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VFFS Packaging Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you invest in a new VFFS packaging machine, it is important to know the benefits, specifications, quality standards, and applications, among other critical aspects.

So, keep reading if you want to learn more.

What is the VFFS Packaging Machine?

This is an automatic machine that is used in the assembly-line of a system for packaging.

It is useful in packaging products in the food and pharmaceutical industries among others.

VFFS packaging machine

VFFS packaging machine

What are the Benefits of the VFFS Packaging Machine?

There are many advantages derived from using this machine.

They include the following:

  • They work faster and are very efficient since they are automated.

For this reason, they can package many products in a minute.

For instance, it can package up to 120 bpm and this is dependent on the package size and its content.

  • While packaging the products, the consistency of the product is maintained.
  • The machine fills the pack with nitrogen as it packs the products. This helps in prolonging the shelf-life of these products.
  • It creates its pouches using a roll-stock film and this is normally cost-effective than sourcing for pre-made ones.

Because of this technology for creating its pouches, the number of packs is increased, resulting in great output.

  • It has heating jaws that help in improving the packaging rate per minute. This reduces the bagging time and facilitates an increased output.
  • This machine has an in-built monitoring system for data that can detect its obstruction in the sealing points.

Also, this is relevant in discovering faulty seals on the bags during the packaging process.

  • The equipment is cheap to purchase in comparison to other packaging solutions. It is also durable and reliable.
  • Lastly, it has a seamless change-over speed, easy to use, clean, and maintain. Because of this, it can bring good returns in a very short time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in it.

What are the Disadvantages of the VFFS Packaging Machine?

There are some shortcomings to this machine.

These include the following:

  • The machine has a production capacity and therefore, it cannot meet some higher demands.
  • It cannot run on its own and therefore, it requires human resources to operate it.

In case it is a semi-automatic one, the workload for the user may be more.

  • The flexibility of this machine calls for compromising some of its operation features like speed.

This may bring down the production output and increased the overall cost of production.

  • You have to be disciplined to handle this equipment because it needs both mechanical and electronic adjustments.

This is when you can establish a centerline for packaging a specific product.

How do you Specify VFFS Packaging Machine?

This machine can be specified using the following characteristics:

You should look at its frame construction: The machine must be strong and stable when it is set to run.

This equipment should be heavy because its weight facilitates its smooth operation.

It should be made from the recommended materials: For instance, it should be made from stainless steel since this guarantees its strength to weight ratio.

At the same time, there is no flacking risk and corrosion.

The device should be tied together in bolts or it can be welded: This helps in reducing contamination of the products.

When it is welded, it does not require frequent tightening of bolts since they will not loosen up over time.

It should have a film tracker: The machine should keep the web of films at the center and ensure there is consistent tension.

When there is a fault, the sensor detects the bag edge.

This triggers the automatic shifting of the whole film to the center of the machine and the packaging process continues.

This equipment should produce less noise during operation: A lot of noise from the machine indicates that has some problems.

When it is too noisy, it’s either from vibration or due to friction.

This means that you have to do more of part replacement since there will be wear and tear.

It’s recommended that before you source this type of machine, request the supplier to run the machine in your presence.

This will help you in detecting if you are buying a good device.

The machine should have ease of changeover: This is very critical because it helps in facilitating the machine adjustments made for different packaging sizes and product types.

This must happen within the shortest time possible to ascertain whether this machine is good in this area or not.

It should also be tool-free and should take at least 30 to 45 minutes or less.

It should possess controls: The controls ensure the efficient operation of the machine and the achievement of the desired results.

In this case, this machine should have started, stopping, and other machine functions.

It must have a program logic controller and a human-machine interface.

The PLC aids in controlling this machine’s functions.

The HMI provides room for you to make adjustments on the touch screen, monitor the process, and receive updates.

The equipment must have the sealing jaws: This is an important component since it helps in binding the sealant so that the seams created can be strong.

They should be functioning well to provide reliable seals for all the packages.

The most common is the heat sealing jaw that seals the packets in pairs through heat, pressure, and dwells time.

Both the heat and pressure should be consistent if not it can lead to imperfect seal and rework.

The machine should be servo-driven: This is because you will receive continuous feedback about the position, velocity, and acceleration of the machine components.

This helps allow room for real-time data, making adjustments, and accurate repeatability.

The servo guarantees this machine’s superiority which is the dream of every manufacturer.

What are the Components of the VFFS Packaging Machine?

This equipment has many components that facilitate its functions.

Below are some of them.

Parts of VFFS Machine

Parts of VFFS machine

  • Vibrator feeder and forming tube: The products are charged into the machine through this component.
  • Multi-head weigher- This machine part helps in sorting out products by choosing the best and rejecting those that are not good. It also makes statistics.

Normally it’s situated between the weigher and the packaging section of this machine.

  • Throat metal detector: This detects metals that get into the products during mixing.
  • The forming collar: The component helps in shaping the flat film into a round tube for packaging.
  • Low friction roller: The part of the machine that directs the film into the forming section.
  • Vertical sealing bars: This is the part that seals the edges of the film tube in the forming section.
  • The film transport belt: This component facilitates the movement of the film through the forming section.
  • Cross sealing jaws: The jaws aid in the creation of seals at the bottom and top of the product pouches.
  • Finished product conveyor: The products are collected from the machine through this component and taken away for further packaging.

How does VFFS Packaging Machine Work?

VFFS sachet packaging machine

VFFS sachet packaging machine

To operate this machine, feed a roll of plastic film into the machine’s long, hollow conical tube.

The web of film is pulled by a film transport belt that is located on the forming tube side.

This is found at the front end of this machine.

The film is then unwound from the roll and taken through the weighted pivot arm situated at the machine rear.

The arm keeps the film under tension as it moves through the rear.

The film also passes through the printing unit where the logo, graphics, and other data are printed using ink-jet.

Once this is done, the film goes through the registration of a photo eye that detects the registration marks.

This photo eye controls the movement of the film and positions it correctly in readiness for cutting.

This film then moves through a film tracking sensor where its position is detected through the machine.

Any deviation from the normal position by the film triggers the sending of a signal for automatic correction.

The outer edge is sealed to form a bag through the horizontal sealing bar clamps at the bottom.

Once the bag is formed, it’s lowered into the weighing table so that the products can be filled into it.

The machine then fills the bag to the recommended weight and when it’s done, it stops.

The next bag is ushered in for a filling.

The bags that have already been filled are sealed at the top using a horizontal sealing bar.

They are then taken to the next level of the packaging line to continue for further packaging into cartons.

How does VFFS Packaging Machine compare to Other Packaging Machines?

There are differences and similarities between the machines that are used for packaging products. Below are some of them:

The VFFS is ideal for packaging products like sugar, liquids, and chips.

On the other hand, other machines package the same products and others like toys and candy bars.

Both the VFFS and other packaging machines print labels on the pouches that can be useful for the product advertisement.

VFFS is ideal for packaging the products into pouches whereas other machines packaged the already packaged products into the cartons.

Other packaging machines can handle heavy products but VFFS is not fit to handle such products.

Types of VFFS Packaging Machine do you have?

There are many types of this machine.

These machines include a multi-lane side and sealing liquid stick, double lane stick, and powder 3-sided sealing machine.

Apart from these, there is also a shape sachet and multi-lane side sealing bag packing machine.

In addition to these, there is also single-line stick packaging equipment that is used to pack creams, sugar, and powder.

Which Industries use VFFS Packaging Machine?

Almost all industries make use of this machine.

For instance, it is used in the Agricultural industry to package seeds and dairy products like milk among others.

The cosmetics industries use it to form fill and seal shampoo, creams, lotions, gels, and jellies.

The food industry is also not left out.

They use it in packaging beverages, candy, chocolate, tomato paste, coffee, peanuts, puff biscuits, pet food, meat, and frozen feeds.

The pharmaceutical companies use the machine to package syrups and other medicines.

What Standard Specification should VFFS Packaging Machine conform to?

This machine must conform to the following quality standards:

  • It must be made in conformity to AS 4024.
  • The device must be easy to operate, clean, and maintain. It must not have dead ends that can encourage cross-contamination.
  • It must be reliable, efficient, consistent, and accurate in performing its functions.
  • The product contact parts must be made from stainless steel that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has to be made in compliance with CGMP and FDA that guarantees food safety.
  • It must be able to form, fill, and seal the product bags consistently and accurately.
  • The safety of the user should be guaranteed when he is using it.

Which Material is VFFS Packaging Machine-made of?

It’s made from a stainless steel material that makes it durable and therefore it is very weighty and stable during operation.

The product contact parts are also made from 304 or 316 stainless steel that is easy to clean and maintain.

How much do VFFS Packaging Machine Cost?

The prices vary from 2900 USD to as high as 16,000 USD and these prices are influenced by many factors.

For instance, the total output that the machine can produce is also another factor.

The machines that yield higher output are relatively expensive.

Secondly, efficiency also determines its cost.

If the machine is more efficient, it’s likely to cost more in comparison to the less efficient one.

The geographical distance between you and the manufacturer also influence the cost.

When you have to ship it from far, the shipping cost will increase the entire machine price.

Therefore, it’s recommended to source it from a reputable manufacturer near you.

How does Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine compare to Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine?

There are differences and similarities between the machines that are used for packaging products.

Below are some of them:



  • The VFFS is ideal for packaging products like sugar, liquids, and chips. On the other hand, other machines package other products.

For instance, the HFFS is relevant for packaging products that can be handled easily like toys and candy bars.

  • The VFFS machine is less versatile and works well in packaging products from food industries.

Contrary to this, the HFFS is ideal for packaging products from both food and other product industries.

  • Other packaging machines can handle heavy products but VFFS is not fit to handle such products.
  • The VFFS packages products into the bags positioned vertically. On the other hand, the horizontal one does so in a horizontal way just like its name.
  • Most of the accessories in the packaging machines are similar. For example, you can use perforators, anti-static bars, and a gusset bag.
  • There are different types of sealing jaws which can be used in any of the packaging machines.

How much do VFFS Packaging Machine Cost?

The cost of this machine varies from 2900 USD to 16000 USD.

The difference in prices is determined by many factors.

For example, the capacity of the machine dictates its cost because the higher the capacity, the costly the machine.

Secondly, it is also influenced by efficiency.

If you need a more efficient device, you have to budget higher because they are expensive.

The geographical distance from where you purchase the machine is also another price influencing factor.

You should look around you and source your machine from nearby suppliers to reduce the cost of shipping.

Apart from these, the technology used in the machine is also another factor.

Fully, automated VFFS is more expensive than the semi-automatic one.

What is the Recommended Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Troubleshooting Process?

For you to troubleshoot this machine, there are things you have to ensure are correct.

For example, ensure the equipment is set correctly and it has the recommended temperature and humidity.

Additionally, tweak the machine if there was a changeover of the product or film web.

If all these are correct and there is still trouble, then you have to troubleshoot.

Below are the processes of troubleshooting:

If the device is not being powered up and this could be because of the incoming energy issue.

Also, the machine may refuse to reset due to low air pressure or failure to reset the safety circuit.

Another problem is when there is low air-pressure and this can happen when the device is not reset.

It also occurs when the safety circuit is not reset.

When the jaw temperature is too high or low.

This happens when the sealing jaws are not warmed up or when the temperature sensors are faulty.

Sometimes the jaws may fail to work because the assembly is not functioning.

The printer may fail to function if it’s not powered on or when the cable is damaged.

You can fix this by changing the cable or powering it on.

Failure of the film to track correctly is another big issue.

This happens when the film is not centered and this can be fixed.

There could be a problem with both vertical and horizontal seals.

This can be realized when the seals are not enough because there are products at the end of the seals.

Solve this problem by working with the recommended temperature, pressure, and time to make perfect seals.

What Features should you look for in Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine?

Many features can guide you in choosing a good VFFS machine.

Below are some of them.

  • The machine should be made from stainless steel material.
  • It should have a very small carbon and energy footprint.
  • The equipment should have a touch screen and it should be a modular design.
  • It should be able to drive the film from its center.
  • This machine should be compatible with both small and medium bag packaging devices that range in sizes. For instance, they should range from 3 to 15.5 inches in length and 2 to 11 inches in width.
  • If the machine is large, it should be able to package larger bags sizes.
  • The human interface of this machine should be bilingual so that it can be relevant for most users globally.
  • Most of these machines work at a high speed. They can package up to more than 150 bags in a minute.
  • It has automatic edge guidance, a film sensor, and a tracking system for the film web.
  • Lastly, this machine possesses a control system for temperature that is inbuilt in it.

Which Safety Measures do VFFS Packaging Machines have?

Many safety measures govern this machine and make using it safely.

For example, you are supposed to use safety eyeglasses to protect your eyes from harm from debris.

The jaws are always hot after use. So it’s advisable to remove them with a cloth and clean it with a light cloth and water.

Ensure you turn off the machine and disconnect it from the power source before opening it for cleaning and maintenance.

Wear protective gloves because the sealing jaws and the knife are normally hot after running the machine.

It is also recommended that you should wear full personal protective equipment before starting the cleaning process.

The cleaning should be done using FDA approved lubricants for the safety of the users and the products.

Do not leave the machine powered on if you are not running a packaging process.

How does Continuous and Intermittent VFFS Packaging Machine Compare?

The continuous VFFS machine does not stop the film from moving while sealing the bags.

The intermittent one does stop the machine film during the horizontal sealing process.

Also, the continuous VFFS packaging machine has a relatively higher output because it runs continuously.

On the contrary, the intermittent one has a lower output because it stops at some point.

Which Products can you Package using VFFS Machine?

This machine can be used to package many products some of which are liquids, semi-solid and solid ones.

For instance candy, seeds, jelly, fries, coffee granules, and peanuts.

Puff foods, biscuits, chocolate, nuts, pet food, frozen feeds among others are also packaged using it.

With this information, you can certainly choose the best VFFS machine for all your pharmaceutical packaging solutions.

Contact SaintyCo now for all your packaging needs.

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