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Chocolate Bean Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing a suitable chocolate bean machine, can be an overwhelming task.

A reason this guide will answer all your questions on chocolate ban machine.

Take a look:

What Is A Chocolate Bean Machine?

A chocolate bean machine is a piece of specialized equipment used for cold rolling and molding chocolate.

First, the machine cold-rolls the chocolate before finally molding it into the desired shape.

The chocolate shapes that the machine can produce are dependent on the type of molds. The common shapes include oval, spherical, and lentil-shape.

Apart from the mentioned shape types, the chocolate bean machine can produce other chocolate shapes depending on the customization of the molds.

A Chocolate Bean Machine

A Chocolate Bean Machine

Which Features Should You Look For In Chocolate Bean Machine?

There are many types of chocolate bean machines available in the market.

Consequently, it would be best if you keenly weighed your options before settling for a chocolate bean machine.

One way to do so is to consider the features.

Below are the outstanding features that should be on your checklist when you are looking to purchase a chocolate bean machine:

  • Automation – A fully automatic chocolate bean machine is ideal since it quickens production and reduces labor requirements.
  • Closed system – Chocolate beans are edible; thus, high sanitary standards should be observed during their production. A secure system limits the exposure of the chocolate to contaminants during the production process.
  • Structure – The machine’s design should be simple. A simple structure facilitates both ease of operation and installation.
  • Technology – You should go for a chocolate bean machine that employs advanced technology in its operation. As a result, you will acquire a more efficient chocolate bean machine.
  • Parts – Most manufacturers outsource certain machine parts such as electrical and pneumatic parts. Look out for machines with parts from famous or reputable brands.
  • Industry standards – There are some standards that chocolate bean machines should meet. One example is the use of stainless steel to manufacture the contact parts of the machine. Go for a machine that upholds the internationally accepted standards.

What Are The Types Of A Chocolate Bean Machine Available In The Market Today?

Most chocolate bean machines are similar in one way or the other. As such, there is no great distinction or specific types of chocolate bean machines.

However, you can classify the chocolate bean machines into two main categories:

  • Semi-automatic chocolate bean machine
  • Automatic chocolate machine

A Fully Automatic Chocolate Making Machine

A Fully Automatic Chocolate Bean Machine

The two differ in mode of operation. While a full automatic requires less human assistance to operate, the semi-automatic machine greatly requires human assistance.

What Are The Parts Of A Chocolate Bean Machine?

The various parts of the chocolate bean machine work simultaneously to create the desired end product.

Depending on the degree of sophistication of the chocolate bean machine, the parts may vary. However, there are some common parts present on all chocolate bean machines. They include:

Feeding System

It comprises the holding tank and the feeding pump.

The holding tank holds the chocolate mass prior to it being automatically fed into the moulds by the feeding pump.

This section has very low temperature of between -280C to -300C

Chocolate Bean Machine Feeding System

Chocolate Bean Machine’s Feeding System

Cold Roller

Instead of the moulds, a chocolate bean machine can have cold rollers that roll the chocolate paste into a bean shape or egg shape.

This section has very low temperature of between -280C to -300C

Cooling Tunnel

From the moulds, the chocolate moves to the cooling tunnel. The cooling tunnel performs two main functions:

  • Allows for further shaping.
  • Facilitates the cooling of the chocolate beans.

Typically, the cooling tunnel operates at a temperature of between 50C to 80C.

Cooling Tunnel Facilitates Further Cooling

Cooling Tunnel Facilitates Further Cooling

Rotating Drum

As the name implies, this part is in continuous motion. The primary function of the rotating drum is to remove the excess of the chocolate beans after cooling.

How Does Chocolate Bean Machine Work?

A key highlight of the chocolate bean machine is that it operates under low temperatures. Thus, the chocolate fed into the machine should be molten (in paste form).

The chocolate machine’s working principle is straightforward with the main stages being:

  • Feeding of the chocolate paste – Which is done by the feeding system comprising the holding tank and the feeding pump.
  • After the chocolate paste is fed to the machine, it moves to the molds or cold rollers. At this stage, the chocolate is moulded into bean shapes at extremely low temperatures of between -280C to -300
  • Next, the formed chocolate beans move to the cooling tunnel for further formation of the bean shape. Also, the chocolate beans are adequately cooled at this stage, occurring at temperatures between 50C to 80
  • Finally, from the cooling tunnel, the chocolate beans move to the rotating drum. In the rotating drum any excess of the formed beans is removed. The chocolate beans are then ejected from the machine, ready for packing.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Chocolate Bean Machine In The Chocolate Production Line?

There are several perks associated with using a chocolate bean machine. They include:

  • High accuracy level – With quality chocolate bean machines you can be sure that you will have accurate production.

Accuracy in production reduces wastage of raw material plus ensures the production of quality chocolate beans.

  • Hygenic – Most chocolate bean machines are made from stainless steel, the recommended material for machinery used in the food industry.

Moreover, the chocolate bean machines are fully enclosed; hence there is a low chance of external contamination.

  • High production levels – Automatic chocolate bean machines have a 150-200 kg per hour production capacity.

Although the semi-automatic option might have slightly lower production of between 100-150kg, it is still high in its respect.

  • Smooth surface – Chocolate bean machines feature a smooth surface both on the inside and the outside, making it user-friendly.
  • Simple structure – Lastly, most chocolate bean machines have a simple design allowing for easy installation and use.

How Do You Determine The Shape Of A Chocolate In A Chocolate Bean Machine?

The final shape of the chocolate paste fed into the chocolate bean machine is dependent on the moulds.

The machines are manufactured with specific mold or cold roller shapes.

Typically, manufacturers design the moulds according to you specific shape need.

The standard shapes that you can mold chocolates to using the chocolate bean machine are:

  • Round/spherical
  • Olive
  • Egg shape
  • Bean Shape
  • Triangle

What Is The Average Capacity Of Chocolate Bean Machine?

The capacity of chocolate bean machines varies majorly depending on the size of the machine. The bigger the machine, the more production capacity it has.

On average chocolate, bean machines have a capacity of between 100 – 150 kg per hour.

What Are The Quality Standard Compliance For A Chocolate Bean Machine?

To ensure that the manufacture of chocolate bean machines is at par with the internationally acceptable quality. There are some standards put in place.

The two primary key standards are the:

  • ISO 9001 standards – Which is the globally recognized Quality Management System
  • CE standards – To ensure that all the electrical components used in the machine comply with the European accepted standards.
  • Lastly, since the usage of the chocolate bean machine is primarily in the food industry, stainless steel is the recommended material for the machine’s contact parts.

What Is The Cost Of Buying A Chocolate Bean Machine From China?

Similar to other goods, the cost of purchasing a chocolate bean machine varies depending on the:

  • The bigger the machine, the larger its capacity, making it even more costly.
  • Degree of sophistication – A more modern and technologically advanced chocolate bean machine costs more than the less sophisticated ones.
  • Place of purchase – If you are importing the machine, the importation costs, including the customs duties, will add up to the cost of the machine.
  • Manufacturer – The price of the coffee bean machine will also vary depending on a specific manufacturer.

How Should You Maintain Chocolate Bean Machine?

If you are a machine owner, maintaining your machine is vital to ensure that it serves you efficiently for the long term.

Our chocolate bean machines do not require much maintenance. However, you should schedule regular maintenance to ensure the machine is operating optimally.

The key maintenance practices for our machines include:

  • Regular cleaning – You can always wipe the outer part of the machine after every day’s production. Once in a while, at regular intervals, you can schedule complete cleaning of the machine, including the internal parts.
  • Replacement – Ensure you promptly make replacements of worn-out or broken parts.
  • Correct usage – However vague this may sound, using the machine for it’s right purpose is a maintenance practice. Using the equipment for its specialized function will contribute to its long operational life.
  • Routine checks – Carry out regular checks on the machine. You should regularly note down the production levels. Thus, any drop in the production levels is an indication that there is a mishap with the machine.

Note, maintaining your chocolate bean machine is not only bent towards ensuring high production. Machine maintenance will also ensure the workers’ safety while operating or working near the machine.

Conclusively, chocolate bean machine maintenance will improve efficiency in chocolate bean production.

Do You Supply The Spare Parts Of A Chocolate Bean Machine?

Yes, we do supply the spare parts of our machinery. We do not overlook the fact that a part of a machine will eventually wear out or break down.

Purchasing the right spare parts from us or our authorized dealers will ensure your machine resumes its normal functioning in no time.

However, ensure that you seek the services of a specialist to install the spare parts. This way, you will avoid potential damage to other machine parts resulting from the wrong installation.

To ease your burden, you can make an online inquiry of the spare part you need, and we will promptly confirm availability and suitability.

Are There Add-On Equipment For Chocolate Bean Machine?

Commonly, chocolate bean machines are usually part of the chocolate production line- comprising of many other pieces of equipment such as:

  • A melting tank
  • Chocolate tempering machine
  • Grinder
  • Chocolate conche
  • Holding tank
  • Chocolate mass delivery pump
  • Polishing Machine

A Chocolate Tempering Machine Works hand In Hand With The Bean Machine

A Chocolate Tempering Machine Works hand In Hand With The Bean Machine

The above equipments together with the chocolate bean machine, ensure seamless chocolate bean production. Additionally, they ensure that production efficiently occurs in the chocolate bean production line in one full operation.

What Material Is Used In The Manufacture Of Chocolate Bean Machine?

Stainless steel is the recommended material used in manufacturing machineries intended for use in the food industry. This is due to the below reasons:

  • Stainless steel has high resistance to corrosion
  • You can clean and sterilize stainless steel without much deterioration
  • It does not pass any color or flavor to the food substance (in this case, chocolate bean)

Fig 6- Stainless Steel Is The Most Preferred Material In Food Industries

Stainless Steel Is The Most Preferred Material In Food Industries

We use stainless steel as the chief material in manufacturing our chocolate bean machines for the above main reasons.

How Does The Semi-Automatic And Fully Automatic Chocolate Bean Machine Compare?

Although you can use both machines in the industrial production of chocolate beans, there is a difference in their production level.

The fully automatic has a higher production level of 150-125kg per hour than the semi-automtic machine’s production, which is 100-150kg per hour.

Thus, although the two machine types can have the same size, their production level is different since the fully automatic one is faster.

Also, when looking at ease of operation, most modern full automatic chocolate bean machines are easy to operate.

Do You Offer Training On How A Chocolate Bean Machine Works?

We do have educational materials on our website on how to operate our various chocolate bean machines.

Additionally, our after-sales experts are at your disposal if you have any further inquiries about the working of our chocolate bean machines.

What Does The Chocolate Bean Machine Warranty Cover?

Typically, the chocolate bean machine warranty will cover any fault not resulting from external forces or intervention.

Meaning, you can claim the warranty if the machine naturally malfunctions during the warranty period outlined by the manufacturer.

Is It Possible To Use A Chocolate Bean Machine To Manufacture All Forms Of Chocolate?

If you are looking to manufacture a variety of chocolate shapes, then the chocolate bean machine can come in handy.

The chocolate bean machine can manufacture several shapes of pure chocolate beans and lentils.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Fully Automatic Chocolate Bean Machine In Commercial Production Of Chocolate?

Using a fully automatic chocolate machine for the commercial/industrial production of chocolate beans is beneficial for the below reasons:

  • The entire production process will occur under airtight and full automatic conditions that are safe, hygienic, and less affected by ambient humidity and temperature.
  • Operating a fully automatic bean machine is simple, thus making it suitable for large-scale production.
  • You can visually monitor the chocolate bean production process using the machine’s visual monitor system.
  • Lastly, our fully automatic chocolate bean machines have low energy consumption despite their enormous output.

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