GZPTS Series Double-Slide Tablet Press Machine

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GZPTS Series Double-Slide Tablet Press Machine

GZPTS Series Double-Slide Tablet Press Machine

Adopt precise screw rod continuous slant supporting framework, precisely control feeding cam, which can control 7-11 punches&die, weight difference between±2%.

GZPTS Series Double-Slide Tablet Press Machine Performance Advantage

  1. Thin oil lubrication system: thin oil filtering, oil keep tidy all the time, effectively control temperature, which mainly function on main axis, pressure wheel, inner ruler ring etc, other machines from other companies use dry oil lubrication function, which is very backward.
  2. Thin oil lubrication is used for upper and lower punches&die lubrication.
  3. The grease lubrication system is used for hat lubrication for upper and lower punches&die, at the same time, having the decrease vibration, and noise function, and lubricated some bearing, leading screw, moveable parts can be lubricated.
  4. Upper and lower press wheel are lubricated by the grease lubricating system.

Technical Specifications GZPTS-45 GZPTS-55 GZPTS-69 GZPTS-75
Punch&die type(EU) D B BB BB
Number of press station 45 55 69 75
Max tablet diameter(mm) 25 16 13 13
Max abnormal prolate axis size 25 18 16 16
Max output(Tablet/h) 390000 470000 580000 630000
Max filling depth(mm) 20 18 18 18
Max main pressure(KN) 100 100 100 100
Max pre pressure(KN) 20 20 20 20
Idle load noise dB(A) <75
Power 380V 50HZ 10.5-13KW
Dimension (mm) 1260*1260*1950
Weight (KG) 3750


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