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Chocolate Melting Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A chocolate melting machine is just a large pan sitting on a hot water bath.

It is sometimes referred to as a chocolate warmer machine.

The warmer heats the pan to melt it or keep it warm.

In this guide, we are going to discuss several topics related to chocolate melting machines in general.

What Is Chocolate Melting Machine Used For?

 A Chocolate Melting Machine

A Chocolate Melting Machine

Chocolate melting machines can be used for various applications;

  1. Melting the solid chocolate so that it can be tempered
  2. Keeping the chocolate warm and maintaining it at a specified temperature.
  • It speeds up the speed of production when used alongside other machines such as the chocolate tempering machine.
  1. It can be used to temper chocolates manually using the chocolate seeding method.

This requires a great deal of experience to be able to temper chocolate using a chocolate melting machine.

  1. They can also be used to feed chocolate to other machines in chocolate processing.

A good example is the chocolate tempering machine.

The chocolate is melted first in the chocolate melting machine before it is fed to the tempering machine for further processing.

Why Invest in Chocolate Melting Machine?

 The Chocolate melting Machine is Made From Food Grade Material

The Chocolate Melting Machine Is Made From Food Grade Material

  1. Chocolate melting machines have a strong lid made of polymers.

The lid protects the unwanted influences from the environment from getting into the chocolate.

It can protect both during processing or when not in use.

  1. Lower power consumption – Melting machines have extremely economical on power consumption.

This makes them cost-effective for both domestic and commercial use.

  • Food grade material – The material used in the construction of melting machines is of high quality.

The transparent lid makes it easier to check when the chocolate is ready.

  1. Lightweight and small – Some melting machines are small and very light.

They are very portable due to their size and weight.

  1. Electric heating – Modern melting machines have highly conductive plates.

They allow faster warming and provide for heating surfaces.

  1. Ease of use – Using chocolate melting machines is very simple.

You only need to power it on and set the temperatures you need.

  • Capacity – There is numerous chocolate melting sizes that you can buy.

The sizes are applied from small scale domestic use to large scale commercial use.

  • Availability – The chocolate melting machines are readily available in the market.

This allows for better quality and continuous improvement in their performance.

  1. Cost – The features of most modern chocolate melting machines make them cost-effective.

The availability in the markets allows for competitive prices for the same product.

They are relatively affordable to purchase and maintain.

Are There Limitations of Chocolate Melting Machine?

It is difficult to use chocolate melting to perform other duties such as chocolate tempering, chocolate coating among others.

They are rather expensive considering tempering machines can be still be used for chocolate melting.

They are tedious to use since they require occasional mixing for even heating of the chocolate,

They are labour intensive since you have to keep adjusting the water temperature from time to time to achieve the required melting temperatures.

They are expensive to use when very small quantities of solid chocolate are needed for melting.

The end product of the chocolate melting machine is softer and dull in appearance.

Which Components Make Chocolate Melting Machine?

Thermostat – it controls the temperature of the water in the hot water bath.

Water bath – it is a medium of heat transfer between the heating coil and the pan

Pan – hold the chocolate that is being melted.

Thermostat, Waterbath And Pan Are Parts Of A Chocolate melting Machine

Thermostat, Water Bath And Pan Are Parts Of A Melting Machine

How Does Chocolate Melting Machine Work?

The chocolate melting machine uses hot water to warm the chocolate.

The temperature of the water is controlled using a thermostat installed in the machine.

When the water is heated, it heats the metallic pan.

As the metallic pan’s temperature increases, it warms up or melts the chocolate.

Controlling the water temperature helps in keeping the melted chocolate at a specific temperature.

For consistent chocolate temperature, it is stirred regularly.

The temperature setting on the chocolate melting machine is done for the water temperature.

You will need to keep changing the water temperature until you can achieve a specified temperature for the chocolate.

How Does Chocolate Melting Machine Compare To Chocolate Tempering Machines?

 A Chocolate Tempering Machine

A Chocolate Tempering Machine

Chocolate melting machines differ slightly from chocolate tempering machines.

The difference arises in their use, end product, and operation.

Chocolate Tempering MachineChocolate Melting Machine
They are used for tempering small quantities of chocolateThey are used for melting large capacities of solid chocolate.
The final product is hard, smooth and crispyThe end product is softer and rough.
The end product has a shiny finishThe end product has a dull finish
They operate on a fixed scheduleThey have an undefined time limit of operation
The chocolate temperature is varied during the tempering processThe chocolate temperature is maintained during the melting process
The chocolate being tempered is continuously and automatically mixed throughout the processThe melted chocolate is mixed manually and occasionally throughout the process.

At What Temperature Does Chocolate Melting Machine Work?

The chocolate melting machine has no specific temperature of melting.

The temperature of operation varies from one machine to another.

A majority of the chocolate melting machines have a temperature range of about 50 °F to 185 °F for their operation.

Chocolate, however, melts at a temperature of about 86 °F to 90 °F.

As the user, you have to decide the operating temperature you will use depending on your application.

Acquiring the melting temperatures are dependant on the quantity to be melted and the capacity of the melting machine.

Which Features Should You Consider When Buying Chocolate Melting Machine?

Some of the features include:

Material Quality

The material used in the manufacturing of the chocolate melting machine should be food grade, durable and easy to maintain and clean.

Solid Capacity

This is the amount of chocolate in a solid-state that the melting machine can hold.

The solid capacity should be enough to meet your need for chocolate melting.

Energy Consumption

The melting machine should have the power-saving capability.

This will in turn be cost-effective to operate the machine.

Quality Of The Machine

The universal quality standards of the chocolate melting machine must be adhered to in the production of the machines and equipment.

The manufacturer should be able to guarantee 100% quality standard of the product.


The melting machine should be able to accommodate both domestic and commercial uses.

Such features will make it good for small start-up businesses, domestic use and large-scale use if possible.

Return Policy

The melting machine vendors and manufacturers should have a working product return policy.

The policy will cushion you in case the purchased machine does not meet your requirement.

Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping is very critical in the purchase of a chocolate melting machine.

Besides, the cost affects the overall cost of acquiring a chocolate melting machine.

Some manufacturers offer free shipping costs.

Ease Of Use And Control

The chocolate melting machine should be user friendly.

It should allow the user the convenience of operations such as adjusting the temperatures and powering the machine on or off.

Safety And Cost-effective

Some melting machines use non-stick cookware that is made from food-grade aluminium or stainless steel.

The material of construction is critical to the safety of the equipment.

The material also the machine to have other uses in butter, candy, and cheese

Rate Of Uniform Heating

The heating of the solid chocolate should be even thorough the heating surface.

The machine must have uniform heating to maintain its efficiency.

CIP Systems

This is a self-cleaning system in the chocolate melting machines.

It assists in the cleaning of the machine to prevent contamination, poisoning, or harm during the cleaning process.

Availability Of Chocolate Melting Machine Spare Parts

The chocolate melting machine you choose should have readily available spares for replacement in case they break down.

You should choose a machine that is easy to maintain and repair.

Which Industries Use Chocolate Melting Machine?

Cheese industries

Butter industries

Baking and pastry industries

A Portable Chocolate melting Machine For Home Baking

A Portable Chocolate Melting Machine For Home Baking

How Much Does Industrial Chocolate Melting Machine Cost?

The cost of chocolate melting machines varies due to various reasons.

Some of the issues that affect the cost of chocolate melting machines are;

Size Of The Chocolate Melting Machine

The size of the machine affects the price of the machine directly.

Also, the cost of bigger machines is more than the price of smaller machines.

Solid Capacity Of The Machine

Besides, the solid capacity goes hand in hand with the size of the machine.

The larger the capacity of solid chocolate the machine can hold the higher the price.

Brand Of The Machine

Established companies that have been in the market for a long have established a trust in customers on the quality of their products.
The company tend to charge a higher price for purchasing the melting machines.

New companies, on the other hand, will have a lower price for purchasing the machine.

This is because they are trying to establish themselves in the market.

Material Used To Make The Machine.

The type of material used will determine how much the chocolate melting machine will cost.

Stainless steel equipment will cost more compared to aluminium made equipment.

How Does Commercial Chocolate Melting Machine Compare to Chocolate Melting Machines for Home Use?

Commercial melting machines have a larger holding capacity than home-use machines .

A Digital Chocolate Melting Machine For Commercial Use

A Digital Commercial Chocolate Melting Machine

Home-use machines can be used both for domestic and small start-up businesses while commercial melting machines can only be used for well-established businesses.

Commercial-type machines consume more power than home-use.

They are more expensive compared to domestic melting machines.

Why Is CIP System Necessary in Chocolate Melting Machine?

Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) system is a system used in cleaning a chocolate melting machine.

The cleaning is majorly to remove contaminants during the processing of chocolate.

They are designed to control the parameters for cleaning the machines with a higher degree of accuracy.

They help in controlling, monitoring and documentation the cleaning methods that are essential to the hygiene of the chocolate processing.

Cleaning using a CIP system can be done during normal processing run (normal fouling) or recipe switching

Various reasons make CIP very beneficial and necessary in chocolate melting machines;

Faster Cleaning:

Cleaning using CIP is faster and saves time.

The system is very economical in terms of the time taken to clean a unit.

Faster cleaning processes increases the uptime or the production time of chocolate melting machines.

Less time is spent on cleaning the vessels.

  1. Increased working efficiency for employees.

CIP systems eliminate the need for employees to clean the machines manually.

The employees spent more labour time being productive or engaging in other profitable activities.

  1. Minimum utility consumption

Cleaning chocolate melting machines can be very costly on water and energy.

CIP systems help in saving the water and energy that could be used every time the machine requires cleaning.

They save these utilities by controlling the repeatability of the cleaning cycle.

  • Cost-effective

Cleaning using CIP systems reduce the cost of treating cleaning water.

They drain very little effluent during the cleaning cycle.

  1. Product safety

CIP systems reduce the chances of mistakes occurring due to human error.

The mistakes could easily result in unsafe end products.

The automatic cleaning of chocolate melting machines minimizes the risk of contamination by using monitoring sensors.

  1. Increased safety for employees

The CIP system contains the cleaning solutions in the system.

The containment reduces the risk of employees being exposed to chemicals.

Which is Chocolate Making Machines Can You Integrate with Chocolate Melting Machine?

Some of these machines:

  1. Chocolate tempering machine
  2. Chocolate coin wrapping machine
  • Chocolate enrobing machine
  1. Chocolate packing machine
  2. Chocolate panning machine
  3. Chocolate dipping machine
  • Chocolate coating machine

 A Chocolate Packing Machine

A Chocolate Packing Machine

Why Should You Import Chocolate Melting Machine From China?

Competitive Prices

Many manufacturers in China offer very competitive prices for purchasing chocolate melting machines, unlike other regions.

Chocolate Melting Machine Varieties

Manufacturers have a variety of chocolate melting machines and their accessories that you can choose from.

Strict Product Quality Control Procedures

The manufacturers adhere the very strict quality control protocols for the chocolate melting machines they manufacture.

A Variety Of Chocolate Melting Machine Designs

China manufacturers have different designs of chocolate melting machines that you can choose from or modify.

Availability Of Spare Parts

Spare parts for machines are readily available in the market in case the need for the replacement of an equipment part arises.

Training Programs

The manufacturers have training programs set to educate customers on how to use and troubleshoot machines.

They train on safe and standard operating procedures for the chocolate melting machines.

Product Return Policy

Manufacturers from China provide product return policies in cases where you are not satisfied with the quality of the machine supplied.

They also allow you to return the machines in case they are damaged or not working properly.

ODM And OEM Services

Manufacturers from China offer original equipment as per their company designs for the machine.

They also offer customized services for equipment whose design belong to customers or other manufacturers.

Use Of High-quality Manufacturing Material

China manufacturers use materials of high quality to produce chocolate melting machines.

The machines become durable and of higher standards due to the high-quality materials used.

Sample Services

China manufacturers provide a variety of samples of chocolate melting machines to their customers upon inquiry.

Shipping Services

The manufacturers provide shipping services to the client either at a fee or free of charge depending on the manufacturers shipping policy.

Flexibility And Low MOQ

China manufacturers are very flexible to meet your melting machine need.

They also have a very low minimum order quantity allowing you to order what is enough for your need.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

China manufacturers test equipment to ascertain that the machines have been built and will operate according to the specific design functionality.

GMP Compliance Products

Manufacturers in China must adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices set by relevant quality assurance bodies.

How Do You Conduct Factory Acceptance Test for Chocolate Melting Machine?

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a machine quality evaluation process during and after the process of assembly.

The FAT test takes place in three stages;

Pre-FAT Processes

The Functional Requirement Document (FRD) created during the project planning process is the basis of all the FAT tests.

System manager approved FAT procedures should be submitted to integrators in advance.

The FAT schedule should be provided by the dealer indicating the timelines for testing.

All approvals for machine design should be completed before FAT.

The machine dealer should test the system earlier before FAT.

A test facility should be identified.

FAT Processes

  • The design specifications are checked one after another.

You will review the drawings and machine to check for compliance with the specification.

You will also change orders ‘compliance.

  • Inspection of the workmanship

You will check for installation and operation problems for the machine.

  • Chocolate melting machine test

You will check the equipment functionality using the approved protocols set by the manufacturer.

Regulatory and ad hoc testing is also required for this stage.

  • Software and firmware versions identification.

The software and firmware used during the test are noted to ascertain which version is more compatible with the machine.

Post-FAT Processes

  • Verification of the FAT documentation
  • Confirmation with the vendors on the timeline for completion of all the necessary documents.

Why Is User Requirement Specification (URS) Critical When Importing Chocolate Melting Machine?

User Requirement Specification (URS) is a collection of needs set on the design and product verification.

The URS has other information needed in the design, authentication and maintenance of the chocolate melting machine.

The URS is very critical due to various reasons;

  1. Lays foundations upon which the development will follow.
  2. It provides the necessary details for;
  • Development of the chocolate melting machine
  • Quality assurance measures to be adhered to.
  • Operation procedures for the chocolate melting machine
  • Maintenance procedures to be followed during the machine service lifecycle.
  1. Acts as a checklist for the fulfilment of requirements.
  2. It also helps in determining the machine’s life cycle
  3. It also minimizes the time and cost of machine development.

Which Material Is Chocolate Melting Machine Made From?

The most common material used in making chocolate melting machines is stainless steel.

Chocolate melting machines Are Mainly Made From Stainless Steel

 Chocolate Melting Machine IsMainly Made From Stainless Steel

Other materials in non-stick aluminium.

Why Is cGMP Compliance Critical For Chocolate Melting Machine?

current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is an ISO 22716 certification standard that ensures that the chocolate melting machines manufactured are safe and effective.

  1. It helps to minimize issues of contamination or errors.
  2. It protects consumers from acquiring products that are unsafe or ineffective.
  • It helps companies in executing procedures that are consistent and safe environments.

This reduces the room for errors, recalls, contamination or loss of profit by the manufacturers.

  1. It provides strict protocols to reduce the chances of errors in manufacturing.
  2. The companies sustain efficient systems and processes to produce safe goods.
  3. Prevents health-related damages
  • Defined and controlled hygiene protocols
  • Improved process and production environment
  1. Cuts down profit losses
  2. Lessens complains and avoids recalls
  3. Boost export opportunities
  • Schedule GMP audits

How Much Power Does Chocolate Melting Machine Use?

The power consumption of chocolate melting machines varies for each machine.

Various factors affect the power used by the chocolate melting machine;

  1. Solid capacity – machines that can hold more solid chocolate will use more power in their operation.
  2. The number of pans – an increase in the number of heating surfaces increase the power consumption of the machine.
  • Size of the machine – larger machines uses more while smaller ones use less power.
  1. Operation style of the machine – on/off operations tend to use more power.

Is There Difference Between Chocolate Warmer Machine And Chocolate Melting Machine?

Chocolate warmers have a lower operating temperature compared to chocolate melting machines.

Chocolate warmers can only accommodate molten chocolate while melting machines accommodate both molten and solid chocolate.

At SaintyCo, we have a range chocolate machines for a range of processing needs.

Contact us today for all your chocolate melting machines from China.

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