GZPT Series Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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GZPT Series Rotary Tablet Press Machine

GZPT Series Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Tablet compression machine, Tablet press machine, Tablet Pressing machine

Tablet press machine Double forming, narrow intervene, big pressing wheel and frame construction design make the machine owning the ability of undeformation under the pressure, long time pressed tablet and stable working operation. Which guarantees tablet weight accuracy and tablet hardness in pressing large tablet, also the machine’s operation is very stable and with low noise.

Tablet pressing Performance Advantage

Tablet pressing Machine Adopt Japan OMRONCJ1M PLC and Taiwan EASYVIEW7.7 color touch screen, checking punch& die. Pressure through importd TEDEA-HUNTLELGH pressure sensor, to achieve on-line checking and analyse and jndgement, Automoticlly adjust pawderfilling depth , to achieve automatical control during tablet production period meantime moroitoring punches&die situation and powder supply as safeguard which greatly reduce production cost, increase tablet qualitified rate high efficient.

GZPT Series Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Technical Specifications

Punch&die type(EU) D B BB BBS
Number of press station 26 32 40 45
Max tablet diameter(mm) 25 16 13 11
Max abnormal prolate axis size 25 18 16 13
Max output(Tablet/h) 170000 210000 260000 280000
Max filling depth(mm) 20 18 18 18
Max main pressure(KN) 100 80 80 80
Max pre pressure(KN) 20 20 20 20
Idle load noise dB(A) <75
Power 380V 50HZ 9.5KW
Dimension (mm) 780*860*1930
Weight (KG) 1650


GZPT Rotary Tablet Press Machine


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