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Tincture Filling Line

Empty Bottles Enter a Central Star-Wheel Indexing Table which moves them to a Two Head Filling Station, a Cap/Eyedropper Insertion Station and a Cap Torquing Station.

Tincture Filling Line: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for a high-performance tincture filling line.

Or, you’d like to learn more about the tincture filling line.

Whichever the case, this guide explores all the vital aspects of tincture filling machines such as specification, application, parts, working principle, and classification, among other vital aspects.

So, if you want to be an expert in tincture filling lines, read this guide.

What is a Tincture?



A tincture is a liquid extract that comes from a plant or animal extract.

The liquid extraction happens mostly in ethanol since it works best in both acidic and alkaline materials.

Also, you can do extraction in solvents such as:

  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Apple cider
  • Vinegar
  • Propylene glycol
  • Diethyl ether

They are convenient and easy to use since you can administer them to children in small amounts.

The solvent of the tincture extraction is normally between 25% and 60% and may go up to 90%.

What are the Components of the Tincture Filling Line?

There are various components that all work together in a tincture filling line.

They may differ from one manufacturer to another but have the basic components.

These components are:

Fluid Filling Point

This is the area that the operator fills the tincture that will go into the bottles.

Peristaltic Pump

These pumps will direct the tincture to the filling heads so that you can fill the bottles.

It will regulate the flow of tincture in the bottles.

Capping Unit

This component will place caps on the bottles after the filling process.

Electrical Unit

It holds and encloses all the electrical parts that will drive the tincture filling line.

Also, it supplies power to the equipment.

Filling Station

It is the area at which the tincture filling process takes place with the bottles.


These parts will convert electrical energy to mechanical energy to drive parts of the tincture filling line.

Dropper Feeder

This is the component that places the dropper inside the bottles.

It is for sucking tincture so it is easy to release tincture in drops to patients.

Conveyor Belt

They assist in directing the bottles from one part of the machine to the next.

Control Panel

This part contains all the control features that will run the machine.

It comes with a programmable logic controller[PLC] and a human-machine interface [HMI].

The operator can easily monitor the tincture filling process and input parameters from that central location.


They enhance the tincture filling process.

It will detect the presence of bottles during the filling process.

Also, it will minimize wastage since no filling will occur if it detects no presence of bottles in the filling station.

Bottle Support

It will hold the bottles in position so that the tincture filling process can be accurate.

Holding Area

This part will hold the empty bottles that you will fill the tincture with.

Filling Heads

It will assist in filling the tincture in the various bottles in the production line.

How does a Tincture Filling Line Operate?

Here are the steps of how a tincture filling line operates:

Tincture filling machine

Tincture filling machine

1. Preparation

In this step, the operator makes sure that the machine is in good working condition.

Also, the operator will feed the tincture in the holding tanks and the bottles in the holding area.

Next, they will input the filling parameters on the control panel and start the tincture filling operation.

This includes the tincture filling volume and the speed of the filling process.

2. Filling

Conveyor belts will direct the empty bottles to the filling station.

Tubes will direct the tincture to the filling area to fill the bottles.

The taps will open once a sensor notices the presence of a bottle.

After the filling process, the taps will close awaiting the next bottle.

This helps in minimizing wastage and leakages in the tincture filling line.

3. Dropper and Capping

After the filling process, the dropper feeder will insert the dropper into the bottles.

Thereafter, the bottle capper will place caps on the bottles to completely seal the bottle.

4. Exit

After filling, inserting the dropper, and capping, the bottles now leave the filling station.

Sensors will assist in ensuring all bottles are in the right condition and reject any faulty bottles out of the system.

What are the Applications of a Tincture Filling Line?

Several companies use a tincture filling line in their production line.

They include the filing of:

  • Electronic cigarette oil
  • Eye drop
  • Eye shadow
  • Essential oils
  • Nail polish
  • Cannabis

What should you Consider when Choosing Tincture Filling Line?

It might be difficult and confusing when it comes to choosing a tincture filling line.

This is because there are several manufacturers and the machines come in various capabilities.

Here are some factors that will help you when choosing a tincture filling line:

Viscosity of Tincture

Viscosity is the tincture’s resistance to flow.

Less viscous tincture flows freely, while highly viscous tincture will flow gradually.

Pump Filler

These parts will assist in filling the tincture reliably.

It can fill on either a pulse or time basis.

Type of Bottle

The size and structure of your bottle will dictate the tincture filling line suitable for your industry.

Filling Rate

This is the number of bottles you plan to fill per unit time.

Fully automatic tincture filling lines will fill several bottles per unit time than semi-automatic tincture filling lines.

Also, they will cost more than the semi-automatic versions.

Filling Volume

This means you can fill the tincture in bottles whether using a liquid level process or a volumetric process.

Capacity Holding Tank

Ensure the holding tank is capable of holding tincture in a reliable amount without the need for frequent refilling.

This will save you time during the filling process.

Quality Standards

It is vital to select a tincture filling line that meets all international quality standards.

This is to ensure the safety of operators and the products.

Also, it ensures the reliability, effectiveness, and acceptability of the production process in the market.

Body Material

Select tincture filling lines that are of durable stainless steel.

This ensures it performs optimally and will last for long.


The amount you have will influence the type of tincture filling line you can afford.

However, always go for a tincture filling line that is suitable for your production needs.


Technological advancements are happening all the time.

The level of technology that a tincture filling line has will influence its effectiveness.

Besides, good technology allows you to achieve the best tincture filling processes.


Always purchase a tincture filling line that will produce quality filling processes.

Configuration of Machine

Tincture filling lines come in different designs and sizes.

Purchase the one that will comfortably fit your work area.

Commercial tincture filling lines require a large work area than small scale tincture filling lines.


Having a tincture filling line that is easy to maintain and repair will benefit your industry.

Also, ensure the spare parts are easy to acquire in the market.

Besides, being able to replace parts easily will minimize downtime during the filling process.

What are the Advantages of Tincture Filling Line?

There are several advantages of a tincture filling line and they include:

· Power Consumption

They have a low power consumption.

· Automation

They can come with a fully automatic control program.

This allows the operator to easily monitor and control the whole production process on a central station.

· Footprint

Some may occupy small spaces within your industry.

Bottle Changeover

It is possible to use various types of bottles as it is adjustable.

This allows you to meet various production needs with the same machine.


A tincture filling line will perform the filling process while maintaining the quality standards and parameters.


It saves time as it is fast and can fill several bottles within a short time.

Ease of use

The tincture filling line is easy to use due to the automation level.

This means one can operate the machine without much training.

What are the Limitations of Tincture Filling Line?

Despite these limitations, they should not deter you from purchasing a tincture filling line:

 Tincture filling machine

Tincture filling machine


These machines are not relatively cheap to acquire.

This means you need to dig deep in your pocket to purchase the best machine that will meet your production needs.

Power Consumption

Large and commercial tincture filling lines consume a large amount of power.

This will increase your overall production cost.


A tincture filling line can only fill products in a liquid state.

This means you need another machine if you need to fill semi-solid or solid products.


The operator needs to have some knowledge on how to properly operate the tincture filling line.

This means you need to spend time and money to train the staff.


There are some instances where maintaining the tincture filling line may need you to hire a technician.

What are the Performance Features of Tincture Filling Line?

Even though they may vary from one machine to another, they include:

  • The filling system can suck back liquid ensuring no tincture drips.
  • Well known electrical element features.
  • The machine will ensure accurate tincture filling by using peristaltic or piston pumps.
  • Mechanical arms that screw caps have an automatic sliding unit that prevents damages to the caps.
  • The entire system is compact, fast, reliable, and requires less human labor since it has a high level of automation.
  • The body design is 304 stainless steel that is easy to clean and meets GMP quality standards.
  • The control panel is touch-sensitive and comes in color.
  • It can work with other support equipment like:
  1. Bottle unscrambler
  2. Bottle labeling machine
  3. Cartoning machine

What are some of the Technical Parameters of the Tincture Filling Line?

The technical parameters may vary from one tincture filling line to another:

  • Filling accuracy allowing a variation of less than ± 1%.
  • Power supply need 220 or 380 V, and 50 Hz, or 60 Hz.
  • Pass rate of equal or more than 98%.
  • Filling volume of between 2ml and 100ml.
  • Production capacity of between 10 and 70 bottles per minute.
  • One to four filling heads.

What Factors Influence Price of Tincture Filling Line?

Several factors will influence the price of a tincture filling line:

Level of Automation

Fully automatic tincture filling lines will cost more than semi-automatic or manual tincture filling lines.

Type of Manufacturer

Some manufacturers have a high reputation when it comes to manufacturing tincture filling lines.

Since they have a lot of experience and expertise, their machines will generally cost more.

Country of Origin

It is known that tincture filling lines that come from China will fetch a low price than those from other countries.

Production Capacity

Tincture filling lines that can fill several bottles within a short time will cost more.

This is because they can meet your production needs in a relatively short time.


Some manufacturers will offer you huge discounts when you are purchasing several tincture filling lines.

Configuration of the Machine

Large commercial tincture filling lines will cost more than small and mid-sized tincture filling lines.

This is because they come with a high production capacity and a lot of automation.

Supply and Demand

The law of supply and demand has been there for a long time.

Businesses will compete for available tincture filling lines when the demand goes up and the supply is low.

This means the price of the machine may go up since it is in high demand.

On the contrary, when the market has an over-surplus of these machines, the price will reduce as demand is low.

Market Conditions and Economy

When market conditions are unfavorable, the machine may fetch a lower price as buyers are not willing to pay a higher price.

This may be due to political tension or ethical and tribal differences.

Discounts and Sales

A tincture filling line that has a price cut will make you spend less when purchasing them.

Model and Features

It is easy to sell standard than it is to sell specialized tincture filling lines.

A model that has outstanding features will demand a high price.


If the machine is in poor condition, it will not fetch a better price.

Besides, old machines that are well-maintained will sell for a better price.

A machine that has undergone several repairs and maintenance will fetch a low price since it is not that reliable.


The age of the tincture filling line will determine its price as they depreciate over time.

As time goes by, the machine may be outdated as new and efficient tincture filling lines emerge.

Ability to Inspect and Test

Being able to inspect and test the machine in person will make a huge difference in the price.

Seeing the condition and its ability to fill, means you can negotiate the price adequately.

How much does Tincture Filling Line Cost?

The machine can go for anywhere between 300 US dollars and 50000 US dollars.

What Quality Standards should Tincture Filling Line Conform to?

A tincture filling line should conform to international quality standards for health and safety reasons.

These quality standards include:

 Tincture filling line

 Tincture filling line

Restriction of Hazardous Substances [RoHS]

This standard assists in reducing environmental effects and health impacts.

It ensures the machine will not produce any harmful substances during its operation.

European Union CE marking

All companies in the world accept this quality standard even though it applies to European Economic Areas.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice [cGMP] quality standard

Current Good Manufacturing Practice quality standard ensures that a tincture filling line has:

  1. Consistent manufacturing practices.
  2. Conforms to international quality standards.
  3. Produces quality tincture filling processes.

How does a Tincture Filling Fine compare to a Vial Filling Line?

A tincture filling line will fill plant or animal extracts on a bottle.

On the other hand, vial filling line will fill pharmaceutical products in a vial.

How does Tincture Filling Line compare to Bottle Filling Machine?

A tincture filling line fills liquid extracts in bottles for various industries.

A bottle filling machine can fill liquids, semi-solids, and solid products in bottles.

What are the Maintenance Practices of Tincture Filling Line?

Maintaining a tincture filling line will ensure it lasts for long and meets its production standards.

Lubricate all moving parts to minimize tear and wear.

Repair and replace faulty sensors and fuses to ensure the machine operates optimally.

Clean the machine and the sensors regularly to avoid the build-up of dust and moisture from the environment.

Repair and replace faulty electrical components to avoid electrical shocks and fire hazards.

Conduct regular inspections either quarterly or semi-annually to ensure all parts are in good working conditions.

Replace broken and faulty motors with new ones.

Use genuine parts when replacing components to ensure the machine will not break down during operation.

How does Semi-automatic and Fully Automatic Tincture Filling Line compare?

A fully automatic system performs all functions by itself while a semi-automatic system will need some human intervention.

A fully automatic system is more expensive than a semi-automatic version.

Also, a fully automatic system has a lot of technology than a semi-automatic unit.

The production capacity of a fully automatic system is higher than that of a semi-automatic system.

The filling accuracy and efficiency of a fully automatic system are more advanced than a semi-automatic system.

What Factors will Influence the Efficiency of Tincture Filling Line?

Factors that will influence how well a tincture filling line operates include:

Power Output

Ensure you have the right power supply to run the specific tincture filling line.

This will ensure the machine operates efficiently at all times.


Having operators with the necessary skill to operate the machine will ensure that it performs well.

They will minimize errors and conduct checkups to ensure the machine is operating effectively.


When you properly maintain a tincture filling line, it will continue working as it should.

Also, it will be durable.

What should you Specify when Choosing Tincture Filling Line?

When choosing a tincture filling line, specify the following:

Design and Size of Machine

It is a vital factor to specify since you will install it at your company.

Ensure it fits well and also leave space for maintenance to happen.

Filling Speed

These machines come with different filling speeds.

Ensure you specify the speeds that you need it to operate as per your company production needs.

Power Consumption

The power supply you have will determine the tincture filling line fit for your company.

Characteristics of the Bottles

The shape and size of the bottles will determine the tincture filling line you are to use.

How can you Troubleshoot Tincture Filling Line?

Here are the steps:

Power Problems

This can be due to a power outage.

Ensure you have a standby generator or repair faulty electrical components.

Inconsistent Filling Levels and Timing

Adjust the filling parameters on the control panel.

Dripping and Foaming

Ensure the valves are not leaking and tighten the caps on the bottles.

What are some of the Bottle Designs that Tincture Filling Line can use?

The machine can use bottles from:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum

What are the Various Types of Liquid Filling Machines available in the Market?

There are several liquid filling machines, and they include:

  • Net weight liquid filling machine
  • Pressure and gravity liquid filling machine
  • Pump liquid filling machine
  • Piston liquid filling machine
  • Vacuum, gravity, and pressure overflow liquid filling machine
  • Hot filling machines
  • Acid-resistant filling machines
  • Isobaric filling machines

What are the Validation Documentation for Tincture Filling Line?

These documents have to be available when purchasing and installing the machine:

Design Qualification

It will highlight the design of the machine to address the production needs, compliance, and that it will work properly.

Installation Qualification

This happens during or after the installation of the tincture filling line at the user’s work area.

Operational Qualification

It will indicate that all components of the tincture filling line function as they should.

Performance Qualification

Indicates that the machine performs as per the specifications and user’s requirements during operation.

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