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JS-2 Gelatin Gel Strength Systems

JS-2 Gelatin Gel Strength Systems:

JS-2 Gelatin gel strength systems is the latest development production of our company, which is the requisite instrument in detecting jelly strength of gelatin. The instrument design and technical specifications of this tester reached or surpassed the advanced level of this kind of instrument in the world.

Features include:

  • Jelly strength system uses a MPU to control all operations. It works in the Bloom mode and the Bloom gram display by LED. The probe suit with English standard.
  • It has a high temperature accuracy and an even temperature of the bath liquid.
  • The refrigerator applies to a new type of condensed machine, which has a high reliable performance and a great power, to refrigerate quickly.
  • About all components are selected in the imported or high quality ones.
  • It can be operated conveniently by using keys. Its measurement results are displayed by LED.
  • Simple and direct constructions have made its outward appearance pleasing to the eyes.
  • Slight shock, low noise, none-pollution, a high reliable performance, and a long usage life.

Appliance Standard:

  • National standard (Food additive Gelatin) GB6783-94
  • American codex/No.22/VSPXX
  • Vocation standard (Gelatin for medicine) QB2354-98
  • Vocation standard (Industrial gelatin) QB/T1995-94
  • Vocation standard (Bone gelatin) QB/T1996-94
  • Vocation standard (Photographic gelatin) QB/t1997-94

Consist of:

  • JS-2 Jelly Strength Tester
  • American codex/No.22/VSPXX
  • HW-2 Constant Temperature Bath
  • ZL-2 Refrigerator
Test Range5 ~ 1000g
Test Accuracy+/-0.05% +/-1g
Travel1 ~ 80mm
Travel Accuracy+/-0.1mm
Temperature Control Range5 ~ 39.9 ℃
Temperature Control Accuracy+/-0.1 ℃
Cooling Time30 min
Volume Accuracy+/-0.5mL
Power110V   60Hz   1200W

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