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Chewing Gum Making Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you have been looking for about chewing gum making machine.

Whether you want to learn about the features, working principle, parts, or quality standards, you will find all information right here

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Chewing Gum Making Machine?

 Chewing gum making machine

 Chewing gum making machine

This is a type of electromechanical piece of equipment used for making varieties of chewing gum products.

The design construction of this device features a wide range of elements, including different sizes, production capacity, and other features.

You can also integrate this component with different equipment or accessories to create a seamless production line for various chewing gum products.

Chewing gum making equipment is available in different types suitable for small, medium, and large-scale production.

What are the Components of Chewing Gum Making Machine?

Chewing gum making machines

Chewing gum making machine

Technically, they are quite a number and often vary from one model to another.

It is imperative to comprehend most of the main parts of this machine to facilitate its efficiency and usability.

Moreover, knowing these components play an integral role in determining the most suitable one for your specific demands.

Some of the main components you can find in different chewing gum forming equipment models include the following;

Control Unit

It is a panel featuring an LED monitor for displaying, monitoring, and controlling different automated functions of the machine.

This component comes with different language settings; you can easily switch to a preferred one for easy understanding and control.

Electric Unit

This part features different electrical elements integrated within the equipment.

Most of elements in the electric unit are designed to convert electric energy into valuable capacities sufficient to operate different machine components.


It is a form of electrical device designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

A motor is a critical component in this machine since it facilitates and enhances efficiency in the overall production process.

They come in different sizes depending on the machine wattage and power supply requirements.

Discharge Chute

This channel is where mixed and processed chewing gum ingredients or materials are let out from the production line.

Drying Unit

It is a component designed to remove excess moisture allowing the chewing gum product to attain the required dryness level.


This component is used for holding loose chewing gum ingredients as they are introduced into the machine.

You can find it in different sizes depending on the equipment’s handling and production capacities.


These are subsystems, devices, or modules designed to sense different functionalities, changes, or events in the machine.

Technically, these devices relay signals or data to the computer processor to react accordingly.

Pneumatic Unit

Also known as a pressure unit, it is designed to regulate the air systems.

At some point within the production line, chewing gum making requires different pressure levels to push the materials to various stations.

Mixing Tank

It is a component used for mixing different chewing gum materials to form a homogeneous solution.

Most mixing tanks also feature a heating system for heating and melting the ingredients at varying temperatures.

Refrigeration Tunnel

It features a cooling system designed for eliminating excess heat from the processed materials in the production line.

Molding Unit

This part is designed for shaping the chewing gum product into the required shape.

Molds come in different shapes and sizes, making it easy for you to select the most appropriate one for your needs.

How much does Bubble Gum Line Machine Cost?

Bubble gum production line

 Bubble gum production line

Ideally, numerous factors determine the actual cost of bubble gum line equipment.

User preference is one factor since it may incorporate customization of different components to suit their demands.

Also, the machine brand you are purchasing tend to influence the actual pricing of this device

Most popular brands tend to be relatively expensive than unknown or little-known brands.

The specific type of bubble gum line machine you are buying also plays an integral role in determining the price.

This machine comes in different sizes, production capacities, and a host of salient features, all influencing the pricing.

For instance, you can choose to purchase the entire production line as an all-in-one unit or buy different components separately.

Technically, the former is relatively cost-effective than the latter.

However, the price for a basic bubble gum line machine starts from an average of US $20,000 depending on some factors, as mentioned above.

But this design is quite plain and straightforward, thus ideal for small-scale confectionery production.

On the other hand, a high-end chewing gum machine starts from about US $100,000, depending on the above-mentioned factors.

This type is primarily suitable for commercial and large-scale chewing gum production machine.

In simple words, there is no actual price tag for this machine. It varies based on a host of variables.

What are the Benefits of Fully Automatic Chewing Gum Production Line?

A suitable, fully automatic chewing gum production line offers a wide range of benefits regarding efficiency, reliability, and performance.

Some of the apparent benefits, which make investing in this machinery worthwhile include the following;

  1. Offers chewing gum forming solutions and guarantee large volume production at any given production cycle.
  2. Provides relatively fast turnaround of manufacturing different chewing gum products reducing downtime and cost as throughput increases.
  3. The construction material features stainless steel, making the machine hardy and excellent resistant to several harsh conditions.
  4. Features several automated functions integrated into a user-friendly HMI, making it easier to regulate various parameters.
  5. Comes with a wide range of extra machines, which is essential in providing in-depth integration with the new or existing lines.
  6. Reduces operating cost significantly since it eliminates the need for human labor, making it quite cost-effective.
  7. Provides safety of both the machine and the operator, given it comes with numerous sensors and additional security features.

How does Chewing Gum Making Machine compare to other Confectionery Making Plants?

There are several types of confectionery production lines.

Some of the notable units include marshmallow making machines, toffee making machines, lollipop machines, and candy making machines among others.

Chewing gum manufacturing machine is relatively similar to most of these confectionery production lines.

The working principle is more or less similar depending on the specific type of confectionery you are manufacturing.

Moreover, most of these machines also incorporate auxiliary machines based on the quantity and type of final product.

You can easily use or integrate components of other confectionery making plants with chewing gum making units and still attain desired results.

In essence, chewing gum production line is relatively similar to other confectionery, making plants save for the final product.

What does Chewing Gum and Bubble Production Process Entail?

Production process of chewing gum

Production process of chewing gum.

Primarily, the entire process of chewing and bubble gum production is quite intensive.

In the recent past, most processing aspects have advanced significantly.

However, the basic manufacturing processes still remain the same.

Here are the fundamental steps in the overall manufacturing process of chewing gum;


It generally entails blending different ingredients used for making chewing gum products.

There are two main options for mixing chewing gum formulation; batch and continuous mixing.

An ideal choice is dependent on the type of machine you are using and the output you require.

Continuous mixing is relatively more sophisticated, thus ideal where large output is a concern.


Once you attain mass formulation using either of the two mixing options, the next step is to shape the gum.

Shaping entails use of extruders such as single-screw, multiple screws, and double counter-rotating screw versions.

The extruders produce a rope-like shape ideal for making bubble gum chunks or hollow balls.

Advisably, you need to use a pre-extruder in feeding the main extruder to facilitate an efficient shaping process.

It helps to obtain a constant flow of gum from the main extruder.

Cooling and Wrapping

This is the step where rope gum passes through a cooling tunnel.

Ordinarily, the tunnel is often refrigerated to a constant temperature of 5-10°C on a conveyor belt.

In most instances, the rope-like gums coming out of the extruder are usually about 45-50°C.

It is necessary to have a relatively long cooling tunnel to guarantee adequate cooling and enough length for cutting and wrapping.

When cooling, it is imperative to determine how air circulates in the tunnel.

You also need to regulate dew points to avert incidences of humidity.

Immediately the gum cools, it is cut and wrapped.

Rolling and Scoring

This step essentially revolves around forming the bubble gums into the desired shape depending on your demands.

Over the years, technology surrounding rolling and scoring of chewing gums have improved significantly.


It is the ultimate stage in the manufacturing process of chewing gum but specifically for particular products like pillows and balls.

Coating requires particular equipment in form of coating drums and pans.

Technically, the essence of coating is to form an extra layer on the surface material of the chewing gum.

Coating improves the shelf-life, value, and appearance of the chewing gum product.

Ideally, these are the core elements involved in the manufacturing process of chewing gum manufacturing.

The steps are basically similar across different machine models.

What are the Safety Features of Chewing Gum Making Machine?

chewing gum manufacturing machines

 Chewing gum manufacturing machines.

This machine entails a number of safety features, which make it ideal to use in different workspaces.

However, these features often vary from one chewing gum manufacturing machine model to another.

Some of the common features include the following;

Immobilizer – It slows down the equipment upon detection of a malfunction.

This is critical because it sends the machine into limp mode and preventing it from further damage.

Light curtains – Protects the operator from possible injuries and machine damage.

It forms a sensing screen, which guards the equipment’s access points and perimeters.

Interlock switches – Essential in monitoring mechanical guards separating an operator from a potential hazard.

These switches relay signals to control system to halt hazardous situations, especially if there is any component missing from the machine.

Emergency stops and stop control – Allows the operator to quickly stop the equipment by pushing or pulling the button or rope, respectively.

Indicator lights – They come in different color options in LED form. These lights offer high visibility real-time detection of the machine and safety status.

Safety controller – It monitors different safety and non-safety input devices.

This feature offers safe stop and starts functions for the machine.

It comes either as single or multiple units depending on the equipment’s model.

Which Features should you Consider when Buying Chewing Gum Making Machine?

Chewing gum production machines

Features of chewing gum machine.

An ideal chewing gum manufacturing equipment exhibits a wide range of salient features ideal for its efficiency and reliability.

Understanding the core features is thus a vital aspect to consider since it influences buying decisions.

Technically, these features vary among different chewing gum making machine models.

Nevertheless, here are some of the vital ones, which you need to always have in mind when selecting a suitable one;

  • Stainless steel framing construction
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Vacuum system/ spray system
  • Z-blades for homogenous mixing
  • Food grade material approved shaft sealing
  • Cooling or heating jacket
  • Manual or hydraulic operation
  • Blades cooling arrangement
  • Auto-valve discharge system
  • Ideal production capacity
  • Weight subject to design needs
  • Adopt power rating
  • Digital PLC control system
  • Sufficient cooling tunnel length

Which Equipment do you need Alongside Chewing Gum Making Machine?

They can be quite a number depending on the production line demands and the specific type of chewing gum product you are forming.

Nevertheless, here are the common auxiliary machines you are likely to use alongside this machine;

  • Gum base oven
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Automatic dust cleaner
  • Agitator
  • Dehumidifier
  • Sugar crusher
  • Extruder
  • Powder sprinkler
  • Automatic wrapping and packaging machine
  • Quality assessment machine

Which is the Best Material for Manufacturing Chewing Gum Making Machine?

 Chewing gum making machines

chewing gum making machine

Ideally, a typical chewing gum manufacturing machine consists of numerous parts and components made from different materials.

The best material thus depends on the specific function of a particular machine component.

In general, though, stainless steel material is largely preferred as an ideal framing material.

It is regarded as the best option to consider, especially for contact parts.

Stainless steel has anti-bacterial features, which is critical in food processing and handling.

Moreover, this material is easy to clean and maintain, thus guarantees excellent hygiene as far as forming chewing gum is concerned.

As such, you can easily remove any debris from the surface material, which is essential since it prevents possible contamination.

Importantly, this material is also resistant to corrosion and can endure chemical spillage without rusting.

This is in addition to its heat-resistance features, which implies it has excellent tolerance to high temperatures.

Which Quality Standards should Chewing Gum Making Machine Adhere to?

They are several and primarily based on the specific target market of the chewing gum manufacturing machine.

Some of these quality standards are implemented at national, regional, and international levels.

The commonly used ones include the following;

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • CE certification
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • American Society for Testing Material (ASTM International)
  • SGS certificate

How do you Maintain Chewing Gum Making Machine?

Chewing gum manufacturing equipment is quite an expensive investment.

Therefore, there is a need to ensure you maintain it accordingly to enhance its efficiency, reliability, and durability.

You can use several techniques to maintain this unit, and some of these practices include the following;

  • Lubricating any moving parts or joints is essential in creating a smooth and seamless machine operation.

It prevents such components from friction, which often leads to faster wearing out and enhancing efficiency of the device.

  • Thoroughly cleaning the different component surfaces of this machine after use.

It is vital since it prevents corrosion and rusting of such services due to chemical spillage or debris.

Most modern chewing gum-making machines, however, have an auto-cleaning feature allowing them to self-clean once set.

  • Replacing any worn-out parts and components to facilitate efficiency of the machine.

Most manufacturers always provide such parts at discounted rates, either directly from the company or through its authorized dealers.

  • Troubleshooting the equipment using a correct diagnosis device and fixing all the programming needs accordingly.

It helps in preventing inconsistencies and inefficiencies when operating this component.

Are Chewing Gum Making Machines Assembled Onsite or in Factory?

How to assemble chewing gum making machine

How to assemble chewing gum making machine.

It depends on the type of machine you are purchasing.

Some of these machines are relatively big thus only practical when assembled onsite.

On the other hand, you can find comparatively compact chewing gum making machines, which can easily be assembled in a factory.

Therefore, whether this equipment is assembled onsite or in the factory is a decision based on its actual size.

How much Energy does Chewing Gum Making Machine Use?

Several factors determine the actual power wattage of a typical chewing gum making equipment.

The model, size, and working capacity are among the aspects, which determine the amount of energy consumption of this component.

Most small-scale bubble gum making machines have a power rating of 240v.

Commercial or relatively large-scale chewing gum manufacturing equipment can have a power rating of anything beyond 240v.

Nevertheless, power voltage of these machines can always be adjusted based on the domestic power voltage requirements of the user.

Should you Buy a Used or Brand New Chewing Gum Making Machine?

The decision in this case largely depends on a host of variables.

For instance, if working within budgetary constraints going for a used machine would be an ideal choice.

Also, when you rarely use the machine in the production process, you would consider a used chewing gum making equipment.

Buying a used machine can be ideal in some instances, but it poses a great risk as far as reliability, efficiency, and durability are concerned.

Most of them have reduced warranty periods and offer comparatively low productivity.

Moreover, they could be expensive to repair and maintain, and some of their parts can be difficult to source.

Some used chewing gum making machines could also be running on obsolete technology, which reduces efficiency.

On the other hand, buying a brand new machine gives you peace of mind, which is a vital experience when dealing with machinery

If budget is never a concern, go for a brand new chewing gum making machine.

You are guaranteed of getting a machine with a longer lifespan, enhanced productivity, and low repair and running costs.

Also, most brand new machines are compatible with existing production lines and are running on advanced technology.

Therefore, choosing brand new chewing gum making equipment is always a better option than going for a used unit.

Why is Factory Acceptance Test Important when Buying Chewing Gum Making Machine?

FAT, as it is commonly known, is a vital aspect in machining industry both to the buyer and the user.

Generally, it guarantees the buyer and user the machine meets the minimum requirements and other related predetermined compulsions.

Essentially, FAT ensures any arising issues regarding the equipment is resolved before it gets to the buyer’s or user’s site.

Carrying out FAT makes it possible to address any mechanical or structural concern of the machine before leaving the factory.

This is imperative since it allows the project to stay on track and set a budget.

In other words, FAT helps to save time and resources you would instead use to fix the machine’s issue at your site.

Moreover, carrying out this test when purchasing the equipment improves its safety and that of the operators.

The in-depth test it undergoes ensures all safety concerns are looked into to provide necessary security measures.

Of course, this provides peace of mind knowing all the machine’s parameters are within the required standards and functions accordingly.

Ideally, Factory Assessment Tests also make it possible to establish the party responsible for any issues detected on the machine.

In some instances, the equipment’s issue could be due to manufacturer’s design faults.

Thus FAT comes in handy to establish efficiency, credibility, performance, and safety of this particular manufacturing unit.

How do you Customize Chewing Gum Making Machine?

Technically, the demands for chewing gum making machine buyers vary depending on preferences.

As such, these machines at a time need customizations to match such specific requirements and demands.

Several ways are used to personalize this manufacturing unit.

One of the common customization techniques entails elongating the cooling conveyor.

This helps to provide sufficient space for the heated and mixed chewing gum formulation to cool appropriately.

You can  customize a wide range of components such as hopper, motor, mixing tank, and pneumatic unit, depending on your production demands.

Moreover, power voltage of the machine can as well be adjusted to suit the supply requirements you need.

In other words, you can always customize different aspects of a typical chewing gum making machine to ensure it matches your demands.

Why should you Import Chewing Gum Making Machine from China?

Chewing gum making process

 Chewing gum making process

China is the leading country globally in manufacturing several varieties or models of chewing gum making machines.

You can hardly miss a particular type of this equipment in China irrespective of the size, production capacity, and any other fundamental features.

Therefore, it makes it easy to consider it as an ideal marketplace for purchasing this equipment.

Other reasons which also make this country an ideal place to import this machine from including the following;

Affordability – In China, you are likely to get chewing gum making machines at affordable rates.

Ideally, you can always negotiate with the manufacturers or suppliers on cost-effective rates depending on type of machine you are purchasing.

Quality – Chewing gum making machines in China meet quality standards of different national, regional, and international agencies.

They also go through mandatory FAT and related evaluations to ensure they meet required quality before dispatched to the market.

Customization – In China, it is easy to get a customized chewing gum machine, which meets your requirements.

All you need is to provide a prototype to the manufacturer, and once approved, it meets quality and safety aspects; you are good to go.

And this is important since it allows you to get a unique machine, which also meets your preferred demands.

Professionalism – Most of the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of these machines are pretty professional.

They handle all aspects revolving around the ordering and supplying of the equipment with utmost professionalism.

Notably, they come in handy in case any issue regarding the machine’s functionality arises.

How will Chewing Gum Making Machine make your Business Profitable?

Ordinarily, most of these machines are automated, thus beneficial to any business in the following ways;

Increases Production Volume

It becomes easy to attain a high volume of chewing gum products within the shortest time possible.

Downtime duration is reduced significantly throughout the production process.

Essentially, this saves time and resources, making it easy to increase your business turnover and subsequent profit.

Reducing Operational Costs

Automated machines require a few operators to work on it but still deliver a greater volume of chewing gum products.

This is important because you end up saving a significant amount of money you’d otherwise spend on a large workforce.

The maintenance costs are also reduced since this type of machine rarely requires regular check-ups.

You can also choose to integrate the machine with other equipment such as wrapping, packing, and auto-cleaning equipment.

In the long run, it enables you to maximize your profit, which is fundamental in steering business growth

Which Types of Chewing Gum can you make using Chewing Gum Making Machine?

They are quite a number, and they include the following;

Chiclet gum – It is a brand of candy-coated chewing gum, often sugar-free and with an icy flavor.

Powdered gum – Refers to a type of chewing gum manufactured from a free-flowing powdery form compressed in unique configurations.

Medicated gum – Incorporate medicated substances to help consumers manage or cure particular conditions through chewing.

Ball gum – Takes a form of ball often coated and common in vending machines.

In some instances, it is known as gumballs or screwballs.

Tube gum – Also known as spaghetti gum, often soft and can be squeezed from a tubing package.

Dragee gum – Takes a pillow-shaped usually packed in blister packs

Candy and Gum combinations – These are the types of chewing gums often coated with hard candy. Mostly common in the center of some lollipop variants.

Is there a Standard Shape for Chewing Gums?


Chewing gums come in a wide range of shapes.

Most of these machines have molding units, which are used for shaping the chewing gum formulation into the ideal preferred shape.

As such, there is no standard shape for these particular products.

Does Chewing Gum Making Machine have a Warranty?


It is a legal requirement that any brand new chewing machine should have a binding warranty.

Typically, any machinery can fail due to one reason or another.

Warranty serves as insurance that the manufacturer or seller will be responsible in case the machine fails to function accordingly.

If it develops some mechanical or software hitches within the warranty period, the seller should sort out the issue at no cost.

However, the warranty period often varies from one manufacturer or supplier to another.

Thus, it is imperative to inquire and understand the terms and conditions surrounding warranty when purchasing this equipment.

Which Technical Specifications should you look for in Chewing Gum Making Machine?

They are quite several, and it also depends on your production demands.

Nonetheless, here are some of the crucial technical specifications to look for when purchasing an ideal chewing gum manufacturing equipment;

  • Gum base oven featuring stainless steel material equipped with a set of spare
  • SS304 mainframe cover food-grade material
  • Agitator with a lid for shutdown protection.
  • Automation level with adopted electrical components, PLC control unit, and speed adjustment ability
  • Industrial dehumidifier with constant low temperature to enhance refrigeration efficiency
  • Pastry rolling machine featuring;
  • Sprinkle powder device
  • Powder feed cooling device
  • Adopt water cycle cooling rollers

How do you Optimize Chewing Gum Making Machine Operations?

You can use the following techniques;

  • Adopting PLC control method to facilitate high accuracy of automation functions.
  • Adopting vacuum powder absorber to enhance the general working environment
  • Adopting double extruding method to make the gum base organization consistent and subsequently good taste.
  • Adopting horizontal roller dust cleaner to guarantee xylitol smooth without burrs

How do you Package Chewing Gum?

There are several styles you can use to package chewing gum.

Here are the typical styles you can always use;

  • Roll wrapping with band wrap
  • Cardboard band wrapping
  • Sticks, tabs, pellets in primary packaging
  • Multipacks in rolls pack
  • Single stick gum and collation pack

Is there Difference Between Candy Making Machine and Chewing Gum Making Machine?

Both candy and chewing gum making machines are essential in manufacturing different confectioneries.

You can find both of them in semi-automatic and fully automatic options.

However, they tend to vary in terms of working principle;

Chewing gum making machine can make spongy candy, which is chewable.

Additionally, you can use the machine to form gummy candy of varied shapes based on type of mold you are using.

However, candy making machines tend to form hard candy products of varied sizes and shapes.

Chewing gum manufacturing machine is also bigger than a typical candy making machine.

For all your chewing gum machine needs, you can contact SaintyCo now.

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