TF-60M Tube Filler

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TF-60M Tube Filler

TF-60M Tube Filler

Tube Filling Machine Features:

  • The material feeding system of mechanical transmission is adopted to guarantee the stability of loading capacity.
  • PLC automatic control.
  • Clear and visible stainless steel frame.
  • Easy to realize the connection of emulsifier and filling machine
  • Simple and clear replacement operation of large and small tube diameters.
  • Automatic completion of filling, sealing and batch No. printing in one machine.
  • Provided with such functions as automatic tube feeding, automatic internal tube purging, automatic code searching and automatic sealing and filling.
  • Stepless frequency conversion speed control is available.
  • Automatic quantitative control of production capacity can be realized
  • Automatic batch No. printing
  • Human-machine interface with direct display and control
  • Tube feeding, absorbing and locating device, which is controlled by the original FESTO vacuum generator.
  • Automatic detection of tube direction inversion. Omron inversion detection phototube can accurately detect the inverted tube.
  • Cam graduation
  • Automatic cleaning and dust collecting device for the inside of tube.Provided with malfunction alarm, door opening device and automatic stopping device of mechanical overload.
  • The combined material feeding forms of blow cutting and cutting can guarantee the filling of materials of high viscosity.
  • Column type automatic material temperature control blending system is optional.
  • Ultrasonic hopper level automatic detection system. USA BANNER ultrasonic level probe combined with Siemens module can be used to accurately control material level and give direct display on the touch screen (optional)
  • Provided with the accurate control function of no filling if there is no tube.
Applicable tube diameter TF-60M Tube Filler
Tube type Metal tubes
Sealing Different folding styles
Max. Diameter 35mm
Capacity 30-60tubes/min
Filling precision ≤±1%
Volume 1-150ml
No. Stations 9Stations  6,7 RPM
Voltage(V) 220,380,440
Frequency 50/60Hz
Motor Power 1.1KW
Compress Air 0.4-0.6mpa


TF-60M Tube Filler

TF-60M Tube Filling Machine

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