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One-shot Chocolate Depositing Production Line

One-shot Choeolate Depositing Production Line

We manufactured the complete chocolate production line based on the principles of modular and the combination of building blocks, which made up by auto mould-heating device, numerical depositor, cooling tunnel, belt conveyer and demoulding device. The user are able to expand the capacity of production or change the species of chocolate step by step.

Modular design is changing the conventional structure of chocolate shaping line and the mode of transport. Open production line system can change the productivity and the varieties of chocolates by adding the different.

All the modular machines in the workshops can not only by combined freely, but also be rearranged for new production requires. Convenient and efficient are the characteristics of this mode of production.

One-shot Choeolate Depositing Production Line

ItemsNumeric Depositor (NC)One-shot Depositor (OC)Automatic Servo Depositor (SC)
Decorating NozzlesΦ0.5, Φ1.0, Φ1.5, Φ2.0
Filling NozzlesInner Φ3.0; External Φ6.0-
Boundary Dimensions (Length*Width*Height)2440*1182*1750mm2440*1300*1750mm
Power Supply220V, 50/60Hz, 6KWAC220V, 50/60Hz, 1.6KW
Stroke Length for X,Y,Z Axis80mmOnly Y, 200mm
Minimum Pitch for X,Y,Z Axis0.1mmOnly Y, 0.1mm
Hoppers VolumeTwo hoppers A+B, 25 Liter altogetherOnly one, 65 Liter
Depositing NozzlesOptional Φ0.5, Φ1.0, Φ1.5, Φ2.0, Φ2.5, Φ3.0
Minimal Resolution of Pumps0.0001ml
Main Material Quality304 stainless steel
Conveyor Belt MaterialFood degree PVC
Belt Width500mm
Grounding RequirementEarth resistance < 10Ω
Compressed air0.6MPa; 5L/min
Standard Mould Size(L) 450 * (W)225 * (H)25/35mm
Noise level<30db
Environment requirementClean workshop furnished with A/C

One shot Chocolate Depositing Production Line

One-Shot Chocolate Depositor: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Chocolatiers across the globe are seeking advanced machines to make chocolates for their clients.

They are demanding One-shot chocolate depositor to efficiently produce a wide range of different chocolates.

Before you invest in a new one shot chocolate machine, read this guide.

What is a One-Shot Chocolate Depositor?

One-shot chocolate depositor is a fully automatic machine that uses the one-shot depositing system to produce filled chocolates in one step.

One shot chocolate depositor machine

One shot chocolate depositor machine

How does the One-shot Depositing Technology Work?

This depositing system helps in producing a large amount of chocolate in a very short period, in one shot while taking up a small space.

It can produce up to 140kg of chocolates each hour.

This system does all of the five manufacturing steps of chocolate at once.

All you need to do is press the button, allow it to cool and the chocolates are ready.

In order to prepare filled chocolates, fill the one-shot chocolate depositor with chocolate and filling in its reservoirs.

Once you switch on the depositing system, two separate pistons push the filling and chocolate into the dossing nozzle at once.

The final product is a perfect filled chocolate with a uniform shell.

Which Type of Chocolates are made using a One-shot Chocolate Depositor?

Types of Chocolate

Types of chocolate

Using couverture, milk, bitter to white chocolate, you can make variety of chocolates through a One-shot chocolate depositor.

This machine performs a number of functions on the various chocolates.

Some of the chocolates made using this machine include:

· Decorated One-shot Chocolate

This chocolate is made using a wide variety of decoration styles.

The decorations improve the appearance of the chocolates as well as improve their taste.

You can use fruit ingredient decorations which appear in different colors.

Similarly, you can use patterns such as zigzag or wavy lines to draw on the chocolate.

· One Shot Chocolate Liqueur

One shot chocolate liqueur exists in a molten state.

As such, one can easily suck or sip the chocolate.

It is mixed with several other ingredients to improve its taste.

· Chocolate with Diversified Mixed Materials

This chocolate has additional materials that improve not just the appearance of the chocolate but also its taste.

Some of the additional materials could be nuts, crisps, fruits or wafers.

· Soft Filling Chocolate with Thin Shell

Soft filling chocolate with thin shell has a crispy, thin, chocolate shell including soft and sweet creamy fillings.

What is the Cost of a One-shot Chocolate Depositor?

A One-shot chocolate depositor is sold at competitive prices.

It can cost around US$17,500 for a machine capacity of 80-120kg/hr

It can similarly cost as high as US$20,000 – US$50,000 for a whole set.

Are One-shot Chocolate Depositors Customizable?

Absolutely, yes.

You can customize the features of the One-shot chocolate depositor to meet the needs of a client.

Some of the aspects that can be customized are the color, size, design, and accessories among others.

What are the Uses of One-shot Chocolate Depositor?

Chocolate depositor machine

Chocolate depositor machine

  • One-shot chocolate depositor helps in releasing chocolate shells and fillings
  • It helps in directing the chocolate fillings right into the cooling belts
  • Used in depositing chocolate fillings into a mould
  • Decoration of chocolate moulds using different designs and patterns
  • Making additional chocolate products such as pralines, chips, drops, chocolate chunks and tablets.
  • Improving the taste of the chocolate filling by further refining it
  • Heating chocolate and maintaining it at set temperatures
  • Finally cooling chocolate to a solid form following deposition

What are the Key Features of a One-shot Chocolate Depositor?

These are some of the features that you should look out for while making purchases for a One-shot chocolate depositing machine:

· Flexibility

One-shot chocolate depositor is flexible hence it can switch from different products.

It can be used to make chocolate with mixed ingredients and soft filling chocolates among others.

It also has mass channels in nozzle plate arrangement for diversified applications of maximum range viscosities.

Besides, each part of the machine can be used in combination with some other machines or as a separate part.

· Fully Automatic PLC Controlled

One-shot chocolate depositor is a fully automatic servo controlled depositing machine controlled by PLC system and equipped with a servo motor.

All these features control the different aspects of the machine from heating, cooling, crystallization and identification of errors in manufacturing.

With this machine, you do not have to manually handle the chocolate manufacturing process.

· Programmable Touchscreen Controls

This machine is designed with a touch screen system to make it intuitive and easy to use.

In addition to the intuitive user interface, the machine can adjust depositing settings and store recipes.

The touchscreen transforms complex physics calculations into a simple press of a button.

In essence, it facilitates the efficient operation of a one-shot chocolate depositor.

· Accurate Depositing

One-shot chocolate depositing is controlled through a sensor and servomotor system to facilitate accurate depositing once programmed.

You can achieve a very high filling ratio with the high deposit accuracy and precision of the depositor.

This machine can have a depositing accuracy of around ≤±0.1g.

The final products are in 2D/3D mode ready for packing.

· Quality Compliance

A One-shot chocolate depositor has to comply with domestic and international safety and quality standards, as the machine is sold in both markets.

Quality compliance shows that the machine is high-quality, durable and safe for use on chocolate.

Some of the quality compliance certifications include CE and CGMP.

· Construction Materials

One-shot chocolate depositors are made using stainless steel.

Stainless steel is hygienic and durable ensuring limited contamination levels.

· Removable Conveyor Belt

This feature allows easy cleaning of the One-shot chocolate depositor

It also helps in facilitating the movement of the chocolate from one part of the machine to the other.

· Design

The machine is designed on such a way that depositing continues with one positioning.

One-shot chocolate depositor can be upgraded to a decorating system.

In addition, it has a separation design between the piston system and the depositing system.

The piston design is equally non-leakage.

It also has 1/2/3D depositing

· Custom Solutions

One-shot depositors are customized to address the production requirements.

Some of the ways of achieving this goal is through integrating accessories.

Some of these accessories include protection for a baking tin, dosing plate and guide for baking among others.

· Unrivaled Production

This machine has a production rate that is up to 140% faster.

It can make around 140kg of filled chocolates in 1 hour.

Its production rate is faster than that of other machines using the manual process.

· Modular and Compact Design

The modular design of the One-shot chocolate depositor allows the easy change of the piston systems.

This machine also has a compact design that enables you to save space in the factory as well as integrate the machine.

What are the Parts of a One-shot Chocolate Depositor?

A One-shot chocolate depositor with the following parts is considered to be the most suitable for use by chocolatiers:

Parts of One shot chocolate depositor

Parts of One Shot Chocolate One Shot Depositor

  • Piston; this feature helps in making depositing and processing smaller ingredients easier. Usually, there are around 24 pistons capable of producing up to 24 different products at a single time.

However, depending on the specific machine there can be up to around 48 pistons.

  • Heating system; helps in keeping the chocolate in molten states at specific and suitable temperatures.
  • Cooling system; it helps in cooling chocolate after the filling process. This system cools the chocolate to a liquid or molten state.
  • Conveying system; this system helps in transporting the chocolate all through the machine.
  • Filling Nozzles; this feature aid in the precise and accurate filling of chocolate in the moulds. The filling rate of the machine is ≤85% for both (2D/3D chocolate)
  • Servo motor systems; this part of the machine controls the other moving parts of the depositor such as the conveyor systems and gears.

It can have up to 5 sets or more of servo motors.

  • Pneumatic system; this part uses pressure to push the fluids and chocolate via the delivery system. It has compressed air of 120L/H.
  • PLC control system; this is an automatic system that allows a person to configure as well as control the operations in the machine.

This system has a touch screen that allows one to key in parameters as well as monitor the operations of the machine.

  • Power system; this part is the most important source of electric energy that a machine needs for successful and continuous operations. The power of the machine is around 6.93KW.
  • Mass tank; this is the part of the machine where you store the chocolate before it is passed through the hopper.
  • Depositing head; this part holds the nozzles and controls how much chocolate flows through this feature.
  • Hopper; this part of the machine receives the chocolate in its liquid state and keeps it at a particular temperature before allowing it for depositing.
  • Moulds; these are containers of the shells that receive the chocolate from the filling nozzles.
  • Sensors; this feature provides safety measures to the machine. It beeps when there are problems with the machine operations.
  • Axis; there are two different axis which form part of the one-shot operating system. The flowing axis consists of A and B, while the moving axis consists of X, Y, Z.

How do you Clean a One-shot Chocolate Depositor?

One-shot chocolate depositor is often designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

This machine is cleaned automatically by the system.

Further, the machine has a unique turning piston system that allows a quick change over and easy cleaning.

The removable conveyor belt also facilitates easy cleaning of the machine.

What are the Support Machines in Chocolate Manufacturing Process?

To complete the whole chocolate manufacturing process, One-shot Chocolate depositor machine has to be used in conjunction with other support machines.

Below are some of the machines that you can use to achieve this process:

i. Chocolate Vibrating Table

It is suitable for vibration products that have been made using a One-shot system.

ii. Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

This machine packages the chocolates with excellent experiences at a high speed.

It has a paper supply wheel that ensures continuous supply of paper via the wrapping process.

This activity is under the control of a PLC control system.

iii. Chocolate Molding Plant

Chocolate moulding plant

Chocolate molding plant

Chocolate molding plant has mechanical and electrical control tasked with chocolate molding.

Apart from the automatic molding system, the machine has a servo system with a more accurate pouring ration.

iv. Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

This machine helps in wrapping and packing chocolates with one or more films at once.

It glues heat seals or fold the wrapping film over the chocolate.

In the event that the wrappers run out, the sensor automatically stops the machine operations.

v. Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine helps in packing chocolate coins on colored Bristol papers and a single chromo paper.

It is very automatic with a full PLC touch screen system for easy control and manipulation.

When the paper runs out, the machine automatically stops operating.

vi.   Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate coating machine

Chocolate coating machine

This machine can be used to coat various chocolate products with various unique flavors.

This system is fully automatic relying on PLC control system for its every operation.

Chocolate Coating Machine has different parameters to aid in its operation.

What Types of Fillings Pair well with the One-shot Chocolate Depositor?

The type of fillings that operate well with the machine are:

  • Medium viscosity Fillings
  • Creamy viscosity fillings

These types of fillings are made from condensed milk, ganache or fat.

However, you should avoid liquid fillings such as heavy liquids and liqueurs.

What are the Advantages of a One-shot Chocolate Depositor?

  • The machines can prepare an estimated 3,500 filled chocolates per hour. It however depends on the type of One-shot chocolate depositor used.
  • One-shot chocolate depositor is fully automatic, hence reducing manual labor. The automatic system has a touch screen PLC command system.
  • It has reservoirs with temperature controllers
  • This machine has accurate depositing ability
  • It has a 2D moving head
  • This machine has the capacity of producing different sizes of filled chocolates per minute
  • Its nozzles are of different sizes
  • One-shot chocolate depositor can be upgraded to a decoration system

How does a One-shot Chocolate Depositor Work?

Step 1: Preparation of Ingredients

First you gather all the ingredients that you will need.

Place the chocolate in the mass tank ensuring that it is in the right temperature.

Make sure that the machine is in the right and perfect working condition.

Next, switch on the machine and key in all the details that will guide and control the machine operations.

Step 2: Transfer of the Chocolate and the Shells

Once you click the button, the operations will begin.

The chocolate will move from the mass tank into the pipes and to the heating hopper.

During this time the shell molding will occur and move further to the conveyor system.

Step 3: Filling Process

The depositor initiates the filling process the moment the mould reaches the filling nozzles.

This change triggers the hopper to produce the chocolate in a liquid state and via the control of the depositing head.

Next, the filling head releases particular amount of chocolate via the filling nozzles and into the mold shells.

During this time there will be decorations on the chocolate together with the addition of other ingredients.

Step 4: Cooling Process

After shell filling, the conveyor transports the shells to the via the cooling tunnels.

This place is where the chocolate will cool down before packing.

Depending on the parameters that you put at the first step, the product will be in a molten or solid form.

Step 5: Quality Control

This is the stage where you determine whether the final product mirrors the specifications keyed in during the first stage.

Once the chocolate is ready, you go ahead and pack it.

After this, you store the chocolate in preparation for transportation.

What are the Advantages of Manufacturing Chocolate using a One-shot Chocolate Depositor over Manual Process?

While the manual process of chocolate manufacture is efficient, it is associated with repetitive and boring tasks.

As such, chocolatiers seek a more advanced chocolate manufacturing process involving the one-shot system.

One-shot chocolate depositor has the following advantages:

Chocolate one shot depositor

Chocolate one shot depositor

· More Control

With a One-shot chocolate depositor, one is in control unlike with the manual process.

This machine allows one to regulate several aspects of the preparation so they do not have to stress about producing different types of products with a single equipment.

It regulates the amount of chocolate to filling, store over 200 recipes, control the temperatures of the reservoirs and the weight of your chocolates.

· Automatic Capability

One-shot chocolate depositor eliminates approximately five manufacturing steps while the manual process covers all steps.

If you are familiar with the manual process, you understand that there are around five steps to making a chocolate filling.

The steps include putting the chocolate in the mould, creating the shells, moving it to the first cooling, awaiting their crystallization, taking them away from the freezer, filling, covering the chocolate’s bottom and letting it cool.

Following this long process only can you pack the chocolate.

One-shot machine does all of these in one stance.

You just press the button on the touchscreen and everything is done automatically.

· More Focus on Innovation

Chocolatiers have more free time to innovate unlike with the manual chocolate making process.

Since it is easy to make filled chocolates with the One-shot chocolate depositor one saves more time during manufacture spending it on trying out new ideas.

Chocolatiers have to spend more time on the art of chocolate making rather than on repetitive and boring tasks of making the filled chocolates.

· Fills Products in one Deposit

One-shot chocolate depositor fills chocolates in one deposit unlike with the manual process.

The one-shot depositing system is responsible for this capability.

What Quality Certificates do One-shot Chocolate Depositor Manufactures offer?

I. CE certification


III. ISO Certification

Are there Limitations to One-shot Chocolate Depositors?

· Cost

One-shot chocolate depositors are sold at high prices.

Due to its cost, One-shot chocolate depositor is suitable for well-established businesses and not those starting up.

This machine can cost up to US$50,000 for a single piece.

· Fillings

Liquid fillings are not recommended for One-shot chocolate depositor.

You cannot use liqueurs or heavy liquid fillings on the machine.

Only medium or creamy viscosity fillings are allowed for the machine.

Do One-shot Chocolate Depositor Manufacturers have a Product Return Policy?

Absolutely, yes.

One-shot chocolate depositor manufactures allow clients to return their products within 30 days upon receiving the product.

If the faults with the machine are associated with its manufacturing process, a client is allowed to send it back.

However, if the product has been tampered with by clients then it cannot be returned.

How does One-shot Chocolate Depositor compare to other Chocolate Making Machines?

Even though both of these chocolate machines are used in the filling of chocolate, there are some features which set them apart.

Firstly, One-shot chocolate depositor is fully automatic, while other chocolate making machines can be operated either manually or automatically.

Secondly, the manufacture of chocolates using One-shot chocolate depositor is done once with a click on the machine.

On the other hand, the manufacture of chocolate using other machines takes time as one has to follow all of the five manufacturing steps.

Thirdly, with a One-shot chocolate depositor, you can produce several types of products.

And, this takes place because the machine allows regulation of different aspects of operation.

Other chocolate making machines lack this ability.

Additionally, One-shot chocolate depositor has a higher production rate as compared to other chocolate making machines.

At SaintyCo, we design, manufacture, install and commission one shot chocolate depositor machines.

Contact us today for all you chocolate machine needs.

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