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TM-1 Transparency Tester

TM-1 Transparency Tester :

TM-1 Transparency tester is the latest development production of our company, which is the requisite instrument in detecting transparency of gelatin. Identified by the national quality superintendent department, the technical specifications of this tester reached or surpassed the advanced level of this kind of instrument in the world.

Features include:

  • All operations are controlled by MPU. The tester has a high reliable performance and its measurement result has a high accuracy.
  • Automatically calculates the transparency by using a standard test tube and precise photoelectric transducers.
  • About all components are selected in the imported or high quality ones.
  • It can be operated conveniently by using keys. Its measurement results are displayed by LED.
  • Simple and direct constructions have made its outward appearance pleasing to the eyes.

Appliance Standard:

  • National standard (Food additive Gelatin) GB6783-94
  • Vocation standard (Gelatin for medicine) QB2354-98

TM-1 Transparency Tester

Transparency TesterTM-1
Test Range20 ~ 500mm
Test Accuracy+/-5mm
Power110V   60Hz   80W
Dimension360 * 240 * 120mm3
Weight3KG (7lbs)

Transparency Tester: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide has all information you’re looking for about transparency tester.

Whether you want to learn about the components, testing standard, working principle, trouble shooing process or benefits, you will find everything in this guide.

Keep reading to learn more about this lab instrument.

What is Transparency Tester?

This is an instrument you will use to test the transparency of capsules or gelatin in a capsule.

 Transparency tester

 Transparency tester

What are the Quality Standards for Transparency Tester?

There are two main quality standards that the transparency testers must adhere to.

You must make sure that the transparency testers adhere to the set quality standard or exceeds the set quality standards.

Here are the main quality specifications or certificates that the transparency tester will adhere to.

·National Quality Standards

Your transparency tester must adhere to the national quality standards for food additive gelatin.

One of the standards that the transparency tester must adhere to is the National Quality Standards GB6783-94.

·Vocation Standard

You must also make sure that the transparency tester adheres to the vocation standards.

In this case, the vocation standards will caution against gelatin for medicine under the QB2354-98 quality standards.

Of course, there are other standards such as cGMP, CE, RoHS, CCC and ASTM amongst others.

How Much Do Transparency Testers Cost?

Well, you will pay between 2000 and 12500 US Dollars for your transparency tester.

There are quite a number of transparency testers that you can choose from hence the variation in price.

Among the different types of transparency testers, we also have different quality ratings that affect the price.

In other words, the higher the quality of the transparency testers, the more money you will pay for them.

Of course, the more transparency testers you purchase the more money you will pay for them.

How do you Customize Transparency Tester?

Well, we often customize the transparency testers according to the specifications of the customers.

In this case, you will have to provide us with the right type of information to allow us to customize the transparency tester.

Among the information that we need is the design of the transparency tester you want.

You will also provide technical specifications such as the right dimensions as well as type of materials among others.

With the information in our hand, we will review it and confirm that it is working properly before production begins.

What are the uses of Transparency Tester?

You will use the transparency tester to see how much light is capable of passing through particular gelatin products.

In that case, you will know the quality of gelatin that you will use in the production of different products.

You will, therefore, have a proper machine that will help you maintain the right quality standards of gelatin.

Transparency tester equipment

Transparency tester equipment

What are the Benefits of Using Transparency Testers?

You will use the transparency tester for quite a number of reasons due to the great benefits that it delivers.

Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy by using transparency testers.

· Enhances Operation Traceability and Efficiency

It is a very reliable and accurate machine that will give the best results about the transparency of gelatin.

You can also enhance the traceability of the operations you perform using the transparency testers.

· Enhances Proper Company Identity

Your company will also enjoy great reputation among others as a company that produces products you can rely on.

This will boost the profile of your company and increase its potential of maximizing profit through increased sales.

· Reduces Risks Associated with Transparency

You will also reduce the risks which are associated with poor transparency.

The machine will give you accurate results about the transparency of different products allowing you to produce the best products.

· High Levels of Durability

Transparency testers are also very durable devices that will serve its purpose for a very long time.

With proper maintenance, you will use the transparency testers for a very long time with no need of replacements.

· Reduces Overall Cost of Production

You will also spend less in the overall cost of production as the machine is energy efficient.

Apart from that, the machine does not waste a lot of energy so you will be able to save a lot of energy.

At the end of the day, you will spend less in the overall cost of production as you will pay less power bills.

What should you Consider when Buying Transparency Tester?

Well, you must be very careful when you are purchasing the transparency testers.

You must look at the right technical specifications and make a choice based on application requirements.

Here are some of the features that you ought to look at when shopping for a good transparency tester.

 i. Dimensions of the Transparency Testers

You will look at the dimensions of the transparency tester in terms of size and weight.

It is important to match the dimensions of the transparency testers with your application requirements.

  ii Type of Materials

You will also look at the right type of materials for making your transparency testers.

You should go for a material that has high tensile strength, does not corrode easily, and will last longer.

Apart from that, you must also have an easy time when it comes to cleaning and getting rid of stains.

 iii. Testing Range

You are also in a position to determine the transparency range with which you can comfortably test gelatin transparency.

In this case, the transparency range must match that of your system application requirements.

What are the Components of Transparency Tester?

Transparency testers depend on different types of components that help it in producing the right results.

Here are the main parts of the transparency tester.

· Sensors

Transparency testers have sensors that will detect the presence of gelatin on the device.

It will also help in detecting any changes that may be available on the specimen that you need to test.

· Digital Display

This is the part where you will get the right results on the specimen you were testing.

It will display the actions, progress, and results on the transparency of the specimen under examination.

· Control Panel

This part has different buttons that you will use in configuring, controlling, and monitoring the operations of the transparency testers.

The control buttons come in different forms which you can simply press and program the transparency testers.

· Battery

You will depend on the batteries to provide enough power that the transparency tester needs to function.

You can simply charge the batteries or replace them once their level of efficiency goes below the recommended levels.

· Casing

This is the outer part of the transparency tester that protects the internal parts of the transparency tester from damage.

· Charger

You will use the charger to add more power to the batteries of the transparency charger.

How does Transparency Tester Work?

Well, transparency testers have the capability of determining just how much light can pass through specimen under inspection.

You will begin the operations by powering on the transparency tester.

At this point, you will ensure that you have enough power on the transparency tester to carry out the testing effectively.

If not, you will have to charge the machine so as to provide the batteries with enough power.

After that, you will set the machine from the control panel.

You will make sure that the details you key in will help produce proper results on the specimen to test.

As soon as you complete the process, you will place the specimen on the transparency tester.

The machine will test the transparency tester and then display the results of the display panel of the machine.

You will record the results and proceed with the testing of other specimens following the same procedure.

What is Total Transmittance in Transparency Testers?

Total transmittance in transparency testers is the unit you will use in the process of measuring a particular objects transparency.

It can be defined as the ratio of transmitted light to the incident light with respect to absorption and reflection.

You can calculate it by subtracting reflection and absorption percentages from the total percentage of the incident light.

Do You Supply Transparency Testers with Printers?

Yes, we do supply transparency tester with printers which have the capability of printing the results.

It will test the transparency of the specimen and then print out the results for you.

What are the Limitations of using Transparency Testers?

 Digital transparency tester

Digital transparency tester

Well, there are particular limitations that you might come across when using transparency testers.

You will spend a considerable amount of money on purchasing a machine that you might not use on regular basis.

Apart from that, it is prone to damages especially if you use specimens that have greater weight than the machine.

How Does the Transparency Tester Compare to the Opacity Tester?

You will use both opacity testers and transparency testers to test the transparency of different products.

While you will be using the transparency tester for testing transparency alone, you will use the opacity tester for other tests.

You can use the opacity tester to test light reflection as well as light absorption on the different specimens.

How Many Sizes of Transparency Testers are There?

There are quite a number of transparency testers available in different sizes.

You will choose the size of the transparency tester that you need according to specification requirements.

You can also dictate the size of the transparency tester that you need and we will make it for you.

What are the ASTM Testing Standards for Transparency Testers?

There are ASTM testing standards that will guide you in determining the proper results of the transparency testers.

Here are the main transparency standards that you will reference when looking at the ASTM testing standards.

  • D618 dictating standards for conditioning different materials for testing
  • D883 dictating the technology relating to transparency testing
  • D1003 which dictates the test methods that you can use in transparency testers.
  • E284 which will dictate the terminologies you will use in explaining different results

How Do You Troubleshoot the Transparency Testers?

Well, you should never expect to have perfect accuracy of the transparency testers all the time.

Implying that there are periods when the transparency tester might develop problems.

In such a case, you will have to troubleshoot the transparency tester to identify the source of problems.

Here are some of the problems that you might experience when you troubleshoot the transparency tester.

Power Issues

One of the greatest problems that you need to take into consideration is the lack of proper flow of power.

Transparency testers may fail to power up because the batteries might be fully drained.

In this case, you will replace the batteries and always inspect the machine to check if the power levels are right.

You can also charge the transparency tester to provide it with enough power that can withstand the operations.

How do you Maintain Transparency Tester?

You should maintain the transparency tester by following the maintenance schedule accurately.

Implying that you need to have a maintenance schedule that you will follow strictly to the letter.

The maintenance schedule should detail the time when you will perform specific maintenance projects.

In that case, you will detail when you will clean the transparency tester which can be after every 24 hours.

Apart from that, you must also note the period when you will change the batteries on the transparency testers.

You must calculate the time it takes for the batteries to be completely depleted before you do a complete replacement.

In addition to that, you will also inspect the machine and check for any broken parts.

In case of a fault, you should consider making proper repairs on the broken parts.

You can also replace the broken parts completely to restore the original working conditions.

How Do You Increase the Efficiency of the Transparency Testers?

You must also take good care of the transparency tester to increase the efficiency of service delivery.

Here are a few tips you ought to pay close attention to in order to increase the efficiency of the transparency tester.

 Digital transparency tester

 Digital transparency tester

· Good Record Keeping

You must maintain proper record keeping track where you record the performance of the transparency tester.

With this information, you will be able to know the parts that reduce performance and make the necessary changes.

· Proper Machine Maintenance

You must also maintain the machine on a regular basis by cleaning it and making sure you get rid of all the debris.

Cleaning the machine will get rid of impurities that might compromise the overall performance of the transparency testers.

In case it has moving parts, you should consider lubricating the moving part to reduce the effects of friction.

· Replacing the Broken Parts

You should also make sure that all the parts are working well with no issues.

In that case, you need to replace any part that is broken as it will be a source of machine malfunctions.

You should also make sure that you replace the batteries regularly to ensure a constant supply of power.

· Proper Setting of the Machine

You should also program the machine well and allow it to work at the best working conditions thus delivering optimum results.

How does Transparency Tester Skyrocket your Business?

Transparency testers will help in improving the quality of the gelatin products you produce.

It will give you accurate results on the transparency of the gelatin products thus maintaining high-quality standards.

Apart from that, you will be able to meet the international set quality standards just by using the transparency testes.

It is also very reliable and will produce the results within a very short period thus increasing the overall speed of production.

The cost of operation will also reduce considerably as you will pay less in purchasing and operating the transparency testers.

With the right technique on how to control and operate the transparency testers, you will be able to get the best results.

In addition to that, you must maintain the transparency testers on a regular basis to ensure the delivery of quality results.

You will have more customers who will admire your products due to absolute truth and high quality.

In that case, you will maximize your profits while reducing the overall cost of production this skyrocketing your business.

Do you have Digital Transparency Tester?

Yes, we also supply digital transparency testers at your request.

The digital transparency testers make the work of testing gelatin transparency very easy.

It automates the control system and is capable of storing different gelatin transparency results for future references.

It is also capable of communicating with other devices and relaying the information for processing on other devices.

 Transparency Tester

Transparency tester

Apart from Transparency Tester, which other Lab Instruments do you have?

We offer quite a number of lab instruments that you can use alongside the transparency testers.

Here are some of the instruments that you ought to purchase alongside the transparency testers.

· Tablet Four Usage Testers

This is an instrument that you can use in the testing of the quality of different types of tablets.

·   Tablet Hardness Tester

You will use the tablet hardness tester to test the hardness or softness of different types of tablets.

· Fast Moisture Tester

You will use the first moisture tester to tell the amount of moisture that is available in different pharmaceutical products.

· Dissolution Tester

You will depend on the dissolution tester to know the time it takes to fully dissolve particular types of tablets.

· Bloom Viscosity Testers

The bloom viscosity testers will help you determine how easy or readily a particular type of fluid is capable of flowing.

· Gelatin Gel Strength System

You will use this type of machine to help in testing the strength of gelatin that you have in particular gelatin products.

· Handhold Thickness Tester

You will use the hand-held thickness tester to determine the thickness of the tablets and capsules in pharmaceutical applications.

· Tablet Friability Tester

This tester will give you the right details and results about the friability of different types of pharmaceutical tablets.

· Disintegration Tester

You should use the disintegration tester to identify how easy the tablets or capsules will disintegrate under particular conditions.

As a leading pharmaceutical instruments manufacturer in China, we offer the best transparency testing instrument.

Contact us today for all your transparency tester needs.

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