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Chocolate Coin Making Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

It is an electromechanical unit mainly used for manufacturing chocolate products, which take the shape of coins.

This guide looks into various aspects of this equipment, including features, working principle, types, and other vital information.

How Can You Make Chocolate Coins Using Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

Typically, you can use to main methods to make different chocolate coins using chocolate coin maker, which include the following;

Using Chocolate Coin Molding Machine

In this case, the chocolate paste is deposited on a specific chocolate mold to facilitate chocolate coin making.

Chocolate coin moulding machine

Chocolate coin moulding machine

What follows is the transfer of the deposited chocolate paste into a cooling tunnel, which facilitates formation process after cooling.

The depositor controller regulates the chocolate weight in the production line of chocolate coin making.

Using Chocolate Coin Punching Machine

This method involves depositing chocolate paste on the food-grade PU belt of the chocolate coin production line.

It is then transferred to a cooling tunnel to facilitate its cooling and formation process.

When using this method, you can choose different cutter shapes such as round, square, or heart for collecting chocolate coins.

After cutting the chocolate coins into preferred shapes, you’ll then transfer them to a chocolate coin foil wrapper.

Which Are The Popular Type Of Chocolate Coin Making Machines?

Primarily, chocolate coin makers come in different types based on the mode of operation and actual design construction.

Here are the main types of this machine based on the mode of operation;

Fully Manual Chocolate Coin Maker

As the name suggests, this is a type of chocolate coin making machine whose operation is entirely dependent on human intervention.

Simply put, all its performance parameters are actuated physically by the operator.

Of course, this makes it relatively slow, reducing the production throughput.

Moreover, it is quite difficult to detect and fix some malfunctioning on this machine, leading to high downtime.

However, it is cheaper to acquire and requires less maintenance.

Semi-Automatic Chocolate Coin Making Equipment

It is a specific design, which provides both manual and automatic features.

Essentially, you can operate it manually or automatically depending on the particular parameter you are actuating.

This equipment exhibits higher efficiency than its fully-manual counterpart but tends to be comparatively slow than fully-automatic type.

Moreover, it is cheaper than a fully automatic unit but more expensive than one providing manual operation only.

Fully Automatic Chocolate Coin Making Machine

It is the exact opposite of the manual chocolate coin maker from the perspective of operation.

In essence, this one incorporates fully automated features, thus eliminating the need for human intervention during operation.

Thus, it is fast, which increases production output.

It is also easy to detect and fix different malfunctions, thus reducing downtime.

Nevertheless, this type is quite expensive in terms of purchasing and overall maintenance, but it guarantees lower operating costs.

Another category used for determining the type of chocolate coin making equipment is design construction.

Here are different types of this machine based on design construction;

Chocolate Coin Making Equipment With Single Hopper

Essentially, it is the type featuring one feeding point for introducing chocolate making raw materials into the machine.

Thus, it means it is more or less suitable for small and medium chocolate coin production.

The major shortcoming of this machine is more downtime if the hopper breaks down.

As such, you’ll have to stop the operation and fix the problem before continuing.

Chocolate Coin Making Machine With Twin Feeder

As the name suggests, it comes with two hoppers used for feeding different chocolate coin raw materials into the machine.

You can always interchange the feeders if one encounters a problem during production process.

Technically, this design has a higher production capacity due to reduced downtime.

Which Features Should You Look For In Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

Ordinarily, chocolate coin making machines are designed to suit different conditions based on various factors.

However, it is imperative always to figure out the specific technical features when buying this machine, depending on your intended use.

Of course, the features often vary from one unit to another.

Even so, here are the main features you need always to consider when buying this equipment;

  • Average production capacity
  • Voltage
  • Mold size
  • Material of chocolate coin packing
  • Control unit
  • Conveyor motors
  • Main motor
  • Progressive motor
  • Power consumption
  • Mold temperature
  • Actual dimension
  • Compressed air pressure
  • Vibrating time
  • Usability

Can You Integrate Chocolate Coin Making Machine With Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?


It is the most preferred integration since it facilitates seamless production and wrapping/packaging of the chocolate coins.

But the important aspect before integrating these two units is ensuring they are both compatible with each other in different elements.

Mostly, the compatibility should be from the perspective of size, production capacity, and software.

In such instances, you can easily integrate chocolate coin wrapping machine and attain the best results possible in your production process.

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

 Chocolate coin wrapping machine

SaintyCo offers one of the best chocolate coin wrapping equipment.

Which Components Make Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

A typical chocolate coin making equipment features several parts and components.

All these components play a specific role in facilitating chocolate coin making process.

However, here are some of the critical parts of this equipment you always need to know;

Hopper – It is also known as the feeding unit, and its role is to enable you to introduce raw materials into the machine.

Hopper comes in different shapes as a single or double depending on the specific device.

Power unit – The role of this part is to power up the equipment and often comes with cables and switches for connecting to the main source.

Control unit – It is designed to regulate and monitor different functional parameters of the chocolate coin making machine.

This component gives you an idea of actions to take and what to expect when operating the machine.

Melting tank – This component allows melting all chocolate coin raw materials to form a thick homogenous paste.

Molding unit – It is designed to enable the chocolate coin to attain the required shape. Essentially, it is the component responsible for formulating the coin dimensions and thickness to desired standards.

Refrigeration unit – It is a relatively elongated panel designed to enable already molded chocolate coins to cool and harden accordingly.

How Does Chocolate Coin Making Machine Work?

Mostly, it depends on the actual type of equipment you are using in terms of mode of operation.

Simply put, a chocolate coin making machine with automatic features has a different working principle from one with manual features.

Nonetheless, chocolate depositing line using automatic equipment is typically high-tech and quite involving.

The process involves mold heating, chocolate depositing, mold vibrating, conveying, cooling, and demolding.

It starts with feeding the ingredients into the hopper in a suitable proportion to enable a better chocolate mixture.

The chocolate making raw materials flow into the equipment into the melting tank for a thorough and homogenous mixture.

Thorough mixture subsequently forms a thick paste, which is vital in creating an ideal chocolate coin.

Thick paste then flows to the molding unit, where the chocolate coins are shaped and sized accordingly.

Once molded, the chocolate coins move into the cooling unit for faster hardening.

After attaining the right temperature and becoming relatively hard, the chocolate coins are wrapped and packaged.

How Much Does Chocolate Coin Making Machine Cost?

A host of variables determine the actual price for purchasing a chocolate coin making machine.

Some of these factors include the following;

Mode Of Operation

Ordinarily, a manual chocolate making machine is less expensive than a semi-automatic or automatic unit.

The former is quite simple and does not entail any significant expensive parts making it cheaper than the latter.

Production Output

Chocolate coin making equipment with higher production volume tends to be costlier than one with low production capacity.

Of course, the production throughput is dependent on your needs, but it influences the actual cost of the equipment.


If you go for a customized chocolate coin making unit, you’ll undoubtedly spend more than when purchasing a standard type.

Customization implies incorporating different features and components to suit your production requirements, resulting in additional costs.


Some brands of these machines are typically more expensive than others.

Ideally, this is influenced by many factors, including brand reputation and other market forces.

Design Construction

A relatively big chocolate coin making equipment is costlier than a compact one.

Besides, you’ll spend more money to buy a twin-hopper chocolate coin making unit than when purchasing a single-feeder unit.

In essence, the overall design construction and other related elements determine the actual cost of this machine.

Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that this machine is available in different types, which caters to almost every user’s budget.

Depending on your production needs, you can buy manual or automatic unit.

The bottom line nonetheless is that there is no fixed price for purchasing this machine.

It varies based on numerous factors like the few ones explained above.

Are There Fully Automatic Chocolate Coin Making Machines?


Modern technology has enabled formulation of fully automatic chocolate making units.

All functional parameters of this unit are actuated automatically.

It also uses software and other integrated computer programs to facilitate processing of different aspects of chocolate coin making.

 Coin making machine

Automatic chocolate coin making machine

Which Shapes Can You Make Using Chocolate Coin Maker Machine?

Traditionally, the common shapes, which this machine was designed to produce round.

This is a shape resembling the traditional round money coin.

However, over time, the shapes have extended and are now available in various options.

Other than the round shape, other available ones you can make with this machine include;

  • Gold bars
  • Chocolate fish shapes
  • Heart coins
  • Mini tablets
  • Chocolate medallions

Essentially, the shapes available depend on the type of chocolate mold cutter you are using.

Shapes of chocolate coins

Shapes of chocolate coins

Are There Multifunctional Chocolate Coin Making Machines?


Most fully automatic chocolate coin making units are multifunctional.

It means you can use them in different settings to make different products.

For instance, they can be used in pharmaceutical industry to coat and design tablets in a patient-friendly manner.

You can also use it in making different food materials such as biscuits among others.

Why Is FAT Critical When Buying Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

Because it plays a pivotal role such as follows;

  1. Giving comprehensive assessment regarding safety concerns of the equipment and ensuring it meets the required standards.
  2. allows you to save time and cost you’d incur if you’d chosen to fix the faults onsite
  3. Establishes whether the product is faulty in any aspect and the party responsible between the buyer and seller.
  4. Enables you to determine whether the equipment meets the stipulated industrial and quality standards.
  5. Enhances performance, reliability, and safety of the chocolate coin making machine.

How Should You Maintain Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

You can use several interventions to maintain this unit, but the common ones include the following;

  • Always lubricate all the moving parts and components using recommended lubricant.

It prevents frictions and enhances part and machine longevity.

  • Carry out a routine check on the machine since it helps detect and prevent possible machine faults and malfunctions.
  • Often use updated software program that is compatible with its various parameters for high efficiency.
  • Replace all the worn-out or faulty parts accordingly to enhance the performance and efficiency of the machine.

Do You Have Chocolate Coin Making Machine Replacement Parts?


You can always find all the parts you need to replace for this machine.

Of course, this is important because it increases convenience and efficiency when making chocolate coins by reducing delays.

Are Chocolate Coin Making Machines Assembled Onsite Or In Factory?

 Chocolate coin machine

Chocolate coin machine

It depends on several factors surrounding the specific machine you are buying.

For instance, if the equipment is relatively large, it will be advisable to assemble it onsite.

The essence here is that a large chocolate coin making machine can be challenging to transport if assembled at the factory.

Besides, it becomes cost-effective to transport it in pieces rather than as a single assembled unit.

For compact chocolate coin making units, you can assemble them at the factory since they rarely cause any transport challenge.

In a nutshell, whether to assemble chocolate coin making equipment onsite or at the factory is majorly determined by its size.

However, some manufacturers prefer to assemble it onsite to ensure it leaves the company in good working condition.

It prevents or reduces instances of reporting faulty parts or malfunctioning of the equipment.

How Does Chocolate Bar Machine Compare To Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

The main difference lies in the type of molds each of these machines uses.

 Chocolate bar machine

Chocolate bar machine

Chocolate bar machine uses relatively elongated chocolate molds to ensure it produces chocolate bars.

On the other hand, chocolate coin making machines use molds that take the shape of a traditional round coin or any related shape.

Is Chocolate Depositor Machine Different From Chocolate Coin Making Machine?


Technically, the design of a chocolate depositor is to deposit chocolate into molds and discharge shells and fillings of chocolates.

 Chocolate depositor machine

Chocolate depositor machine

You can also use it to refine and decorate the chocolate to make it tasty and attractive, respectively.

Chocolate coin making unit, however, is used for molding chocolate products into the shape of a traditional round coin or any other shape.

How Many Pieces Of Chocolate Coins Can Chocolate Coin Making Machine Mold Hold Concurrently?

It varies from one chocolate coin making machine to another.

Ideally, the particular technical specifications of the equipment are what determine the actual quantity it can hold concurrently.

Commercial chocolate coin equipment can hold up to about 500 pieces or more.

For small-scale and medium production, the machine mold can hold between 100-250 pieces of chocolate coins.

Why Should You Invest In Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

It offers a wide range of advantages such as follows;

  • Increases production throughput in any chocolate coin making cycle, and this improves turnover and profitability
  • Easy operation since most parameters of this unit are automated and integrated into a user-friendly interface.
  • The equipment is designed using high-quality stainless steel material, making it resistant to harsh conditions thus durable.
  • Reduces production cost since it offers high precision, accuracy, efficiency, and low labor requirements.
  • It is relatively versatile; hence you can use it to make different products other than chocolate coins.
  • The equipment is made of approved food-grade material, making it easy to clean and hygienic.

Are There Limitations Of Buying Automatic Chocolate Coin Making Machine?

Yes, but quite a few and include the following;

  • Relatively expensive to purchase
  • Requires a high level of service and maintenance to attain maximum production efficiency.

Does Chocolate Coin Making Machine Have CIP System?


The design of this unit makes a clean in place (CIP) system a necessity.

This equipment is quite complex; thus would take a lot of time to dismantle and assemble the component for and after cleaning.

In essence, this reduces downtime significantly and ensures you attain optimum production.

Moreover, the system enables you to cut costs related to cleaning the machine.

Which Safety Features Do Chocolate Coin Making Machines Come With?

They vary from one type of chocolate coin making machine to another.

However, the basic safety features you can find in most of these machines include the following;

  • Immobilizer – It sends the machine to limp mode by holding it up the moment any malfunction is detected.
  • Emergency stop control – Allows you to stop the machine from running instantly in case of an emergency.
  • Safety controller – Designed to give safe start and stop functions and regulate numerous safety and non-safety equipment elements.
  • Interlock switches – They transmit control system signals to trigger stop emergencies in case of a fault or malfunction.

Can You Integrate Chocolate Coin Making Machine In Existing Production Line?


Many modern chocolate coin makers are designed to fit in existing production lines.

The essence is to enhance efficiency and production output during the manufacturing process.

When integrating this unit to an existing line, it is imperative to ensure they are compatible.

What Are The Common Troubleshooting Mechanisms On Chocolate Coin Maker?

Occasionally, you may encounter different challenges when operating this machine.

However, to reduce the downtime, you can troubleshoot such problems using different techniques.

Some troubleshooting mechanisms for common chocolate coin making unit challenges include the following;

Power Outage

Commonly, a major cause for a power outage in this machine is poor cable connection during installation.

Thus, an ideal way of solving this is ensuring proper cable connection, possibly by involving a professional.

Besides, a power outage can be a result of disconnected power cables.

As such, you need to properly carry out routine maintenance on the machine since it allows you to detect such issues early.

Uneven Chocolate Coin Sizes

The common cause for this problem is an improper setting at the control panel.

Therefore, you need to ensure the machine is set correctly, and you can check on the control panel.

Also, ensure you do a test run before the actual production process to determine whether the chocolate coins have uniform sizes.

Static Product

Often, the leading cause of chocolate coins not moving to different sections of the machine is improper lubrication.

An ideal way of solving this is by frequently and properly lubricating all the moving parts of the equipment.

Nonetheless, always use recommended lubricants when lubricating such parts.

Also, you can clean the machine to remove the stuck debris and other dry materials from the conveyor system.

Can You Get OEM Chocolate Coin Making Machines?


Numerous manufacturers of this equipment have adequate capacity to produce OEM units.

What’s important is ensuring you provide a prototype design to the manufacturer.

The technical team goes through it to make any relevant changes and ensure it conforms to the required industrial standards.

The production process for the OEM unit begins upon approval and finalizing paperwork surrounding the development of the machine.

Why Is User Requirements Specification (URS) Critical When Importing Chocolate Coin Making Machine From China?

URS plays a pivotal role when purchasing this equipment from China in several ways, including the following;

  • Allows you to get an idea regarding different aspects of the machine, including the parameters
  • Makes it easier to transfer and use the machine elsewhere
  • Forms the basis of agreement between you and the manufacturer
  • Properly defines the purposes and intentions of the equipment and anticipated results
  • Eases off manufacturer’s efforts regarding time and cost since it represents the desired goals
  • It acts as a center for reviews

If you need an advice or new chocolate coin making machine, contact us now.

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