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VGB-5F Lab Tablet Coater- Perforated &Interchange pan

VGB-5F Lab Tablet Coater- Perforated &Interchange pan

VGB-5F Lab Tablet Coater- Perforated &Interchange pan Usage:

VGB-5F Lab Tablet Coater- Perforated &Interchange pan is a special laboratory equipment which used for coating film on traditional Chinese and Western tablets and pills in pilot run. This equipment is manufactured according to the requirements of GMP in pharmaceutical industry. The entire outer surface, coating drum(coating pan), spraying device and all parts in contact with medicine are all made of stainless steel. The whole process is controlled by microprocessor-based programmable control system, and also can be controlled manually. The control system has functions such as a wide range of application, selection of running state, control of speed and temperature, control of negative pressure, complete display of control parameters, recording and printing of working state. All the coating operation is carried out under an airtight condition and is free from dust emission and liquid splash. So that this machine is a high quality, high efficiency, reliable, clean, energy saving, easy operation and new type coating equipment which obeys SOP regulations and is widely used to drug development lab.

VGB-5F Lab Tablet Coater- Perforated &Interchange pan Features:

  • Function of integrated design
  • Control and display the negative pressure in coating pan
  • Display air pressure of the supply air of HEPA filter
  • Control and display the temperature
  • Control and adjust the atomization surface of slurry
  • Control the program of spray gun and atomization
  • Design of gun clearing and anti-blocking
  • Designed the functions of memory and printing
  • Designed the functions of replaceable rotary drum
  • Designed the functions of impulse and dust removing.

VGB-5F Lab Tablet Coater- Perforated & Interchange pan

Main technical parametersVGB-5F
Capacity (kg/batch)1-3-5Kgs
Coating Pan Diameter (mm)300/ Ø380 /Ø480
Coating Pan Dimensions (L)2/4.5/9
Coating Pan Rotation (rpm)6-30
Coating Pan Power (kW)0.75
Airflow (m3/hr)500
Inlet air motor power (kW)0.25
Outlet air motor power (kW)0.37
Spray gun typeTwo way pressure spray gun
Spray gun No.1
Peristaltic pump power (kW)0.03
Inlet air filter modelH13
Outlet air filter modelF8
Dimensions  (mm)1250*900*1680
Machine Weight (kg)400
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