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Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum?

Pharmaceutical bins and drums are special pieces of equipment and in most cases, they are made using stainless steel.

Industries around the globe rely on them for handling materials or products.

Asides from this they can also be used in shifting materials or products safely to different destinations.

You need to be careful when choosing bins and drums.

The best ones are those that comply with the cGMP requirements.

Always go for those that are easy to clean, long-lasting and that are multi-purpose.



How does Square IBC Bin and Round IBC Bin differ?

The square IBC bin is useful equipment that plays a crucial role in the mixing, transportation, and storage of products.

Some of the major companies around the globe utilize this equipment in handling pharmaceutical granules or powders.

Square IBC bin

 Square IBC bin

Similarly, the round IBC bin is also very important equipment for the leading oral dosing providers.

 Round IBC bin

Round IBC bin

You can choose to settle for either the standard or the customized designs.

Just like the case with the square IBC bin, the round IBC bin is also crucial in handling pharmaceutical products.

As a buyer, you will get to appreciate the ergonomic design of this equipment.

It makes the transportation of materials from one point to the next quite easily.

However, ensure you are purchasing the cGMP compliant Round IBC bin.

The distinguishing factor between the square IBC bin and the round IBC bin lies in the design.

Just as the name suggests, the shapes are different, with one taking a round shape and the other one a square.

At just very competitive rates you obtain a round IBC bin without screws on the surface or some dead angles.

What are Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum Used for?

The pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and food processing companies are the ones that use the pharmaceutical bin and drums.

Such companies use them for storage and transportation activities.

Otherbins and drums play an integral role when mixing powders or granules.

What are the Benefits of IBC Bin?

i. They make it easy to store and transport material in various industries

ii. Depending on the design of the pharmaceutical bin and drum, you can use it for powder, granules or liquids

iii. Airtight sealing guarantees safety of hazardous products

iv. Easy to clean surfaces eliminates possibility of cross contamination

v. Pharmaceutical bins and drums are reusable

What are the Basic Parts of Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum?

Bins and drums are quite basic in terms of design.

However, minor complexities might present themselves based on design.

Here is an overview of its fundamental parts.

Types of bins and drums

Types of bins and drums

· Drums

The simplicity in the design of quite a large number of drums has to do with facilitating the easy transfer of materials.

Some of them are cylindrical with an open end.

In most of the instances, a lid helps in covering the open end.

The main drums usually vary in size and on the opposite sides they come with handles.

These handles are important because they make it easy to lift these drums.

It is also important to point out that it matters where you want to use these drums.

It may be for granules or powders.

· Bins

They vary in shape or design and in most cases they are linked with some lifting equipment.

Some other variations are in terms of width, angles, diameter, and height.

You understand your needs better and so go for the right dimensions.

You will also notice that bins have two openings.

The one at the top is bigger than the one at the bottom.

At times, they may also have frames that hold the bins.

How do you clean Pharmaceutical IBC Bin?

There are several ways to clean the IBC bins and so you decide on the one you prefer.

These range from the high-pressure cleaning systems to the automatic and semi-automatic.

You need to choose those strategies that consume less water.

Asides from that, they should also be reliable and efficient.

The dirt to be removed may be oil, grease, automotive lubricant, paint, ink, and even coating.

That means that you need to go for systems that employ the best washing detergents.

These may include detergents, caustics or even solvents.

Can you use Pharma Bin Lifting Column?

Pharma bin lifting column is a piece of special equipment that you can use in mixing products.

It works by lifting the products, pouring them into the mixing chamber and shaking them thoroughly.

The target is to mix the products in the most appropriate proportions to end up with a homogeneous mixture.

 Bin on a lifting column

Bin on a lifting column

Trusted companies give you wide-ranging options of these lifting columns.

It is a technological advancement that is speeding up processes in packaging industries, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries.

The pharma bin lifting column can be used alongside tablet presses, coater, blenders, and capsule filling machines.

Why is CGMP Compliance crucial for Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum?

Pharmaceutical products are targeted at human beings.

The CGMP Compliance has everything to do with offering the safe and reliable pharmaceutical bins and drums.

In fact, cGMP has become benchmark for evaluating quality and reliability of pharmaceutical equipment.

It highlights the use of quality material, ease of cleaning, preventing cross contamination, etc.

Therefore, the pharmaceutical bin and drum must conform to the cGMP requirements.

How do you Prevent Cross-Contamination in Pharma Bin?

You must acknowledge cross-contamination as a very serious drawback in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

It compromises product quality and so should be avoided at all costs.

 Airtight pharma bin

Airtight Pharma bin

To prevent cross-contamination, pharma bins are:

i. cGMP compliant hence conforming to the FDA set safety standards and regulations

ii. Parts in direct contact with product are made from stainless steel which is easy to clean

iii. Without dead angles, screws or concave-convex face, no product will remain on the internal surface of the pharma bin

iv. Smooth surface finish ensures product empties completely from the Pharma bin

Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum are made from which Material?

They are made from austenitic stainless steel.

Remember to buy the ones with a well-polished surface that you will even clean easily.

What is the Recommended Degree of Roughness for Pharma Bin?

There is a set value for both the inner and outer surfaces.

The inner surface should be to a degree of about Ra = 0.4 µ m.

On the other hand, the inner surface needs to be somewhere at Ra = 0.2 µ m.

Are Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum Airtight?

On their own, they are not airtight.

However, with the help of a heat resistant silicone seal, you can make it airtight.

This should be placed in the inner section of the bin. It helps the two clamp tightly.

This is very important.

What are the Critical Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum Specifications?

  • Its internal surface roughness shouldn’t exceed 0.4mm
  • The power consumption should be ideal
  • Needs to conform with the handling system you are working with
  • It should bear a design that allows the mixing of raw materials easily
  • It should be easy to clean it
  • It should comply with governing regulations
  • Should be at the height that is ideal for your application
  • Should be made from stainless steel

Can you use Pharmaceutical Bin Mix Material?

The answer is an outright yes! It is ideal for mixing materials especially the ones in powder form.

How do you Charge and Discharge Content of Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum?

When using an automated system charging and discharging content is quite easy.

You just need to work with the switch.

Ensure that the drum is well placed, at a point where it can receive the materials.

By simply opening the valve, the contents will pour into the drum.

You will still use the same switch to close the valve after discharging the materials.

Even with the charging, you will still use the switch provided you are using the automated system.

With the switch, you will be able to conduct the charging activities.

Round Pharma Bin

Round Pharma Bin

Does SaintyCo offer Custom Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum?

Yes, you can get custom pharmaceutical bin and drum.

Simply send us your specifications and our technical team will design the right Pharma bin and drum for you.

What other Pharma IBC Bin Accessories does SaintyCo offer?

  • Funnels
  • Transport trolleys
  • Discharge aids
  • Blending hoods
  • Lifting column

Which Industries use IBC Bin?

There is a wide range of industries using the IBC bins.

These include:

  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Cosmetic plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Chemical plant

How do Pharmaceutical Bin and Drum Work?

Pharma bin and drum has an opening for charging and discharging material.

It may have one opening or two.

You will simply fill the bin and drum with material you want to store, transport or process then close the lid.

Once you finish the process, open the lid to access the material.

At times, bin and drum may have a frame for holding the bin and clamping it on lifting column.

This allows you to process material in the bin.

Furthermore, the frame may have wheels for easier maneuverability.

How does the Pharma Bin Design guarantee Safety?

The design is such that you can use the GMP lifting equipment with it for easy operations.

This is safe for you.

The use of the stainless steel for its construction is also a safety precaution.

This material ensures minimal reactions and so the end products do not tamper with the quality of the products.

Besides, it has smooth finish with no protruding parts and components.

A strong frame ensures safe handling of the Pharma bin and drum.

Can you use IBC Bin for Multiple Products?

The answer is an absolute yes.

However, this truth only holds if you buy it from a trusted supplier or manufacturer.

Remember that it should be constructed using austenitic stainless steel and the roughness index should conform to standards.

The right material ensures that no adverse reactions take place.

Besides, the design must prevent possible cross contamination of the product.

What are the available Pharm Bin Clamping Mechanisms?

You will need a clamping bar to help you hold Pharma bin in place.

Welding helps in clamping these bars to the bins for easy handling.

The C Frame blender needs to be strong enough to handle the system in place.

It should be simple for you to access the valves and the lids for easy operation and to save on time.

Alternatively, you can get full cage blenders to take care of your diverse needs.

This clamps the IBC bins from both sides.

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