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Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects you need to know about automatic chocolate tempering machine.

So, before investing in a new automatic chocolate tempering machine, read this guide

What is an Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Automatic chocolate tempering machine is an electronic mixing and heating appliance designed to take all the manual labor out of tempering chocolate.

This machine makes work simple since you can program it to the temperature that you desire. Afterward, all you have to do is add your preferred chocolate to the machine continuously as you mold your creations.

Tempering is critical, especially for melted raw chocolates, to make them smooth. Otherwise, the melted chocolate will appear unattractive, dry, and grey.

 Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Why is Chocolate Tempering Important?

There are several ways of tempering chocolate, and this is helpful because many problems are easily solved. For instance, various types of candy must be tempered to be crisp and smooth.

Also, you must temper the chocolate before processing it rather than leave it in melted form.  If you melt the chocolate without tempering, it could take a while to solidify and harden.

This would result in a bar of dull chocolate that melts quickly. Therefore, chocolate tempering is essential in that:

  • It makes chocolates bloom-resistant.
  • It gives the chocolate a shiny and smooth surface since it balances the texture in the chocolate.
  • Well-tempered chocolate will have a good contraction.
  • Makes the chocolate unmold easily and gives it a delicious snap when you bite it.

Can you Temper all Chocolate Types with an Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?


You can temper all chocolate types using the automatic chocolate tempering machine. However, chocolate tempering is a crucial process that can result in an undesired final product if not handled well.

You are therefore required to use a suitable chocolate tempering machine to produce quality chocolates.

What are the Features of the Best Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

The best automatic chocolate tempering machine should be user-friendly and provide you peace of mind and more time to do what you love.

Notably, a modern automatic chocolate tempering machine should come with new advanced features including:

  • Movable chocolate nozzle to accommodate various molds.
  • Intelligent temperature control for tempering.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Heated vibrating table.
  • Accessories bars for tools.
  • IT has the Perfect Choco modular approach with easy equipment add-on as Enrober 12, Melter, and cooling tunnel.
  • It has a user-friendly control panel.

What are the Key Features of Automatic Continuous Chocolate Temperer and Automatic Batch Chocolate Temperer?

Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects of these machines:

Automatic Continuous Chocolate Temperer

Automatic continuous chocolate temperer is a large-scale stand-alone machine that is correspondingly more expensive.

How it works:

  • To temper, fill the vat with chocolate and press the temper button in the controls interface.
  • The machine will temper your chocolate consistently and all the time.
  • It has an integrated pump that allows the chocolate to continuously circulate through a pout and back into the tank. This makes filling molds very easy.

Automatic Batch Chocolate Temperer

An automatic batch chocolate temperer is different from an automatic continuous chocolate tempering machine. Nevertheless, it is a popular solution as it ensures fast, easy, and consistent tempering without a skilled operator.

Furthermore, it will increase your capacity compared to manual tempering since it reduces the risk of expensive wasted batches.

It works as follows:

  • Put the required quantity of solid chocolate (crystal cocoa butter) into the tank.
  • Press the button to start the melting cycle.
  • When the meeting is done, press the temper button to start the tempering process.

Additionally, another outstanding feature of the automatic batch chocolate tempering machine is that it has digital programmable controllers, scraped surface stirrers, an all-stainless steel construction, and is designed for cleaning.

They also need to permanently be plumbed in to provide a cold-water source that assists in the cooling and draining process.

However, you will be needed to transfer your chocolate to another vat before working with it in as much as it has programmable controls.

Which are the Main Parts of Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Some of the main parts of this chocolate machines are:

Temperature Control System

The temperature control system is responsible for raising the temperature to melt the chocolate and lower the temperature for crystalizing.

Automatic tempering machines are equipped with highly precise temperature sensors that give accurate temperature readings through a digital display.

Temperature is a critical component in the chocolate tempering process. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your chocolate Tempering Machine has a temperature control system working at optimum capacity.

Manual chocolate tempering machines have temperature control buttons to set the thermostat recommended temperatures for the tempering process.

Small-Scale Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

 Small-Scale Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Power Cord

The power cord is responsible for directing power into the chocolate tempering machines.

The average chocolate tempering machine’s power cord usually supplies an average of  110v to 220v of electricity for optimum functioning.

Mixing Motor

Larger chocolate tempering machines have automated mixing arms or motors that are used to mix the chocolate.

This is done to ensure a uniform consistency throughout the entire batch of chocolate being tempered.

Small-scale chocolate tempering machines have bowl motors. Bowl motors are responsible for spinning the melting bowls that hold the chocolate.

The bowl motor rotates clockwise. The bowl motor uses an average of 110v to 230 v, depending on the size of the machine.

Stainless Steel Melting Bowls

The steel melting bowls hold the chocolate as they melt. The bowls are connected to a motor that spins the bowl to ensure consistency in the chocolate as it melts.

Stainless steel is the most recommended material as it prevents contamination of the chocolate.

Bowl Scraper

The bowl scrapper’s primary duty is to separate the melted chocolate or tempered chocolate and the solid chocolate.

The melted chocolate is maintained at the front of the bowl while the solid temperature remains at the back.

Therefore, the scrapper should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that it maintains contact with the bowl’s surface at all times.

How does Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine Work?

Automatic  Chocolate tempering machine is equipped with a digital control system that controls the various machine’s processes such as heating, mixing, and cooling. It also has sensors that detect any changes or variations to the set temperature and alerts the user of these changes.

The processes  controlled by the Automatic Chocolate tempering machine are as follows;

The first step is melting the chocolate. The automatic tempering machine is equipped with exact temperature sensors that give precise temperature readings through a digital display.

In addition, the Automatic Chocolate tempering machines have temperature control buttons on the display control system. These are used to set the recommended temperatures for the tempering process.

The second step is mixing, which is done using an automatic mixing arm. The arm rotates clockwise, creating uniformity in the melted chocolate.

The next step is to turn on the chocolate flow. Thus, creating a continuous tempering process.

This is followed by cooling down the chocolate of the chocolate. The temperature control system also does this as it lowers the temperature down to the recommended level.

The final step is molding.  This is where the vibrating table and scrappers come into play.

The chocolate flows into the molding container placed on the vibrating table. The scraper is used to scrape off any overflow on the molding container.

This process can, however, differ depending on the machine being used. Different machines may employ different methods to temper chocolate.

However, the critical functions of heating, mixing,  and cooling should be the same.

Chocolate Tempering Process
Science and technology of enrobed and filled chocolate, confectionery and bakery products, (2009). 978-1-84569-390-9

Chocolate Tempering Process

What is the Recommended Tempering Temperature for Automatic Chocolate Temperature Machine?

To achieve the desired finished product, you will be required to heat and cool each type of chocolate to specific temperatures. For instance, the dark chocolate should be heated to 1200F, the milk chocolate to a temperature of 1150F and white chocolate to 1100F.

On the contrary, when cooling, the dark chocolate should be cooled to 820F and milk chocolate to 800 F. Similarly, the white chocolate should be cooled to around 780F.

Therefore, there has to be alternate heating and cooling with close monitoring to ensure that you achieve the desired final product. The finished chocolate product should be smooth, shiny, and has no bloom.

Is there a Standard Capacity of Chocolate Tempering Machine?

There is no standard capacity for a chocolate tempering machine. The degree differs according to the size of the machine and the manufacturer, among other things.

Therefore, it is crucial to purchase a chocolate tempering machine following the scale of production you are operating on.

Chocolate tempering machine could have a small capacity of a few cups at a time. Similarly, it could have a large capacity of up to twenty-seven pounds.

Why is Chocolate Fluidity Important when Using Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

The size of the shell and the snap of your chocolate product are usually determined by your chocolate’s fluidity.

Therefore, if your chocolate is more fluid, then the shell will be even thinner and crunchier.

Importantly, if your chocolate has the proper fluidity, then using it will be easier. This means that you can cast large molds in one go.

How do you know the time to add Seed Chocolate into the Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Knowing when to add seed chocolate is simple, as the machine will always notify you. When the chocolate has reached a specific temperature, the machine will prompt you to add seed chocolates.

It will beep twice, and then the temper button will flash.

This means that the chocolate has reached its desired tempering temperature and the signal to add seed chocolate.

However, suppose the machine has not melted the desired amount for the batch you put. In that case, it is still appropriate to let it run until the melting process of the chocolate has been completed.

What is the Difference Between Tempering Temperature and Melt Temperature of Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

The melting temperature of the chocolate is usually the melting point of chocolate. It generally ranges between 85 Fahrenheit and 90 Fahrenheit.

The tempering temperature is usually higher than the melting point of chocolate to ensure a smooth consistency in the chocolate.

Tempering temperature is achieved by heating the chocolate at low heat.

The low heat is to maintain the smoothness. The recommended tempering temperature is 110 Fahrenheit.

How do you Change the Tempering Temperature of the Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Changing the tempering temperature is not that hard but rather a simple process that can be done by pressing a button.

When in tempering cycle, press and hold the temperature up/down arrow on the tempering machine control panel.

Do this until the temperature shown on the screen reaches the final tempering temperature desired. After which, you release the button.

This is usually preferable when using a high cocoa butter content dark chocolate.

Which are the Three Critical Variable that Affects the Efficiency of Chocolate Tempering Machine?

A well-tempered chocolate will always be shiny, have an even color, a smooth structure, and without any bloom.

Naturally, therefore, the process must be carried out with caution to come out with this final product.

This implies that the cocoa butter crystals should be incorporated in the right amounts. Failure to do so will interfere with the chocolate tempering.

Nonetheless, other variables can affect the efficiency of chocolate tempering machine, and they include:


If the machine is not well-timed, then the cocoa butter crystal incorporated in the melted chocolate will fail to form and grow.

Therefore, during tempering, the crystals should be given enough time to develop a mature final product.

Additionally, different chocolate types require a specific time each for the whole tempering process to be complete.

This should also be considered if you want to maintain the efficiency of the chocolate tempering machine.


These cocoa butter crystals used in the process of chocolate tempering do melt at specific temperatures.

Therefore the temperature settings in the machine should be done right.

This is key since if not set to the required temperatures, the likelihood of getting a desired final product is rare.

Electric Power

This is a crucial requirement for the machine to operate effectively. Therefore, the machine must be connected to power when tempering chocolates.

In case of a power outage, there should be a backup plan as interferences will repeat the process, making chocolate tempering machine inefficient.

How do you know that the Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine has Completed a Tempering Cycle?

Automatic chocolate tempering machines are equipped with a digital display system.

The system alerts the operator of the completion of a cycle, and the commence of another one.

In addition, it is equipped with an alarm system that alerts the operator during the completion of these cycles.

What the Advantages of Fully Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Having a fully automated chocolate tempering machine can be advantageous in so many ways. They include:

  • It helps improve contraction, making it easy to demould and reducing the number of molds to clean.
  • Ensures a homogenous distribution of the stable seed crystals.
  • In a fully automated chocolate tempering machine, there is maximum heat transfer utilizing turbulent colling water flow.
  • It also helps improve the heat resistance of the chocolate.
  • With a fully automatic chocolate tempering machine, the solidification during the cooling process is fastened.
  • With its improved features, temperatures can be controlled accurately.

How do you set up TableTop Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Below is the basic procedure of setting up a Table Top Chocolate Tempering machine:

 Tabletop Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Tabletop Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

  • The first step is to take off the Lexan cover.
  • Then you unbolt the bowl scrapper.
  • Removing the temperature probe in an upward motion is next. Again, the position in which you remove the probe is critical as any other way could damage damages.
  • This is followed by unwinding the bowl scrapper by twisting it anti-clockwise.
  • Lift the melting bowl removing it from its housing.
  • The next step is to ensure that the bulbs are correctly working. The bulbs are located on the sides of the drive plate. It is essential to ensure that the machine is off before doing any checks on the light bulbs.
  • Return the mixing bowl into its original place, ensuring the pins are correctly aligned into the driving plate. This is followed by slowly turning it into a clockwise position until it drops into place.
  • Put the bowl sac rapper into the melting bowl and spin it clockwise until it gets into place. The holding studs should get into the bosses.
  • The next step is to slip the probe into its housing until it stops at the rim of the scraper or the bottom of the bowl.

The next step after setting up the Table Top tempering machine is powering it. The Table Top chocolate tempering machines come with a removable cord set.

The cords set has two plugs, a male plug, and a female plug. The male plug three molded prong and the female plug is molded as well.

The female plug is inserted at the rear of the machine. This is where the power module is located. Next, the male plug is inserted into the power outlet in the wall.

It is essential to ensure that the machine is turned off to prevent any electrical hazards.

Which are the Types of Cooling Tunnels that you can Integrate with a Chocolate Tempering Machine?

You can integrate any of the following equipment:

Radiation Cooling Tunnel

The Radiation Cooling tunnel has a high input lane path tunnel. The radiation Cooling tunnel has a simple airflow system that allows cooling of the heated air through radiation.

Cooling from below is done by contact with cold water

Convection Cooling Tunnel

These blowers to force atmospheric air into the tunnel while pushing heated air from the heated components out the other end. Passing the cooler air over the heated parts allows for an elevated cooling time.

The Convection cooling tunnels also have excellent slabs and, in some cases, cold water slabs that help with cooling at the bottom.

Air Flow Cooling Tunnel

The Air Flow cooling tunnel uses two separate cooled air flows. One is found at the bottom, while the other one is located at the top.

Another design is an Air Flow Cooling Tunnel that uses one cold airflow around the chocolate.

An alternative design is Air Flow Cooling Tunnel. This has a chilled airflow at the top and an excellent slider plate at the bottom, which cools the chocolate on contact.

Do you Manufacture an Automatic Industrial Chocolate Tempering Machine?

No, but many trusted companies are involved in the making of quality automatic industrial chocolate tempering machines.

They have been mandated with such responsibilities and have to make sure they reach the set quality standards.

What are the Chocolate Tempering Machine Accessories?

A chocolate tempering machine cannot work effectively without its accessories. These accessories play a significant role in ensuring that you get your well-processed final product.

Without one or some, the achievement of your goal could be impossible.

Some of the accessories are listed below:

  • Replacement bowl. The size of the bowl is determined by the machine size and capacity.
  • Baffle with clip
  • Packs of scrappers. The number of scrappers depends on the size of the machine.
  • Set of knobs.
  • Baffle brush.
  • Deco spoon.

You should note that if any critical accessory wears off, you should replace it as soon as possible to continue the tempering process. Some of the accessories can be gotten from physical chocolate tempering machine stores.

Even better, you can order them online, which is usually directly from the manufacturer.

How do you troubleshoot the Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Some of the most common problems of automatic chocolate tempering machine include:

Excessive Cooling In The Cooling Tunnels

Excessive cooling in the cooling tunnels can be troubleshot by inspecting the demolding station.

If there is excessive cooling, it results in pieces of the cooled chocolate getting stuck in the mold cavities.

This is a result of irregular cooling or crystallization. Adjusting the cooling temperature can rectify this problem.

If the cooling tunnels are defective, then replacing them will take care of the problem.

Improperly Aligned Depositor

The alignment of the depositor varies according to the type of molding.

For example, depositor molding employs vertically aligned pistons and depositors that are accurately positioned to align with the molding cavity.

Flood molding employs a similarly aligned depositor, but the operator controls when it releases.

The chocolate being deposited outside the cavities indicates a wrongly positioned depositor. Carefully aligning the depositor helps take care of this issue.

Metal Detectors are giving False Alarms

Some chocolate tempering machines are equipped with metal detectors.

The metal detectors can give alarms even in the absence of metals.

When this happens, cleaning the components can solve this problem. For example, the metal detector might have increased sensitivity.

It could be picking on metal dust or, in some cases, aluminium. It also essential to check on the sensitivity of the machine.

What is the Price of Automatic Mini Chocolate Tempering Machine?

An automatic mini chocolate tempering machine is mainly for homemade chocolates or small-scale confectionery businesses.

The automatic mini chocolate tempering machine has a lower capacity than a larger-sized chocolate tempering machine, making it suitable for such processes.

With this in mind, it is therefore apparent that the automatic mini chocolate tempering machine would be less costly.

Mini Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Mini Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Which are the crucial Technical Specifications of Chocolate Tempering Machine to Consider?

Choosing a chocolate tempering machine is not an easy task, and that’s why it is crucial to have some critical factors in mind.

These factors will be helpful to you when choosing a quality machine that will serve you well and for a long time.

Some of the specifications to look for in a chocolate tempering machine are, therefore:

Size and Capacity

The number of chocolates you want to be tempering will determine the size of the machine you choose.

If you are into commercial chocolate tempering, you should consider a bigger machine.

However, if you are tempering homemade chocolates, then a mini chocolate tempering machine would do.

Additionally, the machine’s price will also determine the quality and size of the chocolate tempering machine.

The important thing is to ensure that you choose a chocolate tempering machine to produce the quantity you want.

Chocolate Settings

Different machine brands come with different setting programs.

There are those chocolate tempering machines with manual controls like most Table Top chocolate tempering machines.

On the other hand, there are those automatic chocolate tempering machines that have been preprogrammed, which could make work easier for you.

Therefore, depending on the capacity, always consider the machine settings.

The most preferred chocolate tempering machine, however, is the latter which has already been programmed.

Moreover, it is easier to use as it takes away all that guesswork and even sets the required temperatures automatically.

Interface Features

Importantly, you should check for this in the chocolate tempering machine you are choosing.

Most and different brands, if not all, have their own style of integrating valuable features on the chocolate tempering machine interface.

Some may have on the interface a control panel with buttons, temperature control buttons, and even LED screen displays, all of which are useful.

Also, you should note that the cost of the chocolate tempering machine will determine the style of the interface features it has.

Buy an expensive chocolate tempering machine. It will have many control features on the interface, unlike a less expensive one.

Therefore, plan first before purchasing a chocolate tempering machine.

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