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TYJ600 Chocolate Coating Machine

TYJ600 Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate Coating Machine Features:

TYJ600 Chocolate Coating Machine is an specified equipment used for enrobing products such as candy, cake, and biscuit etc. on the surface with various unique flavors.

Main parameter:
Speed Of Mesh Belt: 0~8m/min (stepless speed regulating)
Width Of Mesh Belt: 550mm
Speed Of Conveyer Belt: 0~7m/min(stepless speed regulating)
The working temperature of tunnel: 0~10 degrees
Refrigerating capacity: 7200 kcal/h
Evaporating Area: 25 m2
Syrup Supply capacity: 0~30kg/min
The width of conveyer belt: 600mm
Matching power: N overall=13.535KW

TYJ600 Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate Coating MachineTYJ600TYJ800TYJ900TYJ1000TYJ1200
Mesh belt width550mm750mm850mm950mm1150mm
Mesh belt speed0-8m/min0-7m/min0-7m/min0-7m/min0-7m/min
Conveyor belt width600mm800mm900mm1000mm1200mm
Conveyor belt speed0-7m/min0-6m/min0-6m/min0-6m/min0-6m/min
Tunnel temperature0-10℃0-10℃0-10℃0-10℃0-10℃
Overall power9.17Kw9.17Kw9.17Kw12Kw12.5Kw
DimensionL x 940 x 1800mmL x 1400 x 1800mmL x 1550 x 1800mmL x 1650 x 1800mmL x 1850 x 1800mm

Chocolate Coating Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

With an efficient chocolate coating machine, you can easily skyrocket your chocolate manufacturing business.

In this guide, you will find all information you have been looking for about the chocolate coating machine.

Keep reading.

What are the Components of a Chocolate Coating Machine?

A chocolate coating machine consists of the following components:

Chocolate coating machine

 Chocolate coating machine

  • Electronic speed control

This component ensures there is maximum optimization of coating the different products and sizes.

  • Feed tank

The feeding tank consists of a feeder for the introduction of products into the chocolate coating machine.

They come in different capacities depending on the design of the machine.

  • Control panel

This section consists of control knobs that facilitate the operation of the machine.

They are easy to operate, as some may only require pushing a button.

  • Melting tank

The melting tank is of stainless steel whose function is to melt solid chocolate into liquid.

It is in this state that the chocolate is useful in coating products.

Stainless steel is the best due to its ease of cleaning and anti-microbial properties.

  • Tempering section

The purpose of this section is to melt the solid chocolate into liquid.

This facilitates the coating section as you need chocolate in a liquid state to coat your product.

  • Coating pump

The coating pump enhances liquid chocolate flow over the product.

This ensures there is sufficient coating of the product.

  • Conveyor belt

A conveyor belt ensures there is a smooth flow of the product along the coating section.

This includes moving the product to the cooling area from the coating section.

  • Cooling tunnel

In this section, chocolate coated products cool at a specific temperature.

This ensures the coating section meets particular temperature requirements.

  • Coating section

It is here where there the actual coating of the products takes place.

  • Thermoregulator

It regulates the temperature of the chocolate coating machine.

This allows for adequate coating within the given temperature range.

How does Chocolate Coating Machine Work?

The working of a chocolate coating machine involves the following steps:

· Melting of Chocolate

The initial step when you are operating a chocolate coating machine is to melt the solid chocolate bars.

This takes place in the tempering section of your m7io7ioaúchine.

· Coating

The coating process starts with placing the product on the machine’s feeder.

This can be in the form of a container or a wire-mesh.

From the feeder, the product moves to the coating section via the bottom of your chocolate coating machine.

The coating section consists of coating pumps that form a waterfall of the liquid chocolate.

It is from the action of these pumps that there is an actual coating of your products.

That is, as the products move along the pumps, a layer of liquid chocolate covers them ensuring there is coating.

The wire mesh or rack is usually vibrating to give them a uniform layer of chocolate.

The blowers present in this section minimize the pooling of the coat on the product’s top, which offers a uniform thickness.

Excess chocolate flows through the wire mesh and collects in a container at the bottom for recycling.

Depending on the design of your machine, you can have a tail cutter.

The function of this cutter is to remove the excess chocolate layer from the product.

· Cooling

The coated product moves into the cooling section using a conveyor belt.

Here, there is a specific temperature where the products cool and allow the chocolate to solidify.

The cooling section is usually long to maximize the cooling of the product.

This is critical in ensuring there is no deformation of the final product and that it meets the specific hardness level.

· Sorting

The sorting process removes products that fail to meet the hardness level you want.

It also eliminates products that do not adhere to the standards you set, such as size and coating properties.

This process can either be manual or automatic, depending on the design of your machine.

· Packaging

This is the final process where there is actual packaging of the products into specific materials.

The material you use depends on the sensitivity of the product.

For instance, the packing process of drugs is different from that of food products.

However, you need to ensure the materials do not react with the products.

The process should also prevent damages to the product during the shipping period and until they reach their final consumer.

What are the Features to Look for in Chocolate Coating Machine?

You should expect the following features in a chocolate coating machine:

Chocolate coating machine

 Chocolate coating machine

· Coating Speed

The coating speed of a particular chocolate coating machine determines its working speed.

This is critical in determining the quantity of workload that such a machine can handle.

Your desired output should help you in selecting a chocolate coating machine with the correct coating speed.

· Dimensions

Key dimensions to check here include the size and weight.

The available space for installation helps in determining the right size that you need.

You can also check on the accessibility of the parts of the machine before selecting one.

This is important during the repair and maintenance of your chocolate coating machine.

· Type of Chocolate Coating Machine

There are various types of chocolate machines that you can consider.

For instance, you can have an automatic, mini, or nut chocolate coating machines.

Each of these types offers unique operational characteristics to meet your specification.

· Energy Consumption

The energy consumption rate of a particular chocolate coating machine should be proportion to production efficiency.

This reduces energy loss, which can cause a rise in production costs due to higher power costs.

· Safety Precautions

An ideal chocolate coating machine should have enough safety precaution measures.

These should apply to both the operators and the production process.

The operators, for example, should have a defined section for control knobs.

This facilitates operation while keeping them safe.

· Quality Standards

Quality standards guarantee that a given chocolate coating machine adheres to all its manufacturing procedures.

The result is a safe and efficient machine for your use.

Such a machine is durable and has a well-defined procedure of repairing and maintenance.

How does Chocolate Coating Machine compare to Chocolate Wrapping Machine?

The significant difference between a chocolate coating machine and a chocolate wrapping machine is the state of the chocolate in the process.

For a chocolate coin coating machine, the chocolate should be in a liquid state.

A chocolate wrapping machine uses semi-solid chocolate in its process.

Why Invest in Chocolate Coating Machine?

You should invest in a chocolate coating machine due to the following:

· Production Capacity

The use of a chocolate coating machine facilitates the coating process.

This has the effect of increasing the production capacity of your products.

· Reduces Cost

Using a chocolate coating machine reduces the overall production cost for your products.

These costs include labor and maintenance costs.

The maximum utilization of raw materials by your chocolate coating machine reduces waste associated costs.

Through this, you can cut costs such as material purchase costs

· Production Control

The use of a chocolate coating machine allows for greater control of the production process.

This is through the use of a readily accessible control panel.

The control panel is in a secure place that guarantees your safety

· Uniform Chocolate Coating

Using a chocolate coating machine ensures your chocolate has a uniform coat.

This is possible by setting up the parameters that you want your machine to operate in.

Which Equipment can you use alongside Chocolate Coating Machine?

You can use the following Equipment alongside a chocolate coating machine:

· Quality Analyzing Machine

This machine analyzes the quality of the chocolate that you are going to use for the coating process.

This machine is vital as it helps in the early detection of poor-quality chocolate.

You are, therefore, able to remove such chocolate without affecting the quality of the entire products.

This reduces the overall cost of coating.

· A Tempering System

A tempering system offers an ideal temperature for the coating process.

This includes raising or reducing the temperature.

· Automatic De-molder

This removes layers of unwanted chocolate from your product after the coating process without causing any disfiguration.

· Feeder Mixer

The function of the feeder mixer is to mix various components that you want to add to your coating process. Such ingredients may include flavors.

· Weighing Machine

The weighing machine gives an accurate measurement of the number of materials you need during the production process.

This ensures uniformity in the coating procedure.

How do you Optimize Chocolate Coating Machine Efficiency?

You can optimize the functioning of your chocolate coating machine by considering the following:

Chocolate coating process

Chocolate coating process

· Cleaning the Machine

Cleaning removes debris present in your machine after an operation.

This debris has the effect of clogging the machine and even contaminating other products.

It is vital to clean every part of your machine using an active cleaning agent for it to function effectively.

· Lubricating

It is essential to lubricate the moving parts of your chocolate coating machine.

This ensures these parts are flexible enough to provide the mechanical strength necessary.

The lubricant you select should not negatively react with the parts of your machine.

· Tightening Loose Ends

Tightening loose ends ensures the components of your chocolate coating machine are in the right position.

This facilitates the production process.

· Use of Right Raw Materials

You need to use the right materials for you to have an optimum operation of your chocolate coating machine.

The ingredients should be of the right size and quantity.

What are the Types of Chocolate Coating Machine?

A chocolate coating machine is available in the following variants:

· Automatic Chocolate Coating Machine

This is a fully automated type of chocolate coating machine.

It is an easy to use type since all the control parameter is within the touch of a button.

Automation maximizes the coating process.

This ensures there is a high and quality output of the coated chocolate.

· Nut Chocolate Coating Machine

This type allows for the chocolate coating of different types of dry nuts.

Such nuts include almond, cashew nuts, macadamia, walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios.

The working principle of this type is similar to the others.

The only difference is in the kind of products it coats.

· Mini Chocolate Coating Machine

This is the best type of coating machine if you have a small-scale production capacity.

It functions and consists of all the components of a standard chocolate coating machine.

The advantage it has is its small space consumption and is lightweight.

It is also cheaper to purchase and maintain the type of machine.

· Chocolate Coating Pan Machine

This machine uses the panning method to coat your products.

It features a pan that is in the shape of an ellipsoid on top of a gearbox shaft.

The material of the pan is of stainless-steel due to its excellent characteristics.

An electric motor is the one responsible for propelling the gearbox shaft when the machine is operating.

In the latest designs, these machines allow for control of airflow and temperature.

This gives control of the coating process.

How much Does Chocolate Coating Machine Cost?

Various factors determine the cost of a particular chocolate coating machine. Such factors include:

· Type of Coating Machine

The different types of chocolate coating machines have different costs.

For instance, the price of a nut chocolate coating machine differs from that of a mini chocolate coating machine.

It is essential to consider your specifications before deciding which type you are going to purchase.

· Manufacturer

Manufacturers use different fabrication procedures for their chocolate coating machines.

This has the effect of determining the price that they are going to sell their devices.

It is vital to check on the different prices available before deciding which machine to purchase.

Which Material is Chocolate Coating Machine-made of?

A chocolate coating machine consists of different materials depending on its sections.

However, the primary material is stainless steel.

Stainless-steel is the best material due to its unique characteristics, such as ease of cleaning and anti-rust.

How do you Clean Chocolate Coating Machine?

Cleaning your chocolate coating machine entails the use of an appropriate cleaning agent.

The cleaning agent should not react negatively to your machine.

Proper cleaning should ensure you reach all the accessible parts of your machine.

You have to pay attention to the sections where the products pass through.

You need to pass running water through the machine, if possible, to remove product debris.

When cleaning the outside parts of the machine, you have to dust first before washing it.

What are the Safety Features one must adhere to when operating a chocolate Coating Machine?

The safety features one should adhere to during the operation of a chocolate coating machine include:

Chocolate coating equipment

 Chocolate coating equipment

· Protective Gear

The operator should have the necessary protective gear that prevents any damage he may get while operating the machine.

Such gear should protect against body damages.

· Hygiene

Due to the sensitivity of the products it handles, you need to check on the personal hygiene of those operating the machine.

There should be a laid down procedure of how cleanliness before one operates it.

· Fire Safety

Fire safety is critical in ensuring the safety of operators against fire accidents.

To ensure there is fire safety, you have to install necessary measures.

These measures include the installation of fire extinguishers.

· Hiring Professionals

You can ensure there is proper functioning of your chocolate coating machine by hiring the right persons to operate it.

Such a person should have full knowledge of how the machine works.

The hiring of experts is also important during the maintenance of your machine.

What are the Chocolate Coating Machine Quality Standards?

The chocolate coating machine that you select should meet the requirements of the following standards:

  • cGMP standard. This standard checks into the design of your machine and its structure.
  • FDA standards check into the process production of the machine. This is essential since the machine is typical in human consumed products such as food and drugs.
  • RoHS standards check into the materials for the manufacturing of the machine. This ensures there is no toxicity on the raw materials which can react to food products and harm the consumers.

There are other standards, such as CE, which are regional.

You need to check with your final importing country to check for all the quality standards your machine must adhere to.

How does Chocolate Panning Machine compare to Chocolate Coating Machine?

The main difference between a chocolate panning machine and a chocolate coating machine is the processes they use.

A chocolate panning machine uses a panning method to operate.

You can have a chocolate panning machine functioning as a coating machine.

There are a variety of processes that are available for a chocolate coating machine.

What are the Uses of Chocolate Coating Machine?

The primary function of a chocolate coating machine is to coat your products using a uniform liquid chocolate layer.

You can find this machine in the food industries where it coats products like biscuits, cakes, candy, and dried fruits.

You can also find this machine in the pharmaceutical industry where it coats tablets, pills, and lozenges.

The essence of coating such products is to conceal their odor and taste.

What is the Production Capacity of Chocolate Coating Machine?

The production capacity varies depending on the size of a particular chocolate coating machine.

You can find the production capacity of a specific machine by checking on the machine’s information.

Here at SaintyCo, we offer a range of chocolate depositor machines and chocolate wrapping machines.

So, if you wish to skyrocket your chocolate business, you can always count on SaintyCo chocolate machine.

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