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Veg+-Caps Vegetable Capsule Acid Resistant Capsules

Veg+-CapsR Vegetable Capsule acid resistant capsules for enteric drug

  • Empty capsules for enteric drug delivery – made from hypromellose (HPMC) Resist stomach digestion and disintegrate in the duodenum
  • Ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications
  • Protect ingredients from stomach acid (ideal for probiotics, enzymes, etc).
  • Eliminate costly enteric coating processes
  • Enhance product appeal (through color and/or printing options)
  • Low moisture content – ideal for moisture sensitive or hygroscopic formulations
  • Resistant to cross-linking
  • Stable over wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Global regulatory acceptance
  • Available in sizes 00, 0 , 1
Volume capacity(ml)0.950.680.480.360.270.20
Formulation densityWeight Capacity(mg)
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