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Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine

Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine is designed for packaging effervescent tablets into individual tubes.It combines proven systems to deliver improved productivity.The latest design with safety cover, better performance and security guranteed.(Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine, Tablet Tube Filler, Tube Filling Machine For Effervescent Tablets)

Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine?

Effervescent tablets packing machine is an equipment that you can use to package effervescent tablets into tubes.

It has a special design that assists in packaging effervescent tablets in layers inside a tube before placing a stopper.

Tablets in tubes

 Tablets in tubes

2. What is Tablets Tube Filler used for?

You can use a tablet tube filler for the following functions:

  • Effective packaging of the best quality of effervescent tablets into tubes
  • Combining proven systems with the intention of improving levels of production.
  • Capping the filled tubes according to the user specifications
  • Inspecting the quality of the packages before releasing it for packaging.
  • Labeling the packages before storage.

Effervescent tablet packing machine

 Effervescent tablet packing machine

3. What are the Benefits of Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine?

The benefits that you will observe when using the Effervescent tablet packing machine include:

  • The machine fills the effervescent tablets in accordance to the principle of rotation.
  • It improves productivity as you will reduce labor and improve efficiency through the automated system.
  • It depends on the modular concept and has very few parts thus making it easy to operate and maintain.
  • The automatic system of the machine increases the accuracy of the machine in packaging effervescent tablets.
  • It provides proper line integration which offers all in one solutions for the production of effervescent tablets.

4. Are there Drawbacks of Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine?

Yes, there are drawbacks associated with using the effervescent tablet packing machine.

Some of the major drawbacks you might experience include:

  • Higher initial cost of investments especially in purchasing and installing the machine.
  • The machine is only suitable for packaging tablets of a particular size as smaller tablets present a huge challenge.
  • The production or packaging process of the effervescent tablets is complex and may force you to undergo special training.
  • You will often need to use special packaging materials which may be difficult and expensive to obtain.

5. Which Types of Tablet Tube Filler Machines are there?

There are different types of effervescent tablet tube filler machines that you can choose from.

It is important to come up with the right information about your application needs before choosing a machine.

The main types of machines that you can choose from include:

· Semi-automatic Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine

This type of machine allows you to either operate it manually or automatically.

In many cases, you will have to employ a few people to assist in some of the operations.

Implying that not all the operations are automatic and you have to do some of them manually.

It provides you with proper flexibility that allows you to learn how some of the parameters of the machine operate.

The machine is suitable for small scale and not large scale production or packaging of effervescent tubes.

· Fully Automatic Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine

All the operations of the fully automatic effervescent packaging machine are automatic.

You will not require any human labor assistance as it can automatically load, pack, and fill tablets according to program.

It has sensors that will detect the correctness of the filler and automatically place a cap on top.

Apart from that, it has an automatic unloading system that will remove unfit tablets from the tubes.

It has PLC automatic programming system that improves its efficiency, speed, and accuracy making it suitable for large scale production.

You might experience some setbacks when one aspect of the machine fails as it will affect the entire production system.

6. What are the main Units of Tube Filling Machine for Effervescent Tablets?

The effervescent tube filling machine depends on the joint effort of different parts to work.

These parts are assembled in different units as they perform similar functions.

The main units of the effervescent tablet filling machine include:

· Cap Vibrating Unit

The cap vibrating unit automatically loads the caps to the hopper by restructuring and aligning the cap to rack.

It works with the help of a vibration system which allows it properly align the caps.

· Tablet Feeding Unit

It assists in placing the tablets automatically into the machine via the machine hopper.

After placing the tablets on the tablet feeding unit, it will automatically send them to the filling position.

· Tablet Inserting Unit

This unit automatically sends the tablet into the tube as the filling process continues.

It pushes the cylinder which delivers the tablets into the tubes once they are ready.

It has a sensor that will detect the tube is full and the right number of tablets are filled.

· Tube Feeding Unit

It assists in lining the tube in the right tablet filling position after placing the tube in the hopper.

· Cap Pressing unit

It automatically places a cap over the tube as soon as it detects the presence of a tube.

· Electric Unit

It provides the machine with the power that it requires to operate essential aspects such as the PLC system.

7. How does Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine Work?

To increase the ease with which you will operate the machine, it is important to understand how it works.

You will also be in a better position of enhancing the efficiency of the machine once you understand how it works.

You can easily operate the machine by going through the following steps:

Step One: Preparation Stage

You will load the empty tubes into the tube hopper of the machine.

After that, you will also load the pre-feeder hopper which you can adjust according to the filling requirements.

Remember that you have to inspect the machine first before switching it on as any malfunction affects the whole system.

You should also set the right filling parameters on the PLC control system which often comes complete with a touch screen.

Some of the parameters to set include speed of production, preset distance, and number of tablets per tube among others.

Step Two: Actual Filling Process

You will allow the machine to commence the filling process by starting the entire system from the control panel.

From the hopper, the machine will automatically forward the tubes to the right filling position.

The machine has two channels which guide the tablets as soon as they get on the tablet table.

It also has pneumatic stop ins which increases the accuracy when it comes to counting the tablets.

Under rotation principle, the machine will automatically fill the empty tubes with the right number of tablets.

Step Three: Inspection Process

At this point, the machine will move the full tubes automatically to the inspection stage.

The inspection process includes getting the right number of tablets into the tube.

It will also confirm if the tubes are perfect for filling before capping.

In case of a problem where the filled tubes do not meet the right requirements, it is rejected.

Step Four: Capping Process

In case of a surplus to the set requirements, capping of the filed tubes takes place automatically.

It also has a sensor that will detect if a tube has a cap.

It will allow the capped tubes to proceed to the labelling stage and rejects the uncapped tubes.

8. Which Industries use Tube Filling Machine for Effervescent Tablets?

Effervescent tablet filling equipment

 Effervescent tablet filling equipment

You can use the effervescent tablet tube filling machine in different industries such as the:

· Pharmaceutical Industry

The industry requires the machine to assist in packaging effervescent tablets for medical purposes.

· Food and Beverage Industry

The industry uses specialized types of machines in filling food and beverages into different sizes of tubes.

It ensures that the food and beverage is filled in accordance to the filling requirements and specifications.

· Nutraceutical Industry

It assists in filling dietary supplements as well as food additives in different nutraceutical companies.

Some companies prefer packaging the substances in tubes thus the need of the tube filling machine.

9. How do you Specify Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine?

Whenever you are buying or making a custom effervescent tube filling machine, you need to have specific requirements.

Some of the specifications to consider include:

Effervescent tablet filling machine

 Effervescent tablet filling machine

Size and Design

Tube filling machines are available in different sizes and designs.

You need to specify the size and the design that you need according to your application requirements.

The size and design of the machine will determine the amount and size of the tablets to fill.

· Compatibility of the Machine with other Equipment

You should consider how compatible the machine you intend to buy is with other machines in your production line.

This involves getting in touch with the manufacturer or reading the user manual to specify the type of machine.

· Speed of the Machine

The speed of the machine will depend on the level of automation of the machine,

Fully automatic machines are faster than semi-automatic machines.

You should specify the level of automation you need as well as the speed with which the machine operates.

· Power Consumption Requirements

The machine will consume power in accordance to the demands of production.

The higher the production demand, the more power the machine will consume.

You have to know the right production procedure in your production line before coming up with the ultimate power specifications.

· Usability

You should consider having a machine that is user friendly.

This is in terms of how easy it is to learn the working principle of the machine and hence proper machine operations.

· Construction Material

The best material manufacturers use in making effervescent tablet tube filling machine is stainless steel.

You should consider it as the main material for your machine due to high durability and resistance to corrosion properties.

· Technology

Almost all the effervescent tablet tube filling machines are automatic with the latest level of technology.

Implying that you should consider a machine that has the latest level of technology.

The technology should also be flexible just in case you need to change it in the future.

· Manufacturer

It is important to consider the manufacturer of the machine you intend to purchase.

You should look for a manufacturer who is trusted and with many referrals from other machine users.

· Technical Specifications

You have to factor in the right technical specifications that you need for your machine.

The main technical specifications that you need to take care of include:

i. Filling Range

ii. Diameter and thickness of tablets

iii. Length of the filling tube

iv. Capacity

v. Power supply

vi. Compress Air

vii. Dimensions in terms of overall weight and size

10. How does FAT, IQ and OQ Effervescent Tablet Packing Machine Documents Compare?

FAT is a document that will certify that the machine has undergone proper inspection at the factory.

It proves the machine is in proper working condition according to the cGMP requirements thus deserves a Factory Acceptance test document.

Manufacturers have to conduct a factory assessment of the machine before allowing it to leave the factory.

IQ is a document which you will receive after a thorough installation and testing of the tube filling machine is complete.

With the help of a technician from the manufacturer, the installation and testing of the machine is completed.

After that, testing is done on the machine to ensure the installation is proper before getting an IQ document.

OQ is another document that you receive after the technician conducts a test on the machine after installation process.

You have to ensure that the machine is in proper working condition before accepting the OQ document from the manufacturer.

11. What Types of Effervescent Tablets Packing Machines do SaintyCo offer?

SaintyCo offers different types of Effervescent tablet packing machines such as:

12. Does SaintyCo offer Technical Support for Tablets Tube Filler Machine?

Yes, SaintyCo offers technical support for tablets tube filler machine.

It ensures that you receive:

  • Proper transportation to the installation site
  • Installation of the machine at site
  • Inspection and testing of the machine after installation
  • Consultancy and repair of the machine in case of a problem
  • Training of the operators on the best operation and maintenance procedures

13. Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine Should Conform to which Quality Standards?

Effervescent tablet packing machine should conform to the following quality standards:

  • Current good manufacturing practices (cGMP)
  • ISO certification
  • CE which ensures that electrical components are functioning perfectly
  • FDA requirements which ensure that the machine conforms to proper health standards.

14. Can you Integrate Effervescent Tablet Packing Machine with other accessories?

Yes, you can integrate the effervescent tablet packing machine with other accessories.

Some of the accessories you might integrate it with include:

  • Effervescent Tablet press machine
  • Cartoning machine
  • Labelling machines

15. What are the Features of Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine?

The main features of Effervescent Tablet Packing Machine include:

  • Automatic tube feeder
  • Automatic vibratory bowl for stopper (cap feeding).
  • Automatic cap press sealing.
  • Detection and rejection if tablet less filling and cap missing
  • Automatic tablet channel Counting.100% accurate.
  • No tube, no filling; No tablets, no capping. machine stop.
  • PLC+HMI control system
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