TYJ600 Chocolate Coating Machine

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TYJ600 Chocolate Coating Machine

TYJ600 Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate Coating Machine Features:

TYJ600 Chocolate Coating Machine is an specified equipment used for enrobing products such as candy, cake, and biscuit etc. on the surface with various unique flavors.

Main parameter:
Speed Of Mesh Belt: 0~8m/min (stepless speed regulating)
Width Of Mesh Belt: 550mm
Speed Of Conveyer Belt: 0~7m/min(stepless speed regulating)
The working temperature of tunnel: 0~10 degrees
Refrigerating capacity: 7200 kcal/h
Evaporating Area: 25 m2
Syrup Supply capacity: 0~30kg/min
The width of conveyer belt: 600mm
Matching power: N overall=13.535KW

TYJ600 Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate Coating Machine TYJ600 TYJ800 TYJ900 TYJ1000 TYJ1200
Mesh belt width 550mm 750mm 850mm 950mm 1150mm
Mesh belt speed 0-8m/min 0-7m/min 0-7m/min 0-7m/min 0-7m/min
Conveyor belt width 600mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm 1200mm
Conveyor belt speed 0-7m/min 0-6m/min 0-6m/min 0-6m/min 0-6m/min
Tunnel temperature 0-10℃ 0-10℃ 0-10℃ 0-10℃ 0-10℃
Overall power 9.17Kw 9.17Kw 9.17Kw 12Kw 12.5Kw
Weight 2300kg 2800kg 3200kg 3600kg 4000kg
Dimension L x 940 x 1800mm L x 1400 x 1800mm L x 1550 x 1800mm L x 1650 x 1800mm L x 1850 x 1800mm


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