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Aprila SG50 Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Aprila SG50

  • New Aprila SG50
  • Maximum operating speeds up to 3.5 RPM
  • Simple to use control system
  • Medicine injection pump
  • Die rolls – 2 ” long x 6 ” diameter
  • Teflon coated brass medicine injection wedge
  • Bronze construction spreader boxes
  • Chilling / Casting drums
  • Lubrication system
  • Capsule discharge and conveying system
  • Dual tumble dryer system

Auxiliary Equipment

  • 60 liter gel melting / mixing & transfer tank
  • 20 capsule drying trays
  • Capsule drying dolly
  • Chilling system for cooling drums
  • Spare parts package

Aprila SG50 Series Speed Comparison

The number below are besed on hourly rates

Technical Data Aprila SG50
Mold Sizes (mm)φ150 x 50
SpeedUp to 5 RPM
Capacity (8# OVAL 4RPM)16,800 pcs/h
Power220V/380V,50/60Hz,3 Phase,2 Kw
Machine Dimensions (mm)1700x810x1750
Weight600 kgs
Tumble Dryers2
Tumbler SizeΦ316x417mm
Tumbler Dimensions1400x 450x800mm

Aprila SG50 Configuration List

No.Main configurationModel specificationUnitNumberOrigin (origin)
1frame1-0PCS1Main machine
2Supply pump2-0PCS1Main machine
3Lifting switch3-0PCS1Main machine
4Head of machie4-0PCS1Main machine
5Rubber wheel5-0PCS2Main machine
6Gelatin box6-0PCS2Main machine
7Conversion mechanism7-0PCS1Main machine
8Base8-0PCS1Main machine
9Under control pill11-0PCS1Main machine
10Feed control12-0PCS1Main machine
12Conveyor14-0PCS1Main machine
13control box17-0PCS1Main machine
18Centrifugal FanDFW2.0S1(290W)PCS1
19Solenoid valveSY5120-4LZD-01PCS1SMC
20Reducing valveAR20-02BPCS1SMC
21Pressure gaugeG46-10-01M-CPCS1SMC
22Electromagnetic dosing pumpRP-01-07PCS1RDOSE
23Cooling engineFXL FXL-LG27Set1xuefulai
24frequency converterBFV00074PCS1Panasonic
25Temperature ControllerSR1-8PPCS3SHIMADEN
26Low voltage electrical componentMOELLER
27Thermalinsulation hopperPCS1

Aprila SG50 Softgel Encapsulation Machine

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