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Tablet Dedusters

Tablet Dedusters is designed for joint operation with the table ting press and serves for removing the dust from surfaces of tablets.(High Speed Tablet Deduster, Tablet Deduster Machine, Tablet Dedusters, Tablet Dedusting Machine, Tablet Polisher, Uphill Tablet Deduster, Upward Tablet Deduster)

Tablet Dedusters: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Tablet Deduster?

Tablet Dedusters are machines you can use to remove dust from the surfaces of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry.

2. What is Tablet Deduster used for?

You can use a tablet deduster in conjunction with tablet compression machine to clean the tablets.

In the process of tablet compression, dust and other debris or particles accumulate on top of tablet.

You will need to remove the dust and debris from the tablets by using a tablet deduster.

Apart from that, you can use the tablet deduster to:

  • Elevate the tablets
  • Polish the tablets
  • Dedusting of the tablets
  • Moving of the tablets

3. Tablet Deduster is made from which Material?

Tablet dedusters are made from different types of materials including:

· Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the material that makes the biggest parts of the tablet dedusters.

The stainless nature of stainless steel allows for very minimal to no contamination of the tablets.

· Acrylic

It is a strong material that manufacturers use in the making of the windows of the tablet dedusters.

It is transparent and allows you to see through the window.

4. Which Industries use Tablet Deduster?

You can use the tablet deduster in different industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry for removing dust from tablets
  • Cosmetics industry to remove and polish different cosmetic products
  • Chemical industry for extracting excess chemical dusts from chemical tablets and solids
  • Nutraceutical industry
  • Food industry

5. Can you Connect Tablet Deduster directly to Tablet Press?

Yes, you can connect a tablet deduster directly to a tablet press.

Tablet Deduster machines

 Tablet Deduster machines

You can use a tablet press or a tablet compression machine to compress powders to form tablets.

During this process, you will need a tablet deduster to remove the remaining dust particles.

This concept allows you to directly connect the tablet deduster directly to a tablet press.

What’s more, it has rotating support systems and adjustable heights that allow you to connect it to a tablet press.

6. What are the Quality Standards for Tablet Dedusters?

Whenever you purchase a tablet deduster, you have to ensure that it adheres to the following quality standards:

  • Current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) quality standards
  • ISO certification quality standards
  • CE certification
  • CCC compliant

7. What are the Components of Tablet Deduster?

Tablet dedusters consist of different components that allow it to perform its functions properly.

The main parts of the tablet Deduster include:

Parts of tablet deduster machine

 Parts of tablet deduster machine

· Main Machine

This is the main working system of the machine with various components for cleaning the machine.

The main components of the main body include vacuum devices, main body, dust collecting plate, axis lid, tightening handles and lid.

The critical parts that perform the main functions are the vibrating and dedusting body.

· Mobile Operating Platform

It consists of tightening handles, truckles, base plates, chassis and support frame making up the main parts.

Apart from that, it has lockable truckles which will ensure seamless mobility.

What’s more, adjustable heights and rotating support systems allows you to adjust the machine to fit tablet compressing equipment.

To ensure stability, you have to ensure that the main operating platform is strong and rigid.

· Control System

The control system allows consistent and efficient process of cleaning the tablets.

The control system of the tablet deduster consists of switch, electromagnetic, controllers and sockets.

Different controllers are in different positions that ensures seamless safety and operations of the entire tablet dedusters systems.

Apart from that, it also has a control system that allows you to monitor and control all the operations.

· Outer Cover

The outer cover of the tablet deduster has the observational window as the main part supporting its function.

You can observe how the machine works through the observational window.

It can either be square or circular thus ensuring clean and safe tablet cleaning process.

It also has a rotating handle to other mobile operating platforms thus forming another isolated chamber.

The isolated chamber will prevent tablet cross contamination.

Apart from that, the outer cover also has a feeding and discharge port.

These parts feed and expels tablets from the tablet dedusters thus enabling a continuous process flow.

· Other Accessories

Other accessories are the essential deduster machine components that you can use to seamlessly dedust tablets.

Some of the other accessories include:

i. Air powered dedusting devices

ii. Corrugated tubes

iii. Vacuum devices consisting of sockets, air pipes, straight connectors and right angle connectors.

8. How is Tablet Deduster Principle of Operation?

The principle of operation of the tablet deduster is dependent on a vibratory motion that is carefully controlled.

The vibratory motion mechanism depends on an electromagnetic vibrator to produce a mechanical force.

The mechanical force, hence, creates a vibratory motion in the whole body of the machine.

As this happens, tablets from the tableting machine start moving upwards as the dedusting and polishing process continues simultaneously.

For this process to proceed efficiently, the machine will depend on the following:

i. Change of the Electromagnetic Coil

After connecting the whole system to the mains power unit, you need to switch it on for power to flow.

The flowing power through the tablet deduster system will charge the electromagnetic coil.

This will result in the creation of an electromagnetic force prompting movement of the magnetic armature downwards.

The downward movement will, therefore, compress the tablet deduster spring.

ii. Discharge of Electromagnetic Coil

In this cycle, the electromagnet loses its charge thus reducing the magnetic force to zero thus allowing the spring back.

The back and forth movement of the armature results into a vibratory motion of the tablet deduster machine.

In the long run, the tablet deduster machine cleans and extracts dust from the surface of the tablets.

Apart from the above working principles, the tablet deduster machine has an air powered dedusting device.

It will ensure a clean and smooth cleaning process of the tablets.

9. Can Tablet Deduster Polish Tablets?

Tablet deduster equipment

Tablet Deduster Equipment

Yes, you can use a tablet deduster to polish tablets.

It will separate surplus powder on the tablet surface through air vacuum suction process.

After that, it will polish the surface of the tablets by screen rotating and sifting.

10. What is Vibration Rotary Type Tablet Deduster?

Vibration rotary type is one of the tablet dedusters that depend on vibration and rotation principles to remove dust.

It depends on destabilizing forces that generate annular thus causing amplitude vibration on the rotary shafts.

11. What is Uphill Tablet Deduster?

Uphill tablet Dedusting machine depend on the vibration of the machine that elevates the tablets as it extracts the excess dust.

Uphill tablet deduster

Uphill tablet Deduster

12. What are the Advantages of Tablet Deduster Machine?

The main advantages of the tablet deduster machines include:

  • It has a long dedusting path that polishes the sides and angles of the tablets automatically.
  • It also leads to minimal damages on the tablets through high quality dedusting processes.
  • The machine also ensures that you have safe cleaning and dedusting operations.
  • The adjustable feeding chute and height allows you fit it properly into any type of tablet press machine.
  • The machine has the latest forms of technology thus quick and efficient cleaning and dusting processes.
  • You can use the machine in any form of production ranging from medium to mass production of tablets.

13. How do you Choose Suitable Tablet Deduster Machine?

Whenever you are purchasing a tablet deduster machine, you need to look at the following factors:

· Tablet Size

You need to know the size range between the maximum and minimum size of the tablets.

This will determine the volume of the machine that you require to dedust and transport tablets effectively.

· Output

You should know the maximum output of the tablet press that you have in your possession depending on tablet size.

It allows the vendor to know the deduster capacity of the tablet deduster.

· Nature of Dust and Tablet Hardness

Tablet hardness factors and nature of the dust will go a long way in determining the type of machine.

· Inclusion of Additional Components

In case you need additional components such as metal detector on the machine.

You need to adjust certain key features of the tablet deduster machine such as the height of the tablet deduster.

Inclusion of a diverter will also affect the number of containers that you need to collect the tablets from the deduster.

· Height of the Inlet and Outlet of Press and Collection Containers

It allows the manufacturers to have the definite size of the tablet dedusters that you need.

14. Why trust SaintyCo Tablet Deduster Equipment?

You should trust SaintyCo tablet deduster equipment because of different unique features on different machines.

The uniqueness stems from different types of machine such as C&C 200A Tablet Deduster.

SaintyCo tablet deduster machines boast of the following features:

SaintyCo tablet deduster machine

 SaintyCo tablet Deduster machine

  • It offers different types of machines with vibration rotary mechanisms for removing excess dust particles.
  • The machines have special construction tools such as stainless steel and acrylic for the housing.
  • It also has adjustable base heights that can fit into any type of tablet presses.
  • The contact parts are flexible thus allowing you to dismantle and remove the parts for cleaning purposes.
  • The machines allow different power sources depending on the region that you will be using the machine.

You can get a 110V/60Hz, 1 phase for North American region and 220V/50 Hz, 1 phase for the European region.

  • It has an automatic high speed tablet sifter system which you can attach to any form of tablet press.
  • It can dedust tablets at a capacity of 800,000 tablets in an hour at a dedusting distance of 4.5 meters.
  • The size of the screen mesh varies with a sieve rotation speed of 10 to 150 rpm.
  • It has an air compression unit at 6 bars and the machine consumes 300 cubic meters per hour.
  • Adjustable inlets and outlets that make the process very convenient thus saving factory room.
  • Fast joint systems that allow quick and safe disassembly and assembly of the tablet dedusters.

15 . How do you Troubleshoot Tablet Deduster Machine?

Whenever you encounter problems with your tablet deduster, you can identify the problem through trouble shooting.

Some of the problems you can detect by trouble shooting include:

· No Vibration of the Machine on Power Mode

This may be an issue between the plug and the electric outlet, or loose contact or disconnection between the cables.

To test the continuity, you will need an appropriate electric testing equipment.

To solve this issue, you should connect the disconnected cables or get in touch with the supplier for assistance.

· Tablets Jamming the Vibratory Body of Machine

This can be as a result of local deformation to the vibrating body, damage of screening mat’s, unbalanced machine and welding spots.

You can sort this problem by repairing the vibratory body or balance the machine with truckles on a flat surface.

· Abnormal Noise

This is a result of inappropriate installations or loose components of the tablet deduster.

You will solve this by reinstalling the troublesome parts and tightening the loose ends of the tablet deduster.

· Clashing Magnet and Electromagnet Armature

The main causes of this issue can be:

i. Lose spring due to failure of the tightening device

ii. Wrong clearance

iii. Failure of the electromagnetic tightening devices

Replace the components that are worn out and tighten the loose parts

· Falling Tablets to the Dust Collection Plate

This can be as a result of loose tablet discharging or feeding port, or maybe due to dislodged bodies.

You should check and adjust the dislodging and loose parts to take care of this issue.

16. How does Horizontal Tablet Deduster Compare to Vertical Tablet Deduster?

Horizontal tablet dedusters are stainless steel tubes or plates with perforations which vibrate from side to side.

Horizontal tablet deduster

Horizontal tablet Deduster

Horizontal tablet dedusters are cheap to acquire but nay cause the following problems:

i. To loud and noisy thus annoying

ii. Tablets spend very short periods on the perforated tubes thus limiting the efficiency of the equipment.

iii. It has a big footprint thus requiring more space in the press suite or press area.

iv. The sizes of the tablet collection containers are small.

Vertical dedusters, on the other hand, are available in two main variant including the upward and downward conveying vertical Dedusters.

Vertical tablet deduster

Vertical tablet Deduster

Downward conveying vertical tablet dedusters follow the same working principle as that of the horizontal tablet dedusters.

Upward conveying vertical tablet dedusters depend on helical perforated trays on a fixed central column.

17. What is an Upward Conveying Tablet Deduster Machine?

An upward conveying tablet deduster machine is a type of vertical type tablet deduster machine.

It depends on helical perforated trays which is attached to a fixed central column.

It has a small foot print which minimizes the loss in the production space.

The upward movement also increases the dedusting time thus leading to better results.

18. What is a Brush Type Tablet Deduster?

Brush type tablet dedusters are available in horizontal and vertical configurations.

It consists of a helical brush in a stainless steel tube that is similar to a screw conveyor.

The machine drives the helical brush using a speed motor.

Also, the bush is responsible for propelling the tablets until it reaches the deduster at the top or at the end.

Moreover, the Deduster will remove the excess dust from the tablets before propelling it through other processes.

19. Are there Tablet Dedusters with Metal Detectors?

Yes, there are tablet dedusters with metal detectors.

The metal detectors will assist in detecting any form of metal that should not be in the metal detector.

20. How do you Clean Tablet Deduster?

In the cleaning of a tablet deduster, you should consider the following precautions:

With all these precautions at hand, you should go through the following cleaning procedure:

· Step One: Change the Labels

First, you should change the label from “under process” to “be cleaned” label.

· Step Two: Blowing Out Dust Residues

Secondly, you should remove the residues by blowing them out or sucking with a vacuum cleaner.

With the help of a lint and vacuum cleaner you should remove any form of powder stuck on the machine.

· Step Three: Disassembling the Unit

After that you will disassemble the machine by going through the following sequence.

Start by removing the feed hopper, the food grade gasket, perforated plate and finally the dust collecting plate.

· Step Four: Actual Cleaning Process

At this point, you will use a nylon brush to remove residual powders along the sifting parts.

Using raw water, you will wash all the parts of the equipment in a soapy solution.

Rinse the equipment thoroughly with clean water to remove the soapy solution.

· Step Five: Drying the Parts

Finally, you should air the parts of the tablet deduster before using a dry piece of cloth to remove water residues.

You have to make sure that the parts are all clean before assembling all the parts back together.

21. What Precautions should you take when using Tablet Deduster Equipment?

Whenever you are using or cleaning a tablet deduster, you have to consider your safety first.

Apart from that, you need to make sure that you take the following precautions:

  • Do not leave any material around and in the tablet deduster.
  • Check the processing and machining areas and ensure that it is clean.
  • Check the relative humidity and room temperature of the area.
  • Check the electrical supply connection and ensure it is working well.
  • Confirm that the dedusting machine is in proper working conditions
  • You should wear proper protective clothing such as gloves and nose masks.
  • Request for a line clearance from the QA personnel and make records of the usage log.

During the operation process, you should take the following precautions:

  • You have to replace the “Cleaned” label with “operating” or “Under Process” label.
  • You should align the tablet feeding mouth to outlet chute of the tablet press machine.
  • Make sure that you switch ON the button to allow the process to begin.
  • Collect all the dedust tablets in containers with double polythene bag alignments.
  • Gather fine powder from powder collection and treat the fine powder as recoverable.
  • You should remember to switch OFF the machine as soon as you complete the operation.
  • At the sifter chamber, you need to remove the dust collecting cup.
  • Gather and weigh the fine dust and document the weight in a record book.
  • Change the label from “UNDER PROCESS” to “TO BE CLEANED” label.

What’s more, there are general precautions that you need to take care of including:

  • Do not use any wet surfaces as samples
  • Run the cleaning water for at least five minutes before you use it for cleaning.
  • Do not allow or use stagnant water on any part of the machine or container.
  • Clean all the equipment in the room in case of a product changeover.
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