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VGB-1F Lab Tablet Coater-Perforated & Interchange Pan

VGB-1F Lab Tablet Coater-Perforated &Interchange Pan

VGB-1F Lab Tablet Coater-Perforated &Interchange Pan Applications:

VGB-1F Lab Film Coating Machine are widely used in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, herbal, chemical, food and confectionary industries. Featuring high quality-advanced design and manufactured in conformance to the GMP standard. It is a high-efficiency, energy saving, minimal waste material and easy to clean. It is an ideal equipment for coating tablets, pills, capsules or candies with organic film, water soluble film, slow and controlled release film and sugar film. We have state-of-the-art technology to solve difficult to coat products.

VGB-1F Lab Tablet Coater-Perforated &Interchange Pan Characteristics:

  • Compact design occupy small space
  • Complete inlet/outlet air handling system
  • Easily open front and side doors, quick dismount coating drum with out tools.
  • Negative pressure working condition
  • Adjustable Coating drum speed
  • Convenient and reliable PLC control, Data record print as option
  • Easy dismount the components for the cleaning
  • The design and manufacturing comply with GMP standard


Technical DataVGB-1F
Capacity (kg/batch)0.75-1.5-3Kgs
Coating Pan Diameter (mm)Ø380
Coating Pan Capacity (L)1-2-3L
Coating Pan Rotation (rpm)3.5-23
Coating Pan Power (kW)0.25
Outlet air motor power (kW)1.1
Heating power (kW)4.5
Spray gun typeTwo way pressure spray gun
Spray gun No.1
Total power (kW)6
Dimensions  (mm)1180×1290×1650
Machine Weight (kg)350
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