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Chocolate Tempering Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Chocolate tempering machine is a countertop electronic device designed for mixing and heating chocolate materials during manufacturing.

Technically, there is always a need to temper raw chocolate to make crispy and smooth chocolate candies.

In essence, tempering prevents melted chocolate from turning grey, dry and unattractive.

This guide will answer all your questions about this chocolate tempering equipment.

What Does Chocolate Tempering Machine Do?

 Chocolate Tempering Machine

A Chocolate Tempering Machine

The primary function of chocolate tempering machine is to heat and mix melted raw chocolate for making candies.

This machine thoroughly heats and mixes the melted chocolate to make it smooth and crisp.

In essence, this prevents the chocolate from drying, graying and enables it to attain consistent color making it attractive.

Another function of this equipment is to make the molecular crystals of chocolate to obtain a dedicated uniform structure.

It attains this by heating the melted chocolate to a predetermined temperature, cooling considerably then reheating.

In a nutshell, the role of this machine is to ensure the final product attains a smooth texture possible, make it attractive and pleasant to eat.

Why Should You Consider Investing In Chocolate Tempering Machine?

A Chocolate Tempering Machine Offer Homogenous Heating And Mixing

A Chocolate Tempering Machine Offers Homogenous Heating And Mixing

Using a chocolate tempering machine in chocolate making process is advantageous in several ways, such as the following;

  • Guarantees homogenous heating and mixing of chocolate crystals for ultimate desirable results.
  • Enhances the contraction in the machine, allowing for easy demolding and reduction in the number of molds to clean.
  • It makes the chocolate generally attractive and pleasantly edible, and this increases turnover and subsequent profitability.
  • This machine can keep chocolate in tempered and melted states for an extended duration and enabling you to create candies without tending to the tempering procedure.
  • Offers excellent efficiency, reliability, and accuracy in the general making process of different chocolate products.
  • Guarantees faster production time and preventing unnecessary downtime likely to be experienced when it is not in use.
  • It reduces operating costs significantly given that it eliminates the need for manual mixing, making it cost-effective.

Ordinarily, if this device is missing, it means you’ll possibly have to use a double boiler and candy thermometer.

These may provide inconsistency in temperature readings causing variations that may spoil the outcome of the final product.

What Are The Common Types Of Chocolate Tempering Machine Available?

It is available in two major types;

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

This is a variant of a chocolate tempering machine with fully automated parameters.

As such, it hardly requires any form of human intervention since most of its parameters are actuated automatically.

You can find it in different sizes depending on the specific preferred capacity.

It is more efficient, faster, and convenient to use as it guarantees quality results.

Automatic Chocolate tempering Machine

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Semi-automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

It has a few automated features but also utilizes a few elements that are actuated manually.

Moreover, it is efficient but somewhat slower than automatic chocolate tempering equipment.

Ideally, it is suitable for small and medium chocolate production where the quantity throughput is not a significant concern.

Semi - Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Semi Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Why Is Chocolate Tempering Essential?

Significance of chocolate tempering is attached to several reasons, such as the following;

  1. Prevents delay of melted chocolate from solidifying and hardening
  2. Enables the chocolate to unmold easily from the molds and provides a pleasant snap when biting it. It won’t feel grainy in the tongue if adequately tempered.
  3. Makes the chocolate to have a smooth and shiny surface, given it balances the texture uniformly.
  4. Gives the ideal chocolate contraction, which is vital in producing high-quality end product.

What Are The Main Features Of Chocolate Tempering Machine?

The exact features usually vary depending on the type and specific model of the chocolate tempering appliance you are using.

When buying this equipment, it is important to go for one with specifications that meet your production demands.

Some features of this machine include the following;

  • Easy to clean and food-grade stainless steel base frame
  • Auto-temperature control ability to facilitate easy regulation of machine temperature
  • Melting and storing function
  • Water interlayer heating technology to enhance efficiency in utilizing exterior heating and thermal conservation
  • Adopt power rating
  • Premium-speed electric scraper, liquidizer, and stirring device
  • Adjustable chocolate spout ideal for various molds
  • User-friendly human-machine interface control panel
  • Self-cleaning

It Is Made From Food Grade Stainless Steel Thus Easy To Clean

It is Made of Food Grade Stainless Steel Thus Easy to Clean

Can Chocolate Tempering Machine Temper All Types Of Chocolates?


Raw melted chocolate is merely formed from more or less ingredients.

The design of this equipment allows it to temper all types of chocolates irrespective of the material content.

Besides, the procedure for tempering different types of chocolates is relatively same.

Even so, it is imperative to note that the tempering process of chocolate needs to be meticulous.

You must follow the right tempering procedure to avoid instances of producing undesired final chocolate products.

Thus, as long as you have a properly set tempering machine, you can use it to temper all types of chocolates.

What Are The Key Parts And Components Of Chocolate Tempering Machine?

This machine is made of different parts and components, which often range from one model to another.

Of course, knowing the specific role each component plays in this equipment is imperative in enhancing efficiency and reliability.

The main components you will find in different chocolate tempering machine models include the following;

Power Cord

It is one of the most basic components designed to connect and direct power from the source into the tempering machine.

An ideal power cord for this equipment supplies average electricity of 110v to 220v, which is considered suitable for optimum functioning.

Bowl Scrape

The function of this component is to separate solid chocolate from melted tempered chocolate.

Ideally, the front part of this bowl scrape keeps the melted chocolate, whereas the solid chocolate stays at the back.

Thus, it is necessary to adjust the bowl scrape accordingly to maintain its contact with the bowl’s surface at all times.

Mixing Motor

It is a device designed to spin the bowls holding melting raw chocolate thoroughly to enable it to attain a homogenous substrate.

Most large chocolate tempering machines feature an automated mixing motor rotating clockwise at a set speed.

Melting Bowls

They resemble containers and are used in this machine to hold raw chocolate as they undergo the tempering process.

Temperature Probe

It is a sensor for detecting and regulating the machine’s temperature by relaying the readings to the thermostat.


This is a device responsible for maintaining the machine’s temperature according to the predetermined setting.


It refers to a flow-directing pane located inside a mixing bowl designed to facilitate proper tempering of chocolate.

How Does Chocolate Tempering Machine Work?

The working principle of a typical chocolate tempering machine is quite unique but straightforward.

It features a digital control unit, which regulates numerous parameters and processes of the machine, including heating, mixing, and cooling.

Besides, it comes with different sensors that detect various changes in the machine’s processes, such as temperature variation.

The process starts with melting raw chocolate, and the machine is set at a preferred temperature to provide accurate readings through a PLC display.

Additionally, this device has buttons for regulating temperature on the PLC screen.

Ideally, temperature is a fundamental parameter in chocolate tempering process, thus vital to set it accurately.

The next step is mixing the material, which takes place at the mixing bowl with the aid of a mixing motor.

Mixing motor rotates in a clockwise motion as it mixes the material thoroughly until it attains a homogenous solution.

What follows next is turning on the chocolate flow to form a continuous tempering process.

Afterward, the heated and mixed melted chocolate is cooled by adjusting the temperature control system to the recommended level.

Once the melted chocolate cools down accordingly, it is molded to enable it to attain the desired shapes and sizes.

Primarily, at the molding stage, chocolate flows to the vibrating table through the molding container.

While at it, a scraper comes in handy to remove any overflow of melted chocolate from the molding container.

Nonetheless, you need to note that in many instances, different chocolate tempering machines may use different techniques to temper chocolate.

Even so, the most critical parameters revolving around heating, mixing, and cooling are more or less the same.

A Chocolate Tempering Machine At Work

 A Chocolate Tempering Machine At Work

What Are The Additional Accessories Of Chocolate Tempering Machine?

They are quite a number depending on the specific type of chocolate material you are melting and manufacturing.

Essentially, the essence of such accessories is to enhance the overall tempering process efficiency.

The commonly used ones include the following;

Enrobing belt – It is designed to enable adjustment of airflow temperature to dissolve any chocolate present in the enrober.

Vibrating table machine – The design of this component is to level the tempered chocolate dispensed into the molds to make them uniform.

Cooling tunnel – It is used for cooling the already tempered chocolate to facilitate faster solidification and hardening.

Mold loader machine – This equipment is used for loading tempered chocolate into molds to make them fast-track the tempering process.

Mold leaner – It cleans and scrapes off chocolate from the mold.

An Enrobing Belt

An Enrobing Belt  Is An Accessory To Chocolate tempering Machine

What Is The Standard Capacity For Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Technically, the capacity of a typical chocolate tempering machine is often determined based on the quantity it can produce hourly.

In essence, it means there is no definite standard capacity pegged on this machine.

Thus, it is dependent on numerous variables revolving around the technical specifications and other parameters of the equipment.

For instance, the automation level and related features that come with the machine play an integral role in determining its actual tempering capacity.

A fully computerized chocolate tempering machine evidently has a higher tempering capacity than a manual unit.

A tempering machine with a high power rating has a higher tempering quantity than one with a relatively low power rating.

Size is another fundamental element determining the tempering volume of this tempering machine.

A comparatively big equipment is more likely to temper a high volume of chocolate within an hour than a small one.

Also, additional accessories integrated into this machine influence the actual tempering volume.

Essentially, the aim of most of these auxiliary accessories is to enhance the efficiency and speed of tempering chocolate.

As such, the overall chocolate tempering capacity of a machine is determined by several elements, including the abovementioned ones.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Tempering Chocolate Using A Machine?

It varies mainly based on the type of chocolate product you are tempering.

Simply put, different chocolate materials require different tempering temperatures.

For instance, the suitable temperature for tempering chocolate should be about 120° F.

On the other hand, the ideal temperature for tempering white chocolate and milk chocolate should be 110° F and 115° F, respectively.

Also, dark chocolate requires a cooling temperature of about 82° F.

Milk chocolate and white chocolate, on the other hand, need a cooling temperature of 80° F and 78° F, respectively.

Thus, you will always adjust the temperature control of this machine depending on the specific type of chocolate you are tempering.

Notably, the ideal tempering temperature should guarantee a smooth, shiny, and consistent chocolate surface.

How Do You Adjust Temperature In Chocolate Tempering Machine?

It is quite a straightforward and effortless process, given that this equipment features a user-friendly PLC screen control unit.

Practically, there is a temperature control button you merely need to press to set the machine to your preferred temperature.

Besides, you can always set the temperature even if the machine is running.

To do this while in tempering process, you need to press and hold the temperature up/down arrow button continuously until you attain the ideal level.

 Temperatures Can Be Adjusted By Pressing The Buttons

Temperatures Can Be Adjusted By Pressing The Buttons

How Does Chocolate Tempering Machine And Chocolate Melting Machine Compare?

Essentially, a chocolate tempering machine aims at vigorously heating and cooling chocolate products to make them suitable for coating.

It makes it easy for the chocolate to have a smooth and shiny surface, hence appear attractive and pleasantly edible.

In a nutshell, a chocolate tempering machine facilitates the bondage of chocolate molecules to make the product harder, smooth, and with a glossy finish.

On the other hand, the design of chocolate melting machine is to thaw out chocolate specifically for baking different products such as brownies.

It is set to a specific ideal temperature the chocolates are put inside to melt and turn into a semi-solid or liquid state.

 Chocolate Melting Machine

Chocolate Melting Machine

Can Chocolate Tempering Machine Maintain Chocolate Tempered And Set For Use?

Technically, the chocolate tempering machine automatically returns to set temperature once bowl is filled with melted chocolate.

This equipment maintains the temperature constantly, albeit with marginal changes.

Subsequently, your chocolate will be ready to work, an illustration that the equipment supports uninterrupted chocolate tempering.

What Are The Main Elements Determining Efficiency Of Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Essentially, an efficient chocolate tempering machine guarantees shiny, consistent color and non-bloomy chocolate.

However, this efficiency is dependent on three key factors that you must meticulously look into during the tempering process.

These elements include the following,


It is arguably the most fundamental aspect determining the efficiency of chocolate tempering machines and final result of tempered chocolate.

When tempering chocolate, cocoa butter crystals often melt at a specific temperature range.

As such, it is imperative to ensure the machine temperature setting is done right.

Of course, this is critical because inaccurate temperature settings may easily yield to improper-tempered chocolate.


Machine timing during tempering process is vital since it determines whether chocolate crystals will form and grow.

Thus, it is necessary to give these crystals enough time to form a mature final chocolate product.

Besides, this is a fundamental element, especially if you desire to maintain chocolate tempering machine’s efficiency.

Power Rating

Power consumption is vital element that determines the overall efficiency of a chocolate tempering machine.

Consistent supply of electric power is important in the tempering process of chocolate.

Therefore, you need to have a power backup plan in case of a power outage.

This prevents you from unnecessary downtime, which may reduce the efficiency of using this particular machine.

What Does Seed Tempering Entail In Chocolate Tempering Machine?

It refers to the technique of mixing the already tempered chocolate with untampered molten chocolate.

The combination forms a seed with the correct crystalline structure, which brings the entire batch into a temper.

Moreover, the tempered chocolate moderates the liquid chocolate temperature to the one..

How Do You Determine Hourly Production Of Chocolate Tempering Machine?

It depends on a host of factors, including the specific model of the chocolate tempering machine.

However, an ideal way to establish this aspect is by calculating the machine’s output up to about thrice its bowl capacity per hour.

Often, the aim here is to refill the bowl using melted chocolate throughout the tempering process.

Once you fill the bowl with extra melted chocolate, this machine returns to the default working temperature.

How Do You Clean Chocolate Tempering Machine?

The comprehensive cleaning process of this machine always begins with detaching the mixer and installing a water line in the nozzle.

Install a tank sensor and trigger the controls for pre-warm, liquidizer, and pump.

Scrub the tank using a paintbrush once you switch on the water.

Thoroughly clean the nozzle by flushing it with enough water while the release valve remains open.

Now remove it and clean the nozzle once again by opening the panel on the upper side of this machine.

Take out the screws holding the screw pump and change the nozzles, then close the upper panel.

Another cleaning technique involves injecting butter into the specific spots of the machine with excess chocolate and melted.

Once they melt, the chocolate residues become soft and fall out.

Why Is Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine Better Than Manual Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Advanced technology integrated into automatic chocolate tempering machine makes it superior to ordinary manual units in following ways;

  1. Auto-machine is super fast than a manual one. Thus, it increases tempering capacity, which is vital in improving turnover, especially in commercial chocolate making.
  2. It is highly efficient, reliable and guarantees accuracy as far as tempering chocolate is concerned.
  3. Using automatic chocolate tempering machine decreases wastage, which is quite common with a manual unit.
  4. You are confident of getting a high-quality result when using an automatic unit as opposed to manual one. In essence, it is easy to control and monitor the timing, temperature, and progress when using the former.

Can You Make Different Chocolates Using A Single Chocolate Tempering Machine?


Even so, cleaning this machine each time you are temepering different chocolates can be quite overwhelming.

If possible, you can invest in different smaller versions of this machine rather than purchasing a single larger unit.

Ideally, this is fundamental if you frequently make different chocolate varieties in reasonable volume.

However, this choice is dependent on your budget and the efficiency you need to attain when tempering chocolate.

How Do You Trouble Shoot Chocolate Tempering Machine?

In few instances, you are likely to experience a few challenges when tempering chocolate using this machine.

Therefore, it is important to know these challenges and best ways to handle them to ensure you attain required efficiency.

Here are the few common technical challenges and ideal ways to troubleshoot them;

Inappropriately Aligned Depositor

Ordinarily, the appropriateness of depositor alignment is dependent on the specific molding you are using.

However, it is important to carefully align the depositor according to the type of molding you are using.

False Alarm By Metal Detectors

For chocolate tempering machines installed with metal detectors, occasionally, you may encounter false or absent alarms.

The best way to solve this is by thoroughly cleaning the relevant components appropriately.

Also, you need to look into the sensitivity of the machine and adjust accordingly.

Extreme Cooling In Tunnels

The ideal approach to troubleshoot cooling tunnels that cool excessively is by assessing the demolding unit.

But if the cooling tunnels are defective, an ideal way of solving the issue of excessive cooling is by replacing them.

Excessive cooling often makes chocolate pieces stick in mold cavities.

What Is The Suitable Size Of Chocolate Tempering Machine?

It is dependent on your production demands.

For instance, if you are tempering chocolate for commercial purposes, a relatively bigger tempering machine would be ideal.

But if you are tempering chocolate for homemade consumption or small-scale production, going for a relatively smaller size would suffice.

Primarily, the choice is entirely dependent on your specific needs.

Size Of Tempering Machine Depends On Function

Size Of  Chocolate Tempering Machine depends On Function

What Is The Price Of a Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Typically, the cost of this machine always varies depending on different elements, including output, size, and technical specifications among others.

The particular brand or model of this machine you are buying is also a determinant factor of its price.

Thus, there is no definite price for this component.

However, the price range for a relatively big chocolate tempering machine is about $25,000 -$30,000.

For a small-scale and homemade chocolate tempering machine, you can find an ideal one from a starting price of $4000, depending on various factors.

You can also check our list of all chocolate machines.

For any questions or inquiries on the chocolate tempering machine, contact us now.

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