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SMG2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer

SMG2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer

High Shear Laboratory Mixer Application:

The powdery material, under the action of impeller, mutually collides and disperses to scatter to be semi-fluid rolling movement to achieve adequate mixing. With the injection of bond, the wet powder, through the extruding, friction and kneading of mixing paddle and the canister wall, form loose soft material. Chopping knife shreds the soft material to form small and uniform wet particles.

Lab High Shear Mixer Features:

  • Make one-step process of mixing, humidifying and granulating, with good-effect granulating and non-cross infection, in line with GMP standard.
  • The obtained particles, with homogeneous composition and good mobility, provide ideal granular material for pressure tablets and capsules filling.
  • PLC program control and data records,converter’s for stepless speed regulation for stirring oar and chopping knives, meet the granulation technical requirements for different machines.
  • Configured with printer to print running parameters.
  • Injection with spraying will do good to make ideal preparation soft material.
  • According to the requirements, the lab. Machine is configured with three stirring pans of different volumes. When changing the pan, the user only takes off stirring pan without affection other parts. It is quiet easy and fast.

SMG2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer

Lab High Shear MixerSMG 2-6
Rated Output (Kg/batch)(Preparation Density: 0.6g/Cm3 )0.8-2
Mixing speed(rpm)160-970
Mixing Motor Power(Kw)1.5
Chopping speed(rpm)450-2700
Chopping Motor Power(Kw)0.75
Compressed AirPressure(Mpa)0.4-0.6
Outline Dimension  (L×W×H)mm980×550×1450
Net Weight(Kg)200

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