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About SaintyCo,

As one of the leading professional total-solution supplier for pharmaceutical machines and turn-key cGMP projects for 15years.

SaintyCo has more 8 members(factories) and is able to provide a whole solid/liquid production line including Capsule Filler, Blister Packing Machine, Cartoner and Film Coating Machine and ampoule/vial production line etc..

SaintyCo combines Europe technology with China manufacturing advantage, and is providing high-end equipment and project with European Standard from our modern China facility to worldwide customers.

SaintyCo commitment is to provide:
1 Quality Pharmaceutical Machine;
2 Total Solutions of technology;
3 Professional Service.

SaintyCo  scope is devoted Total Solution for pharmaceutical project:

1Full scopes of machine:

* Clean Room And Air Handling System
* Water Treatment System
* Herb Extract And Concentration Line
* Grinding Mill
* Vibration Screen / Shifter
* Mass Mixer
* Powder Granulator
* Fluid Bed Drier
* Spray Drier/Pressure Drier
* Drying Oven
* Final Mixer
* Tablet Press Machine
* Sugar / Film Coating Machine
* Capsule Filling Machine
* Softgel Capsule Production Line
* Blister Packing Machine
* Sachet Packing Machine
* Cartoning Machine
* Shrink Packaging Machine



* Strip Packaging Machine
* Encasing Machine
* Ampoule Filling And Sealing Line
* Vial Injection Production Line
* I.V. Glass Bottle Filling And Sealing Line
* I.V. Plastic Bottle Forming, Filling And Sealing Line
* I.V. Non-Pvc Soft Bag Forming, Filling And Sealing Line
* Liquid Oral Filling And Sealing Line
* Sterilizer
* Lyophilizer
* Cream Emulsification Machine
* Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
* Suppository Production Line
* Bottle Filling And Capping Machine
* Aseptic Carton Packaging Machine
* Stand-Up Pouch Packaging Machine
* Syringe Production Line

2Turn-key project:

Project proposal and Layout design Equipment and facility selection and installation Clean room and HVAC design and installation Water treatment and pipelines system

3GMP qualification& Validation assistance.

Our development origined from: > Professional Spirit, Responsible Working Faith > Global Technical & Sales Team –Global experts with professional knowledge and many years of experience in machine engineering and pharmaceutical industry –Global energetic and friendly sales team > Strict Quality Control Management > Experienced Project Management > Global and Local-based Service System

our track record:

15 years experience of long-term partnerships with blue-chip companies and trusted with the responsibility to manufacture leading brands… 1.) Ashford Pharmaceuticals –Philippines 2.) Scheele Laboratories Phils. Inc. — Philippines 3.) Protec-cee / Eurasia Laboratories – Philippines 4.) Sanofi Aventis – Brazil 5.) Laboratorio Teuto Brasileiro/Pfizer Group – Brazil 6.) Blanver Farmoquímica Ltda.-Brazil 7.) CIFARMA CIENTIFICA FARMACEUTICA LTDA.-Brazil 8.) LABORATÓRIO GROSS SA –Brazil 9.) Centro de Biotecnologia da Amazônia (CBA)-Brazil 10.) Natulab-Brazil 11.) SUNFLOWER INDÚSTRIA E LABORATÓRIO FITOTERÁPICO LTDA.-Brazil 12.) LABORATÓRIO FARMACÊUTICO VITAMED LTDA.-Brazil 13.) DYNAMIC LAB. INDÚSTRIA FARMACÊUTICA LTDA.-Brazil 14.) MDC PHARMA PRODUTOS FARMACÊUTICOS LTDA.-Brazil 15.) ZURITA LABORATÓRIO FARMACÊUTICO LTDA.-Brazil 16.) Dutriec S. A.-Paraguay. 17.) Carvagu – Ecuador 18.) Contract Manufacturing&Packaging Services Pty Ltd.– Australia. 19.) Alaris Pharmaceutical Pte. Ltd. – Singapore 20.) Medicofarma – Warszawa, Poland 21.) Laboratories Pharmaceutiques Rodael – France 22.) BIOFORM AS, -NORWAY 23.) Recip Stockholm AB – Sweden 24.) Lomsystem S.L-Spain 25.) Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Co.—Kuwait

Our Market:


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