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R&D-1 Lab Softgel Machine

SaintyCo R&D-1 is capable of producing softgel capsules from animal gelatin or tapioca starch (vegan). With speeds up to 2 RPM and producing up to 5,000 animal based softgels per hour (8# OVAL 2RPM), this set-up is ideal for small production runs or research & development work.

This production line consists of encapsulation main machine, conveyer, drier, electric control box, heat preservation gelatin tank and feeding device.

  • Mechanical Softgel Machine
  • Auto Servo Softgel Machine
  • Complete Drying System(double Deck Tumbling Dryer)
  • Drying System(Big In-Line Tumbling Dryer)
  • Gelatin Preparation Equipment
  • Medicine Preparation Equipment
  • Accessory Equipment
  • Die roll&Shape
Technical DataR&D-1
Die roll size64mm(dia) x 75mm(L)
Capacity (8# OVAL 2RPM)5,000 pcs/h
Power220V/380V,50/60Hz,3 Phase,2 Kw
Machine Dimensions (mm)900 X 700 X 1600mm
Weight450 kgs
Tumble Dryers1
Tumbler Sizeφ350 x 480mm
Tumbler Dimensions800 X 500 X 850mm
  • Up to 5,400pcs/hour (8# OVAL 2RPM)
  • All-in-one set up includes everything you need to get up and running
  • Variable operation speeds up to 5RPM
  • Compact size allows for smaller footprint
  • Quick and easy replacement of change parts
  • Suitable for use in pharmaceutical, food and recreational industries
  • Color touchscreen control provides easy production management
  • Tumble dryers have large, high powered centrifugal fan
  • Vgel plant based gelatin option
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