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Face Mask Packer

The speed of Face Mask Packing Machine can be up to 2000-3000bags/hour

Face Mask Packer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Face Mask Packer?

A facemask packer is an electromechanical packaging device mainly designed for filing, folding and sealing facial mask cosmetics.

Face masks, note, are cosmetic products used for skincare purposes.

They help prevent the skin from absorbing chemicals from beauty products.

The common materials used in face mask packaging are cartooning, pouches, tubes, and bottles.

Packaging materials are filled and folded or sealed using various techniques.

Face mask packing machine


 Face mask packing machine

2. What is a Facemask Packer used for?

You can use a face mask packer for several functions.

These include;

  • Readying face mask packing materials, i.e. cartons, tubes and bottles
  • Cutting packages into proper sizes
  • Filling the face mask into the appropriate packaging material
  • Printing labels and stickers on the facemask package

Apart from face mask packaging, you can also use this machine to pack other products such as medicines, food, ointments, condoms etc.

If using an automatic face mask packer, you can even connect to other manufacturing equipment to create a complete production line.

3. What are the Benefits of Automatic Face Mask Packing Machine?

An automatic face mask packer has numerous benefits which include;

 High speed face mask packing machine

 High speed face mask packing machine

  • Time-saving; investing an automatic face mask packer will help you save lots of production time. Manual face mask packaging options can be time-consuming and very tedious.

Using an automatic unit to package your face masks will spare you plenty of time and energy that you can redirect to other critical production operations.

  • Faster production; automatic face mask packer with enabled PLC control systems will help hasten the packaging process.

With this type of face mask packer, you can quickly meet high volume, and time-bound production needs with ease.

  • Accuracy and efficiency; unlike other alternatives, automatic face mask packer help to ensure uniformity in packaging processes.

They also provide a high degree of efficiency that would be impossible to achieve if using manual packing methods and devices.

With an automatic unit, you will be able to eliminate the inconsistencies and inefficiency that are synonymous with other packing solutions.

  • Increased productivity; as everything is automated, it is easier to achieve a high production rate when using an automatic face mask packer.

Automatic packers put packaging operations on the road to efficiency.

Investing in an automatic face mask packing unit will eliminate the wait time between packaging cycles.

You won’t need to keep pushing buttons every time you want to start or stop the machine.

With an automatic unit, you only need to pull a cord or place the products on a conveyor and packing will begin and stop automatically.

4. What are the Main Features of Automatic Face Mask Packing Machine?

Firstly, an automatic face mask packing machine is precisely what its name suggests.

Its operations are fully automated and require very minimal human input.

The main features of this kind of face mask packer include;

  • A PLC control system that allows you to control all operations of the machine from one point
  • Large touch screen display that allows easy keying of operating parameters
  • Automatic alarm systems that go off immediately a fault or an emergency is detected
  • Made of high-quality materials

5. Which Industries use Facemasks?

Application of facemasks is exceedingly evident in the following industries;

  • Cosmetics
  • pharmaceutical
  • Food industry
  • Medical

6. How does High Speed Face Mask Folding Machine Work?

A high-speed face mask folding machine is a fully automatic face mask packaging system.

All its operations are fully automated.

Because it is fully automatic and highly efficient, this type of machine is suitable for large volume and highly complex packaging applications.

Here is how a high-speed face mask packer works;

Step 1: Feeding

The first step in high-speed automatic face mask packing is automatic bag feeding.

Here, an operator will load the packaging bags into the package unit, making sure that the facemask (filling material) is in the hopper.

Step 2: Start the machine

As it is an automatic machine, you will need to first key in all the required parameters such as packing speed, feeding rate etc.

Once all named parameters are set, start the machine to allow it to pick the bags from the package unit.

Immediately you switch on the machine; the machine hopper will begin receiving the filling material and controlling filling levels as specified.

Step 3: Facemask bag opening

At this point, the conveyor starts moving the bags from the bag storage unit to the filling station for filling.

With the help of clips on the machine’s electric motor, the machine will automatically adjust the width of the face mask bags.

It will also open the bags for filling purposes.

The advantage of a high-speed face mask packer is you can always monitor this process through the PLC and touch screen system.

Here, you can easily detect bags that are not open, collect them and load them back to bag storage unit for reuse.

Step 4: Face mask filling

Face mask feeding station

Face mask feeding station

An additional feature of this machine is a photoelectric positioning system.

This feature helps to track and detect the presence of a bag that requires filling.

So once an empty bag gets to this point, the machine automatically detects it sending signals for fill material to leave the hopper.

The machine will fill up the bag with the right quantity of fill material.

Please note, without a bag in position, the photoelectric tracking will not allow the face mask packer to operate.

In other words, fill material won’t leave the hopper until a bag is in position.

With this, you can easily conserve lots of fill material and prevent spillage on the machine or outside the bag.

Step 5: Sealing of the bag

Once bags are filled, they move to the sealing stage.

Here, the machine fully seals the bag to prevent spillage or any pilferage.

Most high speed fully automatic face mask packer uses heat sealing technique to seal face mask packages.

For this, the right amount of temperatures are employed to seal the bag.

The temperature is controlled through a temperature control system.

Once sealed, the machine with the aid of a digital input cut position cut the sealed bag to the required specifications

Step 6: Labelling and printing

After the sealing and cutting process, the now sealed face mask packages automatically move to the labeling area via the conveyor.

Once here, the machine will print the dates of manufacture and expire on the packages.

It will also print labels that showcase the brand names, ingredients, usage instructions, among other things on the bags.

Step 7: Ejection

The now sealed and fully labeled bags move through the conveyor output for collection.

At this point, the bags are ready for packaging in cartons and ready for storage/shipping.

7. Which are the Main Components of Face Mask Packer Machine?

Face mask packaging machines have several parts and components.

These parts vary based on the model and design of the device.

The main parts of a facemask packer are;

  • Control system; this is the part that allows you to control and adjust the operations of the machine.
  • Filling head; this part fills the bags with the quantity of material
  • Frequency conversion equipment; this part is found in automatic face mask packers. Its function is to assist in adjusting the operating speed according to your project requirements
  • Bag storage unit; this is where you load and store bags that will be used to fill face mask material
  • Hopper; the hopper or feeding unit is the part of the machine where you load the fill material
  • Conveyer; a conveyor is simply a long belt that is automated. Its purpose is to help move items from one station to another on a face mask packaging line.
  • Safety system; this includes alarm indicators, safety doors and knobs etc.

The purpose of the safety system is to ensure the safe operation of the machine as well as the safety of the operator.

  • Photoelectric tracking system; present in automatic models, this system helps to detect bags in position for filling
  • Filling pump; it is located in the hopper area, and it helps to pump filling material from the hopper to the filling area
  • Temperature control system; this is an additional feature that’s usually present in automatic facemask packing units.

Its function is to regulate the amount of temperature released for sealing the bags

8. Are Special Requirements for Face Mask Packaging Process?

Yes, there are several special requirements for the facemask packaging process.

These include;

  • Ensuring that the accurate and right quantity of fill material is filled into bags
  • Providing proper levelling of fill material in the feeding unit
  • Ensuring that the machine generates the right amount of temperature for filling
  • Setting the correct speed both for the conveyor and the machine

9. What is the Best Material for Facemask Packer?

Several materials can be used to make facemasks packaging machines.

However, the materials used to make this machine must be corrosion and rust-resistant.

This is especially critical for parts that get into direct contact with the facial masks.

For this reason, stainless steel is commonly used for this purpose.

This material has all the desirable properties, including effective resistance against rust and corrosion.

What’s more, stainless steel is highly recommended for making face mask packers as it conforms to all the required quality and safety standards.

10. How do you Specify Face Mask Packer Machine?

When buying a facemask packaging machine, here are the key things that you need to be keen on based on your application requirements;

Face mask packing machine

Face mask packing machines

· Type of machine

You need to decide what kind of face mask packaging machine you require.

Do you need a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic unit?

If you’re opting for an automatic model, are you looking for a vertical, high speed or multifunctional machine?

Remember that automatic units offer greater efficiency when it comes to face mask packing.

They’re however costlier than their counterparts.

· Control mechanism

This is the usability of the machine.

An ideal facemask packer is one that is easy and simple to operate.

A unit that has a digital PLC and Human interface system is easier to control.

It requires minimal effort and human labor.

· Filling speed

Based on your production application, you need to choose a facemask packer that has a reasonable rate of production.

If you’re looking for a unit to handle high volume production, then better opt for a high-speed face mask packer.

· Drive system

Determine how powerful the machine you’re buying is.

Does it have enough power to handle your application demands?

Specify to your supplier your motor requirements based on your application needs.

· Material

It is critical to specify your material preference.

Luckily, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to face mask packer material.

All you need to do is to identify the material with desirable properties for your application.

Most importantly, you should choose a material that is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Make sure that the material also conforms to industry standards on quality and safety.

· Additional features

If you’re looking for other features to enhance the packaging process, specify this too to your supplier.

You can have fill control, detectors, timers, and sensors included in the machine to make it more efficient.

· Filling error

Make it a point to specify your preferred filling error when purchasing a facemask packer.

A fill error of less than 1% is ideal for any facemask packing venture.

11. Why Invest in SaintyCo Face Mask Packer Machine?

When it comes to facemask packaging, SaintyCo is the ultimate provider.

We have more than a decade of experience in the industry.

This has allowed us to understand market trends and changing needs in the facemask packaging industry.

Our long term experience and expertise in this field have placed us among the top special-purpose machine manufacturers in the industry.

Both small and large scale face mask manufacturers vest their trust in our face mask packaging solutions.

They trust that our equipment is essential in their production line.

At SaintyCo, we have the ideal machine for all your needs.

Our products are all packed with innovative features that will make advance your facemask packaging tasks.

We assure you, investing in SaintyCo’s facemask packer is the best decision you can make for your production line.

We guarantee quality, reliability and performance in all our facemask packaging machines.

If you wish to uplift your value chain, all you need to do is contact us with your application requirements.

SaintyCo will make sure to provide you with a suitable facemask packing solution.

12. Does Face Mask Packer has Printing Date and Logo Printing Capability?

Yes, automatic facemask packers have the printing date and logo printing capability.

An automatic unit will automatically move the full facemask packages from the filling area to the labelling zone on a conveyor.

The machine will then imprint the manufacturing and expiry dates on the packages.

Other than the dates, the machine will also print labels with brand names, ingredients, usage instructions etc.

Face mask packing station

Face mask packing station

13. What is a Multifunctional Facial Mask Packing Machine?

A multifunctional facial mask packing machine is a packaging machine that performs a wide range of tasks.

This type of machine can fill, seal, fold, and print facemask packaging materials, among other things.

It is a versatile packaging solution that is highly suitable for large volume production applications.

14. Does SaintyCo Help in Installation and Commissioning of Face Mask Packer?

Yes.SaintyCo’s technical support team can help in the installation and commissioning of your face packing unit.

We will teach you how to operate the machine.

We will also provide the necessary material to guide you on basic troubleshooting mechanisms in case you experience any faults and failures with your unit.

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