, gently and accurately.

After filling, the chain conveyor belt directs the cartons to the folding area.

At the folding stage, the cartoner targets the flaps of the cartons.

The procedure is carried out concurrently on both the right and left side of the rail through rotary movement.

Subsequently, the cam linked to motors push plates on both sides of the rail perform the actual folding procedure.

The process then moves to the next critical stage where front covers seal the tongue of the carton.

After this a push is initiated using the push plate, which bends the lid and results in a secure lock.

The cartoning machine then engages its tabs to administer adhesive and shut either ends of the carton wholly sealing it.

Finally, the system then examines the degree of precision of the cartoner.

It establishes the good and the bad packages, by scrutinizing the carton structure before deciding on those to direct to carton chute and the damaged one.

How does Horizontal Cartoning Machines compare to Vertical Cartoning Machines?

Cartoning machines are classified into vertical and horizontal cartoners, based on the position you insert the carton through the machine.

· Vertical Cartoning Machines

Vertical cartoning machine

 Vertical cartoning machine

With vertical cartoning machines, you feed the carton into the cartoner in a vertical position and the items packed manually or automatically, in most cases from the top of the machinery.

Vertical cartoning machines are appropriate for packing “bare” products that can or should be delivered by gravity, and which are vended by volume or weight.

Example of such products includes dry pasta, rice, etc.

· Horizontal Cartoning Machines

Horizontal cartoning machine

 Horizontal cartoning machine

With horizontal cartoning machines, you pack the products from the side of the carton.

These type of cartoning machines can run in both intermittent and continuous mode.

It also has the alternative of automatic lateral filling of products into the carton and sealing of the ends by flap insertion or hot-melt application.

Horizontal cartoning machines are typically applied for packing food products including cereals, vacuum-packed coffee or rice, cakes and pizzas, etc.

What are the Features of High Speed Automatic Cartoning Machine?

High speed cartoning machine is a more efficient cartoner used for packages a wide range of products into boxes.

  • It can work continuously and the topmost speed can reach up to 370 boxes per minute
  • Efficient in packing and a hi-tech equipment with design of mechanical-electrical integration.
  • Can open box, pack products into box, fold leaflet, emboss batch number and seal or close automatically.
  • It uses frequency invertor to change speed, PLC to control, HMI to operate, and photoelectric to manage and control each station.
  • Can be operated independently, and as well integrated with other machines to form a production line.
  • Can do hot melt glue sealing on boxes.

What are the Characteristics of Multi-functional Cartoning Machine?

  • Adopts automatic feeding of materials, carton opening, insertion of carton, printing of lot number, carton sealing and rejection of waste, etc.
  • Has a compact and reasonable structure and its functioning and adjustment are simple.
  • Uses stepping/servo motor, PLC system and touch screen control panel, and clear Human-Machine interface display.
  • Applies photoelectric eye automatic sensing and tracking system. There is no feeding of empty packs into the carton, hence greatly saving packaging material.
  • Broad range of packaging enables convenient adjustment, and fast switching can be attained between different dimensions and specifications. Specification modification does not need mold change, it is attained just through adjustment.
  • Adopts automatic shutdown in case products are not fed in the right position within the box and overload protection gadget of primary drive motor.
  • Has upturning safety shield depending on the needs of the customer, which is easy to run and has appealing appearance.
  • Can be integrated with other machines to form production line.
  • Allows use of different kinds of automatic product feeders and carton insertion systems depending on the requirements of the items to be packaged.
  • Fitted with hot melt adhesive coating device, which helps in sealing the cartons using hot melt adhesive through mechanical brushing or glue spray.

What is Hand Load Cartoner?

Hand-Load cartonersworks by sealing one side of the carton shut, and then products are loaded by hand through the other open end.

The device positions and seals the rear end of the box before moving to the hand-load section.

After loading, the system closes the top of the carton and then discharges it from machine.

Are there Cartoning Machines with Tamper Proof Capability?

Yes, there are tamper-evident types of cartoning machines that guarantee extra safety.

The unique way in which the cartoning machine seal the cartons can assist in establishing whether there is tampering with any item.

This helps to create consumer confidence in your products.

Can SaintyCo customize Cartoner Equipment?

SaintyCo manufactures a broad range of cartoning machines, which come in various designs and production capabilities.

Based on your production requirements, you can select standard or custom made alternatives.

Do Cartoning Machines offer Printing Capability?

Yes, some cartoning machines have printing capability which enable them to print high-quality, high-resolution codes, text and graphics.

The printing can be done either before or after packaging of products.

What is an Intermittent Automatic Cartoning Machine?

Intermittent automatic cartoners is a type of cartoning machine that erects and stops the carton while it is loaded by the operator.

The machines is designed in a manner that it packs items laterally into boxes and do the sealing by lock fastening during hot-melt gluing or flap insertion.

How can you Modify Carton Specification for Cartoning Machine?

Intermitent cartoning machine

 Intermittent cartoning machine

Modifying carton specification will affect the carton tooling machine settings and the main feeding entrance.

It is advisable to start by adjusting the carton conveyor belt before manually sealing the box.

Carry on to grip the top cover and position the carton in the middle of the conveyor.

Subsequently, move the adjustment knob to alter the mid-plate to a position the output strip can modestly clip the carton.

While doing the adjustment, make sure you do not get in contact with the interior crease-slice.

To accurately determine the width, loosen a few nuts on the carton conveyor to adjust the chain plate to equal the width of the carton.

You will have to modify the carton storeroom as well.

In this case, you will change the width of the entrance using a blank or flat carton by shifting the front and back carton frame.

In addition, you need to match the right, left and block shafts with the length of the blank carton.

The vacuum suction device should equally be positioned to match the size of the carton as well as alter the height of carton compressor.

Another vital part that you need to adjust is the plant rum in relation to the length and height of the carton.

The carton side height should be at the carton center.

Another parameter that need to be modified is the position of the carton seal and the batch number.

You should adjust the positions with reference to the carton length and height.

At the same time, the diastema of the batch number needs to be changed in line with carton paper height.

The front plate track of the carton must also be equal to the height of carton.

The new position and width of carton need to be applied to change the position of the carton conveyor belt.

Eventually, arrange the sensors in line with the new machine position.

How do you Troubleshoot Cartoning Machine?

While operating a cartoning machine, some problems might occur in the process.

Let’s look at some of the problems and ways of troubleshooting them.

Feeding cartons

Feeding cartons

Poor Machine Stability after Operating at High Speed over a Long Duration


Apply servo systems that will facilitate a smooth operation of the cartoning machines.

Malfunctioning of Carton because of Air Blockage or Leakage on the Sucker Tubing


Unclog the sucker tubing and substitute the leaking sucker tubing using a proper one.

Drawn Flat Blanks at the In-feed of the Carton Magazine


Utilizing a photoelectric sensor like multi-pulse technology to sense any fault on the cartoner and alert you.

You will stop the cartoning machine right away and address the issue before it becomes worse.

Incorrect Modification of the Carton Storeroom


Stop the cartoning machine and correctly modify the storeroom for quicker and correct delivery of the cartons.

Inseparable Carton Blanks


Stopping the cartoning machine, withdraw the inseparable carton blanks and substitute them using better ones.

Aging Suckers


Substitute the aging sucker using a new one.

Inappropriate Position of Vacuum Suction


Overhaul the whole vacuum system and substitute it at the appropriate position.

Which Cartoning Machines do SaintyCo offer?

SaintyCo provides the following cartoning machines for you to choose from:

  1. CM – 200 Horizontal and Continuous cartoning Machine
  2. CM- 60V for Stand Vials into Carton without Tray
  3. CM-120 Horizontal and Intermittent Cartoning Machine
  4. CM – 100P Horizontal and Intermittent Cartoning Machine for Bottles
  5. CM – 100D Horizontal and Intermittent Cartoning Machine for Blister
  6. CM- 100 Horizontal and Intermittent Cartoning Machine for Blister
  7. ZH – 100K Cartoning Machine for Tray
  8. ZH – 100D Cartoning Machine for Sachets
  9. ZH – 100G Cartoning Machine for Tube
  10. ZH – 100P Cartoning Machine for Bottles and Vias
  11. ZH -100 Compact Cartoning Machine for Blister
  12. VC-50 Vertical Cartoning Machine

For custom cartoning machine, SaintyCo is ready to help.

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