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Powder Auger Filler

There are Semi-auto Powder Auger Filler and Automatic Powder Auger Filler.

Powder Auger Filler: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is a Powder Auger Filler?

Powder auger fillers are machines that you can use in filling powdered products into sachets, stickpacks and pillow bags.

You can use the machine to fill and package different powder products such as cocoa, spices, and milk powder among others.

 Powder auger filler

Powder auger filler

2. What is Auger Filler for Powder used for?

Auger filler is used to fill powder into sachets, bottles or even tins.

In fact, they are perfect choice when you want to fill powder without encountering any form of cross contamination or pollution.

As the name suggests, this machine has been optimized for powder filling processes only.

3. How does Semi-Automatic Auger Filler compare to Fully Automatic Auger Filer?

 Auger filler machine

 Auger filler machine

· Automatic Powder Auger Filler

Automatic powder auger filling machines are the most cost effective machine that you can use in filling and packaging.

It has fully automatic parts such as conveyor systems and filling heads on fixed stable structures that are fully automatic.

The machine requires very minimal human intervention except for controlling and monitoring the filling process.

It consists of an inbuilt, customized, programmed logic controller that provide reliable rotations with proper positioning of containers for filling.

Some of the sub-types of automatic powder auger filling machines include:

i. Single-head automatic auger filler

ii. Economic single-head automatic auger filler.

iii. Dual-head automatic auger filler.

iv. Economic dual-head automatic auger filler.

v. Multi-head automatic twin auger filler

vi. Single-head automatic auger filler with embedded check weight.

· Semi-Automatic Powder Auger Filler

This type of machine requires human intervention to assist in some of the operations.

It has different parts such as a PLC servo controlled motor which turns the screw within a filling tube.

The movement of the screw will enable the movement of products to the container bottom from the products hopper.

You can achieve accuracy by having proper adjustments of the screw spins.

You can use the machine to fill different products including detergents, talc, powder, dry milk, chemicals and spices among other products.

The main features of the semi-automatic powder auger filling machine that facilitates its functions include:

i. Fill range of about 1 to 20 ml

ii. Hopper capacity of 22 L 5.8 Gal

iii. All product contact areas are made from stainless steel or PTFE.

iv. It operates at a speed of approximately 50 pcs/ minute.

This speed depends on the operator and the characteristics of the product.

v. It is easier to clean and maintain.

vi. Easy to operate and is supported by casters.

4. What are the Advantages of Powder Auger Filler?

Powder filling

Powder filling

Whenever you are using the powder auger filling machine, here are some of the advantages that you will experience:

  • You will have a more efficient operation since the machine is more efficient.
  • The machine is dust free since it does not produce excess dust thus leading to proper environmental damage control.

This happens due to the fact that the machine operates with closed lids in all the filling and packaging procedures.

  • You can use it in packaging less free flowing and free flowing products as long as it is consistent during filling.
  • Using the machine in the filling and packaging process is cost-effective thus leading to a lot of cost cuts.
  • You can integrate the machine into different packaging operations such as form and fill operations for bottles and cans.
  • It has a condensed and easily portable structure that allows you to move it from one place to another.
  • It comes in a wide range of filling capacities and you do not have to change parts when filling different volumes.
  • It comes complete with a programmable logic controller that allows you to program, monitor and operate the machine remotely.
  • It has sensors and alarm systems capable of detecting problems during the operation process and automatically stop the machine.
  • The main material for making the machine is stainless steel making it resistant to corrosion and increasing durability.
  • You can use it efficiently in the filling process of different types of soft powders.
  • The working process as well as the application of the machine is safe and gentle.
  • You will also be able to clean, maintain, and operate the machine with a lot of ease.
  • Using the machine guarantees safety for the user as well as the environment.

5. Are there Drawbacks of Powder Auger Filler?

Yes, there are drawbacks of the powder auger filler.

Despite the numerous advantages some of the drawbacks you might experience include:

  • It is an inaccurate machine that you cannot use in filling products with irregular densities and shapes.
  • The machine can damage products that cannot withstand high pressure compressions during the filling and packaging process.
  • It is aggressive and does not handle products softly that might lead to great damages of products.

It will eventually lead to losses or a reduction in product returns especially for irregular products.

6. What are the Features of Powder Auger Filler?

Whenever you are purchasing the powder auger filler, you have to ensure that it has great quality.

Some of the key features that you need to look at during the purchasing process include:

  • The filling accuracy must be within plus or minus 1% with filling range of less than or equal to 1000g.
  • The capacity should be 25 – 35 fills in a minute as anything less compromises accuracy of product filling.
  • The machine power requirements should be 220v/ 380v; 50-60 Hz, 1.4kw to enable efficient machine operations.
  • You should also consider the size of the machine according to your application requirements.

In most cases, the size of the machine is always 780*730*1690mm.

i. The machine should be able to fit certain international standard such as:

ii. ISO/TC 313 to ensure it is of high quality

ii. CE to ensure the safety of the machine for the user and environment

iv. CGMP for current good manufacturing practices

v. FDA compliance for guaranteed food and drug administration

vi. It should come with proper RoHS guidelines that prohibit the filling of dangerous products.

7. Which Auger Powder Filling Machines do SaintyCo offer?

SaintyCo offers different types of powder auger filler machines for you to choose from.

Some of the machines include:

You can use this type of machine in filling and packaging powder and small grains

Apart from that you can also use it in filling and packaging:

i. Metal powder and powdered milk

ii. Chemical raw materials and some of the products from the agricultural industry

It has a simple design that you can easily disassemble during cleaning and maintain process.

It also has a servo PLC control system that allows you to control some of the operations.

You might need to engage in manual operations with the machine since it is semi-automatic.

SaintyCo makes this type of powder auger filler using a reliable Panasonic 1.5W PLC system.

It also comes complete with a touch panel that allows you to program the machine before setting it to run.

It can also determine the quantity of the products you fill since it comes with a weighing system.

It also features a servo motor that controls and drive the level sensors as well as the rotary system.

Some of the benefits that you will experience by using this machine include:

i. Easy operations

ii. Low cost of production and maintenance

iii. Long service life with minimal faults

You can also set the machine to operate and run at different speeds depending on the nature of the product.

It also features a unique hopper that increases the efficiency of the machine.

It has a good looking design made of stainless steel thus reducing contamination and increases the durability.

The machine comes complete with a Panasonic 1.5W PLC system for easy control operations.

You can also know the quantity of the products you are filling through the touch screen as it has a weighing system.

It comes with a servo motor that has the capability of driving the rotary system.

Apart from that, it has a level sensor that assists in turning of the fork.

It is the most efficient powder auger filler suitable for pharmaceutical companies.

8. What are the Main Parts of Powder Auger Filler Machine?

The main parts of the powder auger filling machine include:

Powder auger filler machine parts

Powder auger filler machine parts

· Double Screw

The double screw will assist in facilitating movement of products from different hoppers to the bottom of the container.

It helps in determining the right and most accurate filling levels of the products.

· Clamp Leaves

It will assist the fill level sensors in determining the right filling parameters for different products.

· Weighing System

This part of the machine will assist you in controlling the right weights of the filling process.

You will be able to determine the quantity of the products you are filling and packaging.

·  PLC Automation System

It will provide you with the interface for programming all the parts of the machine with start and stop buttons.

· Load Cell

It assists in supporting the weight of the filled products and relieves the gripper from stress.

· Auger Shaft

This part extends the reach if the auger drive with three different adjustments.

It increases the machine flexibility and helps the machine reach deeper diggings.

· Drive Assembly

This part consists of transmission and motors with on and off buttons for accurate filling of products.

It comes complete with a clutch and a break and a servo system.

· Tooling System

These are the parts of the powder auger filler that you can replace in accordance to filling requirements.

It usually consists of funnels, auger agitators, as well as other filling components.

There are numerous types of tooling systems including:

i. Self-feed which you can use in feeding and compressing fine powder and thick paste including corn starch and flour.

ii. Straight feed which you can use in filling granules and other products with a problem of free flow.

iii. Free flow which you can use in the process of filling free flow granules including coffee beans.

iv. Double knife tooling which you can use for soft food products such as salads and stew.

v. Liquid tooling which you can use for creamy products and different types of liquids such as oil.

· Feeder

This is the main passage point for the powder you intend to fill into bags, boxes and bottles.

· Servo Motor

The servo motor will generate the force that the machine requires to rotate the products or filling materials.

It provides the right amount of energy that the machine requires to drive the whole process.

There are different types of servo motors that you can use in a powder auger filler including:

i. Stepper Motor

ii. Vacuum Suction

iii. Electric motors

iv. VFD

·  The bearings will assist in controlling the movements of different parts of the machine.

You can adjust the movement of the settings from the touch screen in accordance to the right operation requirements.

· Cylinder

The machine compacts the powder in the cylinder to ensure consistency in density of the powder filling process.

It helps in promoting the accuracy of filling the products.

· Hopper

This is the part of the machine that acts as the vessel for holding the products you intend to fill.

It is responsible for sending the filling products such as powders to the tooling part.

· Level Sensor

The machine comes complete with two types of level sensors including continuous level sensor and point level sensors.

The sensors will detect the quantity of powder available for use in the filling process.

It also ensures that the filling process is as accurate as possible with timers that track the operation process.

· Touch Panel

The touch panel displays all the working systems of the machine.

It has an interface that allows you to program and key in all the settings that you can use in operating the machine.

You can ensure that the filling process is as accurate as possible as you can easily adjust them from the screen.

You will also monitor all the machine operations from the touch screen and adjust them accordingly.

· Speed Control

It comes complete with the start and stop button and also allows you to control the filling and packaging speed.

The part is in the box which houses all the parts that control power as well as the controller buttons of the machine.

It is user friendly with good human machine interface of the digital PLC system.

· Fill Height Adjustment System

It is a steel system that has legs that will support the weight of the powder auger filler.

You can adjust the height of the machine in accordance to your production specifications.

· Inverter

The inverter will assist in the conversion of direct current into alternating current that the machine requires for operations.

· Sensor

This part will assist in checking the efficiency of the main operations of the machine.

You can use it to sense if the bag has a proper grip and the right quantity of materials is in the package.

It will assist you in determining any form of deviation in the system and allow you to adjust it accordingly.

9. How is Powder Auger Filling Machine Principle of Operation?

The powder auger filling machine is easy to operate.

You can easily operate it by going through the following steps of operation:

 Bag powder auger filler

 Bag powder auger filler

Step One: Loading the Machine

With the help of an operator you will load the products you intend to fill and the bags into the hopper.

In the initial stages the machine will roll the filling packages into the machine and print them with the right labels.

It comes with ink jets and thermal printers that assist in the printing process of the packages.

After that, you can switch on the powder auger filler and the machine commences its operations.

Step Two: Actual Filling Process

The filling motor will drive the auger at a particular speed and help in pushing products out of the tube.

The mixing motor will also rotate the stirring bar which is attached to the agitation bar in counterclockwise direction.

After that the machine will grip the bags from below and then open the top part gently.

The air in the bags will come out and the dispensers will fill the right amount of products into the bags.

The agitation bar will control the filling process and ensure consistency in the filling process.

Step Three: Sealing the Packages

The machine will squeeze all the air from the bag after filling the right amount of materials using a deflator.

After that, it will take it through the sealing process before allowing it to cool down.

Finally, the machine will discharge the bag to the receptor for further processing.

10. Which Industries use Powder Auger Filler Machine?

You can use the powder auger filler machine in different industries such as:

  • Agricultural Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Metal Industry

11. How does Fill by Weight Powder Auger Filler compare to Galvimetric Powder Auger Filler?

 Powder auger filling machine

Powder auger filling equipment

· Galvimetric Powder Auger Filler

Galvimetric powder auger filler is a type of fill by weight machine with the capability of providing faster and accurate filling.

It is capable of filling different containers up to a capacity of 200 liters.

You can find the machine in different models with a bottom or a top fill configuration.

The top fill mechanism of the machine depends on a hydro-pneumatic drive for the lance.

You can as well adjust the flow rate for the dribble and bulk phases of fill.

The operation of the machine incorporates two stages including the run drop and cut off nose,

This will ensure an accurate and clean filling process of different products.

· Fill by Weight Powder Auger Filler

You can suitably use the machine for filling, customizing and accurately packaging different powder products.

It consists of a digital scale and loading cell components that increases the accuracy of the machine accordingly.

The high level of accuracy is good for filling products with high cost ingredients and products with weight variations.

12. Which Design Features Improve Efficiency of Powder Auger Filler?

Some of the designs that improve the efficiency of the powder auger filling machine include:

  • Humanized design with a proper disassembly of the parts for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Consists of double screw feeder and inverter controls with high levels of accuracy.
  • It has innovative clamp leaves that does not allow leaking of the products.
  • Unique hopper designs in line with GMP certifications
  • Servo motor driven metering screws for increased stability, speed and accuracy.
  • It has waterproof motors which allows you to clean them with water.

13. How do you Improve Accuracy of Auger Powder Filling Machine?

You can improve the accuracy of the powder auger filler machine by:

 Packaged powder

 Packed powder

· Using the Horizontal Infeed Screw

This unique technique will ensure that the machine is capable of maintaining an accurate fill level throughout.

The technique users the level sensors in the auger hopper to assist in maintaining proper filling and packaging.

· Improving the Hopper Fill Level

You can adjust the tooling system accordingly to ensure that you meet the results that you desire.

This will ensure consistency in the weight of the products.

· Ensure Maximum Speed of the Auger

The rotation of the auger should range between three to four times thus promoting accurate control of weight.

The right speed will assist in reducing cases of the product accumulating along the hopper.

· Cleaning of the Machine

You should ensure that the machine is in a clean condition by removing the parts and cleaning regularly.

Accumulation of dust on the machine can be a great hindrance to the operations of the machine.

14 . What is Multiple Auger Filling Machine?

This is a type of machine that has numerous control systems that match different products.

It also has a flexible programmable logic controller as well as a touch screen for flexible control systems.

The machine is capable of performing the following:

  • Extensive data calculations
  • Generation of reports
  • Provision of interfacing applications
  • Direct selections as well as control of filling revolutions
  • Multiple positions for powder dispensation

It has servo-fill motors at different positions enabling accuracy in filling, repeatability and control of speed.

It has separate and alternative controls at different filling positions.

It also provides room for modification to fill special purpose applications.

15. Apart from Powder Auger Filler; Are there other Powder Filling Technologies?

Yes, apart from the powder auger filler, there are other filling technologies you can choose from.

Some of the technologies that you can choose from include:

 Auger powder filling machine

Auger powder filling machine

· Rotary Powder Filling Machine

It comes in simple designs for reliable and accurate filling and weighing.

It does not require tools for fastening thus making changeover quite simple.

It is a durable and hygienic machine with all parts made of stainless steel.

You can easily integrate it with other filling systems such as cup fillers, auger systems, and weighing systems.

Some of the advantages of using this type of machine include:

i. Easy cleaning and maintenance process with a simple changeover

ii. It is efficient, safe and durable thus a guarantee of a longer service life.

iii. It has an optional dust collector and a gassing cover.

Despite the benefits it also has a disadvantage which is:

i. The speed of packaging bulky product is low and that might lead to compromise of accuracy.

· Pre-made Pouch Rotary Packaging Machine

You can find this type of machine with a width ranging between 80-240mm and 160-350mm.

It has grippers which you can easily adjust through the screen with the main body frame made of stainless steel.

It also has a PLC graphic interface and automatic grease lubricators and extra-ordinary pouch loaders.

Some of the advantages of using this machine include:

i. It has a high level of accuracy with longer service life.

ii. You can easily program, and control the machine operations from the PLC control system.

The disadvantages of using the machine include:

i. It may damage irregular products during the filling and packaging process.

16. Why are Powder Auger Filler Servo Driven?

Most powder auger filler machines have a servo driven system to provide the force an energy for the operations.

The system allows for proper programming and controlling of all the automatic operations of the machine.

It also gives you the chance of adjusting the operation parameters during the operation process.

17. Which Material is Powder Auger Filler made from?

The main material for making powder auger filler machine is stainless steel.

It is a strong and hygienic material that is resistant to corrosion.

This increases the durability of the machine and reduces any form of contamination.

18. Are there Multifunctional Auger Powder Filling Machine?

Yes, there are multifunctional auger powder filling machines.

One of the most recognized multifunctional auger powder filling machine is the multiple auger filling machine.

19. What Documents does SaintyCo Auger Filler for Powder come with?

SaintyCo will provide you with necessary documents whenever you purchase a powder auger filler machine.

Some of the documents that you will receive include:

  • FAT certificate which will prove the machine is in proper working condition after passing a Factory Assessment Test
  • Installation manual for proper installation procedures
  • Operational manual that will guide you on the best ways of operating the machine.
  • Maintenance manual that will guide you through the cleaning and maintenance process.
  • Receipts that will act as proof of purchase and a proper warranty form in case of a problem.

20. How does Auger Powder Filling Machine Control Dust Pollution?

Auger powder filling machine has a cover that remains closed during the operation process.

The cover will prevent any form of dust from leaving the system thus reducing dust pollution.

Apart from that, it has a dust collection system that will collect the excess dust.

This does not allow dust into the environment but into the dust collector for proper disposal.

It also has clamp leaves that does not allow powder to leak from the machine.

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