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Candy Packer

Starch Mould production lines,Deposited production lines and Die-formed productions lines for Jelly Candy,Soft Candy,Hard Candy,Toffee Candy,Marshmallow(Cotton Candy),Lollipop and etc.

Candy Packer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Candy Packer?

Candy packer is a packaging machine particularly designed for wrapping, bagging or container filling candy consisting soft or hard candy, gummies, wrapped candy, among others.

The common materials used in the packaging are paper, aluminum or plastic film.

They are wrapped around candy or group of candies and then sealing is done using glue, heat or simply friction.

The wrapping materials does not need to entirely cover the pack and can comprise simply of a partial enclosure of the pack, a band or the entire hermetic seal of the candy.



How does Candy Packer compare to Chocolate Wrapping Machine?

Candy packer and chocolate wrapping machine forms part of confectionery packaging machines.

Candies and chocolates are sugar confectionery.

Therefore, chocolate wrapping machine is a special type of candy packer whose main purpose is to package various types of chocolate and candies.

What are the Benefits of Candy Packer?

Some of the advantages of candy packer machine for packaging your products include:

Candy packing machine

Candy packing machine

· Enhance Products Attractiveness

Candy packing machine will boost the appearance of your product and help them stand out on the shelf compared to your competitors.

· Protects Products from Dust, Moisture and Damage

When you use the right candy packer, it will make sure that your candies are safely wrapped to prevent any potential harm from dust, dirt, or moisture.

· Saves Time

You will save plenty of time by investing in a candy packing machine.

Manually wrapping your products can be time-consuming and tedious.

Nevertheless, using a candy packer to package your goods will spare you plenty of time and energy that you can channel in other crucial production operations.

· Faster Packaging

Automatic candy packers with enabled PLC control will assist in fastening the process of packaging and help you fulfill the bulk packaging needs in your business.

· Efficient Product Packaging

When you use a candy packing machine for all your bulk packaging needs, you can ensure uniformity in wrapping your goods and efficiency which would not be possible with hand packing.

Manual candy wrapping process has inconsistencies and inefficiency in packaging of products.

This implies that an automatic candy packer will guarantee better packaging of your sweets, gummies, caramels and lollipops among other candies.

· Increased Productivity

Who does not delight in the idea of having more work accomplished in less time?

A candy packer machine will put your operations on the road to efficiency.

With automatic types of candy packing machines, you will do away with the waiting for start and stop cycles.

By just pulling a cord or placing the products on a conveyor, the wrapping begins and stops automatically.

Why Invest in SaintyCo Candy Packer?

When it comes to confectionery packaging, SaintyCo has the expertise that over several years has made us a major special-purpose machine engineer in the sector.

Global players and medium-sized manufacturers alike now vest their trust in our candy packer machinery and system solutions as essential elements of their production line.

We have the suitable machine for all your needs.

Only with right packaging does your confectionery release its full effect. SaintyCo provides inventive full-service system products to make this practical.

Our candy packaging machines are a perfect example of innovative engineering and top speeds of packaging.

Working with saintyCo candy packers represents the perfect means to uplift your value chain.

Our machines will pack your confectionery – from glucose sweets to compressed tablets and all through to round wine gums.

They also pack hard and soft caramels, marzipan, sweets, liquorice and fruit gums.

Our packaging machines comprise of roll wrapping machines for soft and hard tablet-shaped lozenges including wine gums.

Your candies are curved, cylindrical, oval, quadratic, round, or multi-sided.

There are no restrictions to what you can achieve with SaintyCo candy packers.

Which Candy Packer Machines does SaintyCo offer?

Here are the three candy packer machines manufactured by SaintyCo:

Are there Multifunctional Candy Packer Machines?

The emerging trend in candy packaging machines market is development of multifunctional candy packer with advanced automation.

Some of the latest developed candy packers have the improved features such as auto-correction when the packaging film gets jammed in the course of the operation.

These type of packaging machines also entail features such as auto-adjusting the dimensions of packaging based on the weight and dimensions of the candy.

Manufacturers need increasingly versatile multifunctional packaging machine to allow short product runs, as well as fast and efficient changeovers.

How many Types of Candy Packing Machines are there?

There are various types of candy packers that come with different designs and features.

Let’s look at some of the most common candy packing machines.


i. Flow Wrapping Machine

Candy Flow wrapper is a horizontal packaging machine in which products enter the equipment and is wrapped in printed or clear film.

The outcome is a firmly flexible pack with a top/bottom vertical seal and a horizontal back seal.

How Candy Flow Wrapping Machines Work

The operation begins with a bagging machine transferring the film from the cylindrical roll through the forming collar (at times referred to as plow or tube).

After passing through the collar, the film then gets folded upon which the vertical seal bars will outstretch and seal the back of the pouch.

Once the required pouch length is achieved, the machine fills it with the products.

After filling of product, the horizontal seal bars will then secure, seal, and cut the pouch giving an end product that comprises of a pack with one vertical back seal and top/bottom horizontal seals.

ii. Fold Wrapping Machine

A fold wrapping machine is a candy wrapper that encloses with a paper or aluminum foil around an item without heat sealing.

The machines are normally used where there is a risk of damaging the goods when you apply heat yet still attaining a very firmly fitting wrap.

This type of candy packer is mainly used for packaging small pieces of candies at speeds of over 300 packs per minute.

How Candy Fold Wrapper Works

The working principle of candy fold wrapping machine is the same as that of an overwrapping equipment by which an item is passed across a single sheet of paper or foil.

A sequence of folding and tucking operations then happens to generate the wrapped goods.

A turret is commonly used for high-speed wrapping since it facilitates more than one folding procedure to be conducted at the same time.

iii. Twist Wrapping Machine

A twist wrapping machine is a candy packer which close up the ends of the pack by twisting the film.

To make this happen, the film should be stiff and that is why cellophane is usually used.

Cellophane has the added advantage of generating a nice crackling sound when unwrapping the pack.

Twist wrappers are almost purely used in the confectionery sector where they are utilized for high-speed packaging of individual sweets.

Roll of film is supplied to the machine from a reel and the products conveyed through it.

You can achieve throughput speeds of above 300 products per minute.

iv. Candy Foil and Band Wrapper

This is a type of candy packing machine which initially wraps an item in aluminum foil before wrapping it in a band of paper.

Foil and band wrapping machine is primarily used for packaging chocolate bars and confectionery.

Turret styles of this machinery are common for attaining high speed of operations above 300 packs per minute.

v. Overwrapping Machine

An overwrapping machine is packaging equipment which wraps an item or group of items with a paper or sheet of film.

Then, it applies sequence of folding and sealing procedures creates an entirely wrapped pack.

You can use various materials on the overwrapper, and they comprise of paper, cellophane, polypropylene, and polyethene.

Candy overwrapping equipment offers a top quality packaging and creates a pack that has a “wrapped by hand” appearance on it.

They are therefore usually employed where presentation quality should be high, for instance confectionery and perfume box wrapping.

In addition, this type of candy packer machine utilizes little heat to give near hermetic seal.

With the film itself being relatively cheaper than other wrapping materials such as polyolefin.

Therefore, candy overwrappers give cost savings for individual packs as well as collation and distribution packs.

However, the only disadvantage of candy overwrapping machine is that the collation or pack you need to wrap should be rectilinear.

Can you Integrate Candy Packer with Candy Making Machine?

Candy roll wrapping machine

 Candy roll wrapping machine

Absolutely, modern candy packer machines integrates seamlessly with candy making machines.

This makes you have an integrated candy making system that can be operated through a single HMI.

The integration helps you reduce film costs and increases productivity.

What Candy Packer Specification to look when investing in a new Machine?

When it comes to selecting packaging machinery for your line, experts say there are particular machine attributes that you simply can’t live without.

You need to assess the following when selecting a candy packer:

  • Technical capabilities
  • Labor requirements
  • Worker safety
  • Maintainability
  • Serviceability
  • Reliability
  • Ability to integrate into the packaging line
  • Capital cost
  • Floor space
  • Flexibility (change-over, materials, multiple products, etc.)
  • Energy requirements
  • Quality of outgoing packages
  • Qualifications (for food, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Throughput,
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Ergonomics
  • Return on investment etc.

What are the Key Components of Candy Packer Machine?

The main parts of candy packer machine consist of:

Candy roll wrapping machine

Candy roll wrapping machine

i. PLC control system with a touch screen display for showing of the control parameters.

ii. Feeder system that feeds the machine with the chocolate and the wrapping papers

iii. Distribution system complete with conveyors, motors, and gears to steer the operations of the machine.

iv. Wrapping system fitted with wrapping disks and pistons for enhanced flexibility.

v. Automatic printing system

vi. Automatic alarming and sensors system that boosts the safety of the machinery.

vii. Shower lubricant distribution system

viii. Removable oil pallets

How does Candy Packer Machine Work?

· Processing

Before starting the packaging operation, you need to integrate the machinery upstream into the production line with the downstream candy packing equipment and cover all interfaces.

· Feeding and Handling

Feed systems convey the candies from the upstream processing to the packaging machine in a controlled way.

Innovative storage systems make sure there is maximum efficiency.

Now, let’s explore how candy twist wrapping machines work, one of the common candy packers in the confectionery industry.

Some of the main techniques to twisting candy during packaging process are:

  • Wrapping with sachet
  • Using a candy double twist that has been preformed
  • Using a cut and wrap which basically refers to the process of cutting and wrapping candy in “one step”

When you are packing candy that has been performed, you can choose to use:

  • Length-twisters, or
  • Cross-twisters

Lengthtwisters are relatively not common.

It is only a few manufacturers who distribute them

On the other hand, cross twisters are the most common among many machinery suppliers.

A length-twister molds the film into a long tube (same as a flow wrapping machine).

After positioning the candy inside, a knife found in the system cuts the tube.

With the candy in the middle of the tube, the machine then twists the film, thereafter twisting of the ends.

A cross-twister trims a piece from the film, and the equipment wraps the candy in this piece.

Sachet wrappers all fall under cross-twisters.

Additionally, almost all cut-and-wrap candy packers are cross-twisters.

In case you intend to use printed film, you’re likely to choose any of the two existing orientations.

Where you can opt for either a cross twister or length twister.

The main advantage of length-twister candy packing machine is that it is possible to use very thin films.

Its main disadvantage is that the machine may not print on the candy surface.

Depending on your production needs and requirements, candy twist wrapping machines come in different production capacities.

For instance, a candy packer may handle 100pieces/minute while others have a production capacity of 2000pieces/minute.

Candy wrapping machine

Candy wrapping machine

Is Roll Wrapping Machine Similar to Overwrapping Machine?

Roll wrapping machines are largely utilized for wrapping biscuits.

The equipment is similar to overwrapping in the context that the product passes across a sheet of film and horizontal seal is created.

After that, a sequence of folding operations create the end seals.

Nonetheless, roll wrapping and overwrapping machines differ with regards to product handling.

Because roll wrapping machine is mainly used to pack fragile confectionery such as biscuits, two unwrapped packs cannot touch each other.

The equipment is therefore designed to smoothly guide every individual pack into the packaging machinery without getting in contact with another.

Which Industries use Candy Packing Machine?

Applications of candy packing machines is greatly evident in the following industries:

· Food and Beverage industry

Flow pack and flow wrap machine are highly adjustable and versatile equipment that caters to a myriad of applications in the food and beverages sector.

It is essential to operate hygienic and safe packaging systems to preserve the integrity of your products.

Candy packers enable manufacturers in the confectionery industry to attain maximum output without forgoing the integrity of their candy products.

· Industrial Components

Candy packer machinery finds application in several industries in packing various industrial components such as bearings, locks, hollow pin chain, door magnetic catcher and stopper, among others.

· Medical and Pharmaceutical

The packaging equipment are very instrumental in encapsulating different-sized operation gloves to small medical pills in the pharmaceutical and medical in an air tight pack.

Specifically, flow pack and flow wrap machines are appropriate for packing liquid and other types of capsules in a hygienic packaging.

· Stationery Components

Candy packers get a wide range of use in packaging numerous stationery components of varying sizes and shapes with ease of change over for different products.

They pack the products in a reliable and long-lasting air tight pack that keeps them safe from any destruction.

You can use the equipment to package stationery items such as sketches, ball point pens, pencils, among other products.

· Cosmetics and Others

Another important industry where candy packer machines find wide application is the cosmetic and other accessories producing industries.

The cosmetic industry provides a big scope, which needs top quality packaging coupled with an eye-catching final appearance that is as crucial as the product inside.

Candy Packer Equipment is made from which Material?

There are numerous materials for making candy packer machines, but you have to make sure your selected material is rust and corrosive resistant.

Particularly, the best candy packer is an all-stainless steel machine, including the products contact parts.

What are the Benefits of CIP Online Cleaning System in Candy Packer Machine?

Clean-in-place (CIP) systems have an instrumental role in candy packaging machines.

They not only assist candy producers clean parts of machine that are hard to reach.

But CIP online cleaning mechanism improves efficient utilization of cleaning chemicals and water, reduces cleaning time, and ultimately boosts the productivity of your machinery.

CIP online cleaning system has been around for about 50 years.

It is usually applied in hygiene sensitive industries such as pharmaceutical and confectionery sector to clean a broad range of equipment.

CIP refers to the utilization of a blend of water, chemicals and heat to clean pipework, vessels or machinery without dismantling them.

The process can be recovery, which recycles most of the liquid, or one shot, in which everything goes to drain. Generally, CIP can be a very effective mode of cleaning.

What is Candy Depositing Line?

Candy deposit line

Candy deposit line

This is a production system utilized for manufacturing deposited hard candy.

The machine continuously feed cooked candy syrup to a heated hopper located above a chain-driven mold circuit.

The syrup is accurately metered by pistons found in the hopper into specific cavities in the mold.

They are then transferred into a cooling tunnel.

Normally, the products stay in the molds for the forward and return operations of the circuit before getting released onto a take-off conveyor.

Present candy depositing machinery features complex PLC control and servo-drive systems rather than mechanical cams and linkages.

These makes it possible for use to use the same candy depositors to manufacture a broad range of goods and quick changeover at the press of a button.

Modern candy depositing lines are typically wider, up to 1.5 meters, usually have double hoppers, function at top speeds and deposit 2, 3 or 4 rows of candies on every cycle.

Multi-headed types are there to further enhance flexibility and production.

It is possible for current candy depositors to manufacture above 10,000 candies every minute.

Is Candy Roll Wrapping Machine a Candy Packer?

Absolutely, a roll wrapping machine is one of the many types of candy packers, which wraps cylindrical candies in a sequence of folding and heat sealing processes applying heat sealable film.

This type of packaging machine commonly use polypropylene film.

Candy roll wrapper comes with a vibration hopper feed system, which will feed the candies into the right configuration ready for packaging.

The system then conveys the products to the wrapping head for candy wrapping, rolling and gluing.

Next, an out-feed conveyor rolling system discharges the products and finally the machine presses the foil ends.

Candy roll wrapping machine comes with PLC and inverters.

What is a Single Twist Candy Packing Machine?

Single Twist Packaging Machine is made for high speed packaging of various shape of candy including:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Ellipse candies among others into single twist style.

Depending on the product, candy twist wrapper can pack a speed of up to 350 products per minute.

Candy twist wrapping machine provides a reliable and effective way of protecting candy from:

  • Moisture
  • Dust
  • Harsh light, or other contaminants

At the same time, the help maintain elegance.

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