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Why Us?

PROBLEMS you may face or have faced:

  • European equipment out of budget; Asian equipment no quality.
  • Various machines from many suppliers, time and money loss, different standard and capacity machines not match each other. –No technical communication, URS not understood or followed up, no quality control.
  • Slow reaction, delay delivery, nobody responsible for your benefit.
  • Improper production process, low productivity, big loss, low-quality medicine.
  • No trouble shooting and maintenance, slow or wrong response, no service.

Solutions SaintyCo guarantees:

SaintyCo PHARMACHINE SOLUTIONS, whatever you thought or not:

  • European standard high-quality machine with favorable price.
  • One-stop service, total solution for your project, whole set of machines with uniform standard, steady capacity and performance.
  • Experienced technical team understand and follow up URS exactly, control quality in whole engineering process.
  • Short reaction time, responsible working faith, complete services, maximize your benefits.
  • Global technology assistance, optimized process support, increase productivity and medicine quality.
  • High standard detailed technical and qualification documents, assist customers realize WHO GMP,Cgmp,21CFR part11 compliance.
  • Local-based after sales service system, in-time and proper trouble-shooting and maintenance guidance.

SaintyCo Technical Service

Establish Project
    • Project proposal and budget analysis
    • Process consultation and support
Project Design
    • Marking appropriate layout for machines, HVAC, water supply, pipeline, etc.
URS Purchase Equipments
    • Selecting machine and equipment
    • Customize Engineering for Full Scope of Equipment
    • Quality control and FAT
    • Instalation & commissioning
    • SAT
    • Training
    • Process Validation (PV) Assistance.
    • GMP Validation Assistance
    • Guidance in production & maintenance
    • Spare parts

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