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TF-80P Tube Filler

TF-80P Tube Filler


The tube is automatically pressed into the tube holder.

  • The elastic tension type tube holder is adoped to guarantee the consistent sealing height.
  • The automatic color mark adjusting systems by stepping driving tube holder is adopted for oval tubes or other special-shaped tubes.
  • Adopt mechanical transmission mode filling system ensuring the stability of loading capacity.
  • Original Swiss LEISTER heater is adopted .
  • The internal wall of tube adopts hot air sealing and the external wall of tube adopts cooling water circulative cooling, which can beautiful sealing effect.
  • The fan (made in Taiwan) is adopted to discharge the poisonous gas produced during the heating outside the room.
  • After the sealing, the wind cooling system is adopted to prevent the heat from being conducted to the ointment.
  • PLC automatic control system.
  • Highly clearl stainless steel frame.
  • The connection of emulsifier , cartoning machine and filling machine can be easily achieved.
  • It is easy to operate between different sizes of tubes.
  • Automatic completion of filling ,sealing and batch No. printing in one machine.
  • Provided such functions as automatic supply of a tube to a worktable of machine、automatic tube blowing(clearing)、tube color mark automatic adjustment in a holder and automatic filling and sealing.
  • Speed shall be adjustable by inverter.
  • The production capacity can be realized and control automatically.
  • The code mechanical hand print the code automatically in the request position.
  • Human-machine interface with direct display and control.
  • Tube feeding、absorbing and locating device, which is controlled by the original FESTO vacuum generator.
  • Automatic detection of tube direction inversion. Omron inversion detection phototube can accurately detect the inverted tube.
  • Cam
  • Automatic cleaning the inner tubes and the dust collecting system.
  • Provided with malfunction alarm, automatic stopping device when the door is opened and mechanical overload.
  • The combined material feeding forms of blow cutting and cutting can guarantee the filling of high viscosity.
  • Column stylel material temperature automatic control blending system.(optional).
  • Ultrasonic hopper level sensor. (optional)
Tube typePlastic & Compound Tube
SealingInner Heating
Max. Diameter50mm
Filling precision≤±1%
Motor Power2.2KW
Compress Air0.4-0.6mpa
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