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Gum Making Machine: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Let me make the process of choosing gum making machine simple and straightforward for you.

Today’s guide will explore everything you need to know about gum making machine – from specification, features, parts, to working principle.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Gum Making Machine Used For?

Gum Making Machine

Gum Making Machine

This is a confectionery machine that you will use to manufacture different types of gummy candies.

Is There Difference Between Chewing Gum Making Machine Vs Bubble Gum Making Machine?

Bubble Gum Making Machine

Bubble Gum Making Machine

Chew Gum Making Machine

Chew Gum  Making Machine

A chewing gum-making machine makes gum that you will chew to keep a fresh breath and the mouth moist.

Bubble gum-making machines make gum that can stretch, enabling the chewer to make bubbles.

These machines differ in the process and raw materials that you use on the same base material.

The base ingredient that chewing gum-making machine uses is chicle.

Also, it used other ingredients like softeners such as vegetable oil or glycerin, which keeps the chewing gum soft.

Besides, you can add powdered sugar or corn syrup to make it sweet, then flavoring it.

The bubble gum-making machine uses chicle, then adds starch and polymers.

These additives will make bubble gum stretch and able to form a bubble.

Besides, bubble gum contains more sweeteners and has more flavors than chewing gum.

Why Should You Invest In A Gum Manufacturing Machine?

There are several reasons to using a gum-making machine in your production line.

These include:

Increase Production Process

Several parts of a gum-making machine occur automatically.

This feature makes it possible to make several and large amounts of gum in a short period.

Besides, it will save you time and improve your sales and profit margins.


The cost of operating a gum-making machine is manageable.

Also, this machine can allow you to lower recurring labor costs since it can operate automatically.

Besides, you will spend less to install, maintain, and operate a gum-making machine.

Range Of Production

A gum manufacturing machine can make different types of gummy products.

The machine can make the gum appealing to the market by making several colors, two-fold layers, focus filling, etc.

Also, when you modernize the gum-making machine to make other gum candies, you lower your investment.


With small-sized gum-making machines, you can move them with ease.

This feature makes it convenient when you require more mobility.

Ease Of Use

A gum-making machine is easy to operate, and it is easy to understand the operation via the user manual.

Also, it has a PLC and interactive HMI that makes it easy to monitor and operate the machine.

Safety Features

New gum-making machines have various safety features which relay warning signals if there is a fault.

In extreme cases, the machine may shut off completely when there is a breach of security.

Which Are The Equipment Found In A Chewing Gum Production Line?

A chewing gum production line is suitable for making bubble gum and chewing gum.

This production line has the following equipment:

  • Mixer
  • Roll and scoring machine
  • Extruder
  • Cooling conveyor cabinet
  • Gum wrapping machine

Can You Manufacture All Gum Shapes With Gum Making Machine?

A gum-making machine can manufacture all shapes of gum.

Some shapes that you can manufacture with this machine include:

  • Round gum
  • Square gum
  • Rectangular gum
  • Fruit jelly
  • Gummy sharks
  • Jelly beans
  • Lego gummy
  • Jelly ring

What Are The Features Of The Modern Gum Making Machine?

Since there are different gum-making machines, they will come with varying features.

The main features you will find in modern gum making machines are:

  • A sturdy and rigid design that ensures longevity and trouble-free operation
  • The machine can work for 14 hours, round the clock
  • World-class items that ensure effective operation
  • A control panel with PLC and HMI where you can set the gum making parameters
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • User-friendly design makes it easy to maintain and operate
  • Ergonomic and aesthetic design for best performance
  • 12+ month warranty with lifetime support
  • Automatic data collection that creates error-free records
  • The production capacity ranges between 30 kg/h and 600 kg/h
  • The stainless steel body design

Which Are The Types Of Gum-Making Machines Available In The Market?

The type of machine you should select will determine your production capacity.

Here are some types of gum making machines available for you:

Fully Automatic Gum Making Machine

These machines require no to minimal workers since the machine operates independently once you program it.

All you require is to program the gum-making machine as per your production needs.

Since it is fully automatic, it offers a large production capacity.

Semi-automatic Gum Making Machine

Semi Automatic Gum Making Machine

Semi-Automatic Gum Making Machine

Gum-making machines of this type require some form of labor. For instance, they need regular human involvement for it to operate efficiently.

Semi-automatic gum-making machines come in various sizes, energy needs, production capacity, and conditions.

Various features in semi-automatic gum-making machines may make them suitable for small or large-scale production.

Besides, they have a low production capacity than fully automatic gum-making machines.

What Are The Key Parts Of Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

Several components make up a gum manufacturing machine.

These include:

Electrical Systems

This part has the electrical parts that make up the gum-making machine.

Electrical systems convert electric energy making it useful for the operation of the machine.


This part contains the ingredients and raw materials that the gum-making machine will use.

Also, they have varying sizes which will affect the configuration or the production capacity.

Besides, you can fill the hopper manually or use a piece of mechanical equipment.


This part converts electrical energy to mechanical energy that moves the components.

Conveyor Systems

This part will move the products from one part of the machine to another.

Several components that make up this system include conveyor belts, rails, and tubes.

Control Panel

This part assists you in monitoring and regulating the gum-making machine.

Control panels have PLC and interactive HMI for ease of use.

Besides, the control panel can accommodate various languages that make it easy to use depending on your country.

Mixing Tanks

This part will homogeneously mix all the raw materials and gum ingredients.

The tank also has heating units that aid in heating and melting the ingredients at varying temperatures.


This part will detect alterations or faults in the gum-making machine.

The sensors will relay signals to the electronic system, and a computer processor will solve it.

Besides, the sensors enhance safety, efficiency, and functionality.

Refrigeration System

This part has cooling units that will eliminate surplus heat from the manufactured gum ingredients.

Also, regulation of the cooling system to certain levels happens via the control panel.

Pressure Or Pneumatic Systems

This part will control air units.

The gum-making machine needs pressure to move raw materials and ingredients to some parts using pressure.

Molding Systems

This component will aid in designing and shaping the gum to a specific shape or figure.

These molds have varying shapes that make it easy to achieve the shape you desire.

Discharge Systems

This part assists in discharging the mixed and manufactures gum ingredients from the production line.

Drying Systems

This part eliminates excess moisture to a specific level.


This system has metals that vibrate, thereby shaking off surplus starch off the gum.

Oscillating Brushes

These brushes will move back and forth, thereby assist in scrapping off surplus starch from the gum.

Dust Collection Chamber

Once you complete dusting off, surplus starch moves to the dust collection chamber.

Also, you can recycle or dispose of the excess starch.

Lubrication System

This component will assist in lubricating moving parts, thereby minimizing the rate of wear and tear.

It also has light food-grade oil that will hold off excess starch from the gum.

How Does A Chewing Gum Making Machine Operate?

Different gum-making machines operate in various ways.

Here are the steps that the machine undertakes:


In this stage, you will prepare all the ingredients that make the gum.

Ensure all the parts of the machine are in good working condition.


The formulation of gum requires you to mix all the ingredients properly.

On some occasions, you can process the gum base in the first stage, where you mix ingredients.

Mixing happens in the mixing tanks through heating, stirring, and melting.

Besides, you can mix the ingredients either through batch mixing or continuous mixing.

The mixing option you select will influence the temperature for mixing the ingredients in the tank.

Homogeneous mixtures produce thick molten syrup that you can use in gum-making machines.


Once you mix the products, you need to shape the gum.

Extruders will assist with the shaping process, and the type depends on the quantity and shape you require.

The extruder will produce ropes that you can use to make gum chunks.

For other gum-making machines, pre-extruders will feed the main extruder.

Besides, you may experience errors when you feed the gum manually since levels inside hoppers may change.

Cooling And Wrapping

After shaping the gum, the rope will pass via a refrigeration unit to cool it further.

Refrigeration happens on the conveyor belt between 5°C and 10°C.

Cooling tunnels are long enough to ensure sufficient cooling and wrapping.

Also, you may add other decorative elements such as ingredients of confectionaries.

Coating And Sorting

This is the final step that a gum-making machine undertakes.

The machine will coat and eliminate the broken gum from the good quality gum.

Also, the machine will sort the gum products depending on their shapes and sizes.

Besides, coating the product makes it uniform and with a smooth finish.

Chewing Gum Process

Chewing Gum Process

What Factors Determine The Production Capacity Of Gum-Making Machine?

The factors that influence the production capacity of this machine include:

Size Of The Machine

Larger gum-making machines have a higher production capacity than small and compact gum-making machines.

Power Rating

Gum-making machines that use more power and pressure rating have higher production capacities.

Level Of Automation

Semi-automatic gum-making machines have less production capacity than fully automatic gum-making machines.

Which Are The Vital Safety Features Of Gum Making Machine To Look For?

The machine comes with sensors that will detect faults or malfunctions during the gum-making process.

Sensors will relay the data to the computer system, sort it out, or shut off the machine in extreme cases.

Is The Power Consumption Of Gum Making Machine Standard With All Types Of Machine?

Since there are different gum-making machines, the power consumption will also vary.

Besides, you can customize a gum-making machine with a specific power requirement.

Larger machines use more power than smaller machines.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Fully Automatic Chewing Gum Manufacturing Equipment?

Fully Automatic Machine

Fully Automatic Machine

These include:

Increase In Production

These machines will have a higher production capacity than semi-automatic versions.

Lower Recurring Expenses

Since these machines require minimal operators, you will have fewer monthly expenses as it operates independently.

Integration In The Production Line

It is simple and easy to integrate this machine into the gum-making production line.

Operation Time

These machines can operate for long times once you input the gum-making parameters.

Which Are The Important Specifications Of Gum Manufacturing Machine You Should Consider During Purchase?

These include:

Production Capacity

There are small-scale and large-scale gum-making machines, and this will determine your production capacity.

Material Construction

Stainless steel body construction is the recommended material since it can withstand many elements.


The size of the machine determines if it will fit in the production area.

Automation Level

Fully automatic versions provide higher production capacities and safety levels.


Ensure the machine is easy to operate via the control panel.

Deposit Time

This is the amount of time it requires the machine to make a particular gum.

Pressure And Power Rating

Ensure both of these match your production capacity.

What Is The Space Requirement Of Chewing Gum Making Machine?

Depending on the chewing gum-making machine you choose, the installation space varies.

Large-scale gum-making machines require more installation space than small-scale gum-making machines.

Why Is The Material Used For Making A Gum Manufacturing Machine An Important Consideration During Selection Of The Equipment?

The material construction is vital since the food material will get in contact with it.

Besides, the operational environment will have an impact on the material.

Also, the material should be easy to clean, hygienic, and does not support bacterial growth.

It is therefore important to ensure the material construction can withstand:

  • Chemicals
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Mechanical elements
  • Environmental aspects
  • Corrosion

For this reason, stainless steel is the preferred material for the construction of a gum-making machine.

Can You Integrate Gum Packaging Equipment With Chewing Gum Making Machine?

Yes, you can use a gum packing machine with a chewing gum-making machine.

The gum packing machine will pack the chewing gum in packages readying them for storage and transportation.

Which Is The Right Place To Install The Cooling Tunnel In A Gum Production Line?

Cooling tunnels will freeze the gum and minimize weight loss within the production line.

The tunnels also ensure the gum attains the correct shape by controlling its temperature.

For this reason, installation should be between the extruder and the wrapping machines.

How Do You Troubleshoot Common Problems During Operation Of Gum-Making Machine?

Troubleshooting assists you in identifying and sort out faults quickly and easily.

Here are some steps you can use to troubleshoot common problems you may come across:

Jelly Like Gum

This effect happens when the machine fails to mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Also, the problem may be with the blending cycle, which fails to meet the applicable blending limits.

Solve this issue by ensuring the raw ingredients are in the right amount.

Also, adjust and ensure you are within the blending limit of the gum-making machine.

Gum Making Ingredients Flowing Incorrectly

Ingredients that make the gum may not reach the correct points as per the production requirements.

By observing the process, you can easily detect this problem.

Here, you will notice that the gum-making machine moves the ingredients slower than the production rate.

The issue may arise from blockages on the outlets, which inhibit the ingredients from flowing properly.

Also, the ingredients may fail to flow freely since the rope may be too dense or thick.

To solve this issue, ensure you properly mix the ingredients in the right proportions.

Also, you need to remove the clogs from the outlets so that the ingredients will flow freely.

Damaged Gum

For such an issue, inspect the arrangement of the gum-making machine boundaries and ensure it is in the correct arrangement.

Gum Having Different Sizes

There are instances where the size of the gum may differ from others within the same batch.

The reason for this effect is due to the shaping method and the application of various extruders.

Solve this issue by using similar extruders so that you produce gum with the same shapes.

Irregular Gum Texture

The gum may come out being too soft or hard due to the ingredients not mixing properly.

Also, an incorrect configuration or a faulty refrigeration system causes this problem.

Solve this problem by properly mixing the ingredients in suitable mixing conditions.

Can You Use Gum-Making Machine In Pharmaceutical Industry?

Yes, this is possible.

Gum-making machines can use different raw materials to manufacture gums of all varieties.

For the pharmaceutical industry, mix all the medicinal ingredients properly and in the right proportion in the first production steps.

After mixing the ingredients, the other manufacturing steps are similar to that of normal chewing gum.

What Factors Influence The Gum Making Machine Cost?

Several factors will determine the cost of a gum-making machine.

Some of these factors include:

Level Of Automation

Gum-making machines can come as either semi-automatic or fully automatic versions.

Fully automatic versions are expensive than semi-automatic versions.

Production Capacity

If the production capacity of a gum-making machine is high, the cost of purchasing it will also be high.

Besides, a majority of high-production gum-making machines have more features which make them costlier than the rest.

Brand Of The Machine

Different types of manufacturers make gum-making machines all over the world.

Besides, these brands will price their machines differently depending on various factors.

For instance, brands that have more experience and expertise will price their machines more than unknown manufacturers.

Construction Material

The materials that make gum-making machines and documents vary considerably.

Besides, the type of machine will have different quality of material construction.

Gum-making machines that are mostly stainless steel will cost more than those that use other materials.

Auxiliary Equipment

Any extra equipment that you will use in the gum-making production line will affect the machine’s price.

If you plan to use other support equipment, prepare to pay a higher price, and vice versa.

State Of The Machine

The market can sell gum-making machines as either brand new or used.

Used versions will cost less since the warranty period has expired or has no modern features, among others.


You may require the gum-making machine to have custom features that others do not have.

For this reason, you may pay extra to have designers build the machine specifically for your application.


Some manufacturers will offer you discounts when you purchase in bulk.

What Are Some Of The Maintenance Tips For Gum Manufacturing Machine?

Maintaining a gum-making machine ensures that it operates optimally, efficiently and remains durable.

Here are some steps that will assist you in the maintenance of this machine:

Disconnecting The Machine

Before cleaning and maintaining the machine, disconnect the electrical power supply from the machine.

Also, allow the machine to sit idle for a while as the parts cool, eliminating burns and fires.

Disassembling The Machine

After disconnecting the machine, carefully dismantle the main parts using the correct gear.

Besides, you can find steps to disassemble the machine from the user manual that the manufacturer provides.

Follow the manual to the letter and do not alter the arrangement of the machine.

Cleaning The Machine

Use specific cleaning materials like fabric, brushes, water, and cleansers to facilitate the cleaning process.

Ensure you correctly mix the cleaning agents so that they will not cause any problems.

Eliminate stubborn stains by soaking them with water for a while and cleaning with brushes.

Once complete, use a dry cloth to dry moisture from the machine.

Replacing Worn-out Parts

Ensure you dispose of faulty or old parts and replace them with new genuine parts.

Also, lubricate all moving parts to minimize the rate of wear and tear during the production process.

Reassembling The Machine

Once you clean the machine, join all the components carefully before conducting the gum-making process.

Which Are The New Developments In Rolling And Scoring Technology In Gum-Making Machine?

These new developments include:

Lowering Dust Usage

Manufacturers reduce the use of starch or talc to inhibit the gum from sticking on rollers.

This is because the industries need a clean and safe operational environment.

Using Water To Cool Rollers

You will cool gum sheets by placing them in a cooling tunnel between the fourth and fifth rollers.

When you have four rollers, place the cooling tunnel between the fourth roller and scoring pair.

This effect will stabilize the product and lower its stickiness.

Using Another Cooling Tunnel

Placing a secondary cooling tunnel down the production line hardens the gum sheet.

It also lowers the curing duration for these sheets.

Ease Of Replacing Scoring Rollers

This feature makes it possible to alter the shape and size of the product in a short time.

Using Metal Detectors

These detectors keep metallic substances away from the rollers and offer consumer safety.

Applying PLCs

Using programmable logic controllers across the entire production line makes it easy to use the machine.

Also, you can remotely control the machines.

Automatic Tray Collection And Stacking

When you automatically collect and stack the trays automatically, you lower the need for manual labor.


This part will detect defective sheets that form due to wrong size and weight.

The sensors also have a device that will reject these faulty sheets.

What Is The SOP For Gum Making Machine?

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedures.

These are instructions to guide employees of gum-making machines on how to conduct technical and repetitive procedures.

By following these steps, you create consistency and deliver expected results using gum-making machines.

SOPs will:

  • Alight workers with how the machine operates
  • Provide clarification to employees
  • Lower gum recall rates
  • Produce consistent and superior gum products
  • Increase profits, etc.

How Do You Perform Coating In A Ball Gum Manufacturing Machine?

Coating pans and drums will perform the task of coating ball gums.

In the past, copper pans were the tool for coating.

Modern ball gum manufacturing equipment uses automatic units that you can control via the programmable logic controller [PLC].

This component makes it easy to repeat the same coating task.

Modern development use spraying systems to spray syrup on the ball gums at high pressure and without air

Also, these systems use air treatment technology that controls humidity and temperature.

These features assist in obtaining smooth surfaces within a short duration.

Which Are The Quality Standards That The Best Gum Making Machine Must Comply With?

This machine has to comply with quality standards set by international, national, and regional organizations.

Some of these quality standards include:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices [cGMP]
  • Food and Drug Administration [FDA]
  • International Standard Organization [ISO]
  • CE certification
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances [RoHS]

At SaintyCo, we have a range of gum packing machine and chewing gum making machine.

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