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HTL200A Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

HTL200A Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine


HTL200A is an advanced coin chocolate packing machine which anew designs by increasing originally with the packing single chromo paper for the packing colored bristol paper. It is with embosses the unit pairing chocolate by the cover or seal machine to carry on the packing, after its packing product contour artistic, the colored design is bright, stereoscopic effect. And it has the hypothesis photo electricity track to the design trademark, establishes the paper length size and not to deliver the paper’s function when there is no chocolate.

  • The machine adopts full servo intelligent control and runs with low noise, which makes the working condition more comfortable.
  • The machine is highly automated. It can be connected to the production line directly, the processes of feeding, forming, filling and sealing are fully automatic.
  • The machine adopts the industrial touch screen, human-machine interface. It intuitively shows the parameter and has the menu operation, which makes the operator easier to use.

HTL200A Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Chocolate Coin Wrapping MachineHTL200A
Packing material (Aluminum foil)0.05mm thickness
Packing sizeФ28-39mm
Packing sizeФ40-73mm
Motor power1.5Kw
Gross weight1500kgs
Dimension1560 x 1250 x 1450mm

Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything about chocolate coin wrapping machine.

Whether you want to learn about the function, parts, working principle or industrial applications, you will find everything in this guide.

Keep reading to learn more about these chocolate machines.

Why Invest in Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

There is a wide range of reasons for you to invest in a chocolate coin wrapping machine.

 Chocolate coin wrapping machine

 Chocolate coin wrapping machine

· Low Noise Production

The development of a chocolate coin wrapping machine takes into account a low level of noise production.

This guarantees effective production while offering comfortability to the operators.

· Automation

Full automation of a chocolate coin wrapping machine reduces human intervention, thereby boosting the production capacity.

Automation also makes it easy to identify faultiness when it occurs, reducing the machine downtime.

Among the critical processes that are automated include; feeding, forming, filling, and wrapping of chocolate coins.

· Touch Screen Interface

An easy to use touch screen interface makes it easy for you to interact with the machine.

Such an interface keeps you in a safe position as you control the activities of your machine.

· Alarm Sensors

This machine is equipped with sensors that can detect any problem that may lead to the disruption of its normal activities.

The essence of this is to facilitate early flaw detection and help minimize possible damage as well as offer safety to the operators.

Identifying the problem early enables you to prepare in advance, thereby reducing machine downtime and increase productivity.

· Reduction in Cost

The use of a chocolate coin wrapping machine reduces the overall cost of production.

Such cost includes hiring fewer employees to operate the machine.

Is Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine similar to Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine?


A chocolate coin wrapping machine is not the same as a chocolate foil wrapping machine.

The main difference is in the shape they form on the final chocolate wrap.

A chocolate coin wrapping machine leaves a coin-shaped chocolate wrap.

A chocolate foil wrapping machine, on the other hand, leaves a tablet shape chocolate wrap.

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

Are these Small Chocolate Wrapping Machine?

Yes. It is possible to find a small chocolate wrapping machine.

This is in terms of the production capacity and its size.

However, the critical aspect to check is the production capacity of a given chocolate wrapping machine.

Are there Disadvantages of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?


There are a few limitations that you will experience when using a chocolate coin wrapping machine.

They include:

· Cost

The initial purchasing cost of these machines is relatively high.

This requires substantive investment before you decide on buying them.

Other costs that you have to incur include the installation and maintenance costs, which are considerably high.

· Space

You need a lot of space to set up this machine.

This is a limiting factor when such space is not available.

Before purchasing the machine, you have to ensure you have enough space.

What are the Functions of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

The main functions of a chocolate coin wrapping machines are:

  • Coin wrapping the various types of chocolates, including cookies and wafers.
  • Using different wrapping materials such as foils and polyethylene to wrap the chocolates
  • Packing the wrapped chocolate in different packaging materials such as cartons and plastics.
  • Reducing the overall wrapping and packaging of the chocolates.
  • Properly labeling the wrapped chocolates

Which are the available types of Chocolate Wrapping Machines?

The following are the types of chocolate wrapping machines available for your selection:

· Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Chocolate wrapping using this type of wrapping machine takes the form of a coin.

It consists of a die that allows you to modify your chocolates into different sizes.

For maximum efficiency, you need to clean and regularly maintain the chocolate coin wrapping machine.

· Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

The use of this machine is ideal for wrapping tablet type chocolates of different sizes.

This machine can wrap chocolates using either single or double films at a go.

The advantage of using this machine is it allows for horizontal set up.

This facilitates the movement of products to different outlets.

It also allows for the use of different wrapping materials to wrap different sizes of your chocolates.

However, the main limitation is its size, which is considerably large.

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

· Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

A chocolate foil wrapping machine wraps different foil materials over your chocolate in an ellipse shape.

The wrapping disk consists of different pistons, which allows for intermittent movement, which is crucial for wrapping your chocolate.

Its automatic lubrication system frequently lubricates the flexible parts ensuring their effective movement.

Among the advantages of using this machine is its cost-effectiveness due to the automation of the process.

However, a small malfunction on this machine can cause the stoppage of the production process.

· Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

This is an ideal machine for wrapping cardboard or aluminum wrappers over your chocolate bars.

After packaging, it seals the package for storage convenience.

The different types of chocolate bar wrapping machine are chocolate bar fold, horizontal flow, and cartooning machine.

The use of this machine guarantees you quality wrapping of your chocolate bars.

You also get a high production process due to its automation process.

However, the machine is complex to use, which means you have to hire experts, which might be expensive.

What are the Components of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

The main components of a chocolate coin wrapping machine are:

· Chocolate Foil Cutting Component

The function of this component is to trim and cut the wrapping material ready for the wrapping process.

· Chocolate Coin Wrapping Component

The coining component is responsible for wrapping chocolate coins into the required shapes.

The coining component varies in size, depending on the wrapping requirement.

· Distribution System

The distribution system consists of feeders and conveyor belts.

The system is essential for the smooth flow of the process from one stage to another.

Conveyor belts can be of varying width depending on the size of your machine.

The distribution system is a determining factor in the production capacity of your machine.

· Coining Component

This component prints details on your product while enhancing their coining.

· Power Component

The power component is responsible for powering up the machine during operation.

This can have varying voltage capacity depending on the size of the chocolate coin wrapping machine.

You need to be careful when handling this component to avoid electrocution.

· Intelligent Temperature Controller

Temperature is an integral part of proper chocolate coin wrapping.

An intelligent temperature controller can reduce or increase the temperature depending on the requirements of the machine and the wrapping material.

· PLC Control Component

This component allows you the control of the parameters of your machine.

Such parameters include the machine’s speed and production capacity.

How does Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine Work?

The working of a chocolate wrapping machine entails the following steps;

· Material Preparation

This is the initial step where you prepare the main materials, which are chocolate and wrappers.

You have to load the wrappers on the wrapper hopper and also the chocolates on the production line.

Before switching the chocolate coin wrapping machine, you have to check if you have installed it properly.

It should also be in the correct working condition.

· Coin Wrapping Chocolates

You can use different wrappers to wrap your chocolate.

Also, the wrapping stages and processes differ from one machine to another.

For instance, you can have a single stage wrapping process for your chocolates.

Here, the machine wraps the chocolates automatically.

They reach the wrapping stage.

The wrapping material can either be polythene, foil, or a piece of foldable paper.

· Sizing of a Chocolate Wrapper

In the sizing stage, the wrapper is cut according to the coin chocolate size.

The cutting process is precise to the shape of the coin.

This minimizes wastage of wrapping material while preventing damage to the coin chocolate.

· Chocolate Wrapper Sealing

This stage involves the sealing of the loose ends of the coin wrapped chocolate.

There are different sealing techniques that you can use.

For instance, you can seal using glue or laser heating.

However, the sealing method you use should not negatively react with your chocolate or the wrapping material.

· Printing

This involves printing relevant information on the wrappers.

Such information includes the chocolate’s main ingredients, the name of the chocolate, the manufacturer, and the date of expiry.

Factors that affect the printing design include the manufacturer’s preference, information readability, and customer attractiveness.

· Final Inspection and Packaging

From printing, the chocolate coin wrappers go through screening to check on the quality of the entire process.

This is an automatic process that detects any flaws in the process and removes those packages.

This guarantees quality for the final user while ensuring the process meets the required standards.

The final process is to pack them in approved packaging materials such as cartons ready for shipment.

Which Material should you use in Chocolate Coin Wrapping Process?

The main materials for a chocolate coin wrapping machine are the wrapping material and chocolate.

Also, the wrapping material can either be aluminum foil or polyethylene.

Chocolate can either be as a fluid, semi-fluid or solid.

You can also mix other products such as nuts and biscuits on the chocolate.

What are the Main Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine Specifications?

When selecting a chocolate coin wrapping machine, you have to consider the following:

 Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

· Machine’s Wrapping Capacity

Check on the production capacity of a given chocolate coin wrapping machine before purchasing.

This determines your production capacity.

· Machine’s Dimension

The dimensions of a given chocolate coin wrapping machine determine the installation space that you need.

It is essential to consider the installation space as well as the maintenance space when looking at the dimension of the machine.

· Power Supply System

The power supply system of your chocolate wrapping machine should be within the voltage of the mains supply.

This prevents power disruption while ensuring the effective operation of your machine.

The connection procedure of the power supply system should be user friendly

· Production Processes

You have to check whether the chocolate coin wrapping machine is manual or automatic.

An automatic machine has numerous advantages over a manual machine.

For instance, the operating cost of an automatic machine is less compared to the manual machine.

How can you Improve Efficiency of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

You can improve the efficiency of your chocolate con wrapping machine by frequently cleaning it.

You also have to check for loose parts and fix them.

You also have to grease every movable part of the machine to minimize friction and facilitate their movement.

How do you Troubleshoot Chocolate Con Wrapping Machines?

Troubleshooting a chocolate coin wrapping machine depends on the source of the problem.

The problems include:

· Incorrect Running of the Wrapping Material

the cause of this problem can be an incorrect alignment of the belt to the tube, loose film roll, or incorrect winding.

To solve this, check the belt arrangement, tighten the film to the spindle, and ensuring the film roll is in the middle of the spindle.

· Improper Tracking of the Wrapping Film

The cause of this can be loose spindle, improper film placement to the carriage, improper alignment of the film rolls to the spindle.

The solution to this is to ensure the wrapping film has the right threading or proper alignment of the film to the middle of the spindle.

· Inconsistency in the Length of the Bag

This is as a result of the dirty film feeding unit, inaccurate film threading, and adjusting the film belt tension incorrectly.

You can solve this by cleaning the film feeding unit, adjusting the film belt tension correctly, and using the correct fil threads.

· Wrapping Film having Creases

The causes of this problem include using a forming collar that is worn out or adjusting the forming collar incorrectly.

It can also be due to a barrier on the forming collar, changing the setup roller incorrectly or contaminated film path.

To solve this, you need to replace the forming collar, adjust the forming collar correctly, clean the film path, and remove any barrier on the forming collar.

Difficult to Unwind the Film

The causes for this include the forming part is dirt and aligning the foaming tube incorrectly.

Solving this entails removing dirt on the forming part and proper alignment of the foaming tube.

What are the Quality Certifications for Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

The main quality certifications for chocolate wrapping machines are:

  • SGC certification
  • CO certification
  • Machine Safety Directive certification (MSD)
  • CE
  • PUWER certification (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification (EMC)
  • PAD certification (Physical Agent Directive)

Is there a difference between Candy Packer and Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?


There is a difference between a candy packer and a chocolate coin wrapping machine.

A chocolate coin wrapping machine is an equipment that wraps chocolate.

A candy packer is a person whose job is to pack candies and chocolates for shipment.

A chocolate coin wrapping machine can do the work that a candy packer can do.

Which Machines can you Integrate with Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

There are a variety of machines that you can use alongside a chocolate coin wrapping machine.

These include:

· Tempering Machine

This machine heats cools and mixes your chocolate giving it a smooth crystallization effect

· Automatic Chocolate Depositor

this machine works by depositing a given amount of chocolate into a preformed mold.

It is accurate and ensures uniformity of the mold size.

· Automatic Molding Machine

The function of an automatic molding machine is to mold chocolates and give them the necessary shape as per the specifications.

You just set the specifications, and your machine is good to go.

· Chocolate Enrobers

Chocolate enrobers add a layer of chocolate on products such as nuts, biscuits, and cookies before the wrapping process begins.

· Automatic De-molder

A chocolate de-molder removes the unnecessary shape and size of your chocolate without disfiguring it.

This ensures the production of chocolates as per the specification you set.

· Biscuit Feeding Component

A biscuit feeding component is functional if you are planning to add biscuits in the chocolate.

Its function is to control the feeding of biscuits in the molds automatically.

· Chocolate Granule Mixer

The function of a chocolate granule mixer is to mix pure chocolate and granule chocolate in equal proportions.

This mixture then flows through to an automatic chocolate depositor.

· Feeder Mixer

If you are incorporating a wide range of materials such as fruit pieces, groundnuts, rice crisps, and raisings, then you have to use this machine.

It ensures proper mixing of the materials in the required proportions alongside that of your chocolate during the production process.

· Granule Dosing Machine

The granule dosing machine molds different granules by dosing the using a pneumatic system and a lapel spreader.

· Filling and Weighing Machine

Filling and weighing machines give the correct quantity of chocolate for wrapping using the chocolate coin wrapping machine.

This facilitates the production of equal coin chocolate wrappers.

Before starting the process, you need to set the necessary weight parameters.

· Nut Feeder

A nut feeder is essential if you want to incorporate nuts into your chocolate production.

It facilitates feeding of the nuts into the production process.

· Chocolate Analysis Machine

Quality is an essential aspect of the entire process.

You can use a chocolate analysis machine to ensure the chocolate you are using meets the set quality standards.

The advantage of this machine is it easily detects and alerts you if particular chocolate falls short of the quality standards.

·  Chocolate Pumps

A chocolate pump forces the chocolate along the chocolate coin wrapping machine’s production line.

This enhances the wrapping process by ensuring there is a smooth flow of the chocolate regardless of its physical properties.

Which Industries use Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

The confectionary industry is the main industry that uses a chocolate coin wrapping machine.

You can also find this machine in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why is Clean-in-place (CIP) Critical in Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

The clean-in-place is essential in a chocolate coin wrapping machine because:

· Safety

Clean-in-place in chocolate coin wrapping machine ensures there is the safety of the operators.

This is because there is no direct contact between the cleaning agents and the operators.

· Easy to Clean

the use of clean-in-place ensures maximum cleanliness of your chocolate coin wrapping machine.

This is because the cleaning agent effectively cleans hard to reach parts of the machines.

· Time-saving

A clean-in-place is effective and minimizes the overall time it takes to clean your machine.

As such, the production process can continue with minimal interruption.

· Saves on Water Cost

Clean-in-place maximizes on water recycling, thereby reducing water wastage and the overall utility bills.

At SaintyCo, we offer a perfect solution for all your chocolate coin packaging needs.

Contact today for all your chocolate machine needs.

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