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Coffee Packer

You can find the full solution here about the packaging of the coffee. It including filling and sealing etc.

Coffee Packer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Coffee packer plays an integral role in modern packaging solutions.

In today’s guide, I am going to introduce you to a perfect coffee packaging solution that will boost your business.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Invest in Coffer Packer?

Coffee packer is a machine used to pack coffee so that it can be portable and easy to sell.

There are several reasons why investing in this equipment is good.

For instance, it makes packaging of coffee simpler and faster thus saving on time and tediousness of human labor.

Coffee packaging machine

Coffee packaging machine

This machine is also easy to use because it is automatic.

Investing in this machine is beneficial because it can easily be maintained.

This guarantees its use for a long time without incurring additional expenses, thus yielding high returns.

I would also encourage you to invest in this device because it can be used in packaging other products.

In addition to these, this machine ensures the coffee taste is not compromised to either air or light during packaging.

What is the Function of the Coffee Packer Machine?

This equipment is relevant in performing many functions.

Below are some of its functions:

  • These devices help in cleaning the packaging materials to make sure their texture is fine.
  • It can help in forming the shapes of the coffee pod packages that are later used for packaging coffee.
  • The machine quantifies the amount of coffee or other materials before filling it into the pods.
  • This same machine fills and seals the coffee pod packages.
  • Apart from these, it can be used to package other powder products like food, beverages, chemicals, and medicines.
  • Lastly, the machine cuts the pods into smaller sizes and prints codes on them for labeling purposes.

Is there a Limitation of Coffee Packer Machine?

Yes, there are some demerits of this machine.

For example, sourcing and installing this machine is costly and this calls for a huge amount of money.

Also, the coffee pods cannot be recycled and for this reason, there is a lot of environmental pollution.

Sometimes, coffee pods may not be fresh.

This compromises its use since most consumers may shy away from using them.

This machine is big and therefore, it needs a wide space for installation.

If you have a relatively small space, this may pose some challenges.

Coffee pod packaging machine

Coffee pod packaging machine

Because it is bulky, shifting this machine from one position to another is difficult.

Which Types of Coffer Packer Machines are there?

Currently, two types of machines are available.

We have automatic and semi-automatic ones.

· Automatic Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

This machine is fully automated and it helps in making the whole process accurate, fast, and reliable.

The touch screen control panel is the component used in controlling all the machine functionality.

This type of machine helps in forming coffee pod packages, filling, sealing, printing codes, and cutting them into desired sizes.

In addition to these, it has a collection component where all the coffee packaged and cut are collected for cartooning.

· Semi-automatic Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

For this type of machine, human power is involved in some of its areas of operations.

The machine forms the coffee pods, fills, and seals them.

Other operations like cutting the pods into sizes and collecting them after cutting are done manually by the operator.

This type of coffee packer is not expensive although it is less efficient as compared to the automatic one.

You may need to employ many operators while using this type of machine.

This may be too expensive and may reduce your company returns.

What are the Parts of Coffee Packer Machine?

There are many components to this machine.

These include:

PLC: This helps in controlling all the machine operations.

Operation specifications are keyed in here to facilitate the successful packaging process.

It has a screen where the results are displayed and any adjustments can be made if there is a need.

The Relay: The machine circuits are electronically and electromechanically opened through this part.

The temperature controller: For the packaging of coffee to be successful, there has to be temperature variation.

Some processes require relatively high temperatures while others need moderate and low temperatures.

The temperature control system does this.

An eye mark sensor: This helps in reading the eye mark so that is can identify the packaging materials and control their position.

It also aids in coordinating separation and cutting of the package materials.

The Servo motor: This component helps in controlling the speed of this machine.

The funnel or nozzle: This helps in directing the coffee into the pods.

The oscillating tray dispenser: This is used to discharge coffee granules into the pods during the packaging process.

The cylinder: This is the container where coffee that is to be packaged is poured in readiness for dispensing into the pods.

The load cell: The coffee is weighed at this point after filling to make sure all the pods have the right quantity. This ensures the right quantity is dispensed into the pods for packaging.

Pod de-nesting station: The pods which are used to fill coffee are formed at this part of the machine.

The conveyor belt: The coffee pod already filed are delivered through this component.

The tear notch sealer: Pods filled with coffee are sealed using this part.

The power control: The machine power supply is controlled through this part. The buttons for on and off are located at this point.

How does Coffee Pod Packaging Machine compare to Coffee Capsule Packaging Machine?

The coffee pod packaging machine is made in compliance with CGMP and CE.

It operates consistently and reliably by the fact that its auger filler is driven by servo motor.

Coffee pod packaging machine

Coffee pod packaging machine

Besides, it has a touch screen from where all the machine operations are determined and controlled.

The success in its operation also depends on the temperature control and eye-mark sensor that is possessed.

Besides, the automatic one has an inner pod and an outer bag.

It has a horizontal design that is ideal for coffee pods.

Last but not least, this machine has nitrogen flushing and an option of nitrogen generator.

Coffee capsule filling machine, on the other hand, is a customized device that fills and seals through an automatic cup-feeder.

It also has a cup detector, full auger filler, nitrogen flash, pre-made lid place, cup seal, and an output.

Coffe capsule filling machine

Coffee capsule filling machine

This equipment can work with either vertical or horizontal packaging machines.

However, the horizontal one is preferred because it is portable.

The machine has a PLC where all operations are calibrated.

It can store a lot of cups and it fills these cups with accuracy.

When there is a deviation in the weight of coffee being filled, there is room for adjusting the auger filler.

Coffee capsule filling machines can easily install nitrogen flushing although it’s not a must.

This machine is good because it’s highly sensitive and if a cup is not detected, there is no filling.

Also, this reduces the wastage due to spillover during the filling process.

Lastly, the machine is made from SS304 material that is easy to clean and maintain.

What are the Features of Coffee Packer Machine?

There are many features of this machine. Some of them are outlined below.

  • The major parts are made from SUS304 stainless steel material. This makes it easy to clean and maintain since it is free from rust and corrosion.
  • This device operates with high efficiency.
  • It is easy to operate, clean, maintain, stable and can last longer
  • The outer part of the bags is controlled by a motor so that it measures ingredients accurately. It also helps in placing the bags in a stable position while filling and sealing.

Do Coffee Packer Machines have Labelling Capability?

Yes, it has.

After cutting the pods into the desired sizes, this machine prints the codes on to the pods thereby labeling them.

Which Support Equipment can you use alongside Coffee Packer?

There are some machines which can be attached to this machine to make it more useful.

Among these devices include:

  • Hot oil batch coding
  • An electronic ink coding
  • The nitrogen flushing.

Which Filling Systems are used in Coffee Packaging Machine?

There are four main filling systems used in this machine.

These include:

  • The Volumetric cup filler
  • Auger filler that is controlled either by clutch or by servo.
  • The load cell controller weight filler
  • The reciprocating pump for liquids

Which Factors Affect the Efficiency of Coffee Packer Machine?

There are four factors that determine the efficiency of this machine.

These include coffee packaging bags, the freshness of coffee, convenient coffee packaging options, and the process of packaging.

The packaging bags: There are bags that can stand and support high quantity fills like flat bottom and quad seal bags.

However, they may not be cost-effective like pillow bags.

Most of these bags are made during the packaging process although some are pre-made.

Machines using pre-made bags are more efficient and have high output than those forming the bags.

The freshness of coffee: If you wish to have your coffee remain fresh for a long time, use a machine with a degassing valve.

Carbon dioxide is allowed to escape from the freshly roasted coffee.

On the other hand oxygen, moisture, and light which compromise its freshness are prevented from entering the bags.

Convenient coffee packaging options: There are popular packages like zippers and ties which can be reused after opening.

Some packages are big while others are smaller thus making them more convenient for customers who prefer trying new packs.

Therefore, the packaging of smaller packs can be done much faster with accuracy and uniformity if the machine is good.

The process of packaging coffee: This also determines this machine efficiency.

If you are intending to use a semi-automatic machine, it may not be more efficient.

However, the highly efficient one is an automated machine.

How do you Package Coffee?

Packaged coffee

Packaged coffee

The process of packaging coffee involves many steps which are highlighted below.

The first step: This involves preparation which includes removing the cover and addition of flavors.

Preparation also involves proper machine inspection to make sure it is functioning well.

Lastly, all the packaging materials must be at the right place in the machine.

The second step: Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and fill the coffee into the receiving cylinder.

Switch on the machine and key in all the specific operation details on the PLC.

For instance, the quantity of coffee you intend to fill in every pod and speed are some of the specifications.

The third step: At this stage, pods are formed and shifted to the filter to form modules.

They are cut into discs of filter papers and moved to the welding station to be stuck to the pods.

The fourth step: The coffee is allowed to flow out of the cylinder in the right quantity through the auger into the pods.

At this stage, funnels and nozzles are changed automatically.

The fifth step: The pods are passed to the load cell where they are weighed to ensure they are accurately filled.

The weight is conveyed to the PLC for confirmation.

Any deviation in the coffee pods calls for adjustment of the auger.

The sixth step: At this stage, the lids are cleaned to remove any spillover that may compromise the tightness of the lids.

The seventh step: Nitrogen is passed through the coffee and thereafter covered with a lid before sealing using heat.

The eighth step: A high-speed vision system presses the lid so that it sits on the coffee pods properly.

Any pod that does not meet the quality standard is rejected.

The right ones are passed on to a conveyer belt for further packaging.

How much does Coffer Packer Cost?

Coffee packers cost varies depending on the location where you would wish to source it from.

For instance, in China, it may cost 5,000 USD whereas in America some may cost as much as 200,000 USD.

The variation in these machine prices is a result of a difference in its quality, workmanship, and customer specifications.

Other than these, complexity and materials used in making it are also factors that influence its cost.

Are there Custom Coffee Packer Machine?

Yes, they are available.

They provide packaging in a specific way that has been ordered by the user.

For example, if you want it to print some labels on the pods, it can be made with that feature.

The customized machine can be made to use different binders that help in keeping the pods together like aluminum foil.

It can also be customized to package coffee pods of a specific quantity and size with printed logos and labels.

How does Granular and Coffee Powder Packaging Compare?

Granular coffee packaging involves quantifying the coffee either through a volumetric container or using a filling system with a balance.

It does not use a screw filling system since this can destroy the coffee beans.

This type of packaging is not meant for ready to use coffee.

On the other hand, coffee powder packaging is ready-to-use and because it’s in powder form, the screw filling is ideal.

There is no specific quantity of coffee being packaged and variations are adjusted as desired by the machine operator.

How does Ground Coffee, Bean Coffee, and Instant Coffee Packaging compare?

For ground coffee, the beans are ground, filled to a chosen quantity of package using a vertical filling machine.

Alternatively, either volumetric or screw filling machines can be used to package this type of coffee into quarto packets.

Bean coffee on the other hand is also packaged using vertical filling and packaging machines.

Fortunately, it remains fresh for a relatively long time and the consumer can grind and used it at any time.

Their packs are usually labeled TurPack and they differ in terms of their brewing mechanisms.

On the contrary, instant coffee can dissolve in water and once this is done, it becomes ready-to-drink.

This type of coffee packaging is very convenient and can help when in a hurry to take a coffee drink.

They are available in stick packs.

What are the Quality Standards for Coffee Packer?

The quality standards for coffee packers are many.

For example, it must be made in compliance with CGMP which is a good manufacturing practice.

The equipment must also be manufactured in compliance with CE, which supports its hygienic status.

This is very important because it’s used to package products that should a guarantee of human safety.

It must be made from materials that are free from corrosion like SUS304 stainless steel.

This is because they are easy to clean and maintain.

This machine must have a PLC with a touch screen where all its operations are pre-determined.

It’s this component that provides a platform where the results of the process are read for adjustment purposes.

A good coffee packer should have the capacity to form, fill, seal, cut, label, and discharge pods from the machine.

In addition to these, it should also be able to reject the underweight and overweight pods.

This will ensure a uniform quantity of coffee pods at the end of the packaging process.

Lastly, a good machine should have sensors that detect the pods before filling.

This prevents wastage of products during the packaging process.

At SaintyCo, we design and manufacture high quality and reliable coffee packer machines.

We help our customers in the custom design, installation, commissioning, and subsequent maintenance.

Contact us today for best prices in coffee packer machines.

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