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Tablet & Capsule Counting Line

All of our Tablet&Capsule Counting Line are designed and manufactured in according to GMP Specifications.

SaintyCo Products, all machines of counting line(Bottle Packaging System) by the best technology.

Application product :

Tablets, Capsules, Irregular tablets, Hard capsules,Gummy & Soft capsules etc.

Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine?

A tablet and capsule counting machine is an equipment that will help you in the counting of tablets and capsules that you manufacture.

The machine accurately counts all the shapes of tablets, caplets, capsules, soft capsules, or transparent products.

What are the Benefits of Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine?

There are many benefits of tablet and capsule counting machine, they comprise of:

Tablet and capsule counter

· Cost-Effective

The machine helps in reducing the cost of production because it performs the counting that would be conducted by a number of employees.

You only require one or a few operators.

· Improved Quality Control

With the aid of the machine, you can minimize the chances of breaking the capsules or tablets.

For this reason, it boosts the quality of the end product under count.

· Error-proof

Tablet and capsule counting machine helps eliminate human errors during manual counting.

With the machine, you do not need to restart afresh after a pause.

It will continue from where you stopped once restarted.

· Saves Time

The machine is very effective in its performance.

It is able to sort, dispense and count tablets and capsules at high speed hence saving time.

Tablet and capsules counter equally saves time by enabling the operator to conduct other tasks as the machine continues with the counting.

· Accurate

Tablet and capsule counting machine ensures accuracy during counting.

It guarantees 100% except when it has fault because of accumulation of dust in the tray sensor window.

The accuracy level ensures that patients get the correct dosage and medication.

How many Types of Tablet & Capsule Counting Machines are there?

There exist various types of tablet and capsule counting machines in the market.

We can broadly classify them as manual and automatic tablet and capsule counting machines.

 Capsule and tablet counter

Capsule and tablet counter

· Automatic Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine

This machine generates speedy, accurate tablet count in a short time, thus helpful in cutting cost.

Some automatic tablet and capsule counting machines have the ability to count your products in bulk.

The machine is perfect for counting inventories because it functions with speed of up to 800 tablets or capsules per minute.

Additional, this type of tablet and capsule counting machine works with all sizes and shapes of tablets and capsules.

Most automatic tablet and capsule counters have a digital touchscreen instrumental in controlling speedy of accuracy, efficiency and ease of use, among other parameters.

The machine automatically adjusts its crucial parameters.

· Manual Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine

This is a cost-effective handheld tray having two parts.

The bottom section is a plain tray having no holes while the upper section has holes.

The perforations can be of different shapes and sizes fit for counting both capsules and tablets.

Manual tablet and capsule counting machine has varying number of counting holes spanning from 5 to 250 holes.

When you put the tablets or capsules into the top tray and shake, they will go through the holes.

The excess will drop into a wider tray located below the machine.

A manual tablet and capsule counter with 50 holes will count 50 tablets or capsules accurately.

You have to ensure that all the holes are filled before you can confirm its accuracy.

This type of tablet and capsule counting machine is suitable for small hospitals, trials, and pharmacies that are not exceptionally busy.

Can you Integrate Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine with Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment?

Absolutely, tablet and capsule counting machine can operate independently or you can integrate it into your pharmaceutical packaging system.

Due to the compact design of the machine, you can seamlessly integrate it into any new or existing pharmaceutical packaging equipment.

Why is CE Compliance Important for Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine?

CE compliance on a tablet and capsule counting machine is an indication from the manufacturer that the equipment conforms to the necessary requirements of the applicable European health, safety and environmental protection laws.

CE Marking on a product shows to the governmental authorities that the equipment may be legally supplied on their country’s market.

The marking on the machine guarantees its free movement within the EFTA & European Union (EU) single market.

What are the main Components of Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine?

The main parts of a tablet and capsule counting machine are:

 Tablets and capsules counting machine

Tablets and capsules counting machine

  • Feeder trayswhich receive the tablets or capsules from the hopper feeder
  • Hopper feederfor receiving the tablets or capsules from the compressor or capsule filler.
  • Conveyor beltinstrumental in transferring the products from one station to the other.
  • Motor which keeps the conveyor belt in rotation ensuring continual movement
  • Sensors for detecting tablets or capsules regardless of the speed of movement
  • Camerasuseful for photoelectric sensing and counting of the products
  • Switch for turning the machine on and off
  • Touch screen control display for programming the counter before it begins operation.
  • Automatic rejection system for eliminating unfit tablets or capsules
  • Computer system for displaying how the counting process progresses

How does Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine work?

Step One: Preparing the Machine

Machine preparation is the only stage that will need your active input.

You will enter the primary counting parameters that you want the tablet and capsule counting device to work on.

You may as well fill the automatic filler with tablets or capsules and make sure everything is fine.

Step Two: Feeding the Products to the Machine

As the machine begins the operations, the auto-filler will feed the tablets or capsules into the hopper.

Consequently, the hopper will then regulate the amount of products going into the feeder trays.

With the assistance of a hopper sensor, it is possible to control the capsules or tablets levels on the feeder trays.

From the feeder trays, the products move gradually and automatically through vibration to the conveyor belt.

Step Three: Counting

Here, you will need to control the speed of the conveyor belt.

The belt carries along with it the tablets or capsules as it moves.

With the aid of sensor, the tablet and capsule counting machine will detect any product that goes across the sensor and take count.

Some counters apply photoelectric concept to help in counting the pharmaceutical products

As the counting process continues, the sensor will as well help in detecting unfit tablets or capsules.

In conjunction automatic rejection system, it will sense and remove products with defects.

The electronic display panel on the computer system will show the progress of the counting process.

The procedure goes on until you the machine counts all the tablets or capsules.

How do you Specify Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine?

 Capsule and tablet counter

Capsules and tablets counter

You can find virtually any type of tablet and capsule counting machine and accessories in the market.

Whether you require turnkey solutions or standard designs for your pharmaceutical business, there always exist that machine that will perform the task right.

From my experience and expertise, tablet and capsule counting machine manufacturers are keen on the technical specifications and features.

Once you give exact specifications and features, you can have the equipment within the shortest time practical.

When ordering for a tablet and capsule counting machine, it is essential to specify the following:

  • Power consumption
  • Size (weight, length, width, and height), etc.
  • Production capacity/output capacity
  • Control and automation system specifications
  • Nature/type of the end product
  • New technology

This way, you will have the right tablet and capsule counting machine delivered to you.

What should you Consider when Buying Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine?

Whenever you decide to buy a tablet and capsule counting machine, these are the key factors that you should put into consideration:

· Production Capacity

Make it a point to know the precise production capacity of your facility.

From there, you can opt for an equipment that has the capability to comfortably count the quantity of pharmaceuticals that you manufacture.

· Quality Compliance

All the machinery that you will be utilizing should conform to the set quality standards.

You must make sure that each machine you purpose to purchase also adheres to the quality standards.

· Brand/Model

Manufacturers produce different types of tablet and capsule counting machines with varying abilities.

You need to opt for a brand that functions well with every capsule or tablet producer.

· Type of Pharmaceutical you Manufacture

You will find both tablet and capsule counting machines in the market.

For that matter, you will choose between tablet andcapsule counting machine based on the type that you manufacture.

·  Budget

Your budget for the project will largely affect the type of machine that you will buy.

You will purchase a better tablet and capsule counting machine when you have more money.

· Level of Experience

You need to select a counting machine that you can run comfortably without difficulties.

You might have to go through special training in the event you buy a complex tablet and capsule counting machine.

How do you Troubleshoot Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine?

Here are ways to solve common tablet and capsule counting machines problems:

· Tablet Jamming

Typically, jamming is caused by high speed.

To prevent this problem control the vibration of the feeding track and the vibrator.

· The Bottle Stand is Not in Line.

This could be due to inaccurate timing of the bottle.

You correct such problems from the control panel.

Moreover, the dropper not being in line with the bottle opening could be another reason for this problem.

This is solved by changing the dropper station.

Another issue could be over spacing between the conveyor belt railings which you will have to adjust.

· Counting Errors

Incorrect counting and end time could be the reason for such errors.

Move to the settle page and change the channels.

You should as well adjust the photoelectric time making sure the unit is in millisecond.

· Tablets Pouring Out of the Bottle

The pouring out is because of broad distance gap between the mouth of the bottle and the mouth of the filler dropper.

Make sure that the filling dropper height and the corresponding distance between the mouth of the bottle and the filler dropper are less than the capsule or bottle diameter.

· Bottle Slips as it Goes by the Hold

Bottle falling could be due to the bottle opener delaying to open.

To solve this problem, adjust the pass time of the bottle through the parameter setting page found in the control panel.

· Faulty Counting Sensor System

The fault could be as a result of dust accumulation on the sensor.

You simply clean the sensor to correct the problem.

Furthermore, the sensitivity of your machine’s counting sensor could be damaged.

To return it to its previous state, turn the small adjustment knob found on the circuit board of the sensor until it begins to work.

· Sounding of Alarm

Tablet and capsule counting machine can sound alarm because of many reasons:

  • Lack of bottle, which you correct by supplying the bottles.
  • You may be utilizing white bottles that are emitting powerful light.
  • Correct this by switching off the light.
  • Accumulation of dust could have lowered the sensitivity of the sensor.
  • Clean any dust on the sensor.

Which Tablet & Capsule Counting Machines do SaintyCo provide?

SaintyCo manufactures eight different types of Tablet and capsule counter, which are designed and produced in compliance with cGMP Specifications.

Our tablet and capsules counting machines include:

What is Tablet and capsule Counting Machine User Requirement Specification (URS)?

The User requirement Specification is a technical document produced by the manufacturer of the tablet and capsule counting machine.

URS entails a range of elements such as machine specifications, design, testing, inspection protocol of the equipment, responsibilities, quality standardization, testing, various uses of the machine, etc.

In addition, it comprises of other essential documents that you need to use in conjunction with the user manual.

The URS is instrumental whenever you want to order because it has all the crucial information about the machine.

Do Capsule Counter and Tablet Counting Machines come separately?

No, a Tablet and Capsule counting machine is a versatile assembly of systems that work as a unit to accurately count pharmaceutical and food products.

It aligns the capsules or tablets and then passes them through an accurate sensor for accurate counting.

 Which Industries use Tablet Counter and Capsule Counting Machines?

Tablet and capsule counting machine finds application in the following sectors:

· Food Industry

There has been an increased consumption of food capsules and gelatins, since the products contain essential nutrients needed by human body.

For that matter, technicians have taken up the use of tablet and capsule counting machines to optimize the production of food gelatins and capsules.

· Pharmaceutical and Health Care Industry

Tablet and capsule Counting is a required process in the pharmaceutical industry.

Because medications are very instrumental to the health of human, you have to be certain of their numbers since it would determine the dosage administered to patients.

Above all, evaluating the capsules or tablets counts is important for analyzing your rate of production.

The numbers are crucial when it comes to the economic aspect of your pharmaceutical business.

· Chemical Engineering

Chemistry is strictly based on chemical analysis. Negligible quantities of elements can lead to a devastating effect on the general composition of a chemical.

For this reason, tablet and capsule counting machines come in handy in attaining such a high level of accuracy during chemical analysis.

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