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CFW200 Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

CFW200 Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine Features:

CFW200 can wrap ball chocolate or ellipse chocolate. Adopt frequency converter technique, easier operation; the parts which touch the chocolate are made with in noxious material; packing with high speed and good appearance.

The cam mechanism with gear is driven by a 3-phase synchronous motor; the wrapping disk with seven position moves intermittently.

Automatic shower lubricant distribution system, the lubricant oil is located in a removable pallet.

All operations are controlled by PLC.

Rapid replacement of the paper supply wheel.

CFW200 Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Chocolate Foil Wrapping MachineCFW200
Production capacity100pcs/min
Packing sizeФ19-30
Packing paper size (Aluminum foil)Width45mm
Thickness0.01-  0.02mm
Main power0.75Kw
Power supply380V, 50Hz
Dimension2183 x 1380 x 760mm
Gross weight800kgs

Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this new guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about chocolate foil wrapping machine.

Whether you want to learn about features, support equipment, working principle, or components, you will find everything here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine?

This is a machine that uses a converter mechanism to package chocolate into balls.

The equipment can use different types of foils like gold, black among others to adequately pack chocolates.

 Chocolate in foil

Chocolate in foil

It is an equipment used in packaging chocolate, candy, and other products.

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

Chocolate foi wrapping machine

What are the Features of the Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine?

There are several features of this machine.

For example,

  • The product contact parts are made form a noxious material, mostly 304 SUS.
  • This machine also possesses a cam technique that is dependent on a 3-phase synchronous motor.

This helps in driving the operations of the device.

  • The equipment has many pistons that aids in influencing the intermittent movement of the machine.
  • This machine can rapidly replace wrapping papers through the supply wheels.
  • Apart from these, it automatically lubricates itself through the lubrication system that is charged with oil.

What are the Advantages of using a Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine?

There are many advantages to using this machine.

Below are some of them.

  • Its adaptation to a frequency converter mechanism. This helps in converting the wrapping dimensions of the device frequently that facilitates the wrapping process.
  • This machine has a PLC from where all its operations are configured and controlled. This makes it user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • The device wraps the chocolate at a very high speed and those wrapped look very wonderful.
  • Since this machine is automated, chocolate wrapping cost is low because very little man-power is needed.
  • The output is high and this means that the returns are also high.
  • This machine is very accurate and efficient in the chocolate wrapping process.
  • It’s very ideal because it wraps faster and minimizes human labor that costs so much because the machine is automatic.
  • The product contamination is reduced since wrapping is done inside the machine.
  • The aesthetic value for chocolate is improved because this machine decorates the wrappers thus improving sales.

Are there Disadvantages of Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine?

Just like any other machine, the chocolate foil wrapping machine also has some demerits.

These include the following:

This machine should function every time and should there be any malfunction, it can stop working for a long time.

This is because repairing it is very difficult.

Additionally, this machine is costly to purchase, and thus its installation cost is high.

If you don’t have enough money, this may pose a great challenge.

What are the Ways of Chocolate Packaging?

Wrapping of chocolate can be done in so many ways.

For instance, we have Banding, sleeve, fold, twist, foil and band, and pleat wrapping.

Let me shed more light on each one of them below.

 Coin chocolate foil wrapping machine

Coin chocolate foil wrapping machine

Banding: The band material is wrapped around the chocolate and sealed using heat or glue.

The banding material which could either be paper of film should be relatively thick to hold the content well.

The sleeve wrapping: Single or double loose reel pieces of film are used to make a web around the chocolate.

They are shrunk tight when passed through heat.

Polypropylene material of 30 to 120 microns thickness can be used.

Fold wrapping: The fold wrapping technique involves the wrapping of chocolate in aluminum or paper without heat sealing.

This mechanism is ideal when you anticipate that chocolate can be destroyed by heat.

Twist wrapping: This is very simple.

The chocolate wrapper ends are twisted to act as a sealing. Stiff film and cellophane that generate a cracking sound during the unwrapping of chocolate are used.

The foil and band wrapping technique: The chocolate is first wrapped in aluminum foil and then wrapped again in a piece of paper.

Pleat wrapping: In this technique of wrapping, pleats are formed around the chocolate, and labels are used to seal the wrapper. It is ideal for wrapping chocolate or its products that have been made in a circular shape.

Which Stages are involved in the Chocolate Machine Wrapping Process?

There are four main stages involved in the chocolate machine wrapping process.

These include:

The primary stage: This can be done in two categories; single-stage and two-stage.

The primary single stage is where the chocolate is wrapped in either one or two packaging materials in one operation.

It’s sometimes called a mono pack and the machines used are Fold and horizontal flow wrapping machines.

The two-stage primary wrapping is done by making use of two wrapping materials.

The chocolate is passed through two consecutive wrapping steps as multipack or mono-pack.

The fold wrapping device is the ideal machine for this process.

The secondary stage of wrapping: At this stage, chocolate that has already been wrapped is again wrapped with OPP wrapping material, cellophane, and paper wrap.

Both mono and multipacks can be created during this stage.

You can achieve this by using both fold wrapping machine and horizontal flow wrapping equipment.

The tertiary wrapping stage: This is where all the chocolate wrapped in the primary and secondary stages are packed into open and closed cartons.

You can also pack them into trays and other cartons for display and convenient transportation.

A cartooning machine is very relevant at his stage.

The final wrapping stage: This is the last packaging after which the chocolate is dispatched to various locations.

Downstream machines used in the production chain are very useful at this stage.

What are the Types of Chocolate Wrapping Machines?

Chocolate wrapping machines are available in different types.

So it’s upon you to choose the type you think suits your work.

For instance, we have a chocolate coin wrapping machine, chocolate fold wrapping machine, and chocolate foil wrapping machine.

In addition to this, there is also a chocolate bar wrapping machine. Let me shed more light on each one of them below.

· Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

 Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

This machine wraps chocolate into a coin shape using a chrome paper for colored bristol.

It operates with very low noise and this makes the environment favorable for the users.

The machine has an intelligence servo control system that aids in easing the operation of this machine.

Apart from these, this device is automatic and is directly connected to the line of chocolate coin production.

All the processes are automated, for instance, forming, feeding, filling, and sealing of chocolate coin are all automatic.

In addition to these, it has a touch screen that acts as an interface between you and the machine.

This is where all the operation parameters are displayed and any faults can be seen and corrected from this component.

The machine has sensors that help in automatically stopping the machine in case there are any faults during its operation.

This ensures safety while using the machine.

However, this machine possesses some disadvantages.

For example, it is costly to purchase and install it.

Secondly, it occupies a large floor space when installed and therefore, limited space may not go down well with you.

To make sure you get enough returns from using this machine, ensure all the rotating components are lubricated.

This will minimize friction and facilitate the efficient running of the machine.

Apart from this, clean and maintain it regularly.

· Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

 Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

This type of chocolate wrapping machine is an automatic one.

It wraps them in tablets and parlances in envelopes of various sizes.

This machine can wrap chocolate in two films simultaneously.

Both single and backed aluminum are used in wrapping chocolate and this guarantees an excellent seal.

The machine is good because it has an option of horizontal and random settings.

This helps in maximizing a huge number of outlets per minute.

It is also flexible and can be used to wrap chocolate using different wrapping materials.

In addition to these, it functions efficiently because it has a color mark tracing system.

Because it is fully automated, it has a large output per minute and therefore, saves time and yields good returns.

However, it has some shortcomings.

For example, it’s not cost-effective to purchase and install.

Additionally, it needs a large floor space for installation and this may not be convenient if you have limited space.

· Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

This machine uses different foils to wrap chocolate in ellipse or ball shapes.

It uses a frequency mechanism to convert the wrapping dimensions of the equipment frequently.

It has a complete PLC that makes it user-friendly and easy to use.

The wrapped chocolate looks very great.

This machine incurs very low cost when operating because it is automated and does not need more human resource power.

Unfortunately, like other equipment, it has the following drawbacks:

  • A small malfunction of this machine can render it functionless for a long time.
  • Its initial purchase and installation cost if very expensive and cannot be afforded by small scale producers.

· Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

 Chocolate bar wrapping machine

Chocolate bar wrapping machine

This machine packages chocolate in either cardboard wrappers or aluminum papers.

It seals the product well for ease of storage and uses, in one of the best designs of high quality.

The machine also offers various wrapping options in the form of bands, envelopes, and cubes.

Since it is automated, it operates at a high speed and this promotes high output.

It smoothly handles the chocolate and this reduces breakages that help in minimizing wastage and losses.

Its shortcomings are that it needs a train to operate it and this is an additional cost.

Purchasing and installing it is also not cost-effective.

How does Chocolate Wrapping Machine Work?

For this machine to yield favorable results, the product must go through different steps.

Let me highlight these steps below.

The first step involves the preparation of the chocolate and the wrappers which are the main ingredients.

Ensure the machine is functioning properly.

The chocolate is fed into the machine production line and the wrappers loaded into the wrapper’s hopper.

In the second step, the chocolate is wrapped.

The machine automatically wraps them in the form of foil, polythene, or by folding them in a piece of paper.

The next step is to cut the chocolate wrappers into the desired sizes and shift them to the sealing section.

The fourth step is where the loose ends of the wrapped chocolate are automatically sealed.

This can be done either by laser heat or glue.

After this, the fifth step is to print labels or logos on the chocolate wrappers for identification and decoration.

Manufacture and expiry dates are among the things printed on the wrappers.

The sixth step is to inspect the wrappers to ascertain if they are of the best quality.

If they are good, you can go ahead and automatically package them in cartons for convenient transportation.

Which are other Support Machines in the Chocolate Production Line?

Chocolate production line requires support from other machines to help in having a complete packaging.

This additional equipment aids in optimizing the entire packaging process and in turn increases returns.

Below are some of these machines.

· Tempering Machine

This equipment is relevant for heating, cooling, and mixing of chocolate.

This facilitates efficient packaging since the chocolate can achieve a smooth and crispy crystallization through this machine.

· Automatic Chocolate Depositor

The machine helps in discharging chocolate into mold cavities.

It is very accurate and efficient and this eliminates wastage of the product.

· Chocolate Enrobers

This machine is useful when you want to make thin coatings on some products.

For instance, nuts and cookies can be coated with a thin chocolate layer through this machine.

· Automatic De-molder

The machine facilitates the removal of bars from the molds.

· Automatic Molding Machine

It automatically shapes the chocolate into different shapes according to your desire.

The machine can be set and used to mold different chocolate products.

· Biscuit Feeding Unit

This equipment is relevant when you intend to include biscuits in your chocolate.

It helps in controlling and feeding the biscuits accurately into the molds.

· Granule Dosing Machine

This machine helps in dosing the different granules into the molds.

The chocolate granular mixer

This equipment aids in mixing granules and chocolate homogenously and thereafter directs the chocolate to flow to the depositor.

· Feeding Mixer

It supports chocolate packaging machines by regulating proportions of raisins, groundnuts, and fruit piece inclusion into chocolate.

· Nut Feeder

This machine is ideal when you have decided to include nuts in the chocolate production process.

It helps in charging chocolate into the molds during the packaging process.

· Chocolate Analysis Machine

The equipment is used for assessing the quality of chocolate before it can be filled and weighed.

It gives signals when the chocolate has some issues.

· Filling and Weighing Machine

Once the machine parameters are set, it helps in easy filling and weighing of chocolate before they are packaged.

· Chocolate Pump

This device facilitates the pushing of chocolate through the pipes in the production line.

How can you Troubleshoot the Chocolate Wrapping Machine?

This machine has many issues but fortunately, they can be solved.

Below are some of those problems and their corresponding solutions.

· The Wrapping Film can Run Off the Machining Center

This problem comes up when the film is not in the film spindle.

The issue can also occur when the film roll is not properly wound or when it’s loose at the center.

Sometimes, it happens when the belt is not corresponding to the tube.

This challenge can be solved by replacing the wrapping films and aligning the machine belt properly.

· Failure of the Wrapping Film to Properly Track

The problem features when the film roll is not at the spindle center or when the spindle is loose.

Also, failure of the film to be on a proper carriage thread may result in this.

To handle this issue, ensure the film roll is aligned properly at the spindle center.

In addition to these, tighten the spindle and make sure the threading being used by the wrapping film is good.

· Failure of Movement of the Wrapping Film Feed Belt

This occurs when you are checking the tightness of the belt against the tube among others.

To solve it, you have to loosen the belts and make adjustments on the gear-box of the film feed motor.

· The Bag Lengths may become Inconsistent

This problem is due to bad film threading, incorrect adjustment of tension between the film feed-belts, and unclean feed belt.

You can handle this issue by cleaning the film feed belt and adjust the tension.

· The bag may be too Long that the Recommended

The problem can be caused by an incorrect setting of the bag length.

Sometimes when the registration photo-eye is not well set, this issue may come up.

Set the photo-eye registration and ensuring the bag length is set properly to facilitate the solution to this problem.

· Wrapping Films with Creases

This is caused by the worn-out collar and incorrect adjustment of the forming collar and set up roller.

Other causes are when the valves are stuck on the collar, or when the film path roller is contaminated.

To resolve this, the forming collar should be replaced and ensure it is well placed and adjusted.

· Difficulty in the Unwinding of the Film

This is due to the dirty forming film, high co-efficient friction of the film.

It could also happen when the zipper is caught on the collar or there is a belt-high contact pressure.

Cleaning and adjusting the forming belt can solve this problem and if the problem does not go away, replace it.

· Difficulty in Pulling Down the Film through the Forming Tube

The cause of this problem is the dirty form set and high friction on the film coefficient.

Incorrect alignment on the setup and forming collar also contributes to this problem.

The solution to this problem is to clean the forming set and adjust the machine parameters to reduce friction.

You can also align and set the collar to prevent splice tape from sticking.

· Jams of Film at the Forming Tube

This occurs when the seals are hot and stick to the film.

It also happens when there is a film coefficient of high friction and too much pressure on the vertical-seal bands.

Using good machine parameters results in a reduction of too much heat formation and excess friction of the rotating parts.

This is enough to solve this problem.

What Certification do Chocolate Wrapping Machines have?

Any machine should have the recommended quality for it to perform its functions well.

The confirmation of a good quality device lies in the certification marks on it.

Below are some of the certification and conformity marks this machine has:

  • CE
  • ISO certification
  • CCC
  • The equipment safety directive
  • The certification for electromagnetic compatibility
  • The certification for physical agent directives
  • The provision and use of work machine regulations
  • The SGS certification

What are the Uses of Chocolate Wrapping Machine?

This machine serves different purposes. Its uses include:

7 Chocolate foil wrapping machine

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

  • It charges ingredients into the cylinder and fills the chocolate into mold cavities.
  • It is used in wrapping solids, inclusions, wafers, cookies, and pure chocolate.
  • The machine offers various wrapping options like foil and folds. It can also do a single or double stage wrapping.
  • This machine can further package chocolate into cartons after wrapping.
  • The chocolate can be wrapped into different sizes and dimensions according to your desire.
  • The machine also performs printing of decorations, labels, and even logos on the wrappers.

How can you Optimize Chocolate Packaging in a Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine?

Chocolate wrapping machines give better returns when they are functioning well.

If you want to optimize chocolate packaging using this type of machine, you should do the following:

  • Change to smart packaging solutions that helps in reducing the packaging cost and in return maximize profit.
  • Secondly, Make sure you stick to the packaging recommendations of the chocolate bar wrapping machine.
  • When the machine is regularly cleaned and maintained properly, its functions optimally.

What is a Table-top Candy Wrapping Machine?

This is a small wrapping machine placed on a table-top and is an ideal replacement of hand wrapping.

It is used to wrap small items like a candy bar in small quantities.

The machine is easy to use and offers cost-effective means of packaging chocolate and its products.

After wrapping the chocolate, sealing is done at the bottom of the machine.

This is good for thin products that don’t have a flat bottom like the ones in rectangular or round shapes.

Cleaning and maintaining it is also easy.

What is a Semi-automatic Candy Wrapping Machine?

This wrapping machine is cost-effective, easy to use, and clean, and maintain.

It can provide wrapping services that are attractive in the current market and bring good returns if it’s adopted.

The loading of chocolate and wrappers into the machine and the discharge of the wrapped chocolate are done manually.

Other processes like mixing chocolate with other ingredients, discharging them into the mold, wrapping, and sealing are automatically done.

What is a Gold Foil for Chocolate Wrapping?

These are foils that are in a gold color that is used in wrapping chocolate.

They have a shiny surface color on the outer part and mostly used in chocolate coin wrapping machines.

The wrapped chocolate looks like a coin.

What is the Chocolate Bar Wrapping Paper?

These are wrapping papers that are used to wrap chocolate bars meant for occasions like birthday, retirement, baby shower gifts.

A thin paper is laminated from wax and aluminum foil to make a smooth chocolate non-sticky high-quality wrapper.

How do Black Foil Wrappers Compare to Gold Foil Wrappers in the Chocolate Wrapping Industry?

Black foil wrappers are FDA approved chocolate wrappers.

It is made from black aluminum foil and is used to protect the product from the effect of light.

Apart from wrapping chocolate, it can be used to wrap candy, peanut butter cup nuts, and truffles made locally.

Gold foil wrappers, on the other hand, are also FDA approved.

The gold foil is made from shiny tone foil and is excellent for wrapping candies and lollipops.

They have gold color on one side and silver color on the other side.

What is a Confectionary Wrapper?

Confectionaries include any sugary made products like chocolate, candy, and cookies among others.

They can be wrapped using laminated paper and alu foil, cellophane and paper bunch wrap.

In addition to these, roll wrap and alu paper that is coated can also be used.

What is an Automatic Candy Wrapper Machine?

 Candy wrapping machine

 Candy wrapping machine

This machine is used in packaging candy.

It automatically feeds, fills, wraps, cuts, and prints the candy in a single process.

Less human resource is needed while using this equipment and this means high production output.

The packaging materials being used can easily manage the transfer of both moisture and oxygen within the machine.

It is very efficient and accurate and can package large quantities of candy within a very short time.

What is the Chocolate Tempering Machine?

This is a machine that is used in mixing chocolate and other ingredients before the packaging process.

It melts, tempers, and aids in the general preparation of chocolate for wrapping.

It is ideal for laboratory-scale industry or small scale chocolate producers.

This machine is user-friendly, controls heat, easy to clean, and maintain.

It has an agitator arm that mixes the chocolate mass homogenously and is suitable for all types of chocolate.

The machine is made from food-approved stainless steel materials and it has an internal cooler that regulates its temperature.

What is a Custom Chocolate Bar Mold?

These are bar molds that can be modified according to your desire so that images or names can be included.

Files and STLs are attached so that chocolate squares can be edited easily.

The custom mold is made according to the size and shape requested by the chocolate manufacture.

This will enable the producer to package chocolate into predetermined sizes and shapes.

This mold is made from cardboard, hot glue, and silicon that is safe for foods.

What is a Manual Candy Wrapping Machine?

This type of chocolate wrapping machine is ideal for wrapping chocolate that cannot be wrapped through an automatic machine.

The product is manually fed into the conveyor and pushed to the molds for wrapping purposes.

Once it has been wrapped by the machine, the cutting of the packs into the desired size is done manually.

Sealing and further packaging into cartons are also done manually.

This machine has a compact frame and this allows it to perform stably and easily.

It has photoelectric tracking, LCD touch screen, and PLC control system.

All these facilitate the ease in which it can be operated.

The products that can be wrapped using this machine include chocolate, candy, and other products that have regular shapes.

The disadvantage of this machine is that it requires so much human labor.

This in the long run becomes very expensive especially when you intend to scale up your production.

Why are some Chocolates Wrapped in Aluminum Foil while others in Plastic or Paper?

Chocolate is wrapped in aluminum foil because it helps in preserving the product’s freshness and protects it from contamination.

The aluminum foil protects the chocolate from braking and this allows you to have it in one piece.

It is also eco-friendly and beautiful to behold.

Plastic is sometimes used when you package chocolate that is not likely to melt.

It is also ideal for wrapping chocolate that cannot be affected by any external influence.

Why are Very Thin Foils used in Wrapping Chocolate?

There are many reasons as to why thin foils are relevant in wrapping chocolate.

For instance, they are ideal for wrapping chocolate because they protect it from moisture.

Apart from this, it also maintains a perfect value by according it a good appearance.

In addition to these, the thin foil provides a maximum barrier between the chocolate and the surrounding.

This helps in preventing contamination of the product that might compromise the quality.

The thin foils are smooth and chocolate does not stick on them.

For this reason, they maintain the perfect shape of the mold that was used when wrapping the chocolate.

What Technical Parameters do Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machines have?

This machine has the following technical specification:

  • It has a monolayer that is double and multipurpose for packaging chocolate.
  • The machine normally uses either glue sealing or hot perm sealing mechanism after wrapping chocolate.
  • This machine has an automatic fault alarm and sensors that trigger the topping of the machine. This machine ensures that when there is no candy, there will be no film feeding.
  • Apart from these, it possesses a photocell scanner system that aids in aligning the chocolate wrapper cutting correctly.
  • The device has a touch-screen where all the results can be read and interpreted so that deviations can be corrected. It also possesses a PLC through which all the machine operations are configured and controlled. This makes the running of the machine easier.

 Which Materials are used in Making Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine?

The materials used in making this machine is stainless steel, specifically, 304 SUS.

This material is recommended because it does not affect the product when it comes into contact with it.

 What is the Quality Standard for a Good Chocolate Foil Wrapper Machine?

The quality standards that are used in making this machine are many.

For instance, it has to be made in compliance with the FDA.

This states that it has to be made according to the recommended hygiene standard of food handling machines.

Secondly, the machine product contact parts must be made from stainless steel which can be cleaned and maintained easily.

It must not have dead ends that can hide product remains which may cause contamination.

This can compromise the quality of chocolate.

This machine must be made in compliance with CE, RoHS, CCC and ISO.

In short, before choosing chocolate wrapping machines, you should consider everything mentioned in this guide.

At SaintyCo, we design, manufacture, install, commission and help maintain all our chocolate foil wrapping machines.

Contact us today for best prices in Chocolate machines.

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