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Capsule Polishers and Sorters

Capsule Polishers and Sorters is designed for removing the dust and for polishing.(Automatic capsule polisher, Automatic capsule polishing machine, Capsule polisher, Capsule Polisher&Sorters.)

Capsule Polishers and Sorters: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are Capsule Polishers and Sorters?

Capsule polishers and sorters are machines used in the pharmaceutical industry to clean capsules of their dust.

There are different levels of cleaning that these machines perform on capsules.

They dedust, clean, and polish the capsules.

Capsule polishers and sorters enhance production efficiency in pharmaceutical industries.

They are capable of handling 300,000 capsules per hour.

Capsule polishing

Capsule polishing machine

What are the Benefits of Capsule Polisher and Sorters?

· Low-Cost Production

Installing a capsule sorter and polisher helps a pharmaceutical company to achieve production efficiency.

The company will be in a position to process up to 300,000 capsules per hour.

This kind of output is unachievable when working manually.

Hiring human labor to polish and sort drugs will be very expensive in the long term.

· Improved Accuracy

Accuracy is an essential aspect in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

A small flaw can easily result in mass fatalities.

With a capsule polisher and sorter, you can be assured accuracy as it helps in detecting production flaws.

It achieves this swiftly and cost-effectively. The result is quality capsules.

· Flexibility

Most automatic capsule sorters are flexible as far as shapes and sizes of capsules are concerned.

This means that they can handle any capsule for you.

You will not have to buy several machines of this nature to achieve efficiency.

You will also not have to alter the parts during the manufacturing process.

All you have to do is to indicate in the user interface what you intend to polish and sort.

How Does Capsule Deduster and Capsule Polisher Compare?

Capsule Deduster and Capsule Polisher play different roles in the production of capsules.

The deduster eliminates any foreign particles that could have engulfed the capsule in earlier stages.

This is an essential step because these foreign particles undermine the quality and safety of the capsule.

Although capsule polisher equally enhances capsule quality, it does not remove particles. It brushes capsules to give them a glossy look.

Can you Import Capsule Polisher and Capsule Sorters Separately?

In recent times, different capsule polishers and capsule sorters companies have been able to integrate the two.

Capsule sorter

Capsule sorter

 Capsule polishing machine

Capsule polishing machine

This means that you will not necessarily need to import two different machines.

The market offers a two-in-one option for you. However, it is still possible to import the two machines separately.

What are Capsule Polishers and Sorters Used for?

Capsule polishers and sorters are used in the pharmaceutical industry to achieve a number of quality-related factors.

First, capsule polishers will help you clean the capsules of static charges.

This will help in ensuring that the capsules are not sticky.

Sticky capsules can prove challenging during the packaging stage and can easily lead to inaccuracy.

Secondly, capsule polishers and sorters aid in sorting capsules.

During filling, there is the possibility that some of these capsules will be defective.

They could be overfilled, cracked, or with foreign materials.

The sorter will help you detect such flaws and reject such capsules before the next stage.

What are Common Capsule Defects?

There are many defects that you can expect when manufacturing capsules.

However, with the use of a capsule polisher and sorter machine, it is easy to detect and rectify these flaws.

We can categorize these defects into; shape defects, color defects, appearance defects, and printed mark defects.

 Commong defects in capsules

 Common defects in capsules

· Shape Defects

These are usually due to excessive pressure applied by the machine on the capsules.

This is as a result of improper setup. It can also be as a result of overfilling.

Some of these shape defects include dented, mashed, short and long cap bodies, double cap, and bent.

· Color Defects

Color is a vital feature of capsules. It helps in differentiating capsules in terms of content.

On the user interface, you are supposed to indicate the colors of the capsules you expect.

Though rarely, mistakes such as mix-ups are likely to occur.

The machine rejects such capsules.

The color defects include discolor and different colors.

· Appearance Defects

During capsule production, there is the likelihood of change in the appearance of the capsules.

These appearance changes are as a result of the long process the capsule goes through before packaging.

The capsule polisher and sorter machine reject capsules with these defects.

These defects include dirt, foreign particles, crack, spill, and telescoped capsules.

· Printed Mark Defects

Capsules are usually printed as a way of identification and summarization of their contents.

The capsule polisher and sorter machine will automatically reject those with printed defects.

Some of these defects include the absence of a mark and improper mark.

Can you Integrate Capsule Polishers and Sorters with Capsule Filler?

The market currently offers integrated machines.

You will be able to find a polishing machine with an in-built capsule sorter.

The polisher will help you remove loose powder from the capsules.

The sorter will, on the other hand, separate the defective capsules from the good ones.

This happens throughout the process as polisher churns out capsules.

You can also connect these machines directly to a capsule filling machine.

Why are some Capsule Polishers and Sorters Inclined?

The inclination in capsule polishers and sorters is critical.

It helps in ensuring that capsules remain in different segments during different polishing and sorting stages.

Can Capsule Sorters Detect Metal?

Usually, a metal detector is installed at the capsule sorter’s outlet.

This gives it the ability to detect any metal that might have contaminated the capsule in the production stages.

The metal detector has the capability of detecting even stainless steel.

This is an essential aspect of the sorter as metallic substances can be carcinogenic.

This can worsen the situation of the capsules’ users and result in fatalities.

What are the Main Parts of Capsule Polishers and Sorters?

Capsule polisher components

Capsule polisher components

· Calibrated Holes

These holes aid in the introduction of capsules into the capsule polisher and sorter.

Without them, it will be impossible to see capsules through the polishing and sorting stages.

· Inlet Chute

This component is used in feeding capsules that are due for polishing and sorting into the machine.

When you place tablets here, they will be able to drop endlessly into lower sections that you have identified.

· Drive Shaft

This part of the machine moves the selected disk as directed on the user interface.

It pushes the capsules into the openings.

It is the shaft that will also transport the capsules to other parts of the capsule polisher and sorter.

· Overflow Container

There is the likelihood of excess capsules getting into the machine during this procedure.

When this happens, the capsules will be stored in the overflow container.

· Scraper

The scraper helps in feeding capsules into holes of the selected disk.

This happens when the capsules get to the upwards movement stage.

· Retaining Plate

The capsules have to be in a vertical position when they are in the machine.

This is the work of the retaining plate.

It is located underneath the sieve hence obstructing the outlet of the openings.

· Expulsion Blowing Curtain

In the sorter, this component helps in separating separate head and body capsules from the good ones.

It achieves this by blowing the non-conforming ones to the reject container.

· Dosing Defects Container

During the sorting process, capsules that have dosing flaws are deposited in this component.

· Ejection Blowing Nozzle

For telescoped capsules (capsules with assembly defects), they will be eliminated at this stage.

· Assembly Defects Container

This container will collect all the capsules with assembly defects.

· Outlet Chute

All capsules that have conformed to the laid down specifications will drop into this outlet chute.

How Does Capsule Polishers and Sorters Work?

Capsule sorter is responsible for the automated sorting of capsules.

It analyzes capsule weight and diameter.

This helps in ensuring that the capsules selected are devoid of metering and assembly defects.

For automatic capsule polisher and sorter machine, there is a rimmed selection disk.

This disk spins on a tilted plane at 20 degrees of the horizontal direction.

The 20 degrees inclination has to be observed.

It helps in ensuring that the capsules are retained in the lower segment of the disk.

The disks circumference has two drilled holes.

They help in holding defective capsules before they are pushed out by a blast nozzle.

As this happens, the correctly filled capsules go through the sized holes.

The blast does not defect the acceptable capsules. The system discharges them via the outlet chute.

When capsules are dropped in the inlet, they drop in the lower parts of the selection disk.

Simultaneously, the drive shaft starts rotating.

The capsules then get into the drilled holes in the disk’s circumference.

This is made possible by the tilting of the disk.

After it has tilted, the scraper gadget introduces the capsules into the holes.

Ensure that you define the height of the rim on the user interface.

This will prevent capsules you intend to sort from covering the whole disk.

Extra supply or stoppage of the selection disk triggers the flow of excess capsules into an overflow container.

All the selection holes have a conical inlet that directs the entry of capsules.

The holes also have a little larger diameter compared to the capsules.

These holes have a length that can carry several superimposed capsules.

The holes further have an end section with a larger diameter that allows for the passage of acceptable capsules.

The retaining plate blocks the capsules in the holes forcing them to move to the upper section.

This is made possible by rotation of selection disk. For the capsules to be removed, the passage hole opens.

This happens after the half revolution of a selected disk.

The calibrated opening allows capsules with the recommended diameter to pass.

The expansion blowing curtain pushes the others away into the reject container.

Capsules with assembly issues remain trapped in the calibrated holes.

The selection disk makes a quarter turn, and these too are blown away by the blowing nozzle.

They are thrown into a special reject container.

Can you use Capsule Polishers and Sorters to Check Tablets Quality?

Capsule polishers and sorters will help you in checking tablet quality.

The polishers are essential in cleaning all the powder on the capsules.

Sorters, on the other end, aid in ascertaining whether capsules are defects-free.

These processes improve the quality of capsules.

Between Capsule Polishing and Capsule Sorting; which one should come first?

Capsule polishing comes after the capsule filling stage.

It involves the dusting of the capsules of any occurring powder.

From this stage, the capsules go through the sorting chamber.

Here, defective capsules are alienated from the well-formed ones.

Do Capsule Polishers and Sorters have Limitations on Capsule Sizes?

Capsule polishers and sorters are designed to work effectively regardless of the shapes or the sizes of capsules.

Which Certifications Should Capsule Polishers and Sorters have?

Before purchasing a capsule polisher and sorter machine, ensure that the manufacturer has complied with the following quality standards;

· cGMP

CGMP refers to current, current good manufacturing practice regulations.

This is a set of regulations by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It effectively ensures proper design and monitoring of the product.

· CE

In the European Economic Area, CE is a mark of certification.

It is an indication that the product in the market conforms to health standards.

It will have also conformed to user-safety standards and environmental protection standards.

· RoHS

This stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

This certification mode also originated from the European Union.

It particularly restricts the use of hazardous substances that can be found in both electrical and electronic products.

It is valid for five years and restricts led, mercury, chromium, and cadmium.


This is the Chinese certification mark.

This mark is compulsory for products that are imported and sold or used in China.

As such, it becomes easier to ascertain whether the capsule polisher and sorter have met the required quality standards.

What is the Role of Capsule Polisher and Sorter in Quality Control?

Capsule polisher helps in ensuring that the capsules are free from any dust and other impurities.

The sorter effectively helps to distinct defective capsules from the well-formed ones.

The defect could be as a result of overfilling or underfilling, rendering the capsule ineffective.

These functions result in the production of quality capsules.

Which Industries Use Capsule Polishers and Sorters?

Capsule polishers and sorters are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

They aid in enhancing the quality of capsules by polishing them and sorting them.

Capsule Polishers and Sorters are made from which Material?

For purposes of hygiene, capsule polishers and sorters are made of stainless steel.

Apart from hygiene, stainless steel is also used in compliance with modern medicine safety standards.

Nylon nets are used in covering the various openings to avert contamination.

Why Import SaintyCo Capsule Polishers and Sorters?

· Efficiency

Capsule Polishers and Sorters manufactured by SaintyCo are efficient in terms of speed.

This increases the output capacity of your manufacturing process.

· Quality

A low-quality capsule polisher and sorter will affect the value of your capsules.

SaintyCo manufactures high-quality capsule polishers and sorters.

This has been made possible by the extensive experience we have had in the industry.

· Versatility

Our capsule polishers and sorters are very versatile in terms of sizes and shapes of capsules.

At SaintyCo, our capsule polisher and sorter can be connected to the packaging machine.

This will effectively enhance output.

· Operational Ease

SaintyCo capsule polisher and sorter machines are very easy to use.

They have simple user interfaces that can easily be understood by all employees.

This will enhance production.

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