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LabX-10 Multi-functional Pharmaceutical R&D Machinery

Products Information:

Main drive unit provides touch screen control and PLC control system that makes control more simple and convenient. Accessory Devices are made of 316L stainless steel and all items totally meet GMP standard

Technical ParametersLabX-10
Net Weight50Kg
Rotating Speed0-120r/min
Accessory Capacity10L

Oscillating Granulator

Oscillating Granulator adopts rocking and rotating granular solids to make granular solids pass the desired mesh belt, with its max productivity of 30 kg/h, which depends on the materials and the meshes of two different sizes.

Trough Mixer

Trough mixer adopts a Z-chip to rotate in the groove container in different angles. It is made of stainless steel, with the different speed and the outline of stainless chip, it mixes materials very well. The whole container can rotate at a 180 degree after cutting off the power, so it is easy to discharge and to be cleaned.


V-Mixer consists of two cylinders made into asymmetrical, so that the materials produced by the reciprocating motion of the severity of impact, ran the purpose to achieve uniform mixing, with no dead ends, no accumulation of material, speed and so on.

Coating Ball

Coating ball adopts a linking gear to connect all kinds of coating balls and the driving main engine, facilitating operators to produce coating materials uniformly in a correct angle. It is possible to equip with an electric air heater with a fixed pole above the ball, to drying promptly.

Double cone Mixer

Double cone Mixer is used for all free-flowing powder and granules. In the course of the campaign, it can quickly produce multi-dimensional movement and purpose to achieve a perfect mix.

A ball barrel is bind symmetrically on the rotated frame, which is made of stainless steel, making the materials to be processed rotate as it and do three-dimensional motion, so as to rock-over and mix the materials

Oscillating Sifter

When rocking, it forces the granular solids to be screened by mesh, so you can choose the desired materials of mesh standard. There are screens of two sizes.


Agitator can mix all kinds of liquid with high and low viscosity. The stirring is finished by artificiality the container and stirrer mixer are both made of stainless steel.

Cubic Mixer

Mixer using three-dimensional rolling action to produce uniform blending, mixing action extreme moderate, the device particularly suitable for sensitive and strong materials. Gear in general, can be 0 ~ 75 ° angle for any arbitrary adjustment to increase or decrease the intensity of mixing action. With the strategic side cloth body was three rows of stainless steel rods to supplement the mixing of materials.

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