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Capsule&Tablet Printer

Capsule&Tablet Printer is designed to print capsules, Tablets and softgels with low noise, Easy adjustments, Friendly operating and efficient printing.

Tablet & Capsule Printer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Tablet Printing Machine?

Tablet printing machines are devices that you can use in single or double printing of tablets in one or more colors.

Apart from printing tablets, you can use it to print other types of pharmaceuticals such as soft & hard gelatin capsules.

What is Capsule Printing Machine?

Capsule printing machines are devices that you can use in single and double printing of hard and soft gel capsules.

You can use it to print marks and other identifying labels on unfilled or filled capsules.

Printing capsules

Printing capsules

Can Tablet Printer Machine Print Capsules?

Yes, you can use a tablet printer machine to print labels and identifying marks on capsules too.

Tablet printer machines have special features that you can easily switch to when you are printing capsules.

What are the Benefits of Tablet & Capsule Printer?

Whenever you are using a tablet or capsule printer machine, you will realize the following advantages:

· Product Recognition

The machine guarantees you a vivid and visible identification that it directly imprints on the capsule and tablet.

You can easily accomplish printing on either side or both sides of the tablet or capsule in different shades of colors.

Apart from that, it is easier to identify the capsule or tablet you are using in cases of poisoning or overdose.

· Product Differentiation

Identification of capsules by tablet printing machines goes a long way in the differentiation of the tablets and capsules.

It allows you to either print the capsule radically or linearly along the length of the capsule.

It can also enhance the printing ability of the capsules by:

i. Having different capsules that have the same color and size

ii. Employing the capsule printing machine to help in the differentiation of the drugs.

· Increases the Loyalty of the Customers

It increases the value of products as it will be easy to identify the capsule or tablet you are looking for.

It also allows you to give the customers a certain brand that they can identify with.

Product identification increases the marketability of the pharmaceutical products that you produce.

Printing options

 Printing options

Tablet and capsule printing machines offers different printing options.

The printing options can either be:

  • One color on one side of the tablet or capsule
  • Double colors on two sides of the capsule or tablet

The tablet, capsule and soft-gel printer has the capability of printing empty capsules, filled capsules, and dies any shapes and sizes.

Does Tablet & Capsule Printer have Size Limitations?

Yes, tablets and capsule printers do have size limitations.

This will, however, vary depending on the type of machine that you are using.

The bigger the machine that you will use in printing, the greater the sizes of tablets and capsules you can print.

Tablet & Capsule Printer is made from which Material?

Most of the tablets printer and capsule printers have different types of materials on them.

The main material is stainless steel which reduces capsule and tablet contamination to zero.

Apart from that, stainless steel is a good material that you can use for collecting ink for engraving purposes.

What’s more, you can use other materials such as soft brass metal which have chromium plates.

Rubber is also one of the main materials that will assist in the printing process.

What are the Main Parts of Tablet & Capsule Printer?

The main parts of the tablet and capsule printing machine include:

· Feed System

It consists of feed discs, flange, rotatable shafts, and gears to assist in feeding the capsules to the printing machine.

Part of feeding system

Part of feeding system

· Hopper

It assists in holding and directing adequate amounts of tablets and capsules into the tablet and capsule printing machine.

· Deflector Screen

It deflects capsules downwards thus preventing the blow out of capsules and tablets with low masses.

· Inking and Printing System

Consists of two rotatable components among other parts which prints different characters on the tablets and capsules.

Printing system

 Printing system

· Rotogravure Rolls

This is the main part of the tablet and capsule printing machine that will assist in printing tablets and capsules.

· Ink Reservoir

This is the main ink fountain that holds the ink that you need in the printing process.

· Offset Roll

Has two coplanar surfaces which allows it to print different colors on capsules and tablets of different shapes and sizes.

· Inlet Pipe

It is the part that will discharge the ink onto the gravure roll thus enhancing the printing purposes.

· Doctor Blade

It has a sharp blade that rotates clockwise and assists in removing excess ink from the gravure.

· Discharge Chute

This is the main area where the tablets and capsules will leave the printing machine for other processes.

How does Tablet & Capsule Printer Work?

Tablet and capsule machine depends on the offset printing technique that utilizes pharmaceutical grade ink.

Tablet and capsule printing is the responsibility of the manufacturers who make tablets and empty capsules.

You can also print the capsules after filling them but this happens in very few cases.

You will start by engraving the legend that you need to print on a metal cylinder which is highly polished.

The metal cylinder can either be stainless steel or soft brass metal with chromium plates.

All this happens at the rotogravure cylinder which spins in printing ink reservoirs.

As that continues, the engraving will fill up with the ink and as it spins it also gets in touch with the doctor blade.

The doctor blade will eliminate the ink from the rotogravure cylinder surface and leaves part of it for engraving purposes.

After that, the tablet capsule printing system will transfer ink to a rubber offset roll.

The rubber offset also runs in touch with rotogravure cylinders.

As the capsules and tablets pass below the rubber offset roll, the machine system will transfer the imprint.

The capsules will then proceed to the next stage where the print will dry.

The printing capacity will depend on the type of printing machine you are using.

You may get a machine that is capable of printing 20,000 capsule to 1,000,000 capsules in an hour.

As the capsules move along the conveyor belt it gives the ink time to dry and allows you to inspect.

What Tablet & Capsule Printer Technology Patents does SaintyCo own?

SaintyCo owns two tablet and capsule printer patent technologies.

One of the systems is the capsule’s body and cap oriented system.

The other one is the two color printer with a patent number of 97106359.1 and 97106361.3

Which Characters Can Tablet & Capsule Printer Print?

Tablet and capsule printing machines can print characters, pictures, and trademarks depending on the customer’s specifications.

It can print these characters on all types of tablets and capsules for axial or circle printing.

The print effects are usually more colorful and varied because of capsule’s body and cap orientation.

This is also made possible due to the two color printing system which occurs at a single time.

Which Industries use Tablet & Capsule Printer?

You can use the tablet and capsule printing machine in different industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical industry to print tablets and capsules
  • Cosmetics industry to print some of the cosmetic products
  • Chemical Industry to print some of the chemicals.

What is Axial Printing Capsule?

Axial or linear printing capsule is the non-oriented technique of printing capable of covering 42 degrees of radius.

It perfectly aligns messages on the body and cap of the capsules and prints the messages along the capsule length.

How do you Specify Tablet & Capsule Printer Machine?

Whenever you are purchasing a tablet and capsule printing machine, look at the following specifications:

· Reputation of the Company

This is the company that is responsible for manufacturing and supplying the tablet and capsule printers.

You should go for a machine from a company that is highly reputable with enough references from other users.

· Output Capacity

This is the amount of tablets and capsules that a machine can print within an hour.

You should consider a machine that will fit your production needs.

You should also think of the expandability of the machine for future developments.

· Digital Capabilities

You should consider a machine that has more technological advancements with ease of operations.

· Disconnection Ease

A machine that is easy to disconnect whenever you want to is the perfect choice for you.

It enhances safety and also increase the ease of moving it from one point to another.

· Production Scale

You have to consider the industry with which you are operating which can either be research or commercial.

You will need a machine with a smaller scale of production for your research company.

You will need a big machine that can print many capsules in a short period for your commercial company.

· Ease of Use

You should take a tablet and capsule printing machine that has a user friendly interface allowing you to operate with ease.

How does Annular Capsule Printing compare to Directional Printing?

Annular capsule printing is the process of printing different characters on the capsules with a uniform color.

The printing of the characters on the capsules goes round the capsules thus inscribing it properly.

Directional printing, on the other hand, is the printing of characters on capsules with different colors.

It allows you to print the characters around the capsules instead of printing along the capsule length.

What is Double Color Printing Capsules?

Double color printing capsules is the process of printing characters on capsules with more than one color.

It is the printing of characters on a capsule with a different color on the cap and another color on the body.

How many Types of Tablet & Capsule Printers are there?

Capsule printing machine

Capsule printing machine

There are different types of tablet and capsule printing machines available in the market.

These printing machines have the capability of printing one or two colors on each capsule side.

The main types of tablet and capsule printing machines include:

· Single Color Capsule Printing Machines

This tablet and capsule printing machine has the capability of printing only one color on the tablets and capsules.

Apart from that, you can use the printing machine to print different sizes and shapes of the capsules.

There are single color capsule printing machines with double gravure printing mechanisms.

This type of machine has the capability of delivering the information such as logos and names twice in a cycle.

It consists of rotary feed discs with dual carrier pockets which will transfer the capsule to the printing station.

You can achieve printing levels of up to 200,000 capsules in an hour using the single color capsule printing machine.

This will depend on the size of the product you intend to print, fill rate and speed of the disc.

· Multi-Color Capsule Printing Machine

You can print several colors on the tablets and capsules using the multi-color capsule printing machine.

The most common multi-color capsule printing machine is the two-color capsule printing machine.

The benefits of using the two color capsule printers include:

i. It prints the tablets and capsules according to the specifications of the customer

ii. It enhances the appearance of the capsules

iii. It allows you to prevent counterfeiting of the pharmaceutical products.

iv. You can use it to promote the image of the brand.

You may also use the multi-color printing machine with automatic arithmometer systems that are more appealing and convenient.

The machine is capable of performing both axial and circle printing on the capsules.

You can easily operate the machine with the automatic control systems allowing proper configurations.

What’s more, you can use the multi-color capsule printing machine to print data matrices and barcodes on the capsules.

Tablet & Capsule Printer should conform to which Quality Standards?

Tablet and capsule printers should conform to the following quality standards:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Quality Standards
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Standards
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards
  • CE compliant

Why SaintyCo Tablet & Capsule Printer Machine?

You should consider using the SaintyCo tablet and capsule printing machine because of the following reasons:

Tablets printing machine

Tablets printing machine

  • SaintyCo offers the best form of technology for the tablet and capsule printing machines with enough experience in production.
  • The machines from SaintyCo provides value for your money with top quality, fast printing, and highly versatile printing solutions.
  • You can also use the machine to print different types, sizes and shapes of tablets and capsules.
  • You can easily couple the control system of the tablet capsule printing machine thus perfect for capsule printing.
  • The machine also allows you to print anything the customer needs such as trademarks, characters, barcodes and pictures.

Apart from the above advantages, SaintyCo has single row printers which have the following features:

  • Quality gravure prints which can print up to 60,000 or 80,000 capsules in an hour depending on capsule diameter.

The printing capacity of the machine can comfortably stretch to 120,000 capsules in an hour.

  • It is easy to handle with designs that favor long runs at very high speeds.
  • All the operations are automatic which allows you to operate the machine without additional labor.
  • You can get feed discs and rotogravure rolls of different sizes depending on your printing needs and specifications.
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