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Sifters are designed for sieving the powder materials and can be used in the pharmaceutical,chemical, food and other industries.

Vibro Sifter: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Vibro Sifter?

A Vibro sifter is an accessory found in various industries and laboratories whose function is to facilitate the separation, grading and scalping of materials based on the nature of their particle sizes.

Basically, it can sieve particles you can use as a final product or for subsequent processes.

The Vibro sifter equipment comes in many shapes and designs.

Vibro sifter

Vibro sifter

What is the Use of Vibro Sifter?

The main use of a vibro sifter is to help in the separation of unwanted particles in various industrial and laboratory processes, depending on their sizes.

Other uses include:

  • Scalping
  • Proof Sifting
  • Grading or Screening

Is Vibrating Screen Same as Vibro Sifter?


Another name for a vibro sifter is also a vibrating screen.

Other names that refer to a vibro sifter are safety screener, vibro sieve, vibrating sifter, check screen, and a control sieve.

What is a Gyratory Screen?

A gyratory screen is a special type of machine whose function is to separate materials based on their sizes.

However, unlike other machines, it functions in a circular motion and is an ideal machine in the handling of fragile items

What are the Benefits of Vibro Sifter?

Vibrating screen

Vibrating screen

Among the various benefits of a Vibro Sifter include:

  • It has a low installation cost which means you can purchase it even when you have limited resources
  • A Vibro Sifter consumes less power during operation, which ultimately reduces the overall operating cost.
  • The flexibility of a Vibro Sifter allows it to be for domestic and industrial purposes
  • A Vibro Sifter facilitates the separation of different powder grades.
  • Since it is relatively light in weight, you can easily transport it from one place to another.
  • Best suited for different particle size separation
  • Vibro Sifter offers high quality and efficient particle separation.

How many Types of Vibro Sifters are Available?

There are different types of Vibro Sifters available, depending on the manufacturer. Among these include:

  • Single-layer Vibro sifters is a type of Vibro Sifter that has only one layer of sifter.
  • Double layer Vibro sifters contain two layers of sifters
  • Triple-layer Vibro sifters have three layers of sifters
  • Industrial Vibro sifters is common in food processing industries.
  • Laboratory Vibro sifters is common in various laboratories such as pharmaceutical laboratories
  • L-shaped sieve frame Vibro Sifters a special type of Vibro Sifter with an L shaped sieve frame.
  • Small sieve diameter Vibro sifters ideal for sifting small sized particles
  • Large sieve diameter Vibro sifters is the best alternative for sifting large sized particles

Which Industries Use Vibro Sifter?

The various industries that use Vibro Sifter include:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Research laboratories
  • Agricultural industry
  • Chemical processing industries

What are the Main Parts of Vibro Sifters?

The main parts of a Vibro Sifter include:

Parts of vibro sifter

Vibro sifter

  • The motor is the part that powers the vibro sifter
  • The hopper lid is the topmost part of the machine that helps in containing the materials to prevent them from falling while the machine is vibrating.
  • Filter screen helps in ensuring the materials have a smooth finish during the processing period.
  • Wire Mesh Screen Ring offers support to the mesh making it durable.
  • Over-sized material outlet acts as a valve that releases remnants of the sieving process.
  • Screened material outlet functions as a valve that releases sieved products like sized granules for further processing.
  • Vibrating springs offer the hydraulic movements of the machine allowing it to vibrate freely.
  • Control panel consists of various buttons that aid in controlling the workings of the machine

Which Vibro Sifters do SaintyCo Manufacture?

SanityCo manufactures a wide range of Vibro Sifters which include:

  • Vibro Multi-Deck Sifters – which features unique L-Shaped sieves to facilitate the changeover process. It is available in 15 different series for different industries.
  • Experiment Analyze Sifter – for Particle that operates silently with great accuracy. Its main use is to sample ingredients in laboratories.

Also, SaintyCo can customize your vibro sifting equipment for your application, depending on your specifications.

What is the Principle of Vibro Sifter?

The principle of a Vibro Sifter is the Gyro Principle.

That is, it relies on the gyratory motion, which originates from a Gyro motor that is below the vibrating machine.

During operation, as vibration takes place, the Screen also vibrates, causing particles to flow through it depending on the size of the particle.

This helps in separating, sifting or scalping of the particles depending on the type and settings of the machine.

Vibro Sifter is made from Which Material?

There are different parts of a Vibro Sifter that are of different materials.

However, the main materials that you will likely find in a Vibro Sifter machine include:

  • Stainless Steel offers a durable material that does not easily corrode and also does not react with a wide range of products.
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Lightweight plastic reduces the overall weight of the Vibro Sifter.
  • Copper wire
  • Cast Iron

Are there Limitations of Vibro Sifters?


There are limitations of using a Vibro Sifter which include:

  • A Vibro Sifter is a complicated machine whose use requires a professional. This increases the overall running cost of the machine.
  • The installation process requires a large space. This can be a challenge, especially when you have limited space.
  • Susceptible to lumps in the feed due to the operating space of the machine around the feeding zone. Since the machine operates at a slower pace, the breaking down of particles may be affected. This in return has the effect of discarding large particles during the separation process which leads to wastage

How Can You Choose Suitable Mesh Screen for Vibro Sifter?

The following are the considerations that you need to check when selecting a suitable mesh screen for your Vibro Sifter:

  • Mesh screen material. The type of mesh screen materials available includes woven stainless, which is the common one, and steel wire mesh screen material. Woven stainless material is a durable option and has a wide range of applications compared to the other materials
  • Mesh size. This helps in defining the maximum operating efficiency that a particular mesh screen can offer.
  • Mesh tension. It determines the ability of the mesh screen to hold the particles during the sifting process.

How Can You Improve Vibro Sifter Performance?

You can improve the performance of a Vibro Sifter through any of the following actions:

  • Allowing continuous feeding of material through the screen. The interrupted flow of materials through the screen affects the operating capacity as well as the screen mesh.
  • Maximize the screen mesh area by spreading the materials over it. Maximization allows for the whole screen mesh area to function which reduces the operating time and cost.
  • Ensure the screen mesh tension is correct for efficient screening capacity. A lower screen mesh tension reduces the screening capacity of your Vibro Sifter since it holds particle causing a blockage.
  • Use a high-quality screen mesh to facilitate the apertures are accurate which ensures quality performance of your Vibro Sifter
  • Install a mechanical screen mesh de-blinding technique to reduce the blockage of your Vibro Sifter. Such techniques include discs, balls or ultrasonic technology.

What is the Efficient Construction Design for Vibro Sifter Equipment?

An efficient construction design for a Vibro Sifter equipment is one that takes into consideration the following factors:

Vibratory sifter machine

Vibratory sifter machine

  • Ease of cleaning. An efficient design needs to be easy to clean to minimize the chances of bacteria build-up.
  • It should be relatively smaller in size which facilitates the cleaning process
  • A highly polished stainless steel and carbon steel is a recommended material for a Vibro Sifter equipment
  • The number of screen layers. There are different types of Vibro Sifter equipment depending on the number of screen layers. A Vibro Sifter machine with fewer layers is ideal due to the maintenance cost.
  • Screen operating area. Selecting a larger screen design indicates a relatively higher operating capacity for your Vibro Sifter machine.
  • Operating frequency. A Vibro Sifter machine with a higher operating frequency is an indication that the machine has a high separation rate while minimizing energy use.
  • The feed points. A design that has multiple feed points is ideal compared to one with a single feed point.

When was Vibro Sifters Invented?

The invention of a Vibro Sifter took place in the year 1930.

How do You Choose Filter Screen for Vibro Sifter?

Consider the following factors when selecting a filter screen for your vibro sifter:

  • Screen material – The material should be a durable one and which does not easily react with the materials
  • Filter screen size
  • Filter screen tension – The type of screen for your vibro sifter should be able to hold the materials during the sifting process.
  • Screenweaving – The weaving process should take into consideration the size of the particles.



Vibro Sifters have How Many Vibro Sifters?

Vibro Sifter can have different Vibro Sifters depending on the design.

You can have a single Vibro Sifter, double Vibro Sifter, and multiple Vibro Sifters.

What is the difference between Vibro Sifter and Mechanical Sifter?

The main difference between a Vibro Sifter and a mechanical Sifter is the source of energy.

A Vibro Sifter operates using electricity while you have to operate a mechanical sifter mechanically.

However, these two Sifters rely on the vibrating principle to function.

How Does SaintyCo Optimize Vibro Sifter Design?

SaintyCo optimizes the design of Vibro Sifter through considering the following factors:

  • Coordinating the screen leads which facilitates the cleaning process of the bolting cloth. This reduces the maintenance of the Vibro sifter.
  • Construction of a take-up device enables faster changing of the sieve cover. This reduces the downtime of the Vibro sifter machine.
  • A separate unit design is easy to assemble thereby facilitating the production process.
  • A unique L-shaped frame design allows for quick and convenient changing of the sieve mesh. The design also allows for flexibility as to the number of sieve layers that you can mount

How Can You Increase Efficiency of Particle Separation with Vibro Sifter?

The following options help in increasing the efficiency of Particle Separation with Vibro Sifter:

Using a fast-rotating beater rotor and a vibrating sieve together with a housing facilitates the separation of fine adhering flours from coarser particles.

This increases flour yield by up to by 0.8 t/h.

Employing it as a bran finisher, the yield increases by up to 2.5 t/h.

Clean separation of flour prevents the flow of unwanted flour into a subsequent pass.

How Can You Prevent Cross-Contamination in Vibro Sifter?

You can prevent cross-contamination in a Vibro Sifter by ensuring that it is highly polished.

Also, ensure that the Vibro Sifter is of 316L-grade stainless steel with a stainless-steel stand and base to prevent pitting and oxidation.

Why is Vibro Sifter in Pharma Considered the Most Hygienic?

Vibro sifter in Pharma is considered the most hygienic because of the following factors:

  • A highly polished surface that minimizes chances of cross-contamination of your Vibro Sifter.
  • Easy cleaning and replacing of the sifter screen. This helps in ensuring that the Vibro sifter is ultra-hygienic.
  • The design is gap-free. Such a design minimizes chances of bacteria build up along the screen wall edges
  • Consists of a smaller footprint. The smaller a Vibro sifter is, the lesser chances are that bacteria will build-up, thereby reducing cross-contamination. It also increases the ease of cleaning the machine.

Are there Standard Screens for Vibro Sifters?


There are no standard screens for Vibro Sifters.

However, selecting a screen for your Vibro Sifter depends on the design ad model of the Vibro Sifter.

Which Precautions Should You Take when Using Vibro Sifter?

Undertake the following precautions when using a Vibro Sifter:

  • Switch off the main power when the Vibro Sifter is not in use for a long duration.
  • After using the Vibro Sifter, clean al the standard screen in preparation for next usage
  • Avoid hosing down the machine to minimize risks of electric shock
  • Switch off the machine if there is any unusual noise before investigating the source of the noise.
  • Tightly secure the top screw caps before operating the Vibro Sifter

Why is Sifting in Pharmaceutical Industry Important?

Sifting in the pharmaceutical industry are important as they help in:

  • De-bagging of raw materials
  • Proper blending or mixing of the raw materials to minimize contamination
  • Preventing contamination around the packaging zone.

What Special Features Does SaintyCo Vibro Sifter Feature?

SaintyCoVibro Sifters consists of the following special features:

Vibro sifting machine

Vibro sifting machine

  • A unique L-shaped frame design allows for quick and convenient changing of the sieve mesh. The design also allows for flexibility as to the number of sieve layers that you can mount.
  • SaintyCo Vibro Sifters have a separate unit design, which is easy to assemble thereby facilitating the production process.
  • These Vibro Sifters have a large Sieving area, which gives optimum performance for the machine.
  • The primary and secondary sieves have a design that offers support for fine sieves giving them durability while reducing the overall operating costs.
  • Using stainless steel material ensures the durability of our SaintyCo Vibro Sifters

What is Multi-Deck Vibro Sifter?

A multiple deck Vibro Sifter is one that has more than one Vibro sifter.

This means that during the sifting process, the materials go through various Vibro sifters before reaching the required quality.

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