Mini FBG Lab Fluid-Bed Dryer

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Mini FBG Lab Fluid-Bed Dryer

Mini FBG Lab Fluid-Bed Dryer

Mini-FBG Fluid Bed Processor Mini-Lab integrates top spray granulation and bottom spray coating functions in one unit with 50-200g small capacity. It is ideal lab equipment for formulation development in R&D.

Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer Characters:

  • Mini means small size and capacity.
  • With top spray and bottom spray functions.
  • Metal filter blowback clean cartridges
  • Each parts can be mounting and dismounting very easily.
  • Intelligent control.
  • Process data printable.

Mini FBG Lab Fluid-Bed Dryer

Lab Fluid-Bed Dryer Mini-FBG
Productive capacity 50-200g
Volume flow 0.8m3/min
Pressure 0.02Mpa
Power 220V/50Hz
Blower 0.75Kw  2900r/min
Heater 15~120℃  0.5-1Kw
Compression air 0.4-0.6 m3/min  0.15Kw
Motor 0.18Kw  2100r/min
Dimension(L×B×H) 700×700×1000
Weight 92Kg


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