TF-160 Tube Filler

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TF-160 Tube Filler

TF-160 Tube Filler


  • The characteristics of the TF-160 are smoothness of operation, easy cleaning, easy size change over, easy sealing methods change over and simple maintenance procedures. These combined with wearing property and the highest safety guarantee make this an excellent machine.
  • TF-160 is a high-speed machine, and suitable to filling multi-typed material as well. For those materials uneasy to filling, for example, food in large tube, ointment in small tube, this machine can provide satisfied quality of filling and sealing.


  • Size parts for additional tube sizes or products
  • Faulty tube check device
  • Soft tube exclusion device
  • Heated product hopper
  • Stirring device
  • Loading capacity automatic adjustment device
  • Product level control
  • Product level control
  • Pneumatic cylinder charge pump
  • A set of selective pump for rapid change over of product filling
  • Kits for quick change over
  • Automatic discharge of tubes(head first)
  • Comer trim device

Main Technical Specifications A-type metal sealing B-type hot air sealing Model TF-160
Power supply 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz Speed of production 120-160Tube/min
Max Power Kw 2.3Kw 9.5Kw Pour volume 1.5-300ml
Average Power Kw 1.7Kw 6.5Kw Pour precision ≤1%
Volume of compressed air 10-20m3/h 40-60m3/h Soft tube length 50-250mm
Water consumption 6L/min Soft tube diameter 10-50mm


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