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Pellets Extruder-Spheronizer

Pellets Extruder-Spheronizer provid equipment for full-scale production as well as bench-top equipment for formulation development and trial work, our laboratory equipment is designed to facilitate fast scale-up to production.

Pellets Extruder: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are Pellets in the Pharma Industry?

Pellets are spherical, small, and free-flowing particles you can produce agglomerating granules or powders.



What is Extrusion Spheronization?

It is a systematic process that involves extruding pellets through a small “die,” then subjecting the extruded particles into a process that produces uniformly sized spherical particles (spheronization).

Extrusion process

Extrusion process

The main stages of extrusion spheronization include:

i. Wetting or moistening powder or granules

ii. Subjecting the wet powder of granulates to extrusion to produce cylinder-shaped agglomerates

iii. Breaking or cutting cylinder-shaped agglomerates into small round uniform particles – a process called spheronization

iv. Drying the small round uniform products either as a final product or for next processing stages

What is Pellets Extruder?

Pellets Extruder is a piece of equipment that transforms moist or wetted dough or powder into extrudes of uniform sizes by adding additional binders.

It depends on the mechanical force that pushes material through a perforated die or sieve.

The mechanical force is either from a single or twin screw.


Which Industries Use Pellets Extruder?

Any industry that processes material may use pellets extruder.

They may include:

  • Food processing industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agrochemical industry
  • Polymer processing industry, etc.

Are there Pellets Extruders with Spheronization Functionality?


There are several extruder Spheronizer machines available in the market.

For instance, SaintyCo has severalExtruder Spheronizer machines, with small to large scale material processing capability.

SaintyCo Extruder Spherionizer machine

 SaintyCo Extruder Spheronizer machine

In the two are different machines, which perform varying functions:

  • Pellets extruder – extrudes cylindrical and uniform material
  • Spheronizer – cuts cylindrical material into small spherical and uniform shapes

How Many Types of Pellets Extruders are there?

Pellet extrusion machines come in many configurations and designs.

The mode of classification will depend on special features of interest.

However, you can broadly classy pellets extruder machines as:

  • Single screw axial pellet extruder
  • Double screw axial pellets extruder
  • Radial pellets extruder
  • Cone pellets extruder

What is the difference between Radial Extrusion and Axial Extrusion/

In axial extrusion, the processed pellets leave the extruder system through the opposite end.

 Axial extrusion

 Axial extrusion

On the other hand, for radial extrusion, the processed material leaves the system along with the processing unit.

Radial extrusion

Radial extrusion

Although the structural designs of the two systems are different, the efficiency remains the same.

Which Crucial Features Should you Consider when Importing Pellets Extruder Machine?

  • Quality compliance which should include cGMP, CE, RoHS, and CCC
  • Minimum batch charge
  • Material return ratio
  • Dimensions
  • Power consumption
  • Rotation speed
  • Minimum batch charge
  • Efficient cooling and temperature monitor system
  • Aperture size
  • Speed of rotation
  • Safety features such as enclosed drive transmission systems, overload protection, emergency button, etc.
  • Direct coupling with Spheronizer
  • Adjustable length of the extrusion
  • Uniformity of the final product
  • Construction material

Remember, you can only validate some of these variables during the pellets extruder factory assessment test (FAT).

What is Screw Extruder in Pellet Extrusion Machine?

Pellet extrusion machines with screw extruders use either single or twin helical screws.

It is through the action of these screws that material moves from the hopper to the die section as they spin in the barrel.

Depending on the design of the pellets extrusion machine, the screws force material either radially or axially from the system.

How do Gravity Fed Extruders Work?

These pellets extrusion machines have either rotary cylinder extruders or gears.

For rotary cylinder extruders, there are counter-rotating empty perforated cylinders.

At the same time, the second cylinder, which is solid, functions as a pressure roller.

As wet material enters the section above the cylinders, pressure builds up, forcing material towards the inner section.

On the other hand, rotary gear extruders have two rotating cylinders that are hollow with counter bored dies.

As material moves into the toothed cylinder sections, pressure develops, which forces extrude through the nozzle.

 Section of pellets extruder

Section of pellets extruder

How can you Control Temperature during Pellets Extrusion Process?

High temperatures may alter the chemical or physical composition of some material.

Therefore, most pellets extruders feature a cooling water system to maintain a suitable temperature during the extrusion process.

What is Pelletizing Process?

It is the process of compressing powder to form pellets.

Through the pelletizing process, you can control vital characteristics of pellets such as surface texture, density, and size.

You can choose extruder Spheronizer for this process.

What is Hot Melt Extrusion?

It is a modification of extrusion spheronization technology.

Besides, it is a solvent-free process that plays an integral role in producing enteric capsules and extended-release tablets.

Which Factors Influence Characteristics of Pellets from Extruder Spheronizer Machine?

Whenever you’re using an extruder Spheronizer machine, it is important to pay attention to the following:

i. Spheronizer load

ii. Extrusion speed

iii. Spheronization speed

iv. The moisture content of the material

v. Spheronization time

vi. Size of extruder holes

Does SaintyCo Manufacture Custom Pellets Extruders

Yes, at SaintyCo, you can find a range of pellets extruders with or without Spheronization technology.

We have both standard and custom pellets extruders for any industry.

SaintyCo pellets extruders are made from stainless steel and are cGMP compliant.

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