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TF-200 Tube Filler

TF-200 Tube Filler


  • TF-200 adopts servo filling and servo lift, the speed, volume and starting and ending time of filling may be set on person and machine interface, the speed and height of rise, starting tie of rise, and the starting and ending time of blow off after filing may be set too.
  • The sealing device of TF-200 may incline and invert, easy to clean, check and repair and replace the fittings.
  • The filling nozzle and servo rise system carry out the advanced filling operation from down to up at the bottom of soft tube, ensuring the non bubble and non-spray filling, the advanced filling nozzle also ensures the clean and non-leakage filling.
  • TF-200 may adopt full automatic tube-delivery system and reduce level of noise of the normal tube-delivery system.
  • TF-200 also may adopt semi-automatic infeed system to fill the tube.
  • TF-200 is a high-speed filling machine, and suitable to filling multi-type material as well. For those materials uneasy to filling, for example, food in lager tube, ointment in small tube, this machine can provide satisfied quality of filling and sealing.

tube filler


  • Size parts for additional tube sizes or products
  • Faulty tube check device
  • Soft tube cleaning device and cap tightening device
  • Fually tube exclusion device
  • Heated product hopper
  • Stirring device
  • Loading capacity automatic adjustment device
  • Product level control
  • Pneumatic cylinder charge pump
  • A set of selective pump for rapid change over of product filling
  • Kits for quick change over
  • Automatic discharge of tube(head first)
  • Corner trim device
  • Three colors filling system
  • Tiltable sealing unit
  • Coding on both sides of soft tube
  • Semi automatic soft tube infeed system
  • Center lubrication device
Main Technical SpecificationsA-type metal sealingB-type hot air sealingModelTF-200
Power supply380V 50Hz380V 50HzSpeed of production170-200Tube/min
Max Power Kw6Kw14KwPour volume1.5-300ml
Average Power Kw5Kw9KwPour precision≤1%
Volume of compressed air10-20m3/h60-90m3/hTube length50-250mm
Water consumption8L/minTube diameter10-50mm
Volume approx22m322m3Manipulator power4Kw
Volume approx13m3


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