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HDD400-1200 Single Arm Bin Blender


HDD series Bin Blender can automatically finish the whole process of clamping, lifting, mixing and falling, etc. Equipped with one set of HDD series Bin Blender and applying some different models of bins, pharmaceutical enterprises can satisfy with the mixing demands of large output and diversity products. It’s the desirable final mixing equipment for pharmaceutical factories. Meanwhile, it’s widely used in such areas as chemical industry, raw medical material industry, foodstuff industry, etc.


HDD series Bin Blender consists of shelf, rotary frame, driving system, lifting system, and PLC control system, etc. To start to work, put the bin into the rotary frame, and press the confirmation button on the touch screen. The bin is then lifted to the required height and clamped. The driving system starts to work and mix according to time and speed assigned in advance after the pressure sensors receive signal of tightly clamped. Reaching to the parameters assigned in advance, the rotary frame stops vertically. The mixing craft is over. The lifting system then works accordingly to lay down the bin. The printer types the entire craft data automatically and reliable. The working cycle finishes.


HDD series Bin Blender can clamp bins of different model and volume. Thus gain it adapts to the mixing demands of large output and diversity products. And the working efficiency is improved. There is no dead angle, no concave-convex face and no screw on surface. All angles are cambered. The surface outside and inside is polished to high quality. Roughness degree inside is Ra≤0.2μm,outside is Ra≤0.4μm.Applying sealing appliance made of silicon latex on the cover of the bin to gain a good airproof quality. It’s easy to clean. The mixing coefficiency reaches to 99%, and charging coefficient ranges from 50% to 80%.Applying infrared appliances to gain an isolated working area, and butterfly valve against wrong way operation, controlled by PLC control system. This makes a sure safe operation. It’s in conformity with the GMP requirements.

Main Technical SpecificationsHDD-400HDD-600HDD-800HDD-1000HDD-1200

HDD Single Arm Bin Blender

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