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Stripack-350 Advanced Strip Packing Machine

Stripack-350 Advanced Strip Packing Machine

Repeatable Performance

The four side sealed foil pack containing pharmaceutical solids is widely known as strip pack.

For several applications it is a growing alternative to other kinds of packaging.

The range of machines produce high quality 4 side sealed packs.

The packaging materials are fed from 2 reels to the sealing station where the products are fed precisely timed in between the 2 layers of foil before being sealed together by temperature and pressure.

Quality inspection systems for the products after sealing are available as options.

After sealing the foil web is perforated and cut into the required pack sizes.

The finished and qualified packs can then be grouped and transferred to the relevant end packing system(s).

Technical spects

Feeding system

  • Product supply hopper
  • Dust and breackage elimination system, incl. dedusting facilities
  • Sorting vibrator feeding channels for high feeding capacity with extremely quiet operation
  • Vertical product indexing unit, quickly exchangeable.

Sealing quality

  • Sensing of seal temperature by integrated sensors
  • Multiple heaters per sealing tool
  • Quick heat-distribution components
  • Handling of all seal parameters (pressure/gap/temperature/speed) in panel
  • Film unwinding with constant tension
  • Various seal patterns to adapt to the quality of the packaging material

cGMP aspects

  • Surface finish according to pharmaceutical regulations
  • Consequent balcony design with separation of drive and function modules
  • Easy access to the product feeding for cleaning and format exchange
  • General execution as per cGMP regulations


  • Quick format change-over due to minimized number of format parts
  • Individually pluggable draw-off modules
  • Integrated touchscreen operator panel
  • Foil reel shafts with quick release locks for fast change-overs
  • Low space requirement due to compact design


Stripack-350 Advanced Strip Packing Machine

Advanced Strip Packing MachineStripack-350
Width of foil roll350mm
Dia of foil roll300mm
Speed of strip3-3.5m/min
Punch frequency20-60cuts/min
Compressed Air0.5Mpa≥0.2mP3P/min
Net. Weight1200kg
Dimension L×W×H1600×1200×1900mm

Stripack-350 Advanced Strip Packing Machine

Strip Packing Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you want to learn more about the strip packing machine.

Or, you need a high-performance strip packing machine to skyrocket your pharmaceutical packaging business.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about the strip packing machine.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Strip Packing Machine?

A strip packing machine is a speedy machine that packs capsules, coated tablets, tablets, soft gelatin capsules, etc.

 Strip packaging

Strip packaging

Strip packaging machine

 Strip packaging

How does Strip Packing Machine compare to Blister Packing Machine?

Strip packaging vs blister packaging

Strip packaging vs blister packaging

Blister packaging is a unit dose packaging where a blister packaging machine places the product in semi-rigid blisters or cavities.

In blister packaging, the machine forms the cavity or blister via a thermoforming or cold forming technique.

Blister packaging machine

 Blister packaging machine

Strip packaging is a unit dose packaging where you place and enclose the product between two heat-sealable films.

Strip packaging machine

Strip packaging machine

In strip packaging, the machine seals the film via heat reciprocating platen or a heat crimp roller.

A strip packing machine operates at a slower speed than a blister packaging machine.

A blister packaging machine provides more mechanical protection while a strip packing is more child-resistant.

A blister packaging machine encloses more air in the cavity than a strip packaging machine.

Blister packs occupy less space than strip packs.

It is not difficult to pack using a blister packaging machine.

It is somehow difficult to pack using a strip packaging machine as the wrap may wrinkle or perforate.

In a blister package, you will remove the product by pushing or peeling.

In a strip package, you will remove the product by tearing the pack.

Patients are more likely to purchase blister packs as they can see the products inside the blister pack.

What are the Benefits of Strip Packing Machines?

There are several advantages to using a strip packing machine.

Some of the advantages include:

· It is Economical

A strip packing machine provides an economical solution when it comes to packing highly sensitive products.

· User Friendly

A strip packing machine is easy to use and offers a friendlier packaging solution than bottles.

This means you will earn more from sales in the long run.

· Protects the Products

The pockets in strip packing are airtight and less air is inside the strip pack.

This means it provides more protection from excess light, moisture, environmental factors, and air molecules.

· Helps in Maintaining Dosage Accuracy

Since a tablet or capsule is in one cavity, it’s easy for the patient to be accurate when taking the drugs.

This is especially difficult when the drugs the patient is taking is in bottles where it is difficult to keep count.

· It is Durable

A strip packing machine uses durable, strong, and perfect pharma packaging materials to seal the drugs.

What are the Limitations of Strip Packing Machine?

The limitations of a strip packing machine should not limit you from using this machine.

Some of the limitations include:

· Space

A strip packing machine produces seals that occupy a large space.

This means the packaging box of such drugs needs to be large as well.

· Popularity

Strip packing is becoming less popular than blister packing.

· Risk of Product Damage

Since the seals of a strip pack are not sturdy, it is prone to perforations and wrinkling.

· Patient Compliance

Blister packs do not offer a good display advantage when you compare them to blister packs.

This means customers are more prone to buying less of strip pack products.

· Usability

A strip packing machine produces strips that do not sit well with the elderly and patients with arthritic fingers.

The reason for this is that you have to tear the strip packs to access the product.

Apart from Strip Packing, what other Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions are there?

There are various pharmaceutical packaging solutions for different drugs.

Here are some of the pharmaceutical packaging solutions:

· Blister Packaging

In blister packaging, the machine forms the cavity or blister that holds the pharmaceutical product.

· Bottle Packaging

In product in bottle packaging can be liquids pharmaceuticals, tablets, or capsules.

Glass is the most common material that makes the bottle package because it has an impressive barrier property.

They come in various colors such as orange or light brown.

These colors inhibit ultraviolet light from harming the products inside the bottles.

· Vial Packaging

A vial is a small glass or plastic that contains medication in form of liquids, capsules, or powders.

You can sterilize and reuse vials severally.

This is because you can screw the top or remove the rubber stopper.

Vials can store medicines for a long period.

Vials are best to store stable elements.

Vials have a flat surface meaning you can place them on a shelf or counter.

· Sachet Packaging

In sachet packaging, you can pack a wide array of products.

It is a square rectangular pouch that has a seal.

The common product in sachet packs is in powder form.

In some sachets, you can also pack small amounts of liquids.

There are single-use sachets as well as sachets you can reseal after you use the product.

· Syringe Packaging

The syringe package contains a single dose of injections.

The manufacturer fills the liquid drug in advance.

· Ampoule Packaging

An ampule contains sensitive pharmaceutical products and it is heat-sealed.

This means you need to crack it open to access the pharmaceutical product.

When you compare it to vials, you cannot reuse ampoule packaging.

One can store unstable chemical compounds in ampoules as the seal protects the product from contamination.

Ampoules are generally temporary storage devices.

What Factors Determine Strip Packing Machine Price?

Several factors determine the price of a strip packing machine.

Here are some of the factors:

· Competitors

How competitors sell a strip packing machine will determine the overall price of the machine.

· Production Capacity

A strip packing machine that has a high production capacity will cost more than that with a low production capacity.

· Manufacturer

Different manufacturers sell strip packing machines at different prices.

The price a manufacturer may offer depends on their experience, reputation, among others.

· Economy, Laws, and Regulations

Companies that have a monopoly in the market usually charge a high price.

Some government laws will influence the price range of certain strip packing machines.

· Supply and Demand

If there are many companies manufacturing strip packing machine and the demand is low, the price will be low as well.

On the other hand, if the demand for strip packing machines exceeds supply, the price is likely to go up.

· Level of Automation

A strip packing machine that has a lot of automation will cost more than the one that has no automation.

· Construction Material

A strip packaging machine built with top-notch stainless steel will cost more.

What are the Best Materials for Strip Packing?

There are many materials that a strip packing machine can use.

Some of the best materials include:

  • Paper
  • Regenerated cellulose
  • Foil
  • Plastics
  • Polyethylene
  • Heat sealable polyester
  • Heat sealable cellophane

Which Industries use Strip Packing Machine?

The main industries that use a strip packing machine include:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Food industries
  • Biological industries
  • Cosmetic industries

What are the Components of a Strip Packaging Machine?

Several components make up a strip packing machine.

All these components work together to perform the strip packing process.

Here are the components and their main functions:

· Vibrating System

The vibration system will transfer the products to the feeding system via the feeding tubes.

· Cutting System

The cutting system will cut the products once the sealing process is complete.

It is accurate and precise when it comes to cutting.

· Feeding System

The feeding system will select, position, and guide all parts.

It enables the handling and assembly of the products.

A strip packaging machine can have a manual or automatic feeding system.

· Counting System

The counting system automatically counts the products before packaging begins.

It is fast and accurate at counting to ensure no errors happen.

The counting system can also arrange the products into various groups.

· Bowl Plate

The bowl plate will feed single components for assembly.

It can sort bulky packages that have small components then feeds them to another machine in an orderly fashion.

· Product Cutting System

The product cutting system will slice the materials in the strip packaging machine.

It has blades that perform this task.

· Perforation System

The perforation system has uncoiling, cutting, and straightening parts.

It produces perforations on the strip packaging machine.

· Sealing Roller Cavity

The sealing roller cavity helps in sealing the products as it is hot.

The temperature is accurate and does not fluctuate since it has a temperature control system.

· Rejection System

The rejection system has sensors that notice defective packaging.

Once the sensor detects the defects, the machine removes them from the good batch.

This prevents the defects from proceeding to the packaging system.

· Chute System

The chute system comes with a release pin.

It holds many pieces and directs them into the sealing roller.

· Motor System

The motor system will produce motion to the strip packing machine.

It drives the conveyor belt and sealing material among other components.

· Gutter System

The gutter system will collect all products once they leave the sealing station.

· Printing System

The printing system will make prints on the surface of the packages.

The print information includes ingredients, directions of use, manufacture, and expiry date.

· Electrical System

The electrical system contains all the electrical components that power the strip packaging machine.

It is secure and the cables have seals.

· Rear Gear System

The rear gear system will enable the chuck to revolve steadily.

This gear system is at the back of the headstock.

· Disk Plate

The disk plate will gather the product material for packaging.

It is round, flat, and metallic and moves in a circular motion.

· Hopper System

The hopper system holds the materials before they move from one part to the other.

· Packing Material Holder System

The packing material holder system will hold the material that you will use to package products.

The material can be foil, aluminum, paper, etc.

· Packaging Material Shaft System

The packaging material shaft system will move rotationally.

It releases the packaging material from the packaging material holder system.

· Brush Shaft System

The brush shaft system maintains electrical contact with a revolving surface.

· Sensor

The sensor will detect any defects and reject them.

It ensures high-quality products proceed to the next station.

How is Strip Packing Machine Principle of Operation?

Before you start using a strip packing machine, make sure it’s on.

Place the products that you will seal on the feeder.

The products then head to the conveyor belt in a uniform pattern for sealing.

At the conveyor belt, a roller ensures that all products are in a flat configuration.

The product goes through the conveyor belt to the sealing station.

At the sealing station, the product aligns with the sealing material.

The packing material holder will release the package via the packaging shaft.

The product then heads vertically where the machine applies the sealing material.

Two strips seal the products.

A sealing roller cavity will join these two strips together using a heat press or pressure mechanism.

The cutter will cut the products that are in a seal at uniform intervals.

The products then leave the sealing station to the gutter system.

 Strip packaging process

Strip packaging process

Which Types of Strip Packing Machine do you have?

We have a variety of strip packing machines.

Some of these machines include:

· Alu-Alu Strip Packing Machine

This machine combines many layers for highly sensitive pharmaceutical medicines.

These medicines are highly hygroscopic or light sensitive.

This means that you cannot use plastic to seal them.

An Alu-Alu strip packing machine packs single capsules or tablets between two aluminum sheet foils.

This packaging provides high protection for the products thus increasing their shelf life.

It creates a barrier against vapor, UV rays, aroma, and oxygen.

The Alu-Alu strip packing machine can mold the shape of the package to suit the product.

Some of the industries that use an Alu-Alu strip packing machine are:

  1. Chemical industries.
  2. Pharmaceutical industries.
  3. Food industries.

The machine can also pack ball bearings, buttons, pins, etc.

The benefits of an Alu-Alu packaging include:

  1. High thermal stability.
  2. Impressive thermo-formability.
  3. Reliable anti-counterfeit packaging.
  4. High level of malleability.
  5. Completer barrier against light, water, gases, etc.

· Foil Strip Packing Machine

A foil strip packing machine is versatile and can pack a wide range of products.

It has a speed of up to 2400 items per minute.

This machine seals the products between two foil sheets.

It uses a hermetic sealing mechanism.

Once the sealing happens, the machine perforates and cuts the strips as per the requirements.

Some of the features of a foil strip packaging machine include:

  1. it has a punch frequency of 40 to 80 times per minute.
  2. An average capacity of 800 pieces per minute.
  3. It requires the main motor power of 0.75kw.
  4. It guarantees airtight packaging.
  5. Stainless steel makes up a huge part of the machine.

· Tablets Strip Packing Machine

Tablet strip packing machine packs tablets of various sizes in strips.

The tablets are in a flat orientation for sealing to happen.

The machine can also pack tablets of varying sizes.

Some of the tablets you can pack include:

  1. Effervescent tablets.
  2. Coated tablets
  3. Dispersible tablets
  4. Chewable tablets
  5. Lozenges
  6. Uncoated tablets

· Capsules Strip Packing Machine

The main function of this machine is to pack capsules of various sizes.

Some of the features include:

  1. It requires a voltage of 220v or 380v.
  2. It applies an air pressure of 0.4 Mpa.
  3. The hole die of the real is approximately 40 to 45 mm.
  4. The maximum packing width it can achieve is 260 mm.

· Double Aluminum Strip Packing Machine

A double aluminum strip packing machine is very efficient, produces low noise, and is easy to operate.

It can automatically count, fill, seal, batch number, and cut at high speeds.

Some of the features include:

  1. Stainless steel body.
  2. It comes with a PLC
  3. Transducers control the speed of the motors which is sleepless speed regulating.

· PP Strip Packing Machine

One of the lightest and adjustable sealing materials are Polypropylene [PP].

It is simple and easy to handle than heavy materials such as steel packaging.

It is quite easy to operate and produces low noise levels.

· Manual Strip Packing Machine

A manual strip packing machine is good for small pharmaceutical and food industries.

A manual strip packing machine uses one sheet of foil for packaging.

It requires more human involvement when you compare it to the automatic strip packing machine.

It has a low production capacity than that of the automatic machine.

· Automatic Strip Packing Machine

A fully automatic strip packing machine does all the functions by itself.

Such automatic functions include:

  1. Cutting.
  2. Printing.
  3. Material feeding.
  4. Counting.
  5. Waste disposal.

It comes with a programmable logic controller and a human-machine interface.

It is easy to operate this machine as all you need to do is key in commands.

The machine also allows one to update the software it uses at any time to keep up with the current trends.

Which Features should Look for in Strip Packing Machine?

Some of the features you should look for in a strip packing machine include:

  • The material of the body.
  • Speed of the strip.
  • Width of the packaging material.
  • Weight of the machine.
  • Size of the machine.
  • The power supply that the machine requires.
  • The production capacity of the machine.
  • Quality compliance of the machine.
  • The type of packaging material the machine uses.

How do you Troubleshoot Strip Packing Machine?

Here are some common troubleshooting techniques:

· Machine has No Power

Check if there is power.

Connect the power cables.

Turn on the machine.

· Substandard Sealing

This can be due to a faulty sealing voltage or poor sealing material contact.

Repair the switch to prevent fluctuation of the voltage.

· Film is Out of Place

Center the film to the spindle.

Web up the film properly.

The film tracking system is not working hence repair or replace it.

· Cutting of Seals is Irregular

Ensure the blades are sharp.

Ensure the blades are in the right position.

What are the Safety Features of Strip Packing Machine?

Some of the safety features of a strip packing machine include:

  • Sensors that detect and reject defects from the good pile.
  • Sensors that automatically shuts down the machine when a foreign object is on the machine.
  • An alarm system that sends a signal when the machine is not working properly.
  • Fireproof electrical systems.

What are the uses of Strip Packing Machine?

A strip packing machine packs capsules, coated tablets, tablets, soft gelatin capsules, etc.

Pharmaceutical and food industries use it to pack these items cost-effectively.

What is Strip Defoiler Machine?

A strip defoiler is mandatory for recovering tablets or capsules from foils that have defects.

The machine separates the foil from the tablets or capsules.

The machine comes with adjustable slitters.

What are the Strip Designs that a Strip Packing Machine Applies?

Strip designs are essential as most designs are either square or rectangular strips.

Pocket portions can come in round, square, or oval strips.

The area of the pocket determines the diameter, thickness, and shape of the product.

How do you Control Quality during Strip Packing Process?

Quality control during strip packing is important to ensure only good strips go to the next production phase.

A strip packing machine has sensors that detect and reject defects and only allowing quality strips to move to the next stage.

How do you Maintain Strip Packing Machine?

Maintaining a strip packing machine is important to ensure you produce quality strips and that the machine lasts for long.

Repair and replace broken parts to ensure the production process does not stop.

Replace all faulty electrical components to minimize fire hazards.

Conduct frequent inspections to ensure all components are in good working condition.

Use genuine parts from reliable manufacturers to minimize frequent break down of the machine.

Ensure all sensors are in good working condition to maintain quality production.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, SaintyCo has a perfect strip packing machine for your needs.

Contact us now for all your strip packing machines.

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