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GL-J Automatic High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

GL-J Automatic High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Advanced Designs–Excellent Quality–Precision Tablets

GL-J series Automatic high-speed rotary tablet press machine is our new design for the second generation products. It focuses on the technical features of domestic automatic high-speed rotary tablet machine, a great improvement in the structure of the machine and operation control. The machine adopts the structure of general body, general appearance, and can be replaced at the punch turret body, enabling the exchange of one machine with multiple models. The operation and control adopts industrial automatic control PLC, have larger development space, and the subsequent launch of new products can be compatible.

Rotary tablet press machine Features:

  • Conform to GMP requirements
  • Frameless windows installation safety glass (thick: 20mm)
  • Single tablet pressing
  • Single-side outlet
  • Main pressure 80 KN
  • Pre-pressure 20 KN
  • Feeding motor adopts frequency control of speed
  • Automatic control tablet weight
  • Rejected one tablet and more pieces of tablets
  • Overloading, punch tight and insufficient lubrication, can to protect
  • Suit for round tablets, irregular tablet

Tablet compression machine Perfect tablet pressing system:

(Main pressure and pre-pressure) twice compression forming, big pressing wheel and 5 poles frame construction design make the machine own the ability of under formation under the pressure, long time pressed tablet and stable working operation, which guarantees tablet weight accuracy and tablet hardness of large tablet, machine run stably and low noise.

Tablet Pressing machine  Special Force-feeding system:

Double impellers feeding system used two blenders to filling in the holes, ensures high accuracy of tablets’ difference. Force-feeding system is capable to increase the feeding ability and prevent thick granules separating from fine granules effectively. The feeder is easy to be fixed, disassembled and cleaned.
Operation system:

Adopts 5.7 inch color touch screen, it can be easy to display and control filling depth, equalize pressure, single-pressure and tablet thickness etc. Technical parameters.
High accuracy of punch turret:

Advanced processing equipment, reasonable process method to ensure the punch turret core components of the high precision and high quality.
Central auto lubrication system:

3 sets of automatic central lubrication system, providing high precision micro distributing valve and central lubrication pump, which guarantee punch and cam’s full lubrication, furthermore solve the problem of oil leakage.
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GL-J Series Automatic High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

High Speed Rotary Tablet Press40322616
Number of Stations40322616
Capacity (tablets/h)Max.260,000210,000160,00091,000
Rotation speed (rpm)Max.1051058787
Min.11 rqs/min
Max. Tablet diameterΦ 13Φ 16Φ 25Φ 25
Main pressure80 KN
Pre-pressure20 KN
Max. Filling depth (mm)16162020
Dia. of die (mm)24.0130.1638.138.1
Length of punch (mm)133.6
Main motor power (kw)7.57.5117.5
Dimension (mm)1200*950*1850
Net Weight (KGS)1400140014001200

GL-J Automatic High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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