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Chocolate Machine

The complete chocolate production line is manufactured based on the principles of modular and the combination of building blocks, which made up by auto mould-heating device, numerical depositor, cooling tunnel,belt conveyor and demoulding device.

Chocolate Machine: The Ultimate Guide

1. What is Chocolate Production Line?

A chocolate production line is set of machines that operate on the principles of combination and the modular of building blocks.

It consists of auto mold heating devices, cooling tunnels, numerical depositors, demoulding devices, and belt conveyors among other devices.



2. Which Industries use Chocolate Machines?

You can use the chocolate machine in the following industries:

  • Food industry for moulding different types of chocolates
  • Nutraceutical industry for moulding specific chocolates with nutritional value

3. What Chocolate Machines does SaintyCo offer?

SaintyCo offers different types of chocolate machines for you to choose from.

Depending on your application requirements, you can choose from the following list of machines:

4. What is Chocolate Machine used for?

Chocolate moulding plant

You can use a chocolate machine for different purposes.

Some of the main uses of the chocolate machine include:

  • Mixing different chocolate ingredients to make different types of chocolates
  • Coating the chocolate with different coats depending on your requirements
  • Packaging the chocolate in different types of packages such as foils
  • Labeling the chocolate as well as the chocolate packages with brand names and other key information.
  • Inspection of the chocolate in a bid to get rid of the chocolate that does not fit the production standards.

5. Does SaintyCo help in FAT for Chocolate Machine?

Yes, SaintyCo assists in FAT for chocolate machines.

FAT is an initial for “Factory Acceptance Test” where SaintyCo inspects the functionality of the machines.

SaintyCo will ensure that the machine is in proper working conditions before releasing it from the factory.

It is a form of assurance that the machine will not cause any trouble when you are using it.

Some of the factory acceptance tests that SaintyCo does on the chocolate machines include:

  • Functioning, flushing and pressure tests of the hydraulic control systems or circuits
  • Assembly hydrostatic pressure testing of the chocolate machine hydraulic system
  • Function testing of the automatic systems such as PLC control panels.
  • Gas testing
  • Testing for proper installation and functionality of the chocolate machine
  • Thermal insulation testing to ensure the machine has proper insulation properties from excess heat.
  • Continuity checks on the chocolate machine for cathodic protection

6. What is Chocolate Molding Plant?

A chocolate moulding plant is a facility with different machines that you can use in molding chocolate.

Implying that the chocolate molding plant makes the chocolate into different shapes and forms depending on your requirements.

It depends on moulds of different materials such as plastic, rubber or polycarbonate materials leading to variation in quality.

7. What are the Uses of Chocolate Moulding Machine?

You can use the chocolate moulding machine for the following purposes:

Chocolate moulding machine

Chocolate moulding machine

  • Preparing chocolate moulds of different types such as solids, inclusions, cookies and wafers as well as pure chocolate moulds.
  • Preparing chocolate into various blocks, bars, drops and other forms depending on the shapes.

It does the preparations and moulding of the chocolate in distinctive types, shapes and sizes.

8. What are the main Components of Chocolate Moulding Plant?

A chocolate molding plant must have the following components in order to make perfect chocolate moulds.

The components consist of the basic unit, complimentary units and customizable units.

The main units of the chocolate moulding plant include:

· Tamper Unit

This is the part that pre-crystalizes, heats, and mixes the chocolate to specific temperatures that you require.

· Mould Loader

This is the part where you will load the type of moulds that you prefer.

The moulds can either be of different shapes, sizes and materials thus determining the quality and suitability of the chocolate.

· Depositors of the Depositing Unit

These are the parts responsible for sensitive filling of chocolate products into different moulds.

It may have an optional water based depositor that deposit products that are in fluid form.

You will also need a special type of depositor in case you would like to use granules.

This type of machine or depositor is capable of depositing granules on the chocolate moulds.

· Vibrating Table

This is the bench that vibrates at different frequencies capable of tumbling the moulds up and down.

As it vibrates, it also moves the chocolate moulds down to the next stage.

· Control Unit

It consists of a special user interface touch screen together with a PLC control panel.

Apart from that, you are likely to find:

i. Power switch buttons

ii. Variable frequency drives

iii. Start Buttons

iv. Fuses

v. Safety limit switches

You can control and monitor all the operations of an automatic chocolate machine from the control unit.

· Granule Dosing Unit

This unit consists of spreaders under pneumatic control systems for dropping granules into loaded or filled moulds.

· Chocolate Pump

It has a suction force that assists in maintain the flow of chocolate through piping system straight to the depositors.

· Cooling Channel

The cooling system or channel gets rid of excess heat from the moulds after a heating process to the right temperatures.

It makes sure that it effectively and efficiently cools every part of the mould.

· Chocolate – Granule Mixer

This is the part of the machine that will homogenously mix granules with chocolate.

· Mould Unloader

This part of the machine handles the cool mould as the products exit from the machine.

After that, it allows the mould to move to the mould control unit for further processing.

· Exit Tunnel

This the chamber of the machine that where all the chocolate mould product leave the chocolate machine.

· Main Machine Framework

You can also refer to it as the main housing unit of all the other parts of the machine.

It is stainless steel ensuring a secure, durable and strong system for holding all the components of the machine.

· Transport Unit

It consists of conveyor belts and piping system that enables quick transportation of different forms of materials to various stations.

·  Electrical Unit

This is the main unit that provides the whole machine with the electric power that it requires.

It also controls the amount of power that flows in the machine for various purposes.

Apart from that, it has various components such as fuses that protects the machine in case of any electric faults.

· Safety Unit

The machine has a safety unit that ensures the machine as well as the operator are safe while operating the machine.

This unit has sensors that will detect the presence of a problem and stop the machine immediately after sounding a warning.

9. How does Chocolate Moulding Plant Work?

Operating a fully automatic chocolate moulding machine is a straightforward process.

You will go through the following steps to efficiently and successfully operate a chocolate machine:

Step One: Creation of the Shell Products

First you need to prepare the machine properly before commencing the operations.

The preparation of the machine includes proper inspection to ensure it is in proper working conditions.

You also need to set the operation parameters of the machine according to your production requirements.

As the machine is up and running, you will load the moulds or the pre-made moulds into the mould loader.

The machine will heat the mould as the mould goes through the heating tunnel.

The mould will heat automatically up to the previously set temperatures.

Once it attains the right temperatures, the machine will stop automatically and the heating channel will rise.

The drain fan will begin to function allowing the liquid to flow into various moulds.

Using the one shot depositor working on the principle of pistons operating in assistance of servo motor, filling process begins.

The machine has the capability of achieving sensitive fillings with the assistance of fully automatic cam-profile systems.

In many cases, the filling process achieves a 60% filling ratio into the moulds.

After that, the machine will dose the chocolate with granules as granules will fill the moulds.

This unit depends on the lapel and spreader system depending on the type of machinery.

The pneumatically controlled actuator system will then flip the mould upside down.

After that, the machine cools it down as soon as it reaches the cooling chamber via the transport system.

Every part of the mould cools down effectively and uniformly in accordance to the cooling temperature you set.

As it leaves the cooling tunnel, the conveyor belt will pick them up and vibrate them as they move to the net stage.

The sliding and vibration of the system depends on servo motors which assist in distributing the chocolate evenly into the moulds.

After that, it will flip to the original direction through the action of the pneumatic system before unloading the mould.

The resultant product is a fully prepared shells.

Step Two: Creation of Full Moulds

First you will load the moulds and pack them with the shells from the previous stage.

The chocolate depositors will then deposit the right amount of chocolate into the right moulds.

After that, the machine will take the moulds through a cooling, vibration and emptying process.

The final product will be the target and complete mould that you were making.

10. What are the Characteristics of Chocolate Moulds?

When you are making chocolate moulds, it is important to understand their characteristics.

The main characteristics that you need to understand include:

Moulded chocolate

Molded chocolate

· Chocolate Moulds are available in Different Sizes

Moulds that were in existence early enough were capable of holding about 15 and 20 grams.

In the recent past, new moulds have been developed with capable of holding between 7 to 10 grams.

Despite the above specifications, you can also find other chocolate mould in varying sizes.

· Chocolate Moulds are available in Different Shapes

You can opt for the traditional circle and square shapes of chocolate moulds.

Alternatively, you can opt for the modern shapes which include shapes of the skull, and musical instruments among others.

· Water determines the Chocolate Quality

This is more dependent on the kind of chocolate mould you are using.

For instance, using a flat mould will lead to the formation of a smooth chocolate

11. How does Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine and Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine compare?

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

A chocolate fold wrapping machine automatically wraps chocolate in form of parlances and tablets of different sizes in envelop style.

It is capable of wrapping chocolates with one or two films simultaneously.

It uses backed or single aluminum to wrap chocolate that have special outlet groups and perfect seals.

The advantages of using the chocolate fold wrapping machine include:

i. You can place it in either horizontal or any other random outlet with the capability of reaching many outlets per minute.

ii. It is flexible with the capability of wrapping different types of chocolates with different materials accordingly.

iii. It consists of a color mark tracing system which improves the wrapping systems efficiency.

iv. It is fully automatic and has more accuracy and can save a lot of production time.

On the other hand, you can use a chocolate foil wrapping machine to wrap ellipse or ball chocolate using foil.

Some of the advantages of the chocolate foil wrapping machine include:

i. It has a frequency converter technique capable of frequently converting wrapping dimensions.

ii. It has a PLC control panel that gives a user friendly system that is easy to operate.

iii. It operates at a very high speed and produces wonderful results such as great appearance.

iv. The cost of operating the machine is low since it is automatic and you don’t need additional man power

Despite the benefits, the machine also has its disadvantages which include:

i. Any form of malfunction on the machine will lead to an automatic stop of operations for a long period.

ii. The cost of purchasing the machine as well as installing is very high.

12. How does Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine Work?

Chocolate foil wraping

Chocolate foil wrapping

The chocolate foil wrapping machine works through the following steps.

Step One: Preparation of Ingredients

The main ingredients you need to prepare are the chocolate and the foil wrappers.

The chocolate will come straight from the chocolate production line.

In this case, the types of chocolates to wrap will be in form of ellipses and balls.

You need to load the chocolate wrappers on to the wrappers hopper.

You also need to make sure the machine is working properly before setting the wrapping specifications.

Step Two: Wrapping Process

There are different types of wrapping that the machine can perform.

In this case, we will have a look at the primary process of wrapping chocolate.

As soon as the machine reaches the wrapping stage, it will wrap the chocolate into the foil neatly.

Step Three: Cutting the Chocolate Wrappers

After that, the machine will move the chocolate to the next stage where it will cut the foil to size.

The machine will then move the wrapped chocolate on to the sealing stage.

Step Four: Sealing the Chocolate Wrappers

The chocolate foil wrapping machine will automatically seal the loose ends of the foil wrappers.

It can either apply glue to the ends or use laser heating to seal the ends.

Step Five: Printing the chocolate Wrappers

The machine will inscribe or print the right dimensions and information on the chocolate wrappers.

The information includes manufacturing and expiring dates, and the retail name of the chocolate among others.

Step Six: Packaging the Chocolate

You need to inspect the integrity of the foil wrap before packaging it for transport to various destinations.

You have to make sure that the wrappers have complete seals that you can easily open to reveal the content.

13. What is the Working Principle of Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine?

A chocolate wrapping machine follows almost the same working principle as the other wrapping machines.

The main differences in the working principle is in the type of chocolate and the wrapping method.

Chocolate wrapping machines wrap chocolates in terms of tablets and parlances through the following steps:

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Step One: Preparation of the Main Ingredients

First you will make sure that the parlances as well as the tablets are available for wrapping.

In this case, you will can use the type of wrapping material if your choice.

You should also make sure that other parameters are in proper working conditions before programming the machine.

Allow the machine to start after loading the wrapper into the wrapper hopper of the machine.

Step Two: Actual Wrapping Process

As the chocolate moves from the chocolate moulding machine, it will meet with the wrapper at one point.

At this point the machine will wrap the chocolate with a foil wrapper.

After that, it will also wrap the chocolate with another type of wrapper in an envelope style.

The machine is capable of wrapping chocolate with one or two wrappers at the same time.

It will then convey the chocolate through the cutting process where the machine cuts the wrappers accordingly.

Step Three: Sealing the Wrappers

After the cutting process, the ends of the wrappers are often loose and it is important to tuck them in.

You can achieve a smart and suitable tuck in by sealing the loose ends.

You can easily seal the loose ends through laser heating as well as application of glue to the joints.

After that, the machine will pass the chocolate through the labeling machine.

The machine will label by printing the right information on the wrappers of the chocolate.

This includes the brand name as well as the manufacturing and expiry dates of the chocolate.

Step Four: Inspection Stage

This is the point where you will inspect the condition of the wrappers before packaging.

The machine is capable of detecting any chocolate wrap that is not placed well and discard it accordingly.

It will allow the good ones to proceed to the packaging station for packaging and then storage.

14. How do you Manufacture Chocolate?

You can manufacture chocolate using a chocolate making machine by going through the following steps:

Step One: Winnowing and Roasting Cocoa Beans

First, you will prepare the ingredients that you need to make the chocolate.

The most important ingredients include cocoa beans, milk, and sugar which will add the flavor to the chocolate.

You need to ferment cocoa beans by winnowing and roasting so that they can dry appropriately.

It will also gain the color that most of the chocolate users expect to get.

After that, you will remove the outer shell of the beans and then break the inner bean meat into cocoa nibs.

After that, the machine will allow the nibs to pass through sieves that will sort them into various sizes.

Step Two: Grinding the Cocoa Nibs

This is the process by which you will change the state of cocoa nibs into cocoa liquor.

You can also refer to it as cocoa mass or unsweetened chocolate.

As the machine grinds the chocolate, it generates heat which turns the dry granular into liquid.

The heat will also melt the high amount of fat that is available in the nib.

After that, you will add other ingredients such as cocoa butter and sugar to increase the flavor.

In case you are making milk chocolate, you will add powdered milk and them mix thoroughly to form a homogenous mixture.

Step 3: Blending Cocoa Liquor

You will pass the homogenous mixture through further refining process to make sure the sugar and milk powder are fine enough.

After that, you will blend the mass with butter and liquor at various capacities to make different types of coverture.

Step Four: Final Moulding Stage

After blending, you will pass the blend through the final moulding process.

It will allow the cocoa liquor to cool down and also harden into various shapes according to the mould.

You will determine the size of chocolate at the moulding stage as it will assume the size of the mould.

What’s more you can additional products such as wafers, biscuits, and fruits at this stage to improve the flavor.

After that, you have the freedom of packaging and distributing the chocolate.

15. What is Chocolate Vending Machine?

A chocolate vending machine is an electronic device that you can use to automatically disperse chocolate to a consumer.

All you have to do is insert enough amount of money into the cash slot of the chocolate vending machine.

The machine will automatically detect the amount of money and match allow you to select the chocolate you need.

After that, it will dispense your choice of chocolate and you will be able to pick it from the dispenser slot.

16. How do you Wrap Chocolate?

You can wrap chocolate using the chocolate wrapping machine.

A chocolate wrapping machine is a device that you can use to place a protective wrapper around different types of chocolate.

The process of wrapping chocolate goes through different wrapping stages according to the type of chocolate.

You will have to choose from one of the following stages when wrapping chocolate:

Wraping chocolate

Figure 9 Wrapping chocolate

Single Stage Primary Wrapping

This is the process of wrapping chocolate in one or two types of wrappers in a single operation.

You can as well identify single stage primary wrapping as mono pack.

The machine that you can use in this process include:

i. Fold wrapping machine

ii. Horizontal flow wrapping machine

Two Stage Primary Wrapping

At this stage, you will have to use two packaging materials.

Additionally, you need to pass the chocolate through consecutive wrapping steps either as monopacks or multipacks.

The machine that you can use to wrap the chocolate is the fold wrapping machine.

Secondary Wrapping

This is the process of wrapping chocolate that already has a primary wrapper around them.

You can use different types of secondary wrapping materials such as:

i. OPP or PP film wrapping material

ii. Cellophane wrapping materials

iii. Paper wrap or a cardboard label

Using the secondary wrappers, you can opt to create a mono pack or a multi pack.

In secondary wrapping, the types of machines that you can use include:

i. Fold Wrapping Machine

ii. Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

Tertiary Wrapping

This is the process of placing the wrapped chocolates in closed or open display cartons or carton trays.

You can use cellophane to seal the carton and also to provide extra security.

The machine you need for tertiary wrapping of the chocolate is the cartoning machine.

Final Wrapping

This is the final packaging stage before you allow the chocolate for distribution to different locations.

You will use downstream equipment in the chain of production such as shipping cartons and pallets.

Well, how does the chocolate wrapping machine wrap the chocolate?

The type of wrapping that you need will determine the type of machine that you will use.

To successfully place a chocolate wrapper around the chocolate, you need to go through the following processes:

Step One: Preparation stage

First, you need to prepare the main ingredients that you will use which include chocolate and chocolate wrappers.

The chocolate will come straight from the chocolate moulding machine and you will need to load the wrappers.

The preparation stage also includes proper inspection of the machine to ensure that it is in proper working condition.

After that you can key in the wrapping specifications from the PLC control panel and then power the machine to proceed.

Step Two: Actual Wrapping Process

Since there are numerous types of wrappers and wrapping stages, we will focus on the primary wrapping of chocolate.

Chocolate from the chocolate moulding machine meets the chocolate wrappers at one particular point.

The chocolate wrapping machine will, therefore, manipulate the chocolate wrappers accordingly and wrap the chocolate using the wrapper.

The wrapper can be in the form of fold piece of paper, polythene or foil depending om your requirements.

Step Three: Cutting the Chocolate Wrappers

To obtain uniformity, you need to cut the chocolate wrapper to size.

The machine has proper configurations that will ensure that the cutting process is in accordance to the specifications.

After that, the machine will move the chocolate to the sealing stage.

Step Four: Sealing of the Chocolate Wrappers

This is the point where the machine takes care of the loose ends of the wrappers.

It will seal the wrappers using glue or laser heating.

You have to ensure that the seal is easy to remove thus allowing the consumer to have easy access to the chocolate.

After that, you will allow the machine to move the chocolate all the way to the printing Stage.

Step Five: Printing Stage

Using a properly calibrated printing machine, you will print the write information on the wrappers such as:

i. Brand name of the chocolate

ii. Manufacturing and Expiry dates

iii. Ingredients used in making the chocolate

After that, you can package the chocolate for storage and later distribution to different place across the world.

17. Can SaintyCo make Chocolate Machine URS?

Yes, SaintyCo can make chocolate machine User Requirement Specifications.

In many cases, you will be able to provide the type of specifications that you need on the special type of machine.

SaintyCo will provide assistance from the experienced team of engineers to assist in ascertaining the functionality of the machine.

URS can also outline the associated commercial requirements of the machine within a particular scope of supply.

18. How does IQ and OQ Chocolate Machine Documents Compare?

IQ chocolate machine documents is the installation documentation document that will ensure proper installation.

It will ensure that the machine as well all the other accessories of the machine have arrived at the installation site.

It will also ensure that the installation process of the machine is in accordance to the industry requirements.

Apart from that, the installation qualification document will make sure that configuration process is complete.

For a complete success in the process of installation, the process must meet manufacturers requirements including:

  • Location of installation with enough floor space
  • Proper energy sources including enough power in form of electricity or gas among other sources.
  • Operating conditions that is in accordance to the environmental requirements
  • Unpacking of all the parts of the machine and making sure they are in perfect conditions
  • Crosschecking the content of the package against the packing list.
  • Documentation of the automatic instrumentation that have computer control systems.
  • Checking the installation of software and basic accessibility
  • Verifying proper connections that will ensure proper communication between the main systems.
  • Recording the serial numbers as well as the firmware versions
  • Tagging the instruments or parts with proper installation qualification tags.
  • Recording of the validation and calibration dates of the equipment you will use in the IQ process
  • Gathering all the certificates as well as the manuals of conformity.

After completing all the phases of installation qualification, you can now commence with the operational qualification documentation.

With the help of a professional, you will ensure that the operations of the machine are consistent to user requirements.

It will also confirm that the machine is operating within the manufacturers preferred range.

It involves testing all the parts of the machine individually before confirming their functionality.

Apart from the above, the operational qualification process will go through the following stages:

  • Inspection of the signaling LEDs and display units
  • Temperature fluctuations and control inspection
  • Inspection of extreme cases such as low temperature protection as well as overheating alarm systems.
  • Vacuum or pressure controlling systems.
  • CO2 control system inspection
  • Testing the humidity measuring and controlling systems.
  • Speed testing of the fan and fan speed controllers.
  • Confirming functionality of the air flap and servo motor controllers
  • Configuring the card readers as well as the access controllers.
  • Ensuring proper temperature distribution according to the DIN 12880: 2007-05

At the end of the process, the technician will approve an operational document.

19. Which Chocolate Machine Support Equipment does SaintyCo offer?

You will need to have proper support equipment in a chocolate moulding plant for complete production performances.

Some of the conventional auxiliary machines that you can include in the process are:


Figure 10 Chocolate

· Tampering Machine

The machine will heat chocolate to a particular temperature with proper mixing to enable it achieve proper crystallization.

The series of heating and cooling, as well as mixing will enable the chocolate to achieve smooth and crispy crystallization.

· Automatic Chocolate Depositor

It will automatically, uniformly and accurately deposit chocolate into different cavity moulds.

It will eliminate the need of manually filling the cavities by hand.

· Chocolate Enrobers

You will use it to make thin chocolate coating medium onto certain products such as dried fruits, cookies and nuts.

· Automatic Demoulder

It will automatically demould bars or pralines from the moulds.

· Biscuit Feeding Unit

This is a system that will automatically include biscuits into the feeding system if need be.

· Granule Dosing Equipment

It combines use of lapel systems as well as pneumatic spreaders to have proper dose of granules into the moulds.

· Chocolate Granule Mixer

The machine will automatically mix pure chocolate with different granules volumetrically.

After that, it will channel the homogenous mixture straight to the depositor.

· Nut Feeder

This is the system that automatically feed the nuts into the chocolate moulding system in case you are using nuts.

· Feeder Mixer

Varies and regulates the number of inclusions such as raisins, grounded nuts, fruit pieces and rice crisps.

It makes sure that the inclusions are proportionate to the amount of chocolate before introduction to the depositor.

· Filling and Weighing System

This is the most accurate and reliable way of weighing and depositing chocolate thus the need of a weighing system.

· Chocolate Analysis Unit

It assists in the assessment of quality of chocolate before filling or depositing with different parameters.

It provides you with the proper chance of improving the chocolate in case it does not meet the specifications.

· Chocolate Pumps

Despite the physical properties of the chocolate, the pumps will assist in pushing it through the pipes.

20. How does Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine compare to Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine?

 Chocolate coin wrapping machine

 Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine is a particular type of device that you can use to wrap chocolate assuming a coin shape.

Modern chocolate coin wrapping machines have the ability of replacing chromo paper with colored bristol paper.

Whenever you are using the chocolate coin wrapping paper, you will experience the following advantages:

i. It consists of a servo control intelligence system that increases the ease of operating the machine.

ii. It is capable of producing low noise during the operation process thus increasing the comfort of the operational environment.

iii. The machine is fully automatic with forming, feeding, filling and packaging process fully automatic.

iv. It has a user friendly machine interface that allows you to control and monitor all the operations from a touch screen.

The touch screen has a perfect display of all the operation parameters making it ideal for proper operations.

v. It also has sensors that will stop the machine automatically in case it detects any form of malfunction.

This will increase the safety of the machine as well as the safety of the user thus longevity and durability.

Despite the fact that the machine has numerous benefits, it also has its own disadvantages such as:

i.The initial cost of purchasing and installing the machine in the production line is high

ii. It covers a bigger floor space thus forcing you to have a wider installation floor space

You can optimize the process of chocolate wrapping using the chocolate wrapping machine by:

  • Ensuring that it is in proper working conditions
  • Greasing the moving parts of the machine to reduce friction and protect the machine from damage.
  • Doing thorough cleaning and maintenance of the machine from time to time

Chocolate bar wrapping machine will automatically wrap chocolates in form of bars in cardboard wrappers or paper aluminum.

It will also hermetically seal the wrappers for ultimate convenience in use and also in storage.

You can choose from the series of chocolate bar wrapping machines such as:

i. Chocolate bar fold wrapping machine

ii. Chocolate bar horizontal flow wrapping machine

iii. Chocolate bar cartoning machine

Some of the advantages that you will experience while using the chocolate bar wrapping machines include:

i. It will guarantee you the highest quality of wrapping with some of the best designs.

ii. It provides a number of wrapping solutions in the form of envelopes, bands and cubes among others.

iii. It has special features which increases the ease with which you can control and monitor the machine operations.

iv. The automatic state of the machine increases the quality and quantity of production.

v. The handling procedure of the machine is extremely gentle thus reducing any forms of breakage.

Some of the disadvantages of using the chocolate bar wrapping machine include:

i. You might incur additional cost in training a few operators on specific operational requirements.

ii. Just like other machine the initial cost of purchasing and installing the machines are high.

You can optimize the operations of the chocolate bar wrapping machines by:

  • Switching to smart packaging solutions that maximize marketability and decrease the cost of packaging
  • Ensure proper adherence to packaging specifications of the machine.
  • Maintaining the machine by greasing the moving parts, replacing worn out parts and cleaning from time to time.

21. How does Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine Work?

A chocolate coin wrapping machine is capable of packaging and wrapping chocolate in different types of chocolate wrappers.

In many cases, the design packages are bright and stereoscopic.

To successfully wrap a chocolate coin, you will go through the following steps:

Step One: Preparing the Chocolate and Wrappers

First, you have to make sure that the machine is in proper working condition.

As that happens, you can add the chocolate wrappers of different colors and forms into the wrappers hopper.

You should also ensure that the chocolate moulding machine is supplying the chocolate wrapping machine with chocolate coins.

The process will commence with proper calibration of the machine where you will configure the right operation specifications.

Step Two: Wrapping Process

At this point, you will allow the machine to proceed with the wrapping process.

As the chocolate comes into contact with the wrapper, it will wrap the chocolate coins accordingly.

After that, the machine will machine will cut the chocolate coin wrappers in size and shape of the chocolate coin.

It will then proceed to the sealing Stage to ensure the wrappers are intact.

Step Three: Sealing Stage

At this point, the machine will take care of the loose ends of the chocolate coin wrappers.

It will seal them accordingly using laser heat or with glue.

On that note, it will pass the chocolate to the printing stage.

With proper calibration, the machine is capable of printing images on the wrappers and other decorations.

Step Four: Packaging Stage

After that, the machine will package the chocolate coins in cartons and other types of special packages.

You can complete the packaging process using auxiliary machines such as cartoning machines.

You will also need to print and label the packages with manufacturing and expiry dates as well as brand names.

22. Why Coat Chocolate?

You should coat chocolate for the following reasons:

Coating chocolate

 Coating chocolate

  • To increase the flavor of the chocolate or bland by coating it with different flavor coatings.
  • To protect the inner parts of the chocolate from potential damage or ruin.
  • It also helps in masking the taste and odor of some foods
  • It also assists in making other products more palatable.
  • It will also enhance the shelf life or durability of the products
  • Improving the texture as well as the structure of the products

Generally, you will coat chocolate in order to improve texture, taste, appearance, and longevity of food substances.

23. How does Chocolate Coating Machine Work?

Chocolate coating is a numerous steps operation process which includes going through the following steps:

Chocolate coating machine

Chocolate coating machine

Step One: Chocolate Melting

First, you will place the chocolate in the tampering system and allow it to melt.

You need to ensure that the tempering system has proper connections to the machine.

This connection will facilitate proper and easy transfer of liquid chocolate for the coating stage.

Step Two: Coating

After melting, place the product that you need to add a coating to on the feed band of the machine.

The feed band can be in the form of wire mesh, containers, or racks.

The feed band will carry the materials that you need to coat from the bottom of the machine to the coating area.

The products then move to the machine coating pumps that create a continuous chocolate waterfall.

The waterfall will cover the products that you need to coat accordingly.

The wire rack will vibrate as the coating pumps pour chocolate on top of the product.

The vibration will ensure that the chocolate coating spreads all over the product evenly.

The machine also has blowers which will ensure that the chocolate does not accumulate at one point for long.

The rack has racks that will allow the products that do not end up on the product to drain.

Most of the machines cycle the unused chocolate to ensure that there is no wastage.

Step Three: Cooling

With the help of a preliminary conveyor, the products will go through the cooling process.

It goes through the cooling tunnels which gets rid of excess heat and solidifies the chocolate coating.

In case the machine lacks a cooling system, you have to manually cool the products in a refrigerator.

Step Four: Packaging

You have the products ready for packaging after application of a full coat and the coat is dry.

Then, you should sort the products for any form of improper or uneven coating.

You will also remove the products that did not coat accordingly and the ones with damages.

You will use a cartoning machine to package in readiness for transportation.

24. What is One Shot Chocolate Depositing Machine?

Chocolate depositing machine

Chocolate depositing machine

One shot chocolate depositing machine has the capability of injecting both the chocolate and filling in a single shot.

It will automatically fill the moulds with the press of one button that will ensure all the processes are complete.

It will also cool the chocolate very fast making it ready for packaging and transportation.

Some of the advantages of using the one shot chocolate depositing machine include:

  • It has the capability of making a huge number of filled products within a shorter period.
  • You can produce a lot of filled products within a short time without compromising on the quality of the products.
  • You will have a lot of free time that will allow you to make other products.
  • You will also eliminate upto five manufacturing steps that could’ve been tedious and costly as well.
  • Finally, it keeps you in control of the manufacturing processthus making it very easy to operate.

25. How does One Shot Chocolate Deposit Machine Work?

The working principle of the chocolate depositing machine depends on the following steps:

Step One: Preparation of the Ingredients

First, you will prepare the ingredients that you need for the entire process.

You need to control the temperatures of the operation process after inserting the chocolate in the mass tank.

You should make sure that the machine is in the best working condition and the shells are ready.

After that, you can power the machine and key in all the operation parameters.

Step Two: Movement of Shells and Chocolate

At the click of a button, you will commence the operations of the chocolate deposit machine.

The chocolate moves from the mass tank and it will flow through pipes and onto the heating hopper.

The shell moulding will also occur and strategically move on the conveyor system.

Step Three: Filling Process

As soon as the mould shells are at a specific point, most specifically under the filling nozzle.

The machine will start the filling process as it will trigger the hopper to release the hot chocolate liquid.

You will control the depositing head of the machine to deposit the chocolate in the right places.

You can also decorate the chocolate with the addition of other ingredients to the chocolate.

Step Four: Cooling Process

After filling the shells, the conveyor will move them through the cooling tunnels.

At this point, the machine will get rid of the excess heat from the hot chocolate.

At the same time, it will ensure that the chocolate dries uniformly.

According to the set parameters, the chocolate may solidify or remain in a semi-molten state. \

Step Five: Quality Assessment

You will pass it through the quality assessment stage that will ensure the formation is in accordance to the right parameters.

You will get rid of the imperfect chocolate coatings and allow the good ones to proceed to the packaging stage.

Finally, you will package the chocolate with the help of different wrapping and cartoning machines.

26. How many Techniques of Chocolate Depositing Techniques are there?

There are a number of techniques that you can use in a chocolate depositor machine.

Some of them include:

  • Numerical Control Technique in Chocolate Depositor Machine

This technique will ensure an accurate and dynamic depositing process.

It also features one time fixing positions which has different and continuous deposits.

It also features numerous divisions of nozzle lifting functions.

  • Precise Depositing Technique in Chocolate Depositor Machine

This technique involves accurate and precise control of flow at 0.01 grams minimum.

The variable depositing of the technique is also very precise and accurate.

The piston system is also leak proof as the design does not allow any form of leakage.

  • Modular Technique in Chocolate Depositor Machine

It consists of perfect configurations on the production line with no limits.

Due to the flexibility, it can shift the function of the machine very easily.

You can adjust the length of the workshop in accordance to the line of production.

This is possible by turning the line of production to suit your specific needs.

27. What is Chocolate Printing Machine?

A chocolate printing machine is a device that you can use to print different dimensions of the chocolate.

This includes printing dates, brands and even the ingredients the manufacturer uses.

You can use some of the chocolate printing machines to inscribe various designs on the chocolate.

28. How do you Specify Chocolate Making Machine?

You can specify the chocolate making machine on the following specifications:



  • Power requirements

You need to know the amount of power available that will support the operations of the machine.

  • Dimensions of the machine

You need to specify the dimension in terms of size, weight, width, length, and height before making an order.

It will assist you in preparing the installation space for the machine.

  • Production Capacity

You need to have a definite estimate on the amount of products you need to produce.

This will determine the speed of operations and even the type of machine that you will use.

Apart from that, you will know whether the machine will be manual or automatic by determining the production capacity.

  • Applications

You will choose the type of machine depending on the type of application you intend it for.

There are specific machines that you can use for specific applications.

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