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Lifting Column

Lifting Column

Lifting Column: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a Lifting Column?

Lifting columns are material handling equipment that you can use in handling, lifting, and adjusting workstations in industrial processes.

You can also refer to the lifting column as a pharma lifter.

Lifting column

Lifting column

What is Lifting Column Used for?

You can use the lifting column to handle materials before, during and after all the industrial processes.

The main uses of the lifting column in the pharmaceutical industry include:

· Lifting of Loads

It has an adjustable load lifting system with a considerable extension to reaction ratio thus enabling smooth low to high movements.

The system allows you to accurately position the equipment properly during the manufacturing process.

· De-agglomerating and Discharging Granules

You can use it in lifting pharmaceutical containers in a position where you can carefully de-agglomerate and discharge material particles.

· Shifting of Heavy Corollary Equipment

It assists in shifting of different materials to the right spot adhering to the production details of the processing industry.

· Creation of Adjustable Trolleys

It assists in the movement of materials from the ground level to a particular height for easy operations.

This reduces the risk of your employees sustaining back injuries due to frequent bending.

What are the Benefits of Lifting Column?

You will experience the following advantages whenever you use a lifting column:

  • An increase in the safety of the employees and products as the machine controls the moving process.
  • Time-saving as you will spend less time moving bulky objects from one place to another.
  • Reduction in the number of employees thus saving you money and manpower that you could use in moving the objects.
  • An increase in production as the machine is more efficient and accurate.
  • It is straightforward thus making it easy to install and operate.
  • It is available in different variations for your choice but with similar working principles despite the application.

Movable vs Fixed Lifting Column; Which is the Best?

 Fixed vs movable lifting column

Fixed vs Movable Lifting Column

A movable lifting column is a type of equipment which shifts position to different positions outside and within the factory.

It helps in shifting materials from one work station to another.

Fixed lifting column is an equipment that you can use in lifting materials but in one particular position.

It does not allow you to lift different coronary materials thus limiting you from using it in different locations.

Among the two, the movable lifting column is the best because it is portable.

How Does Manual Lifting Column Compare to Automatic Lifting Column?

A manual lifting column requires human assistance in the main operations of the lifting column.

Automatic lifting column does not require any form of humanitarian assistance as it can perform most of its functions efficiently.

Which Parts Make a Lifting Column?

Lifting columns have very few parts which often makes it easy to operate.

The main parts of the lifting column include:

Parts of a lifting column

Parts of a lifting column

· Control Box

It is the central unit that consists of different elements which control all the operations of the lifting column.

You can use it to program the parameters and key operations of the lifting column.

· Chassis Trolley

These are the components that the machine uses to enable the movement of different materials from one point to another.

· Drum Inversion and Lifting System

It consists of different parts that play significant roles in the whole process such as raising, transferring and discharging corollary equipment.

· Lifter

This is the rail which provides the surface which lifts and raises materials from a lower point to a higher point.

· Motor

It converts the electrical power into energy thus enabling the machine to perform specific functions efficiently.

· Pneumatic Height Stop Device

It assists in easy regulation of significant parts to particular points where you would like the machine to stop at.

Is there a Maximum Weight Pharma Lifting Can Carry?

There is a maximum lifting weight or safe lifting weight set for the pharma lifting column.

The maximum weight that a pharma lifter column can lift depends on the type of lifting column.

Different manufacturers design and assemble different lifting column at different sizes that can sustain particular weights.

How Does a Lifting Column Work?

A lifting column depends on the following working principle in its normal operations:

First, you will switch on the motor so as to gain enough energy that it can use in powering the unit.

As the machine is running you will fill the necessary containers with the ingredients.

The essence is to move the materials from one point to another so you need to accurately program the machine.

From the control box, you will control the movement of the lifting column by pressing buttons on the control box.

It lifts the container to a point where it inverts the container to connect to the downstream receiving port.

After that, you will connect and tightly lock the active and passive valves.

The valve opens after some time enabling the transfer of materials from the container to particular equipment.

Which Industries Use Lifting Column?

You can use the lifting column in different industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Chemical industry

Are SaintyCo Lifting Columns cGMP compliant?

Yes, SaintyCo lifting columns comply with the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP).

These standards ensure that the lifting columns are of very good quality.

What is a Bin Blender Column?

Bin blenders are equipment that you can use in mixing and handling powder in order to maximize production flow.

You can use it in the food and pharmaceutical industries to avoid cross pollution cases.

How Does Lifting Column Help in Mixing and Homogenization of Granules?

Lifting columns help in mixing and homogenization of granules by lifting and pouring different ingredients in one specific container.

Once in the mixing container, the lifting column will continuously lift, tilt and pour all the ingredients in different containers.

The lifting, tilting and pouring process mixes all the ingredients and forms a homogenous mixture.

Lifting Column is Made of Which Material?

Lifting column is made of stainless steel material which is easy to clean and maintain.

Apart from that, stainless steel reduces possible contamination that may occur through the use of other materials.

How Long Should a Pharma Lifting Column Be?

The length of the pharma lifting column varies depending on the application you intend to use it for.

It should be long enough to allow you to use containers of different sizes by properly adjusting the heights.

How Does SaintyCo Guarantee Safety of Lifting Column?

SaintyCo features an electrical interlock system that stops the machine when necessary.

Apart from that, SaintyCo adheres to the right quality standards such as GMP certification ensuring that the products are safe.

Lifting Colum Uses Which Mechanism to Hold Bins and Drums?

Lift columns have interlocking safety systems that hold drums and bins in place during the lifting process.

How is PharmaLifter Telescopic Design Useful?

Pharma lifter telescopic design is useful in the charging and transfer of materials.

It prevents dust from polluting the environment and you can use it in the chemical, food and medical industries.

The telescopic design makes it easy to lift materials as it has no dead angles or convex/concave faces.

The design is easy to wash and maintain with customized casters and movable parts making it portable.

How Big Should the Lifting Column Chassis?

The lifting column chassis does not have a specific size.

The size varies according to the application you intend to use it for.

The heavier weight will require a bigger lifting column chassis and vice versa.

What is Hydraulic Lifting Column?

A hydraulic lifting system depends on a pressure system to provide the driving force to operate the machine.

It does not depend on an electric system to provide the power that the machine needs to operate.

Does SaintyCo Manufacture Custom Lifting Column?

SaintyCo manufactures custom lifting columns according to your specifications.

SaintyCo also provides design assistance to its customers with a complete team of design engineers.


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